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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
MACK Family Monument F12-22
MACK, Delia 1860 Single stone with only Delia on it, but in the Mack lot.  Death date not given F13-21
MACK, Peter 1854 1918 Single stone with only Peter on it, but in the Mack lot. F13-22
MACK, Stephen 1902 1919 Mack or Best may be his surname F12-28
MACKEY, Kenneth M. 1943 1988 Grave with Molly & Sulo M. Mackey. A04-41
MACKEY, Margaret No dates & the marker is missing in 1991. B03-97
MACKEY, Molly 29 Nov. 1916 21 May 2004 Grave with Sulo M. & Kenneth M. Mackey.  See Obituary A04-40
MACKEY, Sulo M. 1913 1989 Grave with Molly & Kenneth M. Mackey. A04-39
MADONNA, Baby Boy 1967 Same BY5-03
MADONNA, Joseph 1963 Same BY4-07
MADONNA, Mark Alan 1955 1956 BY2-05
MAENPAA, Ivan 1914 1963 Grave with Virginia Maenpaa. B12-60
MAENPAA, Virginia 1920 Grave with Ivan Maenpaa. Death date not given. B12-61
MAHAFFEY, Julia Lynch 1872 1938 Lynch is her married name.  Daniel & Julia on one side & Katherine on the other.  Stone facing Center drive. E11-44
MAHONEY, Alice M. 1905 Death date not given E02-14
MAHONEY, Margaret 1877 1954 E03-10
MAHONEY, Raymond J. 1899 1971 E02-15
MAHONEY, Robert 1897 1975 E03-15
MAHONEY, Robert  Baby 1922 1923 C45-15
MAHONEY, Sue D. 1895 1957 E03-14
MAHONEY, Thomas J. 1892 1946 FOE flag holder E01-12
MAHONEY, Thomas J. 1867 1937 E03-11
MAIN, Sarah M. 1848 1911 Large family type monument F20-13
MAIN, Sarah M. Single stone with only Sarah M. on it, but near the Main family lot. F21-12
MAIN, William D. 1871 1912 This may be Fellows or Main.  We can't tell. F21-16
MAIRE, Marvin S. 20, March 1967 14, June 1990 Age 23.  Marcy Funeral Home marker A04-63
MAJYAR, Alex 1880 1912 D09-08
MAKO, Elizabeth 1855 1940 C52-24
MAKO, Joan A. 9 Nov. 1915 10 Aug. 2005 See Obituary
MAKO, Josef 1848 1927 C52-47
MALECKAR, Antonio 1880 1970 B07-17
MALECKAR, John 12, Oct. 1902 4, Aug. 1968 Grave with Mollie Malecker B09-19
MALECKAR, John Baby 1931 Child area.  Only one date given. C21-14
MALECKAR, Mollie 15, July 1909 28, Nov. 1982 Grave with John Maleckar. B09-20
MALLICK, Anthony 1903 1963 D24-06
MALLICK, Catherine 18773 1969 Grave with George Mallick D23-05
MALLICK, Charles 1909 1940 D24-04
MALLICK, George 1869 1936 Grave with Catherine Mallick D23-04
MALLICK, John J. 1901 1965 Grave with Marian C. Mallick B11-74
MALLICK, Joseph 1905 1928 D14-09
MALLICK, Marian C. 1905 Grave with John J. Mallick.  Death date not given. B11-75
MALLORY, Dorothy 1927 1962 Grave with Emma and Francis Mallory, their daughter. B10-05
MALLORY, Emma 1890 1976 Grave with Francis and Dorothy Mallory B10-03
MALLORY, Frances Charles 25, Dec. 1924 Stone flat on ground.  Childs marker.  No other date given C46-15
MALLORY, Francis 1895 1966 Grave with Emma & Dorothy Mallory B10-04
MALLORY, Joseph Frances 15, Sept. 1935 Stone flat on ground.  Childs marker.  No other date given. C46-14
MANEY, Eileen C. Patrick, Maurice and Eileen Maney on the same stone.  No dates given for any of them. F21-11
MANEY, Henry P. 1884 1936 No surname given but in the Maney lot. F21-08
MANEY, Mary 1903 1985 Grave with Vincent Maney. B09-25
MANEY, Mary Grave with Maurice Maney.  No dates given. B15-36
MANEY, Maurice 1953 Grave with Mary MAney.  No other date given. B15-35
