Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
GALLAGHER, Alice C. 1882 1971 Grave with Francis J. GAllagher B15-28
GALLAGHER, Elizabeth 1899 1985 Grave with Leo I. Gallagher D22-33
GALLAGHER, Francis J. 1883 1952 Grave with Alice C. Gallagher B15-27
GALLAGHER, Leo I. 1892 1978 Grave with Elizabeth Gallagher, "Anchor decoration" D22-32
GALLAGHER, Margaret G. 17, May 1892 17, Jun 1972 American Legion Aux. Flag holder E05-10
GALLAGHER, Raymond L. 6, Sept, 1926   No other date given E05-11
GALLIAZZO, Frank A. 1908 Grave with Madeline D. Galliazzo.  Death date not given. B07-63
GALLIAZZO, Madeline D. 1913 1970 Grave with Frank A. Galliazzo. B07-64
GARCIA, Rose Marie 7 July 1918 12 Dec. 2003 See Obituary
GARCIA, Thomas E. 29, Apr. 1948 6, Feb, 2004 See Obituary
GARITY, Rose M. 1885 1973 Grave with Thomas J. Garity.  Thomas H. Garity and William C. Garity on the north side of the stone. F14-37
GARITY, Thomas H. 1910 On back of Thomas & Rose Garity stone.  William is also on this side.  (North side)  Birth date is not given. F14-36
GARITY, Thomas H. 1890 1961 Grave with Rose M. Garity.  Thomas H. Garity and William C. Garity on the North side of the stone. F14-36
GARITY, William C. 1914 On back of Thomas & Rose Garity stone.  Thomas is also on this side.  (North)  Birth date not given. F14-37
GARSTENSHLAGER, Albert W. 1910   Grave with Mary H. Garstenshlager.  Death date not given. B08-77
GARSTENSHLAGER, Mary H. 1913 1989 Grave with Albert W. Garstenshlager. B08-78
GATES, William 1945 1980 Funeral home marker and is on the same grave with one that the name is illgible E16-09
GEBHARDT, Edward J. 1885 1976 Grave with Elva F. Gebhardt. B13-10
GEBHARDT, Elva F. 1887 1968 Grave with Edward J. Gebhardt. B13-11
GECZI, Julia Sz 1872 Mar. 25, 1901 This is the oldest grave and in the center of the south row. KATOS F is above the name on the stone. A01-15
GESTWICKI, Clemence L. 1915 1981 Grave with Dina A. Gestwicki and another blank section.  It's a triple stone. B01-83
GESTWICKI, Rhonda 1, June 1973 Same Same grave as Ronald Gestwicki BY4-01
GESTWICKI, Ronald 1, June 1973 Same Same grave as Rhonda Gestwicki BY4-01
GETSEY RIGO Family Monument Large stone with Getsey on one side and Rigo on the other. E02-35
GETSEY, Albert P. 1920 1934 There is no surname on the small stone, could be Rigo or Getsey. E03-38
GETSEY, Andrew 1885 1945 Grave with Mary Getsey E18-37
GETSEY, Charles G. 1928 1973 Vet flag holder C52-03
GETSEY, Elizabeth 1889 1975 Grave with Gabriel Getsey. C52-06
GETSEY, Gabriel 1879 1961 Grave with Elizabeth Getsey. C52-05
GETSEY, Gaza 1912 1940 Grave with Margaret Getsey C52-07
GETSEY, John Helen V. Thomas right behind John's stone, in the same grave E17-32
GETSEY, Margaret 1915 1918 Grave with Gaza Getsey C52-08
GETSEY, Mary 1890 1983 Grave with Andrew Getsey. E18-38
GETSEY, Mary "Mother" 1862 1946 There is no surname on the small stone, could be Rigo or Getsey. E03-37
GETSEY, Mother "Unknown" 1858 1934 There is no surname on the small stone, could be Rito or Getsey. E03-36
