Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
WAHONICK, Ronald J. 1936 Mar. 28 (no date yet) Same Grave with Theresa A. B-Sect.
WAHONICK, Theresa A. 1939 Apr. 2 2004 Sep. 15 Same Grave with Ronald J. B-Sect.
WALLA, Jacob P. 1872 1965 Grave with Sophie F. Walla. E11-38
WALLA, John 1910 1983 Grave with Josephine Walla. B02-19
WALLA, Josephine 1913 1978 Grave with John Walla. B02-20
WALLA, Sophie F. 1874 1962 Grave with Jacob P. Walla E11-39
WALLIS, Mary G. 1896 1982 Grave with William T. Wallis. B06-69
WALSH, Eleanor 1953 Grave with John F. Walsh.  Death date not given. B15-44
WALSH, James A. 1896 1975 Grave with Ruth A. Walsh. B03-30
WALSH, James Edwad 7, Oct. 1926 Grave with Joyce Ann Rhoads Walsh.  Death date not given. B03-28
WALSH, James F. 7, March 1861 10, Aug. 1936 E04-10
WALSH, John F. 23, Aug. 1893 27, March 1974 Grave with Eleanor Walsh.  OH 2D LT. US Army WW I. B15-43
WALSH, Joyce Ann (Rhoads) 11, Dec. 1929 25, Mar. 1988 Grave with James Edward Walsh.  Theater masks on stone.  "Wheresoever she was there was Eden." B03-29
WALSH, Quigg 24, Dec. 1860 19, Aug. 1942 E04-12
WALSH, Ruth A. 1895 1990 Grave with James A. Walsh. B03-31
WALTER, John C. 1881 1960 Grave with Mary T. Walter. B13-27
WALTER, Mary T. 1880 1953 Grave with John C. Walter. B13-28
WALTERS, James E. 1924 1989 Grave with Lucille E. Walters.  Vet flag holder B01-76
WALTERS, Lucille E. 1925   Grave with James E. Walters.  Death date not given. B01-77
WANDA, Leo S. 1862 1950 Grave with Nellie Wanda E04-30
WANDA, Nellie "Mother" 1864 1939 Grave with Leo S. Wanda. E04-31
WANDA, Theodore C. 4, July 1892 6, July 1958 OHIO PFC 75 Co. Trans. Corps.  WW I. E05-30
WANDA, Victor R. 15, June 1903 31, July 1953 OHIO S1 USNR WW II E05-31
WARNER, Double stone with Kenneth C. Warne and this side is blank. B04-96
WARNER, Joshua Jordan 25, Sept. 1981 Same 23rd Psalm on the stone. BY5-08
WARNER, Kenneth C. 1942 1979 Double stone and the other side is blank. B04-95
WASSIE, Christina E. 1919 1985 Grave with John G. Wassie E17-37
WASSIE, Ida D. 26 May 1927 28 Feb. 2005 See Obituary
WASSIE, John "Father" 1863 1935 E03-26
WASSIE, John G. 1919 1990 Grave with Christina E. Wassie E17-36
WASSIE, John, Jr. No dates given D05-02
WASSIE, Mary 1888 1973 Grave with Michael Wassie B05-69
WASSIE, Michael 1984 1973 Grave with Mary Wassie. B05-68
WASSIE, Rebecca Ann 1955 Same BY2-01
WATSON, Christie Lynn 5, July 1981 Same BY4-11
WEBB, Ellen 1888 1969 Grave with Henry Webb. B09-90
WEBB, Henry 1891 1964 Grave with Ellen Webb. B09-89
WEBB, Lilyan Terry 1913 1969 B16-84
WEBSTER, Annie B. 1888 1971 Grave with Daniel T. Webster. B6-110
WEBSTER, Daniel T. 1881 1970 Grave with Annie B. Webster. B6-109
WEITZER, Alex G. "Father" 1894 1968 Grave wtih Anna Weizer. B10-28
WEIZER, Anna "Mother 1901 1966 Grave with Alex G. Weizer. B10-29
WELCH, Fay 1977 No other date given. E07-19
WELCH, Margaret A. 1944 Grave with Michael J. Welch.  Only one date given. E08-20
WELCH, Michael J. 1929 Grave with Margaret A. Welch.  Only one date given. E08-19
WESTERBURG, Patti Small stone and no dates given. B24-40
WHEELER, Maurice ALbert 13, Sept. 1956 Only date given. B13-64
WHITE Family Monument E23-02
WHITE, Catherine 1853 1939 Single stone with only Catherine on it, but in the White lot. E23-03
WHITE, Charles 1917 Grave with Dorothy White.  Maried 13, July 1946.  No date date given. A04-12
WHITE, Delia (see note 1 below) 1862 1916 Grave with Patrick White F13-10
WHITE, Dorothy 1923 1986 Grave with Charles White.  Married 13, July 1946. A04-13
WHITE, Frank F. 1891 1928 Single stone with only Frank F. on it, but in the White lot. E23-05
