Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
BACON, Clarence H. 1883 1943 Grave with Emilie M. Bacon E15-32
BACON, Elsie M. 1904 1923   E16-33
BACON, Emilie M. 1883 1953 Grave with Clarence H. Bacon. E15-32
BACON, Esther L. 1905 1961   E16-32
BACON, Howard E. 2, July 1910 12, April 1963 OHIO TEC 4 713 RY OPR BN TC WWII E07-18
BAILEY, Anthony W. 24, April 1915 29, Jan. 1988 Grave with Helen Bailey.  T Sgt US Marine Corps WWII. B05-21
BAILEY, Helen M. "Wife" 28, Feb. 1912 5, Jan. 1974 Grave with Anthony W. Bailey B05-21
BAKER, Evelyn M. 1909   Grave with Henry T. Baker.  Death date not given at time of cemetery reading. B08-14
BAKER, Henry T. 1902 1969 Grave with Evelyn M. Baker. B08-13
BAKER, James Edward 1879 1946   F14-24
BAKER, John Moore 1914 1928   F14-26
BAKER, M. Michele 1955 1964 "Three Little Cousins" Drowned in Lake Erie, Conneaut, OH.  Gail Pape and Marie Stanziano.
Note:  There is a monument on Lake Road & Detroit built in their memories.
BAKER, Margaret Moore 1879 1945 Moore may be her maiden name. F14-22
BALZER, Kenneth J. 1954 1974   B04-42
BARCHOK, John A. 1916   No death date given at the time of cemetery reading.  Grave with Suzanne Barchok A05-09
BARCHOK, Suzanne D. 1917   No death date given at the time of cemetery reading.  Grave with John A. Barchok. A05-08
BARKER, Paul Beals 18, Oct. 1891 7, May 1954 OHIO PFC 331 Field Hosp. 83 Div. WWI. B18-49
BARNES, Emery 1890 1962 Grave with Philesta Barnes. B24-03
BARNES, Philesta 1883 1962 Grave with Emery Barnes B24-04
BARNHART, Rebecca Jane     Funeral home marker.  No dates given F15-34
BARON, Alice 1915   Grave with Andrew Baron.  Death date not given at time of Cemetery Reading B11-55
BARON, Andrew 1910 1965 Grave with Alice Baron B11-54
BARRETT, Eva V. 1888 1913 Wife of Richard Barrett.  Facing east drive. C39-01
BARTONE, Angeline C. 1927   Grave with Fiorindo E. & Helen E. Bartone.  Death date not given. C11-06
BARTONE, Angelo 1902 1926 Grave with Dena Bartone F10-36
BARTONE, Anthony F. 1920 Jan. 5 2006 Aug. 22 See Obituary (grave with Marion I.) B-Sect.
BARTONE, Antonio 1890 1976 Grave with Louisa E. Bartone. C10-05
BARTONE, Antonio 1879 1955 Grave with Dorothy Bartone.  Picture on stone. B16-104
BARTONE, Carmela 1887 1961 Grave with Nichols Bartone B23-65
BARTONE, Craig I. 1984 Same   BY1-08
BARTONE, Dena 1908 1930 Grave with Angelo Bartone. F10-37
BARTONE, Dominick 1921 Only one date given.  Child's Area. B18-15
BARTONE, Dorothy 1888 1960 Grave with Antonio Bartone. B16-103
BARTONE, Fiorindo E. 1904 Grave with Helen E. & Angeline C. Bartone.  Death date not given C11-04
BARTONE, Helen E. Vigorito 1916 1981 Grave with Fiorindo E. & Angeline C. Bartone.  C11-05
BARTONE, James L. "Son" 1948 1955 "My Jesus Mercy" C53-12
BARTONE, James M. 1871 1936 Grave with Theresa Maria Bartone. D02-07
BARTONE, John 1887 1959 Grave with Maria Bartone. B12-73
BARTONE, Louisa E. 1893 1989 Grave with Antonio Bartone C10-06
BARTONE, Madalyn 1917   Grave with Anthony Bartone.  Death date not given at time of this cemetery reading. B8-102
BARTONE, Maria 1886 1956 Grave with John Bartone. B12-74
BARTONE, Maria 1875 1935 No surname on the stone but in the Bartone lot. F09-38
BARTONE, Marion I. 1925 (no date yet) Grave with Anthony F.) B-Sect.