GETSEY, Walter E. 15, Feb. 1921 16, July 1944 T/Sgt. US Army Air Force WWII E18-36
GIBBONS, Fred 2, Oct. 1887 20, Dec. 1950 Grave with John W. Gibbons, Ill. Pvt. 21 Co. Trans. Corps WW I B22-45
GIBBONS, John W. 1877 1941 Grave with Fred Gibbons B22-46
GIBBONS, William J. 1916 1964 B09-56
GILDONE family monu. E23-11
GILDONE, Albert J. 7 June 1915 16 Feb. 2004 Grave with Ethel E. Gildone.  Married Nov. 27, 1948.  Death date not given.  (See Obituary) E21-11
GILDONE, Angelo Michele 1864 1916 Stone facing the east drive F12-46
GILDONE, Bambino Angeladea Nato 4, 1903 Stone facing west. Nato 4 luglio 1903 only date given. C36-02
GILDONE, Bernard 1936 Grave with Peter Gildone. Facing the east side. F12-45
GILDONE, Catherine 1906 1957 Stone facing the east drive F12-46
GILDONE, Cosmo James 1901 1944 Stone facing the east drive F11-46
GILDONE, Ethel B. 1920 1986 Grave with Albert J. Gildone.  Married Nov. 27, 1948. Maiden name was Ethel Barrett. E21-10
GILDONE, James V. "Father" 1874 1953 Grave with Maria Gildone E23-11
GILDONE, Joseph 1908 1922 Single stone with only Joseph on it, but in the Gildone lot. E23-10
GILDONE, Katherine 1915 May 14 2014 May 25 Grave with Salvadore Gildone.  E21-15
GILDONE, Maria "Mother" 1876 1945 Grave with James V. Gildone E23-12
GILDONE, Nicholas 1911 1917 No surname on the stone but in the Gildone lot F12-45
GILDONE, Peter 1940 Grave with Bernard Gildone.  Stone facing East drive. F12-45
GILDONE, Salvadore 1905 1979 Grave with Katherine Gildone E21-16
GILDONE, Salvatoro Nato 1869 Morto 1903 Child area.  Stone facing west.  Stone tipped over on its back C35-01
GILDONE, Warren 1918 Single stone with only Warren on it, but in the Gildone lot.  No death date given. E23-13
GILLON Double stone with other side blank, Owen Gillon on the other side B22-08
GILLON, Owen 1892 1953 Double stone with the other side blank. B22-07
GIUSIPPI, Cuppila 1882 1915 D12-04
GLASSER, Robert E. 9, May 1915 8, June 1976 SGT US Army WWII B05-99
GLOGOSCKI Family Monu. E10-36
GLOGOSKI, Andrew 1891 1945 No surname but in the Glogoski lot. E09-36
GLOGOSKI, Bernice 1904 1927 No surname but in the Glogoski lot. E09-39
GLOGOSKI, Gertrude 1903 1982 No surname but in the Glogoski lot E09-35
GLOGOSKI, Henry 1925 1936 No surname but in the Glogoski lot E09-38
GODZINSKI, Elizabeth M. 1918 Grave with Stanley J. Godzinski, Death date not given F08-25
GODZINSKI, Louise V. 1940 1945 F06-25
GODZINSKI, Stanley J. 1913 1987 Grave with Elizabeth M. Godzinski F08-26
GODZSAK, Edward J. 1937 1947 B23102
GODZSAK, Joseph S. 1891 1976 Grave with Louise Godzsak B23103
GODZSAK, Louise 1903 1972 Grave with Joseph Godzsak B23104
GOLASZEWSKI, Benjamin 1888 1957 Grave with Katherine E. Golaszewski B13-71
GOLASZEWSKI, Bernard 6, Sept. 1928 Mary & Julia Ann Golaszewski also on this stone.  One date given only.  Child area. C20-15
GOLASZEWSKI, Julia Ann 31, Jan. 1936 Mary and Bernard Golaszewski also on this stone.  One date given only.  Child area C20-15
