Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
TABERNER, Michael W. 22, July 1960 Same BY3-06
TACKACS, Elizabeth "Mother" 1865 1943 Grave with Michael Tackacs. C50-04
TACKACS, Michael "Father" 1855 1927 Grave with Elizabeth Tackacs. C50-03
TADDEO, Antonio 1881 1931 Grave with Fiory J. Taddeo. F08-39
TADDEO, Fiory J. 1908 1927 Grave with Antonio Taddeo. F08-38
TADDEO, Maddalena 1885 1969 F08-40
TAKACS, Elizabeth 1864 19__ Grave with James Takacs.  Death date not completed. C50-01
TAKACS, James 1858 1940 Grave with Elizabeth Takacs. C50-02
TALBOT, Louise 1887 1957 "May she rest in Peace." B12-79
TAN Double stone with Icasiano A. Tan, but the other side is blank. A08-07
TAN, Icasiano A. 1909 1984 Other side of stone blank. A08-06
TAPPE, George 1881 1950 Grave with Lula Tappe.  Kelly Neal just behind this double stone, on a Marcy funeral home marker. B18-47
TAPPE, Lula 1882 1966 Grave with George Tappe.  Kelly Neal just behind this double stone, on a Marcy funeral home marker. B18-48
TAVONE, Barbara A. 1948 1988 Grave with Mary and Michael Tavone. A07-49
TAVONE, Caroline E. 1928 Oct. 14 2010 Jun. 8 d/o Lawrence & Mary Tavone (Parker is married name)  
TAVONE, Lawrence 1901 1953 Grave with Mary Tavone. B16-98
TAVONE, Maria Giovanna Nato 1868 Morto 1905 Child area. Stone facing west. Giuyno 5, 1868 birth date and 5, Dec. 1905 death date. C36-01
TAVONE, Mary 1905 1977 Grave with Lawrence Tavone. (Maiden name Campanelli) B16-97
TAVONE, Mary N. 1926 No death date given.  Grave with Barbara and Michael Tavone. A07-50
TAVONE, Michael G. 21, April 1924 25, April 1987 Grave with Mary and Barbara Tavone. PFC US Army WW II. A07-51
TERRY, Carl 1911 1975 Grave with Lebra D. Terry. B17-84
TERRY, Dorothy English 21, July 1922 16, July 1991 English may be her maiden name.  Wife of Carl Terry. B16-85
TERRY, Dylla 1889 1972 Grave with John Terry. B14-80
TERRY, John 1884 1961 Grave with Dylla Terry B14-79
TERRY, Lebra D. 1915 1959 Grave with Carl Terry. B17-85
THAYER BURNS Family Stone C09-05
THAYER, Bessie Toth 1920 1957 Toth is her married name. E08-01
THEIL, Fred M. 1925 1988 Grave with Rose M. Theil. A06-50
THEIL, Rose M. 21 Dec. 1923 2007 Mar. 1 Grave with Fred Theil.
