Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
FABIJANIC, Filip 1865 1914 After the name, the stone reads:  Rodeo 23 Listopada 1865 - Umro 12 secnja 1914.  Facing east drive. C43-01
FATTICCIO, Joseph 1897 1931 His picture on the stone C51-43
FEDOR, Anna 1897 1964 Grave with John Fedor D24-33
FEDOR, Charles J. "Chuck" 1924 1981 Grave with Elizabeth J. Fedor.  Vet flag holder D23-31
FEDOR, Elizabeth "Betty" 1927 Grave with Charles Fedor.  Death date not given. D23-32
FEDOR, John 1890 1975 Grave with Anna Fedor D24-32
FEDOR, Joseph 1875 1961 Grave with Nina Fedor. B15100
FEDOR, Joseph E. 8, July 1952 No other date given. D24-34
FEDOR, Nina 1884 1953 Grave with Joseph Fedor. B15101
FEDOR, Paul E. 26, Oct. 1937 9, Aug. 1943 B24-34
FEDOR, William D. 1915 1980 D24-31
FELDE, Adam 1866 1950 B16-09
FELLOWS Family Monu. F20-17
FELLOWS, Thomas 1881 1916 This could be Ryan. F21-20
FELLOWS, William D. 1871 1912 This might be Main instead of Fellows F21-16
FERGUSON, Jessie GROGER 1890 1934 Groger may be her maiden name E14-02
FERL, Freddie 1927 1928 Child area. C22-15
FERL, George F. See Obituary
FERL, Joseph "Father" 1884 1953 Grave with Josephine Ferl B26-90
FERL, Josephine "Mother" 1886 1941 Grave with Joseph Ferl B26-91
FERM, Joe 1887 1938 Funeral home marker D01-05
FERRIO, Anthony 1902 1966 Grave with Florence Ferrio. F07-23
FERRIO, Florence 1902 1942 F07-22
FERRIO, Luisa 1872 1927 Grave with Pasquale Ferrio F08-22
FERRIO, Pasquale 1868 1957 Grave with Luisa Ferrio. F08-24
FIALA Family Monu. Picture of some one on this stone, but no data or names are on the stone, just the surname Fiala. F10-34
FIALA, Frank 1873 1924 Single stone with only Frank on it, but in the Fiala lot F00-34
FIALA, Frank J. 1901 1968 Grave with Mollie L. Fiala. F06-35
FIALA, Joseph S. 1909 Grave with Julianna Fiala.  Death date not given. B02-27
FIALA, Julianna 1916 Grave with Joseph S. Fiala.  Death date not given. B02-28
FIALA, Maria 1878 1943 Single stone with only Maria on it, but in the Fiala lot F09-33
FIALA, Mollie L. 1908 1964 Grave with Frank J. Fiala. F06-36
FIFER, Paul Joseph 31, Aug. 1892 29, Nov. 1952 OHIO Pvt. 20 Co. 20 Engineers WWI B15-10
FITZGERALD, Terry 1945 1960 B11-28
FITZGERALD, Timothy 1950 1968 B08?-93
FITZMAURICE, Emma 1856 1939 See biography of John Fitzmaurice E13-19
FITZMAURICE, John J. 1856 1927 See biography E13-20
FITZSIMMONS Family Monument E17-25
FITZSIMMONS, Father 1856 1933 Small stone with only Father on it, but in the Fitzsimmons lot. E17-26
FITZSIMMONS, Frank 1880 1920 Single stone with only Frank on it, but in the Fitzsimmons lot. E18-26
FITZSIMMONS, Mary J. 1874 1952 Single stone with only Mary J. on it, but in the Fitzsimmons lot. E18-27
FITZSIMMONS, Mother 1857 1931 Small stone with only Mother on it, but in the Fitzsimmons lot. E17-27
FITZSIMMONS, William 1884 1924 Single stone with only William on it, but in the Fitzsimmons lot. E18-25
FLYNN, Louis J. 1914 1930 E08-18
FLYNN, Mae F. 1885 1985 E08-17
FOBES, Lou Ellen Rindo 1913 Rindo is her married name.  No death date given.  DAR flag holder. B19-38
FOLEY, Daniel J. 1837 1914 Grave with Mary Foley.  "His Wife" on stone. F15-39
FOLEY, Father Single stone with only Father on it, but close to the Foley lot.  No dates given. F14-40
FOLEY, Mary 1847 1928 Grave with Daniel J. Foley.  "His wife" on stone. F15-40
FOLEY, Mother Single stone with only Mother on it, but close to the Foley lot.  No dates given. F14-39
FORD, Alice M. 1889 1985 Grave with John P. Ford. C06-15
FORD, John P. 1891 1967 Grave with Alice M. Ford. C06-14
FORSTY, Amelia 1911 Grave with Francis Forsty.  No death date given. B07-67
FORSTY, Francis 1900 1965 Grave with Amelia Forsty. B07-66
FOSTER, Mary Frances 1887 1978 F16-08
FOUNDATION only Foundation for double stone but stone not on it yet as of this reading. B01-90
FOUNDATION only No stone and no names written on it. D19-05
FOUNDATION only Cement with just a paw print on it. B16-18
FOWLER, Alberta 1923 1954   B16-47
FOWLER, Tony 1959 1963 Funeral Home marker, run over by lawn mower and almost illegible. BY6-03
FREDRICKS, Margaret Paull 1849 1908 "Mother"  Paull may be her maiden name.  Fredricks is her married name. C37-10
FRIEDEL, Janet Donovan 1902 1984 Donovan may be her maiden name E18-01
FRIEND, Alice A. 1876 1943 B21-43
FRIEND, Frank G. 1878 1960 B21-44
FRIEND, Rose 1885 1950 Grave with William Frigic. B18-13
FRIGIC, William 1874 1961 Grave with Rose Frigic B18-14
FRISHKORN, Clara M. 1908 Grave with John E. Frishkorn.  Death date not given. B08-47
FRISHKORN, John E. 1898 1968 Grave with Clara M. Frishkorn. B08-46
FROELICHER, Evelyn R. 1927 A07-35
FROELICHER, Stephen P. 1955 1984 A07-34
FULTON, Mina Morris 1884 1961 Morris is her married name. E08-24

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