BARTONE, Mary 1888 1990 Grave with Felix Bartone B52-14
BARTONE, Michael 1873 1919 No surname on the stone but in the Bartone lot. F09-37
BARTONE, Michael J. "Mike" 18, Jan. 1822   Grave with Teresa "Terry" Bartone.  Death date not given at time of this cemetery reading. D22-08
BARTONE, Michelle T. 11, April 1970 Same   BY05-07
BARTONE, Nicola 1884 1944 Grave with Carmela Bartone. B23-64
BARTONE, Ottavio 1903 1988 Grave with Vivian Bartone. C10-07
BARTONE, Stephen 22 Sept. 1948 12, Sept., 2004 NOTE: He was son of Forindo (Shorty) & Helen (Vigorito) Bartone
(See obituary)
BARTONE, Susan M. 1915 1989 B12-75
BARTONE, Teresa M. "Terry" 9, April 1922 17, Sept. 1986 Grave with Michael "Mike" Bartone. D22-09
BARTONE, Vivian 1918 Grave with Ottavio Bartone.  Death date not given at time of cemetery reading. C10-08
BASSA, Istvanne 18, Nov. 1879 19, April 1922 Szul Szucs Erzsebet also on the stone. C45-07
BASSA, Mary R. 1892 1965 Grave with Steve F. Bassa. B15-26
BASSA, Steve F. 1873 1951 Grave with Mary R. Bassa. B15-25
BATES, Arthur William 1888 1976 Pvt. US Army WW I. E18-44
BATES, B. J. 1880 1899 Stone faces center drive E17-44
BATES, C. R. 1882 1901 Stone faces the center drive back of the Burrells graves E17-44
BATES, Jessie Coyne 1884 1964 Coyne is her married name. E18-43
BAYER, Cecilia 1863 1940 Grave with Peter Bayer E03-05
BAYER, Leo B. 1901 1942 E01-05
BAYER, Peter 1854 1935 Grave with Cecilia Bayer E03-04
BEALS, Helen C. 1920 This stone now missing.  Death date wasn't given at time of cemetery reading. B09-58
BEALS, Michael D. 19, May 1984 17, March 1988   A04-34
BEATTY, Arvid M. 1920 1986 Grave with Dorothy J. Beatty B3-102
BEATTY, Dorothy J. 1924 1982 Grave with Arvid M. Beatty. B3-101
BEATTY, LeRoy J. 6, Jan. 1988 Aged 43 yrs. 5 mos. 12 days. Only one date given. Marcy funeral home marker B03-98
BEATTY, LeRoy J., Jr. 21, Jan. 1975 9, Nov. 1980 B03-99
BECKER, Joseph R. 8 Jun, 1940
Corry, PA
28 Jun, 2005 See Obituary
BECKER, Lawrence R. 8 Jun 1940 28 Jun 2005 See Obituary
BECKER, Richard J. 1914 1977 B02-03
BEHNCKE, Harry R. 1903 1978 B06-44
BEHNCKE. Mary 1903 1988 Grave with Harry R. Behncke B06-45
BEISTY, Beatrice A. Illegible. Funeral home marker and some of the letters are missing.  No dates give. E10-10
BEISTY, Clara Jean 18, Dec. 1916 Grave with Thomas F. Beisty.  Date date not give at time of cemetery reading. B04-31
BEISTY, John Edward 19, April 1933 10, Sept. 1956 A1C US Air Force Korea E09-09
BEISTY, Mary C. 1889 1941 E09-10
BEISTY, Thomas F. 16, Jan. 1919 8, July 1988 Grave with Clara Jean Beisty.  S. Sgt. US Army Air Corps. WWII. B04-30
BEISTY, Thomas J. 1886 1970 B04-30 B09-08
BELNAP, Harold R. 26 Apr. 1924 11 Apr. 2004 See Obituary
BELNAP, Richard H. 7, July 1944 5, Mar. 2004 See Obituary
BENN, Lucille A. 1925 1976 VFW Ladies Aus. flag holder B05-04
BENO, Alex J. 20, Sept. 1922 17, Jan. 1989 Stone with Gert Beno.  Married 19, Oct. 1946.  Tec. 4 US Army WWII A02-01
BENO, Andrew 1863 1951 Grave with Mary Urban Beno. E13-32
BENO, Andrew A. 1902 1990 Grave with Gela M. Beno. E11-29
BENO, Andrew Steven 1926 1986 A05-22
BENO, Gela M. 1912 Grave with Andrew A. Beno.  Death date not given. E11-30
