Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
SABADOS, Frances   1960 Grave with Michael Sabados.  No other date given B15-15
SABADOS, James M. 7, Sept. 1918 18, Jan 1985 TEC4 US Army WW II.  Double stone, other half blank. A08-55
SABADOS, Michael 1951 Grave with Frances Sabados.  No other date given. B15-14
SABO, Julia 1872 1943 Grave with Paul Sabo D24-52
SABO, Michael 1900 1965 B10-21
SABO, Paul 1870 1942 Grave with Julia Sabo D24-53
SABO, Pauline M. 1915 1983 E09-31
SACKETT, Josephine C. 1918 1972 Grave with Leo Sackett B09-41
SACKETT, Leo K. 1918 1962 Grave with Josephine Sackett B09-40
SADLER, Elizabeth D. 1862` 1902 F23-22
SADOWSKI, Boleslaw 1887 1939 Grave with Zofia Sadowski. D23-24
SADOWSKI, Zofia 1893 19___ Grave with Boleslaw Sadowski.  Death date not completed. D23-25
SALICH, Ignac 1881 1965 B12-01
SANDS, Frank G. 1873 1952 Grave with Katherine A. Sands.  Stone facing center drive. F10-01
SANDS, Katherine A. 1881 1942 Grave with Frank G. Sands.  Stone facing west, next to center drive F10-01
SANDS, Mary Rita 15, April 1917 18, March 1987 Flat single stone just behind Frank and Katherine Sands' stone.  Facing center drive. F10-02
SANFORD, Dorothy C. 27, Nov. 1901 26, March 1985 F17-38
SANFORD, John W. 27, Nov. 1923 9, Dec. 2002 See Obituary 
SANIDES, James 8, July 1891 10, May 1967 OHIO Pvt. 20 Co. 158 Depot Brig. WW I. B12-45
SANTAROSA Family Monument E23-36
SANTAROSA, Agostino 17, Feb. 1870 5, Jan. 1956 Single stone with only Agostino on it but in the Santaros/Rosa lot E23-37
SANTAROSA, Filomena Vietri 1882 1953 Or the surname could be Rosa E23-36
SANTILLO, Bonnie S. 1967 1985 Daughter of Edward S. Santillo and on the same stone. B09-29
SANTILLO, Edward S. 12, March 1919 20, Feb. 1967 Grave with daughter, Bonnie S. Santillo.  OHIO PFC Co. A 729th OPR BN WW II "Rest in Peace" B09-28
SAUERWINE, Edwin A. 31, March 1875 12, Oct. 1907 Stone facing west, center drive.  Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen.  FOE flag holder. F22-02
SAUERWINE, John L. 8, Nov. 1846 7, April 1902 Stone facing west.  Co. E 1st Reg. N.Y.  Proval Cal.  Stone with Edwin A. Sauerwine. F22-02
SAUERWINE, John R. . 26, Oct. 1939 OHIO Corp 77 Co. Trans. Corps.  Only one date given, and may not be his death date.  Facing west behind Edwin and John. F22-06
SAURO, Antoinette 1913 1951 F04-19
SAURO, Josephine 1876 1960 F04-17
SAURO, Mike 1876 1928 F04-15
SCHILLACE, Joseph C. 1872 1951 B18-33
SCHILLACE, Prudence 1881 1959 B18-32
SCHLIERPER, Anthony 1950 Same BY1-04
SCHMIDT, Henry V. 24, July 1916 10, Nov. 1964 TEC5 52 Armd Inf. BN 9th Armored Div. WW II BSM B12-84
SCHOR, Amalie A. 1885 1953 Grave with Raymond Schor.  (By cemetery water tap.) F04-36
SCHOR, Ernest J. 1907 1976 Grave with Frances M. Schor. B03-44
SCHOR, Ernest P. 1875 1951 Grave with Frantiska V. Schor. "May they rest in Peace." E03-19
SCHOR, Frances M. 1915 Grave with Ernest J. Schor.  Death date not given. B03-45
SCHOR, Frantiska V. 1868 1957 Grave with Ernest P. Schor.  "May they rest in peace." E03-20
SCHOR, Gary E. 16 Aug. 1949
Conneaut, OH
20 Jan. 2006 See Obituary
SCHOR, Leo F. 1903 Grave with Mary F. Schor.  Vet flag holder.  Death date not given. F04-37
SCHOR, Mary F.