See Obituary
THEUERKAUF, Joseph 1963 Same BY5-01
THOMAS, Helen V. 1905 1972 John Getsey and Helen V. Thomas in the same grave. E17-32
THOMPSON, Tracy Ann 1963 1964 BY4-03
TINNEY, E. A. 1858 1919 F20-27
TINNEY, Elizabeth M. 15, June 1976 Only one date given. E10-24
TINNEY, Henry 1900 1917 F21-27
TINNEY, Kathryn Smith 10, March 1895 27, March 1969 Smith is her married name. E10-25
TINNEY, Margaret Smith 30, Nov. 1982 Smith is her married name.  Only one date given. E11-24
TINNEY, Mary F. 1869 1940 E09-24
TINNEY, Robert P. 1893 1972 E13-23
TINNEY, Thomas R. 1861 1929 E09-23
TITUS, Mary E. 6 Jul. 1913 12 May 2003 See Obituary
TOBIN, Helen Stein 1873 1949 Stein may be her maiden name. B22-13
TOBIN, Kathryn M. 1901 1964   B23-13
TODARO, Antonnetta 1895 1975 Grave with Dominick Tadaro.  Photos of both on stone. D23-11
TODARO, Kathryn L. Kerner 1940 1984 Kerner may be her maiden name.  "Kathy"  "Creative Hair Stylest" is engraved on the monument. B21-30
TODARO, Louis 1913 1985 Grave with Rose Todaro B03-58
TODARO, Rose 1918 1976 Grave with Louis Todaro B03-59
TOOMEY, Charles C. 1884 1968 Grave with Cora R. Toomey. E13-12
TOOMEY, Cora R. 1882 1966 Grave with Charles C. Toomey. E13-13
TOOMEY, Daisy A. 1866 1950 Grave with Daniel T. Toomey B24-44
TOOMEY, Daniel T. 1864 1942 Grave with Daisy R. Toomey. B24-43
TOOMEY, Walter C. 1914 1927 E13-10
TOROK, Laszio 1911 1970 Grave with Rose V. Torok. B07-59
TOROK, Rose V. 1918 Grave with Laszio Torok.  Death date not given. B07-60
TOTH, Bessie Thayer 1920 1957 Thayer may be her maiden name. E08-01
TOTH, John 1880 Grave with Mary Toth.  Death date not given. B20-06
TOTH, Joseph 19, March 1919 6, March 1967 OHIO PFC Co. G. 338 Infantry WW II BSM. B09-26
TOTH, Mary 1888 1960 Grave with John Toth. B20-07
TOTH, Mary B. 1916 1974 Grave with Steve J. and Granddaughter, Korinda R. Rice. B04-10
TOTH, Paul 1872 1955 Grave with Rose Balas Toth. E04-44
TOTH, Paul S. 6, Oct. 1907 17, Jan. 1950 B20-08
TOTH, Rose Balas 1870 1936 Grave with Paul Toth. E04-43
TOTH, Stephen P. 1916 1965 E08-02
TOTH, Steve J. 1913 Grave with Korinda R. Rice, Granddaughter, and Mary B. Toth.  Death date not given. B04-09
TRIZNA, Edith M. 1923 Sep. 21 2013 Feb. 21 (d/o Luigi & Caroline (Ruccolo) Campanelli)  
TRNKA, Joseph 1871 1931 D18-04
TRUPPO, Charles L. 12, Nov. 1917 1, Aug. 1982 Pvt. US Army WW II.  Grave with Victoria T. Truppo. A06-08
TRUPPO, Victoria T. 1925 No death date given.  Grave with Charles L. Truppo.  A06-09
TULLEY, Rose C. 20, Jan. 1984 Only date given.  "Beloved Aunt" B25-15
TULLY, Alexis E. 1900 1946 B26-15
TULLY, Andrew T. 9, June 1906 23, Nov. 1976 WT3 US Navy WW II. B25-16
TULLY, Anne E. 1917 Grave with Lawrence G. Tully.  No death date given. A05-35
TULLY, Eugene P. 8 Jan. 1866
Welland, Canada
1954 Grave with Marie E. Tully.  "May they rest in Peace."
Md. the former Marie Bouchard
TULLY, Lawrence G. 7, Oct. 1909 6, Sep. 1984 PFC US Army WW II. Grave with Anne E. Tully. A05-36
TULLY, Marie E. 1874 1957 Grave with Eugene P. Tully.  "May they rest in Peace."  This name is spelled two different ways but mostly this way, Tully. B26-13
TULLY, Mary M.  Baby 12, Oct. 1949 Same Only one date given but probably died the same day. B26-16
TURK, Anthony F. 1923 1973 B05-63
TURK, Frances 1887 1964 B09-63
TUSA, Ruth R. York 1900 1985 York may be her maiden name. B15-07
TYSZKEWICZ, Josie 1890 1914 D11-07
TYSZKIEWICZ, Anna 1898 1935 Grave with Stanley Tyszkiewicz.  FOE flag holder. D11-09
TYSZKIEWICZ, Stanley 1888 1941 Grave with Anna Tyszkiewicz  FOE flag holder. D11-08

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