MANEY, Maurice J. Patrick, Maurice & Eileen Maney on the same stone.  No dates given for any of them. F21-10
MANEY, Patrick J. Patrick, Maurice & Eileen Maney on the same stone.  No dates given for any of them. F21-09
MANEY, Vincent 1904 1967 Grave with Mary Maney. B09-24
MANNING Family Monument E15-24
MANNING, Florence M. 1888 1946 FOE flag holder.  No surname on the stone, but in the Manning lot. E16-23
MANNING, Kathryn B. 1884 1966 E14-23
MANNING, Nora E. "Mother" 1865 1927 No surname on the stone, but in the Manning lot. E16-24
MANNING, Thomas P. "Father" 1858 1930 No surname on the stone, but in the Manning lot. E16-25
MANNING, William T. 1885 1939 E14-24
MANZ, John 1912 1930 F01-16
MANZ, Mary 1888 1938 Grave with Nick Manz. F03-15
MANZ, Nick 1880 1955 Grave with Mary Manz. F03-16
MARANO, Benedetto 1869 1953 Grave with Lucia Marano
See Obituary published in Conneaut News Herald on 16 Nov. 1853
MARANO, Carmella 1877 1942 C45-14
MARANO, Carmella 1877 1942 Grave with Louis Marano F03-30
MARANO, Luis 1945 Child area C17-08
MARANO, Louis 1877 1945 Grave with Carmella Marano. F03-29
MARANO, Lucia 1870 1951 Grave with Benedetto Marano. C50-47
MARANO, Mary V. 28 Oct. 1920 9 Aug. 2003 See Obituary
MARANO, Michael 1875 1937 Cunningham Funeral Home marker. D10-03
MARANO, Pete 1881 1924 C47-13
MARCH, Florence 1893 1944 Grave with John J. March. C52-12
MARCH, John J. 1890 1961 Grave with Florence March. C52-11
MARKHAM, Amber Florence 1986 1986 Only date given.  "Beloved Children"  Grave with Paul Lyle Markham. A04-33
MARKHAM, Paul Lyle 1983 1986 "Beloved Children"  Grave with Amber Florence Markham. A04-32
MARKIJOHN, Josephine 1880 1957 Grave with Modesto C. Markijohn. D20-08
MARKIJOHN, Modesto C. 1874 1941 Grave with Joseph Markijohn D20-09
MARKS, Ethel E. 1918 1962 C53-06
MARKS, Russell 1943 1958 C53-07
MARLOWE, Harold 5 Oct. 1915 14 Mar. 2004 See Obituary
MARN, Frances "Mother" 11, Feb. 1900 7, Nov. 1980 B14111
MARN, Johana 1876 1952 Grave with Valentin Marn. B24-08
MARN, Mary 1880 1918 D13-08
MARN, Valentin 1876 1953 Grave with Johana Marn. B24-07
MARRALE, D. A.  Infant 1916 Child area C19-05
MARSH  COCCITTO Family Monument Marsh & Coccitto family monument together.  Pictures of both on stone.  Stone facing the east drive F17-44
MARSH, Mary  Coccitto 1884 1963 "Mother" Coccitto her married name.  Stone facing the east drive. F17-46
MARSHALL, Robert C. 1913 1950 B16-17
MARSHALL, Robert E. 13 Sept. 2004 13 Sep, 1938 See Obituary
MARSHALL, Ruby Ann 1885 1924 E16-28
MARSOWICZ, Edward M. 1916 1967 C49-01
MARSOWICZ, John P. 1888 1967 Grave with Mary T. Marsowicz.  Vet flag holder. B21-75
MARSOWICZ, Mary T. 1891 1944 Grave with John P. Marsowicz. B16-17
MARUSEK, Stone with Jane J. Marusek.  This side blank. A05-13
MARUSEK, Jane J. 1913 1988 Double stone, other side blank. A05-12
MARVIN, Eugenia E. 13 Nov. 1928 5 Mar. 2004 See Obituary
MASAR, Casper 1887 1935 D21-04
MASCIK, Catherine 1875 1933 Grave with George Mascik. F03-08
MASCIK, George 1873 1930 Grave with Catherine Mascik. F03-09
MASSUCCI, Mary No dates given.  Child area.  Daughter of M. & O. Massucci. C28-10
MATE, Helen M. 1906 1987 Grave with John M. Mate.  "Hail Mary Full of Grace, The Lord is With Thee." B19115