BENO, Gert 6, May 1928 Grave with Alex J. Beno.  No death date given.  Married 19, Oct. 1946 A02-02
BENO, Helen   Daniels 1906 1948 Daniels is her married name. E13-30
BENO, John 1885 1950 Grave with Mary Beno. B18-21
BENO, Mary 1882 1968 Grave with John Beno. B18-22
BENO, Mary  Urban 1864 1942 Grave with Andrew Beno.  Urban may be her maiden name. E13-33
BENSON, Albert W. 1901 1973 Grave with Irene E. Benson. B15-03
BENSON, Irene E. 1906 1960 Grave with Albert W. Benson. B14-04
BERNATEK, Anthony P., Sr. 27, Sept. 1926 13, July 1990 PVT US Army US Navy WW II Korea "Beloved Husband & Father" B22-110
BERNATEK, Dorothy 1929 1957 Grave with Michael Bernatek. B22-104
BERNATEK, Henry R. 24, March 1925 11, March 1988 S1 US Navy WW II F11-11
BERNATEK, Mary 1897 1918 F10-10
BERNATEK, Mary 1897 1918 F09-11
BERNATEK, Michael 1923 Grave with Dorothy Bernatek.  Death date not given at time of cemetery reading. B22-103
BERNATEK, Michael S. 1955 1981 B22-108
BERNATEK, Nora 1895 1928 F09-10
BERNATEK, Peter 1890 1948 F11-10
BERTA, Amelia 1880 1954 B22-05
BERTA, Christine V. 1914 Death date not given. B22-06
BERTA, Joseph G. 1909 1980 B22-04
BERTONA, Clementina Cifelli 1869 1911 Grave with Giovanni Cifelli, Clementina is his wife, engraved on the stone.  Cifelli is her married name. F13-40
BERTONE, Addolorata 1905 1953 Grave with Nicola Bertone. B20-101
BERTONE, Nicola 1902 1971 Grave with Addolorata Bertone B20-100
BERTONE, Pasquale Nato 1862 Morto 1901 Child area. Hercttore & Giuseppe Bertone.  Probably child of.  Stone facing the east drive. C35-05
BERUS, John G. 2, Dec. 1923 8, May 1950 OH Sgt. 48 AAF Repair Sq. WWII B18-34
BERUS, Thomas Henry 10, July 1925 5, Feb. 1956 OH LT. JG USNR WW II.  Regular stone set on top of Government marker.  No longer can read his war data. B16-35
BEST, Angeline 1897 1983 Grave with Elmer J. Best E08-04
BEST, Charles J. 1941   Death date not give at time of cemetery reading. E07-03
BEST, Elizabeth


1871 1937 Grave with John P. Best F13-29
BEST, Elmer J. 1898 1967 Grave with Angeline Best E08-03
BEST, John P. 1858 1926 Grave with Elizabeth Best F13-29
BEST, Martha 1908 1991 B05-10
BEST, Paul 1934 Grave with Richard Best.  Only one date given. E07-04
BEST, Richard 19__?? Grave with Paul Best.  Only one date given.  (couldn't read date in the written record) E07-04
BEST, Robert 1953 1960 B12-31
BEST, Stephen 1902 1919 Mack or Best may be his surname F12-28
BETORY, Barbara 1863 1949   F19-29
BETZ, Edward R. 1876 1947 Grave with Lena M. Betz. C48-06
BETZ, Catherine 1908 1923 Grave with Edward A. Betz C48-07
BIDWELL, Catherine 1908   Grave with Russell J. Bidwell.  Death date not given B05-31
BIDWELL, Russell J. 1908 1973 Grave with Catherine Bidwell. B05-30
BIGGINS, Edmund R. 1902 1967 Grave with Sylvia S. Biggins. B09-10
BIGGINS, Sylvia S. 1911 19___ Grave with Edmund P. Biggins.  Death date not completed at time of cemetery reading. B09-11
BILLER, James 1900 1962 Grave with Martha Biller E12-06
BILLER, Martha 1902 1990 Grave with James Biller. E12-07
BILLER, Richard J. 22 Aug. 1926 4 Jan. 2005 See Obituary (s/o James & Martha)
BINDA, Elizabeth 1887 1960 Grave with Paul J. Binda. E14-27
BISCOFF, Henry 1909 Facing toward Center drive. (West).  No other date given at time of cemetery reading.  Henry, Margaret and John D. Biscoff on the same stone. F11-01