SCHOR, Raymond J. 1881 1968 Grave with Amalie Schor.  (By cemetery water tap.) F04-35
SCHULTZ, Elsie D. 1917 1991 Grave with Robert C. Schultz. B18-39
SCHULTZ, Robert C. 1924 Grave with Elsie D. Schultz.  Death date not given. B18-38
SCHWER, Eleanora 1887 1961 B11-25
SCHWER, Leonard 1884 1956 Cunningham Funeral home marker B17101
SCOTT, Ann M. 1917 Grave with Clifford W. Scott.  Death date not given. B04-40
SCOTT, Clifford W. 1913 1990 Grave with Ann M. Scott. B04-39
SCOTT, Monica M. 1911 Death date not given. B11-49
SCULLY, Karen E. 1970 Same BY5-06
SEAGER, Allen Perry 1956 1981 Grave with Richard Perry Seager A04-08
SEAGER, Margaret E. 1885 1970 F19-11
SEAGER, Morris C. 1881 1951 F19-10
SEAGER, Richard Perry 1914 1987 Grave with Allen Perry Seager A04-07
SEAGER, William 1911 Death date not given. F19-09
SEBETICH, Dorothy 1915 1917 Baby Joseph Sebetich in this same grave. F09-39
SEBETICH, Goldie 1886 1952 Large family stone with Stephen and Goldie Sebetich on it. F10-39
SEBETICH, Joseph  Baby 1917 Dorothy Sebetich and baby buried together.  Only one date given. F09-39
SEBETICH, Stephen 1885 1964 Large family stone with Stephen and Goldie Sebetich on it. F10-38
SEDMAK, Ben "Father" 1895 1978 Grave with Rose Mary Sedmak.  "Rest in Peace" B07-37
SEDMAK, Catherine E. 3 Aug 1925 5 Jan. 2008 Grave with Joseph J. Sedmak.  SEM and Slovenec also on the stone.  See Obituary B01-45
SEDMAK, Jennie (Kodelja) 1894 1989 Grave with Joseph Sedmak.  Kodelja may be her maiden. B13-05
SEDMAK, John 1891 1958 Grave with Jennie (Kodelja) Sedmak. B13-06
SEDMAK, Josseph J. 1923 1981 Grave with Catherine E. Sedmak. B01-44
SEDMAK, Marjorie J. 13, Dec. 1936 6, Dec. 2002 See Obituary
SEDMAK, Richard  Baby 5, July 1945 13, Jan. 1947 B24-02
SEDMAK, Rose Mary "Mother" 1901 1971 Grave with Ben Sedmak.  "Rest in Peace" B07-38
SEEGERT, Burton J. 1923 1980 Grave with Margaret M. Seegert.  He has a Gov.  Ft. Marker. C08-10
SEEGERT, Margaret M. 1923 Grave with Burton J. Seegert.  Death date not given.  C08-11
SEESE, Mary Teresa 1975 Same Funeral Home Marker BY6-05
SEESE, Toni Marie 1975 Same Funeral Home Marker BY6-06
SHAFER, Anna M. 1920 1985 Grave with Bernard O. Shafer. C04-02
SHAFER, Bernard O. 1914 Grave with Anna M. Shafer.  Death date not given C04-01
SHARKEY, Edward J. 1919 1977 Grave with Margaret M. Sharkey. B02-44
SHARKEY, Margaret M. 1912 Grave with Edward J. Sharkey.  Death date not given. B02-45
SHARP, Helen 12 Aug. 1916 9 Mar. 2007 See Obituary
SHARTNER, Cathryn J. (Chicatelli) 1921   No date yet B sect
SHEEMAN, Alice M. 1906 1983 Grave with Carl W. Sheehan. E01-10
SHEEHAN, Carl W. "Curly" 1910 Grave with Alice M. Sheehan.  Death date not given. E01-11
SHEEHAN, Constance C. 1910 1971 Grave with Paul F. Sheehan. E03-07
SHEEHAN, Nellie B. 1880 1958 "Mother"  Grave with William H. Sheehan. E03-09
SHEEHAN, Paul F. 1903 1965 Grave with Constance C. Sheehan. E03-06
SHEEHAN, William H. 1875 1939 "Father"  Grave with Nellie B. Sheehan. E03-08
SHIRKMAN, Joseph H. 12, Jan. 1902 5, Jan. 1969 Grave with Julia A. Shirkman. B09-06
SHIRKMAN, Julia A. 21, Nov. 1907 10, June 1967 Grave with Joseph H. Shirkman. B09-07
SHIROKMAN, Elizabeth 1870 1938 E17-33
SHOSTAK, Barbara 1881 1962 B10-15
SHUSTER, Steven S. 1886 1970 B07-51
SILVA, Marion 1868 1953 Grave wIth Roselina Costa Silva F10-17
SILVA, Roselina Costa 1876 1951 Grave with Marion Silva.  Costa may be her maiden name. F10-18