MATE, John M. 1903 1958 Grave with Helen M. Mate.  "Hail Mary Full of Grace.  The Lord is With Thee" B19114
MATWIJKO, Donna R. McDermott 2 Jan. 1935 20 Jun. 2004 (See Obituary)
MATTHEWS, Cardelia E. 1895 1988 Grave with Roy S. Matthews. B04-45
MATTHEWS, Roy S. 1894 1974 Grave with Cordelia Matthews. B04-44
MATYAS, Elizabeth 1878 1945 D22-30
MATYAS, John 1865 1943 Grave with Elizabeth Matyas. B24-06
MATYI, FAnny Vladich 1883 1959 Grave with John Vladich.  Vladich is her married name. B24-06
McCALL, Irene  Hyland 1888 1973 Hyland is her married name. E14-36
McCAULEY, Hannah Single stone with only Hannah on it.  Dates are on the family monument.  Stone facing the center drive. F20-01
McCAULEY, Hannah Culkeen 1852 1903 Culkeen may be her maiden name.  Grave with John McCauley, his wife is also on the stone.  She has a single stone too, facing center dr. F20-02
McCAULEY, John E. Single stone with only John on it.  Facing the Center Drive.  Dates are given on the family monument. F20-01
McCAULEY, John E. 1859 1903 Double stone with Hannah Culkeen McCauley.  She also has a single stone.  Stone facing the center drive. F20-02
McCORKLE, Joyce E. 29 May 1933 5 Nov. 2005 See Obituary
McDERMOTT Double stone, this side blank.  Other side Francis McDermott. B18-44
McDERMOTT, Francis 1900 1952 Double stone, other side blank B18-43
McDOWELL, Durward M. 1905 1975 Grave with Katherine M. McDowell. B05-86
McDOWELL, John G. 1856 1921 F21-40
McDOWELL, Julia A. 1858 1920 F21-41
McDOWELL, Katherine M. Grave with Durward M. McDowell.  No dates are given. B05-87
McGAVISH, Dora "Mother" 1890 1928 C53-44
McGOVERN, Elizabeth A. 3, Jan. 1937 14, Oct. 1985 A05-02
McGOVERN, Lawrence J. 1908 1968 Grave with Mary K. McGovern. B08-28
McGOVERN, Marie 1879 1950 B25-49
McGOVERN, Mary K. 1909 Grave with Lawrence J. McGovern.  Death Date not given. B08-29
McGUINN, Harriet L. 1898 Grave with James E. McGuinn.  Death date not given. B11-44
McGUINN, James E. 1901 Grave with Harriet L. McGuinn.  Death date not given. B11-43
McGUINN, Mary Smith 1875 1958 McGuinn maybe her maiden name. B11-45
McINTOSH, Mary M. 1908 1954 See Obituary in Conneaut News Herald on 22 Feb. 1954.
Obituary lists residence as 222 1/2 Main St.
Wife of George McIntosh
McKIBBIN, Thomas L., Jr. 28 Mar. 1936 8 Apr. 2006 See Obituary
McLEOD, Katherine  Reid 1899 1989 Reid is her married name. F14-08
McLEOD, Katherine H. 1876 1910 F14-09
McMANUS, Stephanie K. 10 Sept. 1956 5 Mar. 2005 See Obituary
McMANUS, Ruth M. 24 July 1917
Cleveland, OH
1 Mar. 2006
Conneaut, OH
See Obituary
McNEIL, Marie Kucha 1899 1943 Kucha may be her maiden name. C51-17
MEARA, Mary B. 1918 1979 B02-72
MECCI, Ernest P., Jr. 3, March 1950 3, Dec. 1982 Pfc. US Marine Corps.  Vietnam.  Vet flag holder. D24-43
MECCI, Ernest P., Sr. 1921 1978 Grave with Etta S. Mecci.  Pt. US Army WW II D24-44
MECCI, Etta S. 1928 Grave with Ernest P. Mecci.  Death date not given. D24-44
MECCI, Josephine 1896 1978 D23-44
MECCI, Louis 1890 1943 D23-43
MECCI, Vincent 1929 1991 B08-66
MECKLEY, Donald F. 1915 1982 B25-33
MECKLEY, Elizabeth 1881 1944 B26-33
MECKLEY, Jacob 1879 1954 B26-35
MECKLEY, Ralph Leo 1908 1929 (See 1927 Senior Tattler Yearbook) B25-35
MEDEIROS, Julius P. 1899 1976 Grave with Philomena Medeiros B03-68
MEDEIROS, Philomena 1903 Grave with Julius P. Medeiros.  Death date not given. B03-69
