Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
LaBOUNTY, Francis B. 19 Mar. 1930
Conneaut, OH
7 Dec. 2008
Conneaut, OH
ae 78 yrs., s/o Francis L. & Faith (Smith) LaBounty
See Obituary in Star Beacon Newspaper dtd. Dec. 8, 2008
LAIDLEY, Irene M. 1916 1989 Married 24, Oct. 1940.  Grave with Robert E. Laidley A05-43
LAIDLEY, Robert E. 1918 1985 Married 24, Oct. 1940.  Grave with Irene M. Laidley A05-42
LAITINEN, Mary Grace 21 Nov. 2004 (See Obituary)
LAKOS, Magyar Jozsef Nagy 1877 1906 Very difficult to read.  Stone on the ground and weather worn.  It reads - Magyar Jozsy Nagy Kaposi Lakos.  Facing east drive. C27-03
LAMBERT, Gary Allen, Jr. 29, Oct. 1971 Same BY6-01
LaMONT, Lyle H. 1908 1975 B05-94
LAMP, Albert L. 1895 1975 Grave  with Sadye T. Lamp.  Charles William Lamp is at the foot of Albert Lamp's grave. B05-33
LAMP, Charles William 1921 1980 Grave at the foot of Albert L. Lamp's with Albert and Sadye Lamp.  Lt. US Navy WW II. B05-33
LAMP, Sadye T. 1894 1973 Grave with Albert L. Lamp.  Charles William Lamp at the foot of Albert L. Lamp's grave. B05-34
LANDERS, Anna M. 1872 1958 B25-28
LANDOLFI, Betty "Wife" 1934 1989 Married 11, June 1955.  Grave with Tony and Nick Landolfi. A04-26
LANDOLFI, Nick "Father" 17, Oct. 1906 19, Oct. 1985 Pvt. US Army WW II.  Grave with Tony and Betty Landolfi A04-27
LANDOLFI, Tony "Husband" 1935 Married 11, June 1955.  Grace with Betty and Nick Landolfi.  No death date given. A04-25
LANGLOIS, Joseph 1914 1964 Grave with Katherine Langlois B09-70
LANGLOIS, Katherine 1911 Grave with Joseph Langlois.  Death date not given. B09-71
LASKO, John 1854 1937 Grave with Mary Lasko F04-33
LASKO, Joseph 1895 1981 Grave with Mildred Lasko. F03-38
LASKO, Louis 1877 1938 F05-33
LASKO, Mary 1856 1930 Grave with John Lasko F04-34
LASKO, Mildred 1903 1945 Grave with Joseph Lasko F03-37
LASLONO, Urban Voronika 14, Sept. 1914 Wife of Losko Laslono D11-05
LEACH, John W. "Son" 1957 1968 Grave with Robert K. and Vieta A. Leach.  "Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them, O Lord. B11-69
LEACH, Robert K. "Father" 1925 Grave with Vieta A. and John W. Leach.  Death date not given. B11-67
LEACH, Vieta A. "Mother" 1921 Grave with Robert K. and John W. Leach.  Death date not given. B11-68
LEARDI, Richard A. 1959 1979 "Our Beloved Son" C09-13
LEAVERY, Henrietta H. 1927 Grave with Joseph D. Leavery.  No death date given. A07-20
LEAVERY, Joseph D. 1927 Grave with Henrietta Leavery.  No death date given. A07-21
LeBLANC, Lori Elizabeth 24, Dec. 1986 26, June 1987 Right behind Louise & Michael Pignotti stone.  Picture of her on the stone.  Also a long poem on the stone. F04-31
LEEHAN, Timothy 1906 1957 B12-36
LEMAK, Gustov 1890 1945 Grave with Helen Lemak. B21-45
LEMAK, Helen 1897 1966 Grave with Gustov Lemak B21-46
LEMMO, Jean W. 1925 No death date given.  Grave with Nicola A. Lemmo. A07-18