SILVAGGIO, Antoinette M. 1907 1945 E19-20
SILVAGGIO, Dominick J. 1893 1971 E19-19
SILVAGGIO, Giuseppi 2, April 1880 12, Jan. 1940 Stone facing the east drive. F13-46
SILVESTRI, Mary L. 1882 1918 Grave wtih Nicholas Silvestri D14-07
SILVESTRI, Nicholas 1882 1918 Grave with Mary L. Silvestri D14-06
SIMILE, Margaret 1921 29, Aug. 1928 Dau. of J. R. Simile.  Picture of her on the stone. F05-07
SIMONE, Louis 1895 1962 Grave with Madeline Simone. E10-06
SIMONE, Madeline 1903 1981 Grave with Louis Simone. E10-07
SIMPSON, Catherine 1872 1937 D22-21
SIMPSON, Kimberly Cotter 1966 Only one date given. F22-10
SIMPSON, Marion 1905 Death date not given. F22-12
SIMPSON, Michael J. 14, Oct. 1898 31, Jan. 1972 OHIO Lieutenant USCGR WW I & II. F22-11
SIMPSON, Thomas F. 1906 1964 F22-08
SIMPSON, Tommy 1948 1957 F22-09
SINCOWICH, Louise 1908 1933 D18-01
SISK, Margaret J. 1857 1929 Grave with Michael J. Sisk E10-20
SISK, Michael J. 1860 1927 Grave with Margaret J. Sisk. E10-19
SKIPPON, Helia D. 1910 Grave with William A. and William A. Skippon, Jr.  Death date not given. B12-07
SKIPPON, William A. 1905 1983 Grave with Helia D. and William A. Skippon, Jr. B12-06
SKIPPON, William A., Jr. 1939 1961 Grave with William A. & Helia D. Skippon. B12-08
SKOWRON, Joseph 1880 1942 D02-05
SMILE DELLO Family Monument F05-10
SMILE, Ann 1920 Grave with Anthony Smile.  Death date not given. B02-82
SMILE, Anthony 1916 1979 Grave with Ann Smile. B02-81
SMILE, Antoinette 1877 1941 Single stone with only Antoinette on it, but can't be sure which is the last name, Smile or Dello. F04-12
SMILE, Joseph 1893 1966 Single stone with only Joseph on it, but can't be sure which is the last name, Smile or Dello. F04-07
SMILE, Paulo 1873 1947 Single stone with only Paulo on it, but can't be sure which is the last name, Smile or Dello. F04-11
SMILE, Rosina 1897 1972 Single stone with only Rosina on it, but can't be sure which is the last name, Smile or Dello F04-10
SMITH Family Monument Facing Center drive but back away from drive. E23-44
SMITH, Baby 1908 No other data given. C49-03
SMITH, Catherine 1834 1920 Stone facing Center Drive. E23-44
SMITH, Christopher J. 1862 1943 E09-26
SMITH, Edward Francis 1901 1989 E11-23
SMITH, J. Edward 1879 1946 C49-05
SMITH, Joseph 1833 1904 Stone facing Center drive. E23-44
SMITH, Joseph F. 17, Oct. 1892 15, Jan. 1957 OHIO 2d Lieutenant, US Army WW I. E10-26
SMITH, Kathryn Tinney 10, March, 1895 27, March 1969 E10-25
SMITH, Loretta G. 1880 1947 C49-04
SMITH, Margaret 1890 1982 Grave with Roy Smith B16-31
SMITH, Margaret E. (Kurey) 1918 1980 Grave with William S. Smith.  (Nee Kurey) B01-23
SMITH, Mary Ellen 1873 1917 "Mother" E09-25
SMITH, Patrick Michael 14, Aug. 1964 No other date given. D24-37
SMITH, Roy 1883 1965 Grave with Margaret Smith B16-30
SMITH, William S. 1917 1982 Grave with Margaret E. Kurey Smith B01-22
SMOTHERS, L. Harold 1970 Grave with Wendeline Smothers.  Only one date given. F01-08
SMOTHERS, Wendeline M. 1985 Grave with L. Harold Smothes.  Only one date given. F01-09
SNYDER, John J. 1904 1970 Grave with Mary Snyder. F03-27
SNYDER, Mary 1897   Grave wtih John J. Snyder.  Death date not given. F03-28
SOARES, Charles 1902 1962 Grave with Helen Soares B10-23
SOARES, Diolinda 1873 1912 Flat on the ground with Joseph, Jr., Frank & Joseph Soares. D03-07