MEINKE family monument F20-34
MEINKE, Anna 1844 1918 Single stone with only Anna on it, but in the Meinke lot. F21-34
MEINKE, Christian 1854 1924 Single stone with only Christian on it, but in the Meinke lot. F21-35
MEINKE, Clara  Whitney 1885 1970 Whitney is her married name. F21-36
MELARAGNO, Mary  Pizzi 1897 1984 Pizzi may be her maiden name. C51-08
MELLO, Anthony G. 1906 1978 Grave with Hilda E. Mello. F10-15
MELLO, Anthony G.  "Father" 1873 1947 F09-16
MELLO, Emelinda  "Mother" 1878 1937 F09-17
MELLO, Hilda E. 1903 1983 Grave with Anthony G. Mello F10-16
MELLO, Imelda 1901 1919 F09-15
MELLO, Mary  Graig 1896 1919 Graig is her married name. F09-18
MASZAROS, Maria 1904 1905 Child area.  Stone facing west. C31-15
METCALF, Leo D. 5, Sept. 1903 28, Nov. 1949   E04-14
METCALF, Rosemary R. 22, May 1901 21, March 1967 E04-15
MEYER, August G. 20, Aug. 1885 26, Nov. 1964 Grave with Laura T. Meyer. F03-18
MEYER, Laura T. 11, July 1889 27, Nov. 1968 Grave with August G. Meyer. F03-19
MEYER, Michael 1963 Same BY4-09
MEYERS, Mary 1883 1956 "May She Rest In Peace." F19-37
MEYERS, Steven Earl 2, Dec. 1949 20, May 1951 BY1-07
MICHALOWSKI, Stanley 1893 1954 Grave with Stella Michalowski. B15-05
MICHALOWSKI, Stella 1903 Grave with Stanley Michalowski.  Death date not given. B15-06
MICHELINI, Mercedo 1917 Grave with Peter Michelini and other space blank on the stone.  Death date not given. C02-03
MICHELINI, Peter 1916 Grave with Mercedo Michelini and one blank left on the stone.  Death date not given. C02-03
MILAKOVIC, Agnes 1895 1936 D22-05
MILLACH, Margaret  Spellacy 1876 1948 Spellacy may be her maiden name.  Same grave as Nell Spellacy Riggs.  VFW Aux. flag holder.  Funeral home marker. F23-12
MILLER, Anna L. 1882 1965 Grave with John C. Miller B15-32
MILLER, John C. 1883 1962 Grave with Anna L. Miller B15-31
MILLER, Marjorie K. 1915 1980 Grave with William A. Miller B07-41
MILLER, Mary E. 1892 1972 B25-65
MILLER, Ralph M. 1902 19___ Grave with Veronica E. Miller.  Death date not completed. B04-33
MILLER, Ruth 10, July 1904 28, Oct. 1904 Child area.  Facing the east drive. C24-01
MILLER, Veronica E. 1906 1984 Grave with Ralph M. Miller. B04-34
MILLER, William A. 1905 1970 Grave with Marjorie K. Miller B07-40
MILTNER, Carleita 1928 1988 Grave with Richard Miltner E14-42
MILTNER, Fred J. 1946 Grave with Lorena E. Miltner.  No other date given. B26-17
MILTNER, Lorena E. 1982 Grave with Fred J. Miltner.  No other date given. B26-18
MILTNER, Richard 1926 Grave with Carleita Miltner.  Death date not given. E14-41
MILTNER, Robert J. 9, Oct. 1920 7, Dec. 1965 OH TEC5 US Army WW II B25-18
MILTNER, Michael A. "Chic" 1926 1991 F06-29
MIRANDO, Angelo 1897 1973 Double stone but other side is blank.  Married 1922 engraved on stone. F06-27
MIRANDO, Michalla T. 3, May 1984 24, Feb. 1985 F07-28
MIROUS, Emily M. 1908 Grave with Joseph C. Mirous.  Death date not given. B22102
MIROUS, Joseph C. 1902 1968 Grave with Emily M. Mirous. B22101
MICHKA, Cecelia E. 1906 1974 B07-70
MITCHONIE, Lucille E. 1911 Grave with Michael A. Mitchonie.  Death date not given. B03-39
MITCHONIE, Michael A. 1909 1985 Grave with Lucille E. Mitchonie B03-38
MODECALVO, Cilestino His son: Francesco Modecalvo.  Nato before birth date and Morto before death date. D06-08
