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on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
KACSO, Ethel 1916 1917 Between rows C51-C52. C51-03
KACSO, Joseph "Uncle" 1896 1982 C51-06
KACSO, Julia 1895 1981 Grave with Stephen Kacso. C51-06
KACSO, Louis Stephen 18, July 1921 20, Feb. 1951 OH F1 USNR WWII C50-05
KACSO, Stephen 1890 1971 Grave with Julia Kacso. C51-05
KACZOROSKI, John J. 15, Dec. 1918 21, Jan. 1968 Grave with Mary A. Kaczoroski.  OHIO CPL 188 Port Co. TC WWII.  Birth date on one stone says 1919, gov. marker says 1918. B9-104
KACZOROWSKI, Joseph J. 5 Nov. 1920 8 Jan. 2005 See Obituary
KACZOROSKI, Mary A. 1920 Grave with John J. Kaczoroski.  Death date not given. B9-105
KACZOROSKI, Sally 1881 1967 B17-71
KACZOROSKI, Stanley 1913 1953 Vet. flag holder B17-97
KACZOROSKI, Walter 1878 1948 B17-72
KACZOROSKI, Ignacy 1886 1972 Grave with Teofila Kaczoroski. B06-06
KACZOROSKI, Teofila 1886 1982 Grave with Ignacy Kaczoroski. B06-07
KAKO, Edwin E. 24, Sept. 1909 24, Dec. 1988 Grave with Pauline J. Kako.  1st Lt. US Army WW II. (See 1927 Tattler Yearbook) C50-16
KAKO, Pauline J. 1917 Grave with Edwin E. Kako.  Death date not given. C50-17
KALUZA, Anthony 1878 1949 B18-92
KALUZA, Antonia 1888 1925 C48-14
KANANEN, Dorothy Ruth 1912 1961 Wife of Eino I. Kananen, engraved on stone.
KANE Family monument E12-03
KANE, Bertha  Donnelly 1881 1941 Donnelly is her married name. E11-02
KANE, Carrie Phillips No dates given. E11-04
KANE, Charles 1855 1926 Single stone with only Charles on it. but in the Kane lot. B13-03
KANE, Charles W. 1886 1958 Single stone with Charles W. on it only, but in the Kane lot. E13-01
KANE, Edward Timothy No dates given.  FOE flag holder E11-03
KANE, Margaret 1857 1940 Single stone with only Margaret on it, but in the Kane lot. E13-02
KANGAS, Sophia P. 1915 2002   B26-67
KAPELKA, Katherine M. 1897 1987 Grave with Mike S. Kapelka. B01-48
KAPELKA, Mike B. 1893 1979 Grave with Katherine M. Kapelka. B01-47
KAPELLA, Anthony J. 1, June 1914 6, June 1977 TEC5 US Army WWII B06-93
KAPELLA, Joseph 1873 1922 B16-05
KAPELLA, Loretta A. 1911 Grave with Margaret M. Kapella.  Death date not given. B04-59
KAPELLA, Mary A. 1878 1953 D15-05
KAPEN, Andrew 1882 19?0 Grave with Susie Kapen. F12-09
KAPEN, Andrew M. 1947 Only date given. B24-01
KAPEN, Frank 12, March 1912 30, March 1971 OHIO TEC 5 115 Fld Arty Bn  WWII B07-29
KAPEN, Susie 1887 1963 Grave with Andrew Kapen. F12-10
KARAL, Alexander "Father" 1882 1935 D21-02
KARAL, Anna  "Mother" 1874 1946 D21-03
KARAL, Sonny 1936 No other date given. D21-01
KARAL, Steve 1908 1968 B08-81
KARDOS, Julius 1887 1951 B18-31
KARDOS, Mary 1892 1975 B18-30
KARZNIA, Josephine A. 1891 1959 Grave with Martin J. Karznia. B21-08
KARZNIA, Martin J. 1885 1948 Grave with Josephine A. Karznia. B21-07
KASKI, Andrew A. 1910 1981 Grave with Helen M. Kaski. B10-13
KASKI, Helen M. 1914 22 June 2004 Grave with Andrew A. Kaski.  (See Obituary) B10-14
KAUCIC, Henry R. 1916 1987 Grave with Theresa A. Kaucic. A03-16
KAUCIC, Theresa A. 1922 1986 Grave with Henry R. Kaucic. A03-15
KEATING Family monu. F17-24
KEATING, Cornelius J. 1877 1939 Single stone with only Cornelius J. on it, but in the Keating lot. F18-24
KEATING, John D. 1906 1972 Grave with Myrtle M. Keating. B07-75
KEATING, Julia M. 1882 1960 Single stone with only Julia M. on it, but in the Keating lot. F18-21
KEATING, Katherine B. 1870 1953 Single stone with only Katherine on it, but in the Keating lot. F18-26
KEATING, Myrtle M. 1908 Grave with John D. Keating.  Death date not given. B07-76
KEATING, William F. 26 Feb. 1904 24 May 1999 See Obituary  c/b St. Joseph Cem in Ashtabula.
