Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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- O -

Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
O'BRIEN, Clayton T. 1893 1947 Grave with Lla A. O'Brien B21-24
O'BRIEN, Gene 22, Sept. 1924 21, Oct. 1982 PVT. US Army WW II B19-24
O'BRIEN, Lula A. 1896 1984 Grave with Clayton T. O'Brien. B21-25
O'BRIEN, William E. 3, Aug. 1918 9, Feb. 1979 US Navy B19-26
O'CONNOR, James S. 1875 1932 B26-39
O'CONNOR, John R. 1917 1956 B25-39
O'CONNOR, Mary Lucille 1908 1940 F16-22
O'CONNOR, Mary M. 1877 1941 F16-24
O'CONNOR, Nellie E. 1885 1947 B26-38
O'CONNOR, Timothy 1879 1929 F16-26
O'DONNELL, Coral A. 1889 1970 Vet flag holder. B24-37
O'DONNELL, Michael No dates given.  Co. 1 5 OHIO Inf. Sp. Amer. War. B24-39
O'DONNELL, Vincent L. 27, Nov. 1918 7, Feb. 1945 OH PVT. Co. I. 311 Infantry WW II BSM PH B19-48
O'NEIL, Joseph 1884 1926 D17-07
OBELZ, Joseph Michael 1926 1978 B8-114
OGREN, Lawrence E. 8, June 1919 20, Feb. 1970 B07-26
OGREN, Marian E. 1917 1970 B07-26
OGREN, Michael J. 1949 1975 Small stone Mike J. Ogren.  Same dates. B03-26
OLAH, George Z. 1915 1972 Grave with Rose L. Olah. B06-26
OLAH, Rose L. 1919 1977 Grave with George Z. Olah. B06-27
OLESNANIK, Henry 7 Jun. 1952
Conneaut, OH
20 Feb. 2007 See Obituary
OLSON, Baby Boy 21, Dec. 1960 Same BY3-08
OLSON, Charlotte Susan 1929 1963   B11-53
ORRENMAA, Raymond 1940 1963 B12-51
OSBORNE, Charles C. 1949 1980 BU 2 US NAVY Vietnam. B07-81
OWENS, Kathryn A. 1904 1924 E16-04
OWENS, Edward C. 21 Apr. 1926 29 Aug. 2006 (See Obituary)

- P -

Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
PADUANO, Leonard A. 1885 1939 Grave with Mary I. Paduano. D21-08
PADUANO, Mary I. 1885 1932 Grave with Leonard A. Paduano. D21-09
PALAGYI, Andrew L. 1914 1981 Grave with Margaret E. Palagyi E02-22
PALAGYI, Anna M. 1892 1985 Grave with Frank J. Palagyi. B18-26
PALAGYI, Charlotte 1917 1957 Grave with Alex A. Palagyi B16-26
PALAGYI, Ferenc 4, Apr. 1862 EN 24, Nov. 1904 ITT Nyugszik Isten Neveben, Zemplen M. Lelesz, Meghalt 24, Nov. 1904 Legyen Alma - Csedes Ebredese-Edes.  All on this stone.  The middle road in cem. first right turn Tall thin monument with cross on top with 4 small stones for babies near it. A square plot.  Owned saloon in Harbor. D22-50
PALAGYI, Frank J. 1887 1949 Grave with Anna M. Palagyi. B18-25
PALAGYI, Frank P. Infant Death No dates given.  No surname given, but in the Palagyi lot.  Palagyi, Ferenc for more data. D21-48
PALAGYI, George F. 1909 1990 Grave with Hazel M. Palagyi. A04-53
PALAGYI, Hazel M. 1913   No death date given. Grave with George F. Palagyi. A04-54
PALAGYI, Helena Infant Death   No dates given.  No surname given but in the Palagyi lot.  See Palagyi, Ferenc for more data. D21-50
PALAGYI, Jane J. 1921   Grave with Stephen J. Palagyi.  Death date not given. B03-75
PALAGYI, Joseph 1878 1953 Grave with Anna Palagyi. E11-33
PALAGYI, Joszeph Infant Death No dates given.  No surname given but in the Palagyi lot.  See Palagyi, Ferenc for more data. D21-51
PALAGYI, Lewis Infant Death No surname given, but in the Palagyi lot.  See Palagyi, Ferenc for more data D21-49
PALAGYI, Louis J. 17 Sep. 1921
Conneuat, OH
12 Dec. 2006
Conneaut, OH
(See Obituary)
PALAGYI, Margaret "Mother" 1920 Grave with Michael and Michael Palagyi.  Death date not given. B06-77
PALAGYI, Margaret E. 1917 25, June 1998 Grave with Andrew L. Palagyi.  