BISCOFF, John D. 1914 1915 Facing toward center drive. (West).  Henry, Margaret and John D. Biscoff on the same stone. F11-01
BISCOFF, John H. 4, July 1874 15, Aug. 1956 Facing the center drive.  Same stone as Julia R. Biscoff. F12-02
BISCOFF, Julia R. 27, Oct. 1877 13, Jan. 1922 Facing the center drive.  Same stone as John H. Biscoff.  F12-02
BISCOFF, Margaret 1907 Facing toward center drive. (West)  No other date given at time of cemetery reading.  Henry, Margaret and John D. Biscoff on the same stone. F11-01
BLACK, Gertrude 1900 1961 Grave with Mary Ann Black C46-02
BLACK, Helen Grave with Norman A. Black.  No dates given. B03-19
BLACK, Mary Ann 1862 1923 Grave with Gertrude Black. C46-01
BLACK, Norman A. Grave with Helen Black.  No dates given B03-18
BLAIR, Elizabeth T. 1880 1960 E07-11
BLAKE, Baby 1924 Only one date given F22-37
BLAKE, Mary J. 1884 1964 F22-39
BLAKE, Sherman J. 1870 1939 F22-38
BLANAR, Bernice Harriett 1920 1942 B24-72
BLANAR, John A. 1909 1973 B06-18
BLANAR, John M. 1875 1949 B24-76
BLANAR, Lydia S. 1877 1955 Grave with John M. Blanar B24-76
BLANCO, Elizabeth L. 1914 1991 Grave with Onofrio Blanco C13-08
BLANCO, Onofrio 1911 Grave with Elizabeth L. Blanco.  Death date not given at time of cemetery reading. C13-07
BLANK, Daniel 16, Aug. 1955 Same BY2-02
BLAZEK, Eleanor 1929 1990 Grave with Michael and Mary Blazek. B05-78
BLAZEK, Eva 1871 1932 D18-02
BLAZEK, Joseph 1873 1960 D19-02
BLAZEK, Mary 1908 Grave with Michael & Eleanor Blazek.  No date date as of cemetery reading. B05-77
BLAZEK, Michael 1901 1977 Grave with Mary & Eleanor Blazek. B05-76
BLAZEK, Walter 1892 1930 American Legion Flag holder. D18-05
BORT, Helen M. 1907 1980 Grave with John P. Bort. F21-38
BORT, John P. 1907 1950 Grave with Helen M. Bort.  Vet flag holder. F21-37
BOSICK, Douglass M. 25, Sep. 1952 16, May 1985 B03-24
BOYLE, Edith L. 20, Jul. 1923
Conneaut, O
29, Aug. 2008
Conneaut, O
ae 85 yrs. - d/o Joseph & Mary (Morano) Zappitelli
See Obituary in Star Beacon Newspaper dtd. Aug. 30, 2008
BOYLE, Eugene W. 16, Aug. 1926 23, June 1977 Sgt. US Army WW II B04-17
BRADEN, Margaret C. 1902 1970 B07-15
BRADLEY, Frank F. 1885 1967 Grave with Mary E. Bradley. E03-35
BRADLEY, George F. 9, June 1910 12, Nov. 1970 New York PVT US Army WW II B07-13
BRADLEY, Mary E. 1897 1969 Grave with Frank F. Bradley E03-34
BRAUCH, Carl Joseph 13, Sept. 1927 14, Sept. 1927 Stone with James Martin & Mary Ellen Brauch.  Child area. C22-02
BRAUCH, James Martin 14, Sept. 1934 21, Sept. 1934 Stone with Carl Joseph and Mary Ellen Brauch.  Child Area. C22-03
BRAUCH, Mary Ellen 14, Sept. 1934 23, Sept. 1934 Stone with Carl Joseph & James Martin Brauch.  Child area. C22-04
BRENNAN, John M. 1905 1956 B12-40
BRENNEN, Rose E. 1907 1988 B12-41
BRIESTENSKY, Michael J. 1954 1976 C12-09
BROCKETT, George Junior 1927 1941 B22-50
BRODERICK, Daniel T. 1899 1964 Grave with Elizabeth C. Broderick.  Vet flag holder. B09-66
BRODERICK, Elizabeth C. 1901 1983 Grave with Daniel T Broderick. B09-67
BROMEIER, Double stone, this side blank, other side Ernest H. Bromeier. B04-62
BROMEIER, Ernest H. 1904 1975 Double stone, the other side is blank. B04-61
