Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
HARR, Gregory Ray 1958 1961   B11-13
HAEFNER, Barbara 1852 1937   E18-08
HAEFNER, Charles 1850 1927   E18-09
HAFFEY, James B. 1882 1912 Funeral Home marker F23-15
HALL, Florence Ross 1910 1984 Ross may be her maiden name E21-35
HALL, Harry H. 1907 1983   E21-34
HALYDAY, June Grice 1917 1944 Grice is her married name. E13-35
HAMADY, John Edward   1955 Only date given B23-19
HAMAS, Helen M. 1916   Grave with Michael Hamas.  Death date not given. B01-37
HAMAS, Michael 1908   Grave with Helen M. Hamas.  Death date not given. B01-36
HARMICH, Charles A. 1919 2003 See Obituary  
HARRINGTON, Evelyn L. 1911 1985 Grave with Francis M. Harrington. B11-30
HARRINGTON, Francis M. 1904 1960 Grave with Evelyn L. Harrington. B11-29
HARRIS, Catherine 1873 1947   B21-22
HARRIS, Verne 1906 1949   B21-21
HARVEY, Dorothy J. 1901   Grave with Earl B. Harvey.  Death date not given. B6-106
HARVEY, Earl B. 1887 1972 Grave with Dorothy J. Harvey B6-105
HASSLER, George L., Jr. 1935 1976 SM3 US Navy B03-04
HAWKINS family monu.     Hugh P. Hawkins back of this stone. F17-35
HAWKINS, Father 1852 1909 Single stone with only Father on it in the Hawkins lot. F18-33
HAWKINS, Florence 1890 1973 Grave with Hugh Hawkins F17-34
HAWKINS, Hugh 1884 1949 Grave with Florence Hawkins.  Has two monuments.  F. H. Switchmans Union of North America F17-33
HAWKINS, Hugh  Baby 1917 1918   F17-37
HAWKINS, Hugh P. 30, June 1884 24, March 1949 Back of the Hawkins family monument.  Has two stones.  Flag holder.  Switchmans Union of North America. F17-35
HAWKINS, John 18881 1905 Single stone with only John on it, in the Hawkins lot F18-37
HAWKINS, Marguerite 1915 1918   F17-36
HAWKINS, Mother 1853 1929 Single stone with only Mother on it in the Hawkins lot. F18-34
HAYES, Karen M. 30, Oct . 1947   Only date given.  Infant C16-02
HAYES, Kathryn M. 1924 1984 Grave with Thomas Hayes A08-04
HAYES, Thomas W. 1925   No death date given. Grave with Kathryn Hayes. A08-03
HEAGERTY, Ann A. 1918   Grae with Ralph E. Heagerty.  Death date not given. E05-32
HEAGERTY, Margaret E. 1904 1939 "Rest in Peace" E04-33
HEAGERTY, Ralph E. 1904 1980 Grave with Anna A. Heagerty E05-33
HEE, Blanche 1896 1987 Grave with Fernand Hee B16-08
HEE, Fernand 1897 1951 Grave with Blanche Hee B16-07
HEIMMER, Catherine 1860 1904 Child area.  Stone facing west. C33-10
HEIMMER, George 1856 1911 Child area.  Stone facing west C32-11
HELLMAN, Anna C. 1869 1937 Grave with Frank Hellman. E04-02
HENESEY, George 1903 1976 Funeral Home Marker F18-38
HENESEY, Peter J. 1865 1940   F18-39
HENESEY, Susan G. 1865 1930   F18-40
HENESEY, Will   1, June 1905 Age 15 years. F18-41
HENRETTA Family Monu.     Stone facing the east drive F22-45
HENRETTA, James M. 1892 1920 Single stone with only James M. on the stone.  Very difficult to tell the surname.  Stone facing the east drive. F22-44
HENRETTA, Michael 1943   Single stone with only Michael on it.  It is difficult to tell if it is Henretta.  Stone facing the east drive. Only one date given. F22-46
HERN, Marie 1900 1972   B08-27
HEROLD, Anna I. 1907   Grave with Joseph J. Herold.  Death date not given B04-91
HEROLD, Joseph J. 1908 1991 Grave with Anna I. Herold. B04-90
HERPY, Robert Wm. 1922 1975 SF1 US Navy WW II B06-89
HERRMANN, Bertha A. 1882 1964 Grave with Joseph G. Herrmann. B09-62
HERRMANN, Joseph G. 1877 1964 Grave with Bertha A. Herrmann. B09-61
HERRMANN, Joseph M. 1904   Grave with Marie T. Herrmann.  Death date not given. B08-59
HERRMANN, Marie T. 1904 1970 Grave with Joseph M. Herrmann B08-60
HERRMANN, Martha E. 1911 1987 Married 21, Dec. 1946.  Grave with Raymond M. Herrmann. A05-46
HERRMANN, Raymond M., Sr. 1905 1987 Married 21, Dec. 1946.  Grave with Martha E. Herrmann. A05-47
HEWS, Alice M. 1903 1980 Grave with T. H. Hews. B03-22