GOLASZEWSKI, Katherine E. 1908 Grave with Benjamin Golaszewski.  Death date not given. B13-72
GOLASZEWSKI, Mary 12, May 1930 Julia Ann and Bernard Golaszewski also on this stone.  One date given  only.  Child area C20-14
GOMES, A. J. 1838 1918 Same stone wiht Mary A. and Mary L. Armas.  Surname may be Arman but doesn't say that. F10-07
GOMES, Wife Wife only on the stone, and in the Gomes lot F09-07
GOSCHE, Cletus P. 1906 1974 Grave with Louise M. Gosche. B05-06
GOSCHE, Edward J. 1881 1951 Grave with Rosia A. Gosche. E07-01
GOSCHE, Louise M. 1911 Grave with Cletus P. Gosche.  No death date given. B05-07
GOSCHE, Rosia A. 1884 1960 Grave wtih Edward J. Gosche. E07-02
GOSS, Kathleen E. 12, Sep. 1969 5, Dec. 1969 BY5-05
GRAHAM, Florence R. 1912 Grave with Walter C. Graham.  Death date not given.  IOOF flag holder E12-10
GRAHAM, Walter C. 1905 1986 Grave with Florence R. Graham.  IOOF flag holder E12-09
GRAIG, Mary Mello 1896 1919 Mello may be her maiden name. F09-18
GRANT, Alyce M. 1911 1945 B25-45
GRANT, Andrew 1871 1947 B26-46
GRANT, Baby No dates given.  Stone facing the east drive. F14-46
GRANT, Boy Baby 1982 Funeral home marker betweenWalter and Elmer's markers and behind Hyland monument. E17-34
GRANT, Jennie Clark 1872 1906 Clark is her married name.  Stone facing the east drive F14-46
GRANT, Nettie A. 1884 1969 B26-45
GRANT, Richard A. 1910 1967 B25-43
GRANT, Thomas R., Lt. 3, Sept. 1942 28, Jan. 1966 OH 2D Lt. Co. C7 Cav. 1 Cav. Div. Vietnam PH Died in Vietnam.  Has a foot marker also. B25-46
GRAVES, Helen 1869 1927 E13-24
GREEN, Don 1913 Grave with Mary Green.  Death date not given. C05-14
GREEN, Mary 1909 1988 Grave with Don Green C05-15
GRICE, June Halyday 1917 1944 Halyday is her maiden name. E13-35
GRIFFIN MULREADY Fam. Monu. Two family monument F22-30
GRIFFIN, Catherine 1830 1909 Wife of Terrence Griffin F22-30
GRIFFIN, Catherine Could be Mulready.  Single stone with only Catherine on it.  It's Difficult to tell the surname. F23-33
GRIFFIN, Catherine 1864 1906 Wife of R. W. Mulready.  Griffin may be her maiden. F22-30
GRIFFIN, Father Could be Mulready.  Single stone with only Father on it.  It's difficult to tell the surname. F23-31
GRIFFIN, John 1954 No other date given B12-58
GRIFFIN, John Could be Mulready.  Single stone with only John on it.  IT's difficult to tell the surname. F23-28
GRIFFIN, John E. 1856 1902   F22-30
GRIFFIN, Mother Could be Mulready.  Single stone with only Mother on it.  It's difficult to tell the surname. F23-29
GRIFFIN, Terrence 1829 1893 Catherine Griffin is his wife according to the stone.  F22-30
GRISWOLD, Leigh J. 1904 1979 Grave with Mary R. Griswold.  E19-42
GRISWOLD, MARCIA D. 12 Jan. 1934 17 Feb. 2004 See Obituary
GRISWOLD, Mary R. 1903 prob. 1991 Grave with Leigh J. Griswold.  Death date not on stone yet, 1991.  It's new grave. E19-43
GROGER, Helen 1880 1956 B16-41
GROGER, Ida A. 1904 1986 Grave with John T. Groger B05-16
GROGER, Jessie Ferguson 1890 1934 Ferguson is her married name. E14-02
GROGER, John T. 1898 1974 Grave with Ida A. Groger B05-15