BROOKS, Antoinette 1901 1941 F12-38
BROOKS, Antonette M. 1921 1987 Grave with Donald R. Brooks. B06-64
BROOKS, Delores 1880 1932 F13-36
BROOKS, Donald R. 1920 Grave with Antonette M. Brooks.  Date date not given at time of cemetery reading.  "Together forever" B06-63
BROOKS, Elsie A. 1902 1978 Grave with Walter W. Brooks. B03-87
BROOKS, Margaret M. 1906 Grave with Michael Brooks.  Death date not given F12-36
BROOKS, Michael 1894 1975 Grave with Margaret M. Brooks F12-35
BROOKS, Walter W. 1895 1977 Grave with Elsie A. Brooks B03-86
BROWN, RICHER, NORTON Family monument for the three families. E07-35
BROWN, Anna 1876 1909 Mother Anna & Father James are on a stone without a surname.  They are close to the Brown lot. E08-38
BROWN, Catherine 1865 1928 E13-06
BROWN, George Thomas 23, April 1895 8, Aug. 1946 Stone facing the Center drive.  Back of Peter Donahue.  OHIO Cpl. C.A.C. WWI F18-02
BROWN, Geraldine E. 1905 1976 Grave with Ross F. Brown B03-12
BROWN, James "Father" 1867 1931 Mother Anna & Father James are on a stone with no surname.  They are close to the Brown lot. E08-39
BROWN, Ross F. 1905 Grave with Geraldine E. Brown.   Death date not given. B03-11
BROWN, Thaddeus 1855 1936 E13-07
BROWNE, Dolores E. 28, Mar. 1938 No other date given E13-07
BROWNE, James C. 12, June 1953 Only one date given.  Grange flag holder. E08-13
BROWNE, Laura M. 5, Nov. 1897 16, April 1987 VFW Aux. flag holder. E08-14
BRUNDAGE, Lorraine J. 1910 1972 B08-06
BRUNDAGE, Paula 1961 1965 BY5-04
BRUNDAGE, Vernon L. 1907 1969 B08-02
BUCCI, Antoinette C. 1911 1985 Grave with Pasquale Bucci. D22-56
BUCCI, Pasquale "Pat" 1901 1946 Grave with Antoinette C. Bucci.  FOE flag holder D22-55
BUKI, Joseph 13, Jan. 1896 3, July 1972 Grave with Mary Buki. B06-28
BUKI, Mary 18, Dec. 1906 Grave with Joseph Buki.  Death date not given at time of cemetery reading. B06-29
BURKE, Francis J. 1943 1974 B04-23
BURKE, Margaret S. 1916   Grave with Capt. Joseph P. Burke.  No death date given at time of cemetery reading. B04-26
BURNS THAYER Family stone C09-06
BURNS, Bernadine M. 1908 1976 Grave with Hugh E. Burns C09-05
BURNS, Hugh E. 1904 1980 Grave with Bernadine M. Burns. C09-06
BURRELLS Family Stone Stone faces the Center Drive E15-43
BURRELLS, Anna 1860 1955 Stone faces the Center Drive E16-44
BURRELLS, Joseph 1819 1901 Stone faces the Center Drive E15-44
BURRELLS, Joseph H. 1858 1932 Stone faces the Center Drive E14-44
BURRELLS, Kathrine 1867 1962 Stone faces the Center Drive back of the Burrells other graves. E16-43
BURRELLS, Mary 1828 1907 Stone faces the Center Drive E15-44
BUSCH, Charles 15, Jan. 1956   Grave with Freida Busch.  No other date given B12-70
BUSCH, Freida Grave with Charles Busch.  No date given B12-71
BUTTS, Edna Curry 1892 1922 Curry may be her maiden name. E18-28
BYERS, Alice C. 1894 1933 E08-10
BYERS, Charles L. 1891 1960 E08-11
BYERS, Richard W. 1929 1945 E07-10
BYNANE, Edward F. 1861 1948 E08-09
BYNANE, Loretta M. 1892 1984 E08-06
BYNANE, Margaret J. 1903 1991 Grave with Robert J. Bynane. E07-07
BYNANE, Robert J. 1899 1987 Grave with Margaret J. Bynane. E07-06
BYNANE, Susan A. 1863 1934 E08-08
BYNANE, William E. 1885 1959 E08-07

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