WHITE, Anthony (Tony) F. 4, Aug. 1925 21, Sep, 2005 See Obituary
WHITE, Mary J. 1890 1954 Single stone with only Mary J. on it, but in the White lot E23-04
WHITE, Patrick 1862 1919 Grave with Delia White. (See Note 1 Below) F13-09
WHITMAN, James A. 16, Feb. 1933 15, Feb. 1962 OHIO SN US Navy B10-12
WHITNEY, Clara Meinke 1885 1970 'Meinke may be her maiden name. F21-36
WHITWORTH, Homer J. 1912 1989 Grave with Lona M. Whitworth. B03-81
WHITWORTH, Lona M. 1914 Grave with Homer J. Whitworth.  Death date not given. B03-82
WICK, Kristopher D. 11, Feb. 1981 3, April 1981 BY5-10
WIESEN Family Monument. E15-13
WIESEN, Andrew "Brother" 1902 1985 Grave with Frances Wiesen. E14-13
WIESEN, Father 1864 1932 Small stone with only Father on it, but it's in the Wiesen lot. E16-13
WIESEN, Frances "Sister" 1904 1991 Grave with Andrew Wiesen.  Death date not given. E14-12
WIESEN, Frank J. 1904 1925 No surname but in the Wiesen lot. E16-16
WIESEN, John Henry OHIO Seaman 2 CL USNRF Nov. 12, 1940.  Only date given, and probably when he entered the service. E15-16
WIESEN, Mother 1873 1955 Small stone with only Mother on it, but it's in the Wiesen lot. E16-12
WIESEN, Phillip July 1942 Cunningham Funeral Home marker.  Only date given. E15-12
WILLIAMS, Ella M. 1862 1906 F19-41
WILLIAMS, Harold F. 1886 1954 F19-39
WILLIAMS, John 1910 1937 C51-12
WILLIAMS, Leda M. "Mother" 1900 1973   D21-25
WILLIAMS, Madeleine R. 28 Jan. 1917
Chicago, IL
12 Oct. 2006
Conneaut, OH
See Obituary
WILLIAMS, Perry J., Sr. 30 Mar. 1939 8 July 2005 See Obituary
WILLIAMS, Rose 1915 Grave with Tony Williams.  Married 28, Dec. 1935.  "Together forever." A04-18
WILLIAMS, Thomas 1861 1930 Stone is near Harold & Ella Williams F19-40
WILLIAMS, Tony 1912 1986 Grave with Rose Williams.  Married 28, Dec. 1935.  "Together forever."
WILSON, Elma L. 24, Nov. 1922 Grave with William A. Wilson.  No death date given. A08-02
WILSON, Eva 1891 1935 American Legion flag holder and Rebekah flag holder. B24-41
WILSON, Mary 1903 1966 C54-38
WILSON, William A. 19, Nov. 1921 30, Sept. 1990 Grave with Elma L. Wilson.  MM1 US Navy WW II. A08-01
WILSON, William J. 1889 1941 W. S. Co. 341 Inf. USA B24-40
WNOROSKI, Chester S. 22, Oct. 1918 7, Nov. 1953 OHIO PVT 20 General Hosp. WW II
See Obituary
WNOROSKI, Felicia 1889 1972 Grave with George J. Wnoroski. B9-116
WNOROSKI, Felix  Baby 1917 Child Area C18-01
WNOROSKI, Frank J. 1916 1937 D23-01
WNOROSKI, George J. 1889 1968 Grave with Felicia Wnoroski. B9-115
WNOROSKI, Vincent 28 Sep. 1920 14 May 2006 See Obituary in Star Beacon Newspaper 5/15/2006
WOJTOWICZ, Ceceil M. "Dutch" 21, June 1928 Stone with John M. & James Wojtowicz.  No death date given. A03-22
WIJTOWICZ, Edward F. 5, May 1918 9, Sept. 1964 OHIO PVT. Co. E. 195 Infantry WW II B14-74
WNOROSKI, Vincent J. 28 Sep. 28
Conneaut, OH
14 May 1006 See Obituary
WOJTOWICZ, Frank 1892 1961 Grave with Mary Wojtowicz B14-71
WOJTOWICZ, James R. "Rob" 22, Feb. 1962 10, May 1986 A03-21
WOJTOWICZ, Jeffrey Thomas 17, May 1979 3, April 1981 "In Loving Memory" Age 22 1/2 mnths. BY5-09
WOJTOWICZ, John M. "Yash" 4, May 1923 Stone with Cecil and James Wojtowicz.  No death date given. A03-23
WOJTOWICZ, Mary 1902 1962 Grave with Frank Wojtowocz B14-72
WOJTOWICZ, Thomas 8, Aug. 1948 Sept. 1948 Age 1 month.  Just west of the other baby graves. BY1-02


Note 1:  Delia O'Laughlin, aged 35 yrs. and Patrick John White, aged 37 yrs. resided at 254 Mill Street, Conneaut, OH and gave birth to Anna Marie White on July 3, 1899.  Patrick John and Delia (O'Laughlin) White were both born at County Clare, Ireland

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