Conneaut, Ohio
on Route 20

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other Location
RACIBORSKI, Eugenia 14 Dec. 1913 13 Apr. 2004 See Obituary  
RACIBORSKI, Julia 1885 1957 Grave with Teofil Raciborski. E05-42
RACIBORSKI, Teofil 1879 1970 Grave with Julia Raciborski. E05-41
RAINER, Dominick 1883 1941 Grave with Rose Rainer. E23-08
RAINER, John 1922 1934   E23-09
RAINER, Rose 1884 1970 Grave with Dominick Rainer. E23-09
RAISIAN, Anthony E. 1916   No death date given. B16114
RAISIAN, Elizabeth M. 1893 1957 Grave with Manuel J. Raisian. B17116
RAISIAN, Kathryn K. 26, June 1925 8, Nov. 1986 Married 28, Aug. 1946.  Grave with Raymond Raisian. A02-24
RAISIAN, Manuel J. 1892 1956 Grave with Elizabeth M. Raisian. B17115
RAISIAN, Raymond R. 8, Oct. 1921   Married 28, Aug. 1946.  Grave with Kathryn K. Raisian.  No death date given. A02-23
RALLIS, Caryl 1892