LEMMO, Michael A., Sr. 24, Oct. 1912 23, Nov. 1981 Pvt. U.S. Army WW II. A08-14
LEMMO, Nicola A. 1925 1987 Grave with Jean W. Lemmo. A07-19
LENGYEL, Elizabeth M. 1910 1975 B25102
LENGYEL, Frank M. 1891 1960 Grave with Rose E. Lengyal E03-22
LENGYEL, Helen Collins 1914 1967 Collins is her married name B25101
LENGYEL, John 1878 1943 B26102
LENGYEL, Joseph J. 18, Oct. 1917 16, July 1965 OHIO S. Sgt. Co. K  264 Inf. WW II BSM. B08-73
LENGYEL, Mary A. 1881 1960 B26101
LENGYEL, Rose E. 1894 1959 Grave with Frank M. Lengyel E03-23
LESPERANCE, Edward J. 16, July 1893 26, May 1969 Grave with Marion E. Lesperance.  New York CPL Co. A 307 Infantry B13-35
LESPERANCE, Marion E. 1953 Grave with Edward J. Lesperance.  No other date given. B13-36
LEWIS, Joseph 1899 1916 F13-32
LICATA MONTAGANO Family Monu Montagano on one side and Licata on the other E20-07
LICATA, Angelo J. 5, Feb. 1920 6, Aug. 1984 PFC US Army WW II E21-09
LIGNETTA, Double stone, this half blank, other side Thomas F. Lignetta. B13-40
LIGNETTA, Thomas F. 1969 Double stone, other half blank.  No other date given. B13-39
LINDSTROM, Irene L. 1909 Grave with Samuel G. Lindstrom.  Death date not given. E10-05
LINDSTROM, Samuel G. 1908 1973 Grave with Irene L. Lindstrom E10-04
LOGUE, Bessie 1886 1932 E09-12
LOGUE, John J. 1874 1946 E09-11
LOGUE, Susan Ann 1942 1980 B02-67
LOMBARD, John 1877 1917 E23-08
LOMBARD, Marie 1907 1990 Funeral home marker E23-06
LOMBARD, Nick "Dad" 1909 1980 E23-07
LOMBARD, Mike 1868 1915 Vet flag holder C44-15
LONG, Earl James 13, Nov. 1891 6, Nov. 1960 OHIO Pvt. Co. D. 332 Infantry WWI. F22-34
LONG, Hugh 1897 1898 F23-37
LONG, John W. 1852 1929 F23-34
LONG, Mary A. 1862 1948 F23-35
LONG, Ruth A. 1902 1924 F23-36
LONG, Thomas 1889 1933 F22-36
LOVELAND, Charles A. 18, July 1905 12, Aug. 1970 Ohio PVT BTRY B 281 FA BN WW II B07-48
LUCEY, Frederick F. 1895 1963 B11-32
LUCEY, Walter J. 1893 1959 B11-31
LYNCH, Christopher D., Father 1917 1978 He was a Priest. B14-50
LYNCH, Daniel 1830 1912 Daniel & Julia Mahaffey Lynch on one side and Katherine on the other side.  Stone facing Center drive. E11-44
LYNCH, Ellen "Mother" 1854 1929 Grave with John Lynch C50-32
LYNCH, John 1838 1924 Grave with Ellen Lynch C50-33
LYNCH, John R. 1946 Grave with Mary E. Lynch.  No other date given B26-25
LYNCH, Julia Mahaffey 1872 1938 Mahaffey may be her maiden name.  Stone facing center drive.  Daniel, Julia on one side & Katherine on the other side. E11-44
LYNCH, Katherine 1870 1958 Daniel and Julia Mahaffey Lynch are on one side & Katherine Lynch on the other.  Stone facing Center drive. E11-44
LYNCH, Mary E. 19__ Place for only one date and that is not completed.  Grave with John R. Lynch. B26-26
LYNCH, Thomas 1882 1905 C50-34
LYUBI, John W.  3 May 1926 16Aug. 2003 See Obituary

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