KEATING, William J. 1866 1910 Single stone with only William on it, but in the Keating lot F18-25
KEHOE, Edward J. 1884 1965 "Rest in Peace" E10-14
KEHOE, Margaret 1857 1929 "Rest in Peace" E09-14
KEHOE, May E. 1880 1963 "Rest in Peace" E09-13
KELLEY, Frank No dates given C50-27
KELLEY, Helen E. 1909 Grave with Peter C. Kelley.  Death date not given. B16-06
KELLEY, James No dates given.  Grave with Mary Kelley. C50-29
KELLEY, John G. 1875 1951 Grave with Mary Agnes Kelley B18-06
KELLEY, Kathryn 1882 1962 C51-28
KELLEY, Mary No dates given.  Grave with James Kelley C50-28
KELLEY, Mary Agnes 1876 1955 Grave with John G. Kelley. B18-07
KELLEY, Peter C. 1906 1976? Grave with Helen E. Kelley B16-05
KENNICK, Catherine C. 1900 1974 Stone with John, Dora, and Elizabeth V. Kennick. D22-18
KENNICK, Dora "Mother" 1866 1933 Stone with John, Elizabeth V. and Catherine C. Kennick. D22-18
KENNICK, Elizabeth V. 1893 1951 Stone with John, Dora and Catherine C. Kennick. D22-17
KENNICK, John "Father" 1865 1941 Stone with Dora, Elizabeth V. and Catherine C. Kennick. D22-17
KENNICK, Mary 1909 Mar. 21 1909 Aug. 8 (buried here according to Death Cert.) D16-08
KENNICK, Stephen 1897 1920 D16-08
KENT, E. Clifford 1899 1969 Stone with Philomena Kent.  Irus C. & Phyllis J. Kent on the other side. B20-50
KENT, Irus C. 1926 1945 Stone with Phyllis J. Kent on one side, Philomena & E. Clifford on the other side. B20-50
KENT, Philomena 1902 1963 Stone with E. Clifford Kent. Irus C. & Phyllis J. Kent on the other side. B20-49
KENT, Phyllis J. 1929 1929 1973 Stone with Irus C. Kent on one side, Philomena & E. Clifford on the other side. B20-49
KERNER, Bernard A. 1880 1944 Grave with Mary A. Kerner. E04-19
KINNEY, William Francis 15 Oct. 1940 28 Dec. 2006 See Obituary
KONOPA, Mabel R. 29 Feb 1924 7 Oct 2004 See Obituary
KRENER, Bernice E. 1912 1990 Grave with John J. Kerner. B01-34
KRENER, Diane Jean 3, Oct. 1960 Same BY3-07
KERNER, John J. 1907 1980 Grave with Bernice E. Kerner B01-33
KERNER, Karen M. 1948 1953 Cunningham Funeral Home Marker E05-20
KERNER, Kathryn L.  Todaro 1940 1984 Todaro is her married name.  "Kathy"  "Creative Hair Stylest" B21-30
KERNER, Margaret E. 1913 Death date not given. E14-35
KERNER, Mary A. 1877 1935 Grave with Bernard A. Kerner.  "May they rest in Peace" E04-20
KERNER, Mary A. Urn, not a monument.  No dates given. E05-19
KERR, Nancy A. 1910 Grave with William J. Kerr.  Death date not given.  Stone facing west, east drive. F09-46
KERR, William J. 1913 1987 Grave with Nancy A. Kerr.  Stone facing the east drive F09-46