(See Obituary)
PALAGYI, Michael "Son" 1947 1971 Grave with Michael & Margaret, his parents. B06-78
PALAGYI, Michael "Father" 1917 Grave with Margaret & Michael Palagyi "Son".  Death date not given. B06-76
PALAGYI, Mother See Palagyi, Ferenc for more data.  No surname given but in the Palagyi lot.  No dates given. D21-47
PALAGYI, Pauline A. 1914 Aug. 3
Herminie, PA
2007 May 10 ae 92 yrs.
w/o Joseph

See Obituary
PALAGYI, Stephen J. 22 Aug. 1918 1 Aug. 2005 Grave with Jane J. Palagyi.
See Obituary


PALMER, Dominic 1898 1964 Grave with Mary Palmer. B09-73
PALMER, Mary 1905 Grave with Dominic Palmer.   Death date not given. B09-74
PALMIERO, Caroline 1918 1962 B10-10
PANETO, Maria P. 1, June 1908 10, Dec. 1987 A02-03
PAPE, Albert A. 1920 1966 Grave with Grace M. Pape.  Vet flag holder. B23-93
PAPE, Anthony J. 1922 1989 Grave with Marcelene Pape. B21-93
PAPE, Gail 1953 1964 "Three Little Cousins"  Drowned in Lake Erie, Conneaut, OH.  Marie Stanziano & M. Michele Baker.  There is a memorial on Lake Road & Detroit Street. B21-89
PAPE, Grace M. 1922 Grave with Albert A. Pape.
Death date not given
PAPE, Louise 1891 1956 Grave with Nicholas Pape. B23-91
PAPE, Marcelene J. 20, Dec. 1927 9 Apr. 2004 Grave with Anthony J. Pape.
See Obituary 
PAPE, Nicholas 1887 1944 Grave with Louise Pape. B23-90
PAPE, Paul J. 13, Jan. 1917 6, Oct. 1978 Grave with Theresa L. Pape. C09-07
PAPE, Theresa L. 16, Jan. 1921 16 May 2006 Grave with Paul J. Pape. 
See Obituary
PAPPAS, Gust 23, Jan. 1940 Only date given.  Vet Flag holder B22-41
PARKER, Caroline E. (Tavone) 1928 Oct. 14 2010 Jun. 8 d/o Lawrence & Mary (Campanelli) Tavone  
PARLONGO Family monument B19-73
PARLONGO, Antoinette 1914 1979 Grave next to James Parlongo "Son" B20-75
PARLONGO, Bruno "Father" 1886 1949 Grave next to James Parlongo "Son" B20-73
PARLONGO, James "Son" 1909 1957 Grave next to Bruno & Mary Parlongo. B20-74
PARLONGO, Mary "Mother" 1890 1946 B20-72
PARMA, Jennie 1898 1960 Grave with Joseph Parma. B15-85
PARMA, Joseph 1894 1971 Grave with Jennie Parma B15-84
PARMA, Joseph, Jr. 21, Feb. 1933 2, Nov. 2003 See Obituary
PASERBEVIS, Andrew "Father" 1864 1931 Grave with Joanna Paserbevis. D21-19
PASERBEVIS, Joanna 1872 1931 Grave with Andrew Paserbevis.  "May they rest in Peace" D21-20
PASERBEVIS, John 1906 1934 "May he rest in peace" D22-19
PASSMORE, Anna R. 1914 No death date given.  Grave with David A. Passmore. A07-09
PASSMORE, David A. 1902 1984 Grave with Ana R. Passmore. A07-08
PATAKY, Anton 1889 1964 Grave with Elizabeth Pataky. B09-51
PATAKY, Charlotte E. 1915 1975 Grave with James F. Pataky. B04-56
PATAKY, Elizabeth 1890 1984 Grave with Anton Pataky. B09-52
PATAKY, James F. 1911 Grave with Charlotte Pataky.  Death date not given. B04-55
PATAKY, James Francis 25 Apr. 1935 7 Feb. 2006 Son of James F. & Charlotte Pataky.  See Obituary
PATAKY, Joseph 1961 Same BY4-05
PATAKY, Judith H. 3 Jan. 1940 1 May 2003 See Obituary
PATAKY, Mary 1960 Same BY3-05
PATAKY, Mary B. 1925 No death date given.  Grave with William Pataky. A08-41
PATAKY, William A. 1920 1983 Grave with Mary Pataky. A08-40
PATOTA, John 1908 1971 Grave with Rose Patota. B21-84
PATOTA, Rose 1915 1971 Grave with John Patota B21-85