SOARES, Frank 1898 Flat on the ground with Joseph, Jr., Diolinda & Joseph Soares.  No other date given. D03-08
SOARES, Helen 1907 Grave with Charles Soares.  Death date not given. B10-24
SOARES, Joseph 1857 1933 Flat on the ground with Joseph, Jr., Frank & Diolinda Soares. D03-08
SOARES, Joseph Jr. 1901 1929 Flat on the ground with Frank, Diolinda & Joseph Soares. D03-07
SOLTES, Elmer J. 1919 1942 B26-99
SOLTIS, Adam 1929 Only one date given. F06-20
SOLTIS, Andrew 1883 1968 Grave with Anna D. Soltis. F04-22
SOLTIS, Anna C. (Fobean) 1890 1961 Grave with Andrew Soltis. F04-23
SOLTIS, Elizabeth 1898 19___ Grave with John Soltis.  Death date not completed as of Jun. 2015 B25-98
SOLTIS, Francis  Baby 18, Feb. 1918 6, May 1918 Child area C18-12
SOLTIS, Frank 1887 1972 Grave with Mary J. and John A. Soltis. B07-87
SOLTIS, Frank No dates given. C20-11
SOLTIS, Helen P. 1909 1983 Cemetery water tap in front of stone. F04-20
SOLTIS, John 1885 1945 Grave with Elizabeth Soltis. B25-97
SOLTIS, John A. 1914   Grave with Frank & Mary J. Soltis.  Death date not given. B07-89
SOLTIS, Lawrence H. 2 Apr. 1921 2 Oct. 2006 See Obituary
(Note: This obit. mentions several members of his family)
SOLTIS, Mary J. 1892 1970 Grave with Frank & John A. Soltis. B07-88
SOLTIS, Mary R. 1905 No death date given. F06-21
SOLTIS, Mayie  Baby 28, Nov. 1915 29, Nov. 1915 Child area C20-10
SOLTIS, Rudolph P. 31, Aug. 1924 31, Oct. 1944 OHIO Pfc 381 Inf. WW II F04-25
SPANSKI, Richard R. 1935 1943 B25-40
SPECHT, Albert 1871 1944 Grave wtih Anna M. Specht. F09-02
SPECHT, Anna M. 1876 1957 Grave with Albert Specht. F09-03
SPECHT, Anthony 1838 1912 Grave with Josephine Specht.  Stone facing Center Drive. E10-43
SPECHT, Anthony S. 1904 1963 Grave with Jessie L. Specht. F19-04
SPECHT, Frank 1911 1988 Grave with Marian Specht. A05-06
SPECHT, Jessie L. 1906 1973 Grave with Anthony S. Specht. F19-05
SPECHT, John A. 1906 1967 Grave with Minnie E. Specht. B08-49
SPECHT, Joseph H. 1916 1981 Grave with Rose T. Specht. B03-33
SPECHT, Josephine 1850 1947 Grave with Anthony Specht.  Stone facing Center Drive. E10-44
SPECHT, Marian 1910 1985 Grave with Frank Specht. A05-05
SPECHT, Minnie E. 21 Dec. 1910 1 Apr. 2008 Grave with John A. Specht.
See Obituary 
SPECHT, Paul J. 1923 1940 F09-05
SPECHT, Rose T. 1916 Grave with Joseph H. Specht.  No death date given. B03-34
SPELLACY, Catherine 1880 1925 "Daughter" F23-18
SPELLACY, John  "Son" 1877 1918 F23-16
SPELLACY, Margaret "Mother" 1857 1926 F22-17
SPELLACY, Margaret Millach 1876 1948 Millach is her married name.  Same grave as Nell Spellacy Riggs.  Funeral home marker.  VFW Aux. flag holder. F23-12
SPELLACY, Nell Riggs 1888 1957 Riggs is her married name.  Same grave as Margaret Spellacy Millach.  Funeral home marker. F23-12
SPRINGER, Richard L. 1943 Only date given.  Grave between row 23 and 24 B23-41
SPUZZILLO, Helen 1923 1937 C37-12
SPUZZILLO, Michael 1895 1934 Facing east drive. C41-01
STANZIANO Family Monument C53-27
STANZIANO, Beatrice 1926 1975 "Beloved Mother"  "Gerri" C54-39
STANZIANO, Dominick 1869 1935 C52-38
STANZIANO, Marie 1954 1964 "Three Little Cousins"  Drowned in Lake Erie,  Conneaut, OH.  Gail Pape and M. Michele Baker. B21-90
STANZIANO, Mary 1880 1946 C52-39
STANZIANO, Mechlina 4, May 1905 16, Feb. 1990 Grave with Peter A. Stanziano. E22-35
STANZIANO, Michael 1911 1956 Amer. Vet flag holder.