GROGER, John T., Jr. "Son" 1940 No death date given B04-16
GROGER, Mary E. 1861 1941 E14-01
GRUBER, Felix 1904 1983 Grave with Helen Gruber A07-27
GRUBER, Helen Margaret 8 Mar. 1910 17 Dec. 2003 See Obituary
GRUBKE, Anthony 1890 1958 B26-02
GRUBKE, Theresa T. 1891 1947 B26-01
GRUEY, Jack J. 6 Mar. 1922
Conneaut, OH
5 Feb. 2006 See Obituary
GRUZOSKY, Ann R. 1916 Grave with Joseph Gruzosky.  No death date given. B5-103
GRUZOSKY, Joseph 1912 1978 Grave with Ann R. Gruzosky. B5-102
GUARINO, Anthony 1888 1956 Cunningham Funeral Home E20-15
GUARINO, Blanche 1920 1923 E19-16
GUARINO, Carmella 1887 1988 Grave with Domenic Guarino F01-30
GUARINO, Domenic 1884 1942 Grave with Carmella Guarino F01-29
GUARINO, John 1886 1955 Grave with Santa Guarino F10-30
GUARINO, Joseph P., Pvt. 1925 1945 Grave with Teresa Guarino.  17th Airborne Div. Killed in action in Germany.  His picture on stone. B26104
GUARINO, Joseph Paul 8, Sept. 1924 24, March 1945 OHIO PFC 513 Parachute Inf.  WW II PH.  His picture is on the stone. E19-15
GUARINO, Maria Madeline 1880 1920 "Mother" F09-31
GUARINO, Mary A. J. 1922 1923 F09-30
GUARINO, Michael J. 9 Dec. 1944
Cleveland, OH
11 Oct. 2008
Conneaut, OH
ae 63 yrs., s/o Michael P. & Josephine (Carlo) Guarino
See Obituary in Star Beacon Newspaper dtd. Oct. 11, 2008
GUARINO, Michael T. 14, Feb. 1918 30, June 1958 OH Pfc. Co. A. 18 Armed Inf. BN. WW II  His picture is on the stone. B25104
GUARINO, Santa 1884 1939 Grave with John Guarino F10-31
GUARINO, Teresa 1892 1969 Grave with Joseph P. Guarino B26105
GURTO, Frank 11 Sep. 1933
Conneaut, OH
15 Jan. 2006
Conneaut, OH
See Obituary
GURTO, Joseph See Obituary
GUSTAFERRO, Carmela 1903 1988 Grave with Louis Gustaferro A05-14
GUSTAFERRO, Frank 1879 1922 C45-06
GUSTAFERRO, Louis 1897 1984 Grave with Carmela Gustaferro A05-15
GUSTAFERRO, Mary 1886 1959 B26-30
GUSTAFERRO, Pasqualina 1888 1953 Grave with Angelo Gustaferro. B15-40
GUERINOCIELLI, D'Antonio 1928 Only one date given.  Difficult to read. C16-05
GUGLIELMO, Dominic 1885 1946 Grave with Mary Guglielmo B18-09
GUGLIELMO, Lucille B. 1929 (no date yet) Grave with Peter A. Guglielmo B-Sect.
GUGLIELMO, Mary 1887 1951 Grave with Joseph Guglielmo. B18-10
GUGLIELMO, Mary 1886 1950 Grave with Dominic Guglielmo B20-91
GUGLIELMO, Peter A. 1923 (no date yet) Grave with Lucille B. Guglielmo B-Sect.
GUILDONE, Jennie 1911 Grave with Anthony Guildone.  Death date not given. B22-98
GUOLIELMO, Mary 1859 1936 C51-13
GURTO, Filomeni 20, April 1926 1, Dec. 1927 Child area C22-11
GURTO, Joseph 16 Apr. 1935 11 Aug. 2003 See Obituary
GURTO, Mary 11, June 1920 11, June 1920 Child area C24-16
GURTO, Mary J. "Mom" 20, April 1899 19, Feb. 1972 B07-99
GURTO, Peter "Dad" 15, Dec. 1894 28, Dec. 1971 B07-97
GURTO, Vincent J. 12, Jan. 1963 20, March 1968 "Son" "Our little lamb" B07-98
GYULA, Nyukeziek Szucs 1911 It. Nyukeziek Szucs Gyula Szuletet 1911 Feb. Reevar 1 Meg. Holt Agu Sz.  No other dates given D08-03

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