PATOTO, Donnietta 1912 1917 C44-10
PATTERSON, Mabel M. 1887 1974 F22-26
PATTERSON, W. L. 1947 1928 D18-09
PATTO, Carmel Julio 1878 1957 Grave with Domenico Patto. Julio may be her maiden name. F05-44
PATTO, Domenico 1879 1945 Grave with Carmel Julio Patto. F05-43
PATTO, Josephine 1908 1986 Grave with Nick Patto. A06-41
PATTO, Nick 1910 No death date given.  Grave with Josephine Patto. A06-40
PAULINO, Anna 1876 1968 Grave with Pasquale Paulino D23-41
PAULINO, Pasquale 1878 1945 Grave with Anna Paulino D23-40
PAULL, A. J. 1873 1951 E17-16
PAULL, Ingrid R. 1903 1987 E17-10
PAULL, John M. 1872 1952 E18-11
PAULL, Margaret E. 1909 1940 E18-10
PAULL, Margaret Fredricks 1849 1908 "Mother"  Paull may be her maiden name.  Fredricks is her married name. C37-10
PAULL, Sarah M. 1878 1923 E18-15
PAULL, Walter W. 1904 1985 E17-11
PAULL, William F. 1877 1935 E18-16
PAZDZIORKO, Alex F. 1908 1982 B08-33
PAZDZIORKO, Antenet 1907 1983 "Devoted Mother of 4 sons in loving memory." A06-18
PAZDZIORKO, John T. 30, Oct. 1915 7, June 1968 Pennsylvania PVT 407 Infantry WWII B08-30
PAZDZIORKO, Wanda 16 Sept 1919 9 Feb. 2005 See Obituary
PAZIORKO, Mabel C. 11, Sept 1911 17 Sept. 2005 See Obituary
PEARSON, Arthur 1900 1965 Arthur, Rose & Dorothy Pearson all on the same stone. F19-33
PEARSON, Dorothy 1931 Arthur, Rose & Dorothy Pearson all on the same stone.  No death date given. F19-35
PEARSON, Martha J. 1925 1949 D22-07
PEARSON, Rose 1909 Arthur, Rose & Dorothy Pearson all on the same stone. No death date given. F19-34
PEDRO, Don R. "Father" 1910 Birth date not given. D07-01
PENKO, Anton 1889 1983 Grave with Mary Penko.  Married 20, Aug. 1917 B01-06
PENKO, Mary 1899 1980 Grave with Anton Penko.  Married 20, Aug. 1917 B01-07
PENZA, Kasmer 1884 1968 Grave with Mary A. Penza. B19-09
PENZA, Mary A. 1903 1972 Grave with Kasmer Penza. B19-10
PERKOSKI Family Stone B20-11
PERKOSKI, Frances 1922 1923 Child Area C21-03
PERKOSKI, Frank Anthony 12, April 1914 6, May 1986   B21-09
PERKOSKI, Helen F. 14 Mar. 1913 19 Mar. 2005 Dau. of Josephine
See Obituary
PERKOSKI, Jacob 1876 1952 Single stone with only Jacob on it, but in the Perkoski lot. B21-11
PERKOSKI, Josephine 1890 1973 D23-27
PERKOSKI, Julian 1878 1940 D23-26
PERKOSKI, Lucy 1884 1947 Single stone with only Lucy on it, but in the Perkoski lot. B21-10
PERKOSKI Family Monument F05-05
PERKOSKI, Mary 1885 1933 F04-06
PERKOSKI, Peter 1881 1979 F04-04
PERSOLA, Leonard 1910 1985 Grave with Vivian Persola. A07-15
PERSOLA, Vivian 1910 1982 Grave with Leonard Persola A07-16
PESKAR, Marie 1905 1983 Grave with Vincent Peskar. B02-98
PESKAR, Vincent 1905 Grave with Marie Peskar.  Death date not given B02-98
PETER, John 1915 1917 Child area C19-01
PETER, Mary 1881 1918 C45-01
PETER, Michael 1919 1920 Childs area C18-14
PETER, Michael 1917 1919 Child area C17-12
PETER, Peter 1877 1918   C45-02
PETERS, John 1874 19___ Grave with Nora Peters.  "Requiescant in Peace."  Death date not completed. F19-15
PETERS, Nora 1870 1951 Grave with John Peters.  "Requiescant in Peace." F19-14
PETRIK, Baby 28, Sept. 1955 Same BY2-03
PETRIK, Baby Boy 1858 Same BY3-03
PETRIK, John 19, July 1914 19, Dec. 1988 A08-57
PETZ, Elizabeth 22 Sept. 1911 21 Jan. 2006 Grave with Michael Petz. 