(See 1930 Census)
(See Funeral Announcement)
STANZIANO, Peter A. 2, June 1901 12, Dec. 1985 Grave with Mechlina Stanziano. E22-36
STANZIANO, Rachel 1902 1927 C52-41
STARIC, Mary "Mother" 1855 1937 D02-06
STASKO, Peter E. 1913 1980 CP1. US Army WW II C06-10
STATZER Family Monument Vet. Flag holder. E17-43
STEARNS, Francis B. 1883 1950 B16-12
STEARNS, Margaret E. 1912 1981 Lt. US Army Nurse Corps. B16-11
STEARNS, Mary Lester 1890 1983 B16-10
STEELE, Father Tombstone like a cut log with Father on it.  Probably Wm. H. Steele.  No dates given on this stone. F21-33
STELLE, Jessie M. 1880 1955 Grave with Thomas F. Steele. B22-38
STEELE, Mother Stone like cut log with Mother on it.  No dates given on this stone but probably Sarah J. Steele. F21-30
STEELE, Sarah J. 1859 1917 Tree trunk like stone with open book on top and clasped hands lower. F21-32
STEELE, Thomas F. 1880 1940 Grave with Jessie M. Steele. B22-37
STEELE, William H. 1855 1938 Tree trunk type monument with open book on top and clasped hands lower. F21-31
STEGOVEC, Anton 1884 1969 Grave with Rose Stegovec. B26-81
STEGOVEC, Rose 1861 1941 Grave with Anton Stegovec. B26-82
STEIN, Helen Tobin 1873 1949 Tobin is her married name. B22-13
STOFKO, Barbara 1871 1953 Grave with Stephen Stofko. D23-53
STOFKO, Stephen 1870 1950 Grave with Barbara Stofko. D23-52
STOFKO, William 1909 1917 Child area C17-10
STOVER, Margaret "Mother" 1879 1954 E13-25
STRAUSS, Esther 1914 1975 Grave with Harold J. Strauss. B04-69
STRAUSS, Harold J. 1903 1989 Grave with Esther Strauss. B04-68
STRAWBRIDGE, Mary Ruth 1920 1987 Grave with Maurice M. Strawbridge. A03-03
STRAWBRIDGE, Maurice M. 1916 Grave with Mary Ruth Strawbridge.  No death date given. A03-04
STRLE, Amalia "Mother" 1894 1983 Grave with Joseph and Jerry C. Strle. B08-09
STRLE, Jerry C. "Son" 1934 1969 Grave with Joseph and Amalia Strle. B08-10
STRLE, Joseph "Father" 1888 1977 Grave with Amalia and Jerry C. Strle. B08-08
SUCCI, Angelo 1882 1955 E19-06
SUCCI, Natalie M. 1908 Grave with Ralph Succi.  Death date not given. B02-42
SUCCI, Ralph 1903 1977 Grave with Natalie M. Succi. B02-41
SUECH, Anna 1873 1948 Grave with Stephen P. Suech. F03-42
SUECH, Stephen P. 1867 1946 Grave with Anna Suech. F03-41
SULLIVAN, Charles J. 3, Dec. 1925 26, June 1963 N. Carolina Sgt. Army Air Forces WW II C53-38
SULLIVAN, John E. 1890 1952 E17-23
SULLIVAN, John J. 26, Sept. 1913 30, March 1983 C54-40
SULLIVAN, Lillian Marie 30 Sep. 1960
4 Feb. 2006
See Obituary
SULLIVAN, Margaret 1888 1939 E17-24
SUMNER, George H. 1910 1985 Grave with Marjorie D. Sumner. A07-46
SUMNER, Marjorie D. 1916 1988 Grave with George Sumner. A07-45
SURMA, Adam 1894 1958 Grave with Agnes Surma. E02-25
SURMA, Agnes 1897 1976 Grave with Adam Surma. E02-26
SUSEVICH, Baby 22, Feb. 1956 Same BY2-04
SWALLEY, Mary "Mother" 1951 Grave with Thomas E. and Thomas G. Swalley.  Death date not given. B01-98
Swalley, Thomas G. 1967 1985 Grave with Thomas E. & Mary.  "Son and Brother" engraved on stone. B01-97
SYLVESTER, Sarah 1923 1927 C52-45
SZCZEPANSKI, Julius 1889 1958 Grave with Nellie Szczepanski. B25-25
SZCZEPANSKI, Nillie 1896 1978 Grave with Julius Szczepanski. B25-26
SZIJJARTO, Bela 1888 1969 B09-02

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