KEYSER, James W. 21, May 1926 4, Sept. 1988 SF3 US Navy WW II B04-02
KICKA, Jan. 1876 1910 "At Rest" D07-02
KILFOIL, James 1905 1961 Grave with Julia Kilfoil. B11-20
KILFOIL, Julia 1914 Grave with James Kilfoil.  Death date not given. B11-21
KING, Anna 1883 1962 Grave with Stephen King. E09-07
KING, Edward M. 1921 1980 Vet flag holder. B09-74
KING, James W. 18, July 1950 26, Sept. 1990 SP4 US Army Vietnam. A08-63
KING, Stephen 1879 1972 Grave with Anna King E09-06
KLOS, Stephania 1895 1991 Grave with Vincent Kos. B11-11
KLOS, Vincent 1895 1961 Grave with Stephania Klos. B11-10
KNIGHT, Harold G. 1902 1955 B12-64
KNIGHT, James E. 1928 Dec. 26 1991 Dec. 3 Military stone: Cpl. U.S. Army WWII B-Sect.
KNIGHT, James E. 1928 Dec. 26 1991 Dec. 3 Loving Father & Husband (on same stone as his wife) B-Sect.
KNIGHT, (need to get from stone) 1931 Jul. 8 (No date yet) Loving Mother & Wife B-Sect.
KNIGHT, Verna W. 1904 1979 B12-65
KNOX, Double stone, Donald J. Knox on one side, the other side is blank. E01-36
KNOX, Donald J. "Joe" 1933 1986 Double stone, other side blank. E01-37
KNOX, Emery G. 1867 1938 E01-34
KNOX, Sophia M. 1872 1958 E01-35
KOBIATKA,   Illegible funeral home marker.  Missing in 1991.  Lawn mowers ruin these and they move them around. D16-02
KOBLINSKI, Paul 1889 1969 D23-21
KOBLINSKI, Stella 1894 1940 D23-22
KODELJA, Anton 1922 1923 Child area C21-02
KODELJA, Antonia 1890 1964 Grave with Valentine Kodelja B08-64
KODELJA, August 1897 1985 B08-65
KODELJA, Jennie Sedmak 1894 1989 Grave with John Sedmak.  Sedmak was her married name. B13-05
KODELJA, Valentine 1886 1969 Grave with Antonia Kodelja. B08-63
KOELLIKER, Abbie 1884 1963 Grave with Albert Koelliker. B24-26
KOELLIKER, Albert 1884 1968 Grave with Abbie Koelliker B24-25
KOMAN, Mildred M. 1921 1968 B08-25
KOMAN, Rudolph D. 9, Dec. 1913 17, June 1987 BM2 US Coast Guard WW II B08-24
KONOPA, Mable R. 29 Feb. 1924 7 Oct 2004 See Obituary
KOPACZ, Jan 1862 1946 Grave with Konstancya Kopacz. D24-25
KOPACZ, Konstancya 1865 1959 Grave with Jan Kopacz. D24-25
KOPACZ, Walter 1895 1978 Grave with Nellie Kopacz. C11-01
KOPACZ, Walter J. 27, Jan. 1928 26, Jan. 1967 OHIO Tec5 Ordnance WW II. B09-30
KOPADZ, Nellie 1902 Grave with Walter Kopacz.  Death date not given. C11-02
KOSTALEK, Stanley 1916 1987 B10-16
KOSTURA, Anna Mary 1889 1948 Grave with John Kostura.  "May they rest in Peace." B21-16
KOSTURA, John 1882 1962 Grave with Anna Mary Kostura.  "May they rest in Peace." B21-15
KOSTURA, Joseph 1917 1925   C47-05
KOSTURA, Paul 1927 Child area.  No other date give. C26-16
KOVACEVIC, John I. 1890 1959 Grave with Katey G. Kovacevic. B16-22