MODECALVO, Francesco 2, Aprelo 1908 8, Aug. 1910 Cilestino Modecalvo his son Francesco Modecalvo.  Nato before birth date and morto before death date. D06-08
MOHAN, James R. 1908 1980 Grave with Minetta B. Mohan. B04-64
MOHAN, Mildred A. 1877 1952 Grave with Thomas B. Mohan. B19-44
MOHAN, Minetta B. 1911 1989 Grave with James R. Mohan B04-65
MOHAN, Thomas B. 1872 1946 Grave with Mildred A. Mohan B19-43
MOLNAR, Joszef Hubert Szulitet 1898 Meghalt 1902 Child area.  Stone facing west C33-01
MONDA, Marjorie L. 1 Dec. 1940 17 Nov. 2007 See Obituary
MONDA, Mary M. 1912 No death date given.  Grave with Pat E. Monda. A08-33`
MONDA, Pat E. 1905 1983 Grave with Mary Monda A08-32
MONDAY, Alfred P. 10, Dec. 1917 27, Feb. 1985 PFC US Army WW II A05-03
MONDAY, Anna C. 17, May 1918   A05-04
MONDAY, Frank 21, March 1877 18, Dec. 1971 Grave with Marie Michelle Monday B19-68
MONDAY, Marie Michelle 6, May 1880 26, Oct. 1959 Grave with Frank Monday B19-67
MONDY, Charles W. 1929 Dec. 31
, OH
2006 Sep. 13 See Obituary
MONDY, Jeanette J. 1930 Jan. 6
Conneaut, OH
2006 Jul. 14 d/o Nicholas A. & Marianne Lena Peters Iarocci.  Ae 76 yrs.
See Obituary
MONDY, Louis J. 24, June 1905 21, Dec. 1980 CM2 US Navy WW II (See 1927 Senior Tattler Yearbook) C53-02
MONEYPENNY, John 1925 1974 Cox US Navy B11-06
MONTAGANO LICATA Family monument Montagano on one side and Licata on the other. E20-07
MONTAGANO, D. A. 1910 1985 Grave with Margaret Monday Montagano A06-01
MONTAGANO, John 1884 1942 Family monument in the center of the lot.  Single stone with only John on it, but in the Montagano lot. E19-07
MONTAGANO, Margaret Monday Grave with D. A. Montagano.  No dates given. A06-02
MONTAGANO, Mary 1882 1956 Family monument in the center of the lot.  Single stone with only Mary on it, but in the Montagano lot. E19-08
MONTAGANO, Michelantonio 1922 1923 Single stone with only Michelantonio on it but in the Montagano lot.  Michelantonio is all one word. E19-09
MONTIGNEY, Galen C. 1895 1953 Grave with Margaret Montigney. C51-30
MONTIGNEY, Margaret 1894 1974 Grave with Galen C. Montigney. C51-31
MONUMENT, Virgin Mary "Suffer the Little Children To Come Unto Me and Forbid Them Not For of Such Is The Kingdom of God" Mark X.14. For 3 cousins. B22-90
MOONEY, Anna M. 1873 1949 B21-05
MOONEY, Frances E. 1917 1989 Grave with James M. Mooney B07-73
MOONEY, James M. 1912 1990 Grave with Frances E. Mooney B07-72
MOONEY, James P. 1877 1962 B21-06
MOONEY, Margaret 1870 1907 Stone facing the easta drive F20-44
MOONEY, Margaret M. "Micki" 1945 1969 B06-71
MOONEY, Martin 1880 1913 Stone facing the east drive F20-44
MOONEY, Oriean "Mother" 1891 1972 Grave with William Mooney B20109
MOONEY, William "Father" 1880 1952 Grave with Oriean Mooney B20108
MOORE Family monument F15-21
MOORE, Bridget 1848 1916 F14-21
MOORE, J. B. 1840 191 F14-20
MOORE, Margaret Baker 1879 1945 Baker is her married name. F14-22
MOORE, Thomas 1883 1911 F16-20
MORANO, Baby 1950 Same BY1-03
MORANO, Colleen R. 1915 No death date given.  Grave with red J. Morano. A08-24
MORANO, Cynthia Lee 9, Nov. 1971 Same BY6-02
MORANO, Fred J. 1909 No death date given.  Grave with Colleen R. Morano A08-23
MORANO, Mary 16 Dec. 1911
Conneaut, O
27 Aug. 2008
Conneaut, O
ae. 96 yrs. d/o Louis & Carmella (Carlucci) Morano