Obituary appeared in Star Beacon Newspaper on 23 Jan. 2006.
See Obituary
PETZ, Michael 1902 1957 Grave with Elizabeth Petz. C53-25
PFISTER, Edward L. 1869 1937 Stone faces center drive. E20-44
PFISTER, Esther 1976 1906 Single stone with only Esther on it, but between the other two Pfister stones. E21-44
PFISTER, Mary 1870 1941 Faces center drive in front of Edward L. Pfister. E20-44
PHIL, Thomas 1865 1917 Picture is now missing that was on the stone. F13-41
PICARD, Arthur J. 1898 1963 Ida and Saturnin on one side of stone, Geraldine, Gerald, Margaret, and Arthur Picard on the other.  Two spots blank. E10-29
PICARD, Baby 1926 Child area C17-06
PICARD, Clair F. 1904 1974 Grave with Margaret D. Picard. B07-54
PICARD, Cletus 1907 1965 Grave with Marcella Picard. B08-51
PICARD, Gerald 1901 1957 Same date on family monument in Row E10-33 E10-35
PICARD, Gerald 1901 1957 Ida and Saturnin on one side of stone, Geraldine, Gerald, Margaret, and Arthur Picard on the other.  Two spots blank. E10-33
PICARD, Geraldine 1903 1985 Same data on family monument in Row E10-31 E10-34
PICARD, Geraldine 1903 1985 Ida and Saturnin on one side of stone, Geraldine, Gerald, Margaret, and Arthur Picard on the other.  Two spots blank. E10-31
PICARD, Ida M. 1875 1963 E09-32
PICARD, Ida M. 1875 1963 Ida and Saturnin on one side of stone, Geraldine, Gerald, Margaret, and Arthur Picard on the other.  Two spots blank. E10-30
PICARD, Marcella 1919 Grave with Cletus Picard.  Death date not given. B08-52
PICARD, Margaret D. 1908 Grave with Clair F. Picard.  Death date not given. B07-55
PICARD, Margaret K. 1898 1989 Ida and Saturnin on one side of stone, Geraldine, Gerald, Margaret, and Arthur Picard on the other.  Two spots blank. E10-28
PICARD, Saturnin 1875 1928 Ida and Saturnin on one side of stone, Geraldine, Gerald, Margaret, and Arthur Picard on the other.  Two spots blank. E10-31
PICARD, Saturnin J. 1875 1928 E09-33
PICARD, Thomas A. "M.D." 1933 1964 B08-54
PIGNOTTI, Florence 1910 1967 Grave with Rocco Pignotti F05-28
PIGNOTTI, Johanna 1868 1943 Picture of her on the stone. F05-32
PIGNOTTI, Louise 1905 1972 Grave with Michael Pignotti. F04-31
PIGNOTTI, Michael 1898 1960 Grave with Louise Pignotti. F04-30
PIGNOTTI, Rocco 1904 1965 Grave with Florence Pitnotti. F05-27
PIGNOTTI, Vincent 1927 1930 Picture of him on the stne. F05-31
PILAKI, John 1888 1956 F23-08
PIMENTEL, Manuel 1863 1928 F23-08
PIRAOLI, Joe 33, July 190__ Child area facing west.  Only one date and that is not complete. C25-05
PIZZI, Addolorata 1909 1913 C40-02
PIZZI, Angeline 1864 1948 Grave with Nick Pizzi C50-10
PIZZI, Angelo J. 1859 1947 B18-94
PIZZI, Anthony L. 21, Sept. 1895 18, Dec. 1962 Grave with Carmel Pizzi.  OH Pvt. 34 Co. 153 Depot Brigade WW I. C51-10
PIZZI, Carmel M. 1900 1985 Grave with Anthony L. Pizzi. C51-09
PIZZI, Carmela 1874 1970 Grave with George Amodio Pizzi C52-28
PIZZI, Filomena Vacco 1873 1940 Grave with Angelo Vacco.  Her surname at time of death may hve been Vacco. F12-20
PIZZI, Florindo N. 25, April 1902 2, Oct. 1966 OHIO Pvt. Co. C553 Signal AW BN WWII B09-33
PIZZI, George Amodio 1874 1969 Grave with Carmela Pizzi C52-27
PIZZI, Gloria J. "daughter" 13 Dec. 1926 14 Nov. 2005 Age 78 yrs