KOVACEVIC, Katey G. 1893 1950 Grave with John I. Kovacevic. B16-23
KOVACH, Margaret 18, Sept. 1912 27, March 1914 D10-06
KOVACS, Frank J. 1916 1980 Vet flag holder C14-15
KOVACS, Gabor 1896 1974 E05-03
KOVACS, Joseph 1909 1939 Grave with Theresa and baby Martha Kovacs. E05-05
KOVACS, Martha  Baby   Age 15 months.  Buried in the same graves as Joseph and Theresa Kovacs
KOVACS, Miklos 1878 1940 Grave with Rose Kovacs. E04-03
KOVACS, Rose 1888 1958 Grave with Miklos Kovacs. E04-04
KOVACS, Sophia K. 1920 1990 C14-14
KOVACS, Theresa 1913 1939 Grave with Joseph and Baby Martha Kovacs E05-05
KOZESKY, Walter E. 2, Sept. 1920 13, April 1974 OHIO Cpl. US Army WW II B06-15
KOZLINSKI, Jan 1877 1961 Grave with Marcyanna Kozlinski. "Maz" E10-38
KOZLINSKI, Marcyanna 1883 1952 Grave with Jan Kozlinski. "Zona" E10-39
KOZLINSKI, Peter 1914 1976 B03-25
KRAUSE, E. Albert 1898 1951 Grave with Eleanor Krause B18-04
KRAUSE, Eleanor 1918 Grave with E. Albert Krause.  Death date not given. B18-05
KREGER, Charles Q. 31 Mar. 1932 18 June 2005 See Obituary
KREGER, Hope Alexandra 14, Aug. 1988 7, Feb. 1989 "We love you beauty"  Beloved dau. of Dorothy Marguerite Kreger.  Child likeness engraved on stone. A06-63
KRESIN, Nina "Mother" 1895 1976 B08-76
KUCHA, Anna 1896 1922 Her picture is on the stone. C51-20
KUCHA, Barbara M. 1874 1950 Grave with Paul P. Kucha. C50-19
KUCHA, Helen M. 1910 Death date not given. C51-16
KUCHA, John P. 1867 1950 Grave with Barbara M. Kucha C50-20
KUCHA, Joseph 1911 1914 Facing the south C43-06
KUCHA, Marie McNeil 1899 1943 McNeil is her married name. C51-17
KUCHA, Mary 1894 1933 C51-18
Kucha, Michael 1910 1913 Facing east drive. C41-06
KUHN, Anna Russu 1897 1937 Russu is her married name. D22-26
KUHN, Mary 1871 1941 Grave with Michael Kuhn.  "A Devoted Mother" D21-27
KUHN, Michael 1856 1919 Grave with Mary Kuhn.  "A kind Father"  FOE flag holder. D21-25
KUKALIS, Adam 1891 1960 E16-29
KULIS, Frank J. 23, MAr. 1920 15, Jan. 1985 Sgt. US Army WW II  "Your memory is dear to us." A06-43
KUNISH, John 1879 1950 E18-19
KUREY, Joseph Edward 1910 1973 B05-23
KUREY, Joseph S. 1889 1972 Grave with Mary H. Kurey B06-23
KUREY, Margaret E. Smith 1918 1980 Grave with William S. Smith (Nee Kurey) B01-23
KUREY, Mary H. 1889 19___ Grave with Joseph S. Kurey.  Death date not completed B06-24
KUZMA, Anna "Mother" 1880 1945 "Rest in Peace." F04-42
KUZMA, Edward 1907 1975 "May He Rest In Peace." F05-42
KUZMA, Elizabeth 1923 Only one date given.  Child area C21-10
KUZMA, Emil "Father" 1883 1951 "Rest In Peace" F04-40

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