See Obituary in Star Beacon Newspaper dtd. Aug. 28, 2008
MORANO, Mary V. 1920 Grave with Nick M. Morano.  No death date given. A07-25
MORANO, Nick M. 1913 1990 Grave with Mary V. Morano A07-26
MORGAN, James W. 1887 1927 E13-26
MOROSKI, Bernard J. 1908 1983 Grave with John & Harriet Moroski A08-28
MUCCI, Leo J. 29, Aug. 1928 1 Jan. 2003 See obituary
MOROSKI, Constance 1879 1956 Grave with John Moroski. D04-06
MOROSKI, Harriet M. 1912 No death date given.  Grave with Bernard & John Moroski. A08-30
MOROSKI, John 7, April 1935 Grave with Bernard J. & Harriet Moroski.  Only one date given. A08-29
MOROSKI, John 1871 1934 Grave with Constance Moroski. D04-05
MOROSKI, Joseph 1890 1937 D23-06
MOROSKI, Rose  Dezman 1896 1981 Dezman is her married name. D23-07
MOROSS, Agnes 1904 1971 Grave with Gabriel Moross B07-10
MOROSS, Gabriel 1898 1936 Grave with Agnes Moross B07-09
MOROSS, Robert G. 8, April 1928 28, Feb. 1977 Cpl. US Marine Corps WW II B02-09
MORRIS, Dorothy M. 1905 1979 E07-27
MORRIS, John P. 1911 1984 E07-25
MORRIS, Joseph 1907 1939 FOE flag holder E08-26
MORRIS, Joseph J.  "Father" 1876 1928 FOE flag holder E08-25
MORRIS, Mina Fulton  "Mother" 1884 1961 Fulton may be her maiden name. E08-24
MORRIS, Raymond T. 1922 1990 Vet flag holder E07-24
MOSTELLO, Daniel P. 1946 Age 2 days.  Child area.  Funeral home marker.  Facing east drive. C28-03
MOWRY, Erla M. 1912 Grave with Hugh E. Mowry.  Death date not given. B21-33
MOWRY, Hugh E.  "Dutch" 1913 Grave with Erla M. Mowry.  Death date not given. B21-32
MOWRY, Kathleen 1945 1965 B09-42
MOWRY, Margaret B. 1886 1984 B12-48
MUCCI, Aido 1919 1920 F11-21
MUCCI, Anthony "Father" 1886 1933   F10-22
MUCCI, Carl J. 27, Dec. 1919 13, Jan. 1978 PFC US Army  WW II B02-12
MUCCI, Erminia  "Mother" 1891 Grave with Michael Mucci.  Death date not given. F09-21
MUCCI, Ernest J. 12, Feb. 1914 7, Nov. 1978 PFC US Army WW II B02-17
MUCCI, Geraldine 12, Oct. 1941 Only one date given.  Funeral home marker. F10-21
MUCCI, John 1893 1968 B08-26
MUCCI, Leo J. 29, Aug. 1928 1, Jan. 2003 (See Obituary)
MUCCI, Michael  "Father" 1891 1939 Grave with Erminia Mucci F09-20
MUCCI, Nicholina M. 1885 1978 B24-12
MUCCI, Vincent J. 24, April 1921 8, July 1944 OH PVT 120 Inf. 30 Inf. Div. WW II B24-11
MUCCIARONE, Christina 1895 Grave with Louis Mucciarone.  Death date not given. B19-83
MUCCIARONE, Dorothy 1914 Grave with Michael Mucciarone.  Death date not given. C53-29
MUCCIARONE, Louis 1883 1960 Grave with Christina Mucciarone. B19-83
MUCCIARONE, Michael 1899 1962 Grave with Dorothy Mucciarone. C53-28
MUCCIARONE, Michele 1874 1941 F01-06
MUCCIARONE, O. 1920 Apr. 24 1990 Jun. 30 CMM U.S.  NAVY WWII (next to Mary M.) B19-82
MUCCIARONE, Orlando 1920 Apr. 24 1990 Jun. 30 CMM US Navy WW II B20-83
MUCHIARONE, Angeline 1885 1954 Grave with Antonio Muchiarone B24116
MUCHIARONE, Antonio 1875 1961 Grave with Angeline Muchiarone. B24115
MUCHIARONE, Clotilde R. 1910   Grave with Fiory J. Muchiarone.  Death date not given. B06-31
MUCHIARONE, Fiory J. 1909 1982 Grave with Clotilde R. Muchiarone. B06-30
MUCHIARONE, John A. 1943 1983 ATN3 US NAVY B06-38
MUCHIARONE, Joyce 1934 1972 Double size stone but only one name centered B06-36
MUCHIARONE, Mary M. 1922 Dec. 15 2000 May 3 Next to Orlando Muchiarone B-Sect.