HEWS, Catherine M. 1904 1985 Grave with J. Walter Hews. B11-03
HEWS, Homer     No dates given.  Child area facing the east drive. C25-01
HEWS, J. Walter 1898 1966 Grave with Catherine M. Hews. B11-02
HEWS, Sarah K. 1876 1939   B26-49
HEWS, T. H. 1904 1976 Grave with Alice M. Hews. B03-21
Higgins, Eva 1886 1938 Grave with John Higgins, Sr. B18-03
HIGGINS, John S., Jr. 1919   Grave with Virginia E. Higgins.  Death date not given. B16-02
HIGGINS, John, Sr. 1882 1964 Grave with Eva Higgins B18-02
HIGGINS, Virginia E. 1914 1988 Grave with John S. Higgins, Jr. B16-03
HILDEBRAND, Madeline 1905 1989 Grave with William Hildebrand. B11-04
HILDEBRAND, William 1904 1961 Grave with Madeline Hildebrand. B11-05
HINES, Eleanor R. 1893 1972   B17-31
HINES, John F. 1877 1946   B19-30
HINES, Robert B. 1912 1942   B21-31
HINZ, August   29, Oct. 1902 Age 53 yrs. 3 mos. Grave with Rosalia J. Hinz. F12-01
HINZ, Rosalia J. 1847 1926 Grave with August Hinz. F12-01
HOFKA, Andrew 1875 1950 Grave with Andrew Hofka. "May they rest in Peace." B24-09
HOFKA, Katherine 1873 1952 Grave with Andrew Hofka. "May they rest in Peace." B24-10
HOLCOMB, Katherine 1877 1927   E13-08
HOLCOMB, Oliver L. 1875 1928 Tilted off base.  VFW flag holder E13-09
HOLDEN, Ervin L. 1935 1981 Grave with Sue A. Holden. B01-30
HOLDEN, Sue A. 1937   Grave with Ervin L. Holden.  Death date not given. B01-31
HOLLINGSHEAD, Vera 1902 1984 "Mother" A08-15
HOMMES, Daniel A., Jr. None None Funeral Home marker and no dates on it. BY6-04
HOMMES, Joseph Lee 1975 Same Funeral home marker starting to deteriorate BY6-07
HOMMES, Nathan Daniel 8, June 1989 Same Funeral Home marker. BY7-02
HOOVER, Harold D. 1919 1946   B19-46
HOPKINS, Jane Ann 1898 1968 Grave with William Hopkins B10-27
HOPKINS, William 1896 1965 Grave with Jane Ann Hopkins B10-26
HORNE, Johanna 1875 1961 Grave with Martin Horne.  "Requiescant in Peace" E04-18
HORNE, Martin 1873 1944 Grave with Johanna Horne. "Requiescant in Peace" E04-17
HORVATH, Benjamin J. 1909 1943   B26-87
HORVATH, Frank 1900 1961 Grave with Mary Horvath.  Grange Flag holder B12-15
HORVATH, Frank 1879 1953 Grave with Mary Horvath B24-81
HORVATH, Malvina 1916 1924   C47-06
HORVATH, Mary 1904 1981 Grave with Frank Horvath.  Grange flag holder B12-16
HORVATH, Mary 1882 1949 Grave with Frank Horvath B24-82
HORVATH, Mary Ann 1914 1941   B26-86
HOSFELD, Eleanor J. 27 Apr. 1926 24 Mar. 2008 See Obituary  
HOSKINS, Elizabeth J.   13, July 1936 Grave with Ray T. Hoskins.  Only one date given. F22-28
HOSKINS, Ray T.   25, Nov. 1923 Grave with Elizabeth J. Hoskins.  Only one date given. F22-27
HREHA, Anna 1891 1972 Grave with John Hreha. B15-65
HREHA, John 1881 1975 Grave with Anna Hreha B15-64
HUNT, Anna 1852 1922   D16-03
HUNT, Ellen "Mother" 1844 1928 Ellen, Mildred C. and Leo T. Hunt on same stone. E09-05
HUNT, John Elliot 1907 1969   E10-01
HUNT, Leo T. "Husband" 1878 1952 Ellen, Mildred C. and Leo T. Hunt on same stone E09-03
HUNT, Louis 1847 1910   D07-03
HUNT, Mildred C. "Wife" 1885 1932 Ellen, Mildred C. and Leo T. Hunt and same stone E09-04
HUNTER, Elizabeth 1902 1896 Grave with Victor G. Hunter. E06-33
HUNTER, Victor G. 1899 1965 Grave with Elizabeth Hunter. E06-32
HUSTED, John F. 1871 1959 Grave with Alice W. Husted. B14-64
HYLAND Family Monu.       E15-36
HYLAND, Daniel     Single stone with only Daniel on it, but in the Hyland lot.  No dates are given. E16-36
HYLAND, Imelda     Single stone with only Imelda on it, but in the Hyland lot.  No dates are given. E16-37
HYLAND, Irene McCall 1888 1973 McCall my be her maiden name. E14-36
HYLAND, Margaret     Small stone with Margaret and no surname, but in the Hyland family plot.  No dates given. E16-35
HYLAND, Mayme Donlin     Hyland may be her maiden name.  No dates given.  E16-34
HYLAND, Raymond R. 1889 1974   E14-37

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