See Obituary
PIZZI, Marie 1907 1978 B09-35
PI'ZZI, Mary Melaragno 1897 1984 Melaragno is her married name. C51-08
PIZZI, Mary D. (Taddeo) 1914 Jun. 22
St. Angelo en Grotto Campo Bosso, Italy
2007 Mar. 22 w/o Anthony Pizzi
See Obituary
PIZZI, Nick 1863 1942 Grave with Angeline Pizzi C51-09
PIZZI, Nicola 1909 1911 Pietro Pizzi Filego D. Nicola Pizzi on the stone. D08-01
PIZZI, Phillip 1902 1942 C50-11
PIZZI, Pietro 1909 1911 Figlio D. Nicola Pizzi is also engraved on stone. D08-01
PIZZI, Samuel A. 7, Jan. 1904 11, April 1952 C51-11
PLATT, Robert I. 11, Sept. 1922 5, July 1973 OH PHM3 US Navy WW II B05-64
POHMAN, Frank J. "Dad" 1911 1975 "Rest in Peace" Vet flag holder B05-80
POLAND, Mary 1858 1922 F23-26
POLGAR, Anna 1889 1962 Grave with Joseph Polgar. B14-90
POLGAR, Joseph 1887 1960 Grave with Anna Polgar. B14-91
PONPONIO, Joseph 1877 1946 Grave with Lucy Rose Ponponio.  Picture of him on the stone. F06-31
PONPONIO, Lucy Rose 1872 1939 Grave with Joseph Ponponio.  Picture of her on the stone. F06-32
POORE, Henry B. 29, Dec. 1923 18, Jun 1987 Sgt. US Army WW II. A04-36
POPROCKY, John G. 1912 1989 Grave with Louise M. Poprocky B02-36
POPROCKY, Louise M. 1926 Grave with John G. Poprocky.  Death date not given. B02-37
PORTZER, Edward 1895 1953 B23116
POTTER, Barbara 19, Oct. 1933 22, April 1968 Death date may be 1988.  The inscription is some type of glued on letters & numbers.  When checking later, they were almost gone. E13-34
POTVIN, Louis J. 1893 1946 Grave with Mary E. Potvin. B25-19
POTVIN, Mary E. 1896 1986 Grave with Louis J. Potvin. B25-20
POUNDS, Clara V. 1894 1970 B13-02
POUNDS, Kenneth A. 8, June 1891 10, June 1960  OHIO Field Clerk AGD WW I B13-03
PRATT, Ida M. 1886 1961 Grave wtih William J. Pratt B12-19
PRATT, William J. 1888 1969 Grave with Ida M. Pratt. B12-18
PRISCO, Lena M. 1911 1985 C02-02
PROLONG, Antonio 1885 1952 Grave with Catherine Prolong. E04-22
PROLONG, Catherine 1887 1969 Grave with Antonio Prolong. E04-23
PROLONG, James W. 1914 1936   E05-22
PROSEN, Emi 1907 Child area.  Stone facing west.  10 mesch following the date.  Stone with Franc Prosen. C29-16
PROSEN, Franc 1905 Child area.  Stone facing west.  2 mesch following the date.  Stone with Emi Prosen. C29-15
PRYATELY, John 1892 1980 Grave with Jennie Pryately. B02-06
PUSKA, Hjalmer J. 1914 1976 Grave with Mary A. Puska. C05-10
PUSKA, Mary A. 1907 Grave with Hjalmer J. Puska.  Death date not given. C05-11
PUTNICKI Family Monument B25-69
PUTNICKI, Apolonia "Mother" 1897 1988 Surname is not on stone however it is verified by a descendant. (See Guestbook) B26-69
PUTNICKI, George J. 22 Feb. 1923 27 Jan. 2004 See Obituary
PUTNICKI, Richard Joseph 1929 1941 B26-68
PUTNICKI, Stanislaus 1887 1946 "Father" 
Surname is not on stone however it is verified by a descendant.
 (See Guestbook)

- Q -

Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
QUIGG, Francis T. 22, Nov. 1864 31, March 1955 E05-15
QUIGG, Rose 16, May 1866 19, April 1945 E05-14
QUINN, Thomas B. 1857 1923 Switchman's Union of N. America.  American Legion Flag holder.  "May he Rest in Peace" C51-29

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