MULCAHY, Clara 1876 1925 Grave with Thomas Mulcahy E16-17
MULCAHY, Thomas 1870 1951 Grave with Clara Mulcahy E16-18
MULLEN, Edward 1879 1952 Grave with Mary Mullen B18-41
MULLEN, Mary 1879 1952 Grave with Edward Mullen B18-42
MULREADY GRIFFIN Fam. Monument Two Family monument F22-30
MULREADY, Catherine Could be Griffin.  Single stone with only Catherine on it.  It's difficult to tell the surname. F22-30
MULREADY, Catherine  Griffin 1864 1906 Grivvin may be her maiden name.  Wife of R. W. Mulready. F22-30
MULREADY, Father Could be Griffin.  Single stone with only Father on it.  It's difficult to tell the surname. F23-31
MULREADY, John Could be Griffin.  Single stone with only John on it.  It's difficult to tell the surname. F23-28
MULREADY, Mother Could be Griffin.  Single stone with only Mother on it.  It's difficult to tell the surname. F23-29
MUNDI family monument B19-66
MUNDI, Anthony J. 1903 1953 C53-01
MUNDI, Joseph P.  Pvt. 1929 1946 Vet flag holder B20-53
MUNDI, Peter J. 1904 1995 Same grave with Mary P B-Sect.
MUNDI, Mary P. 1910 1996 Same grave with Peter J. B-Sect.
MUNDY, Caroline 1876 1964 C52-01
MUNDY, Charles 10, April 1875 22, Dec. 1916 His picture is on the stone. C52-02
MUNDY, John 1902 1982 Grave with Julia Mundy. B02-90
MUNDY, Julia 1916 Grave with John Mundy.  Death date not given. B02-91
MURPHY Family Monument F17-14
MURPHY, Albert Dewey 6, Oct. 1898 20, June 1955 Minnesota PFC 14 Co. 14 Grand Div.  TC. WW I. E14-08
MURPHY, Bernard 1892 1919 No surname given but in the Murphy lot. F17-12
MURPHY, Daniel 1872 1922 Single stone with only Daniel on it, but in the Murphy lot. F18-18
MURPHY, Father 1831 1911 Single stone with only Father on it, but in the Murphy lot. F18-12
MURPHY, Margaret H. 12, March 1944 No surname given but in the Murphy lot. F17-13
MURPHY, Martin 1870 1937 Single stone with only Martin on it, but in the Murphy lot. F18-19
MURPHY, Mayme E. 25, July 1959 No other date given.  No surname given but in the Murphy lot. F17-19
MURPHY, Mother 1841 1920 Single stone with only Mother on it, but in the Murphy lot. F18-16
MURPHY, Thomas J. 11, April 1944 No other date given.  No surname given but in the Murphy lot F17-17
MURZYNSKI, Charles J. 1935 1987 Grave with Mary E. Murzynski.  Married 3, June 1972 A03-13
MURZYNSKI, Mark C. 14, Aug. 1987 18, July 1988 "Our Beloved Son" - "he always had a smile" A03-10
MURZYNSKI, Mary E. 1944   Grave with Charles J. Murzynski.  Married 3, June 1972.  No death date given. A03-12
MUSCATO, Angelo 1886 1938 Child area.  Stone facing east drive C35-15
MUSCATO, Mary 1894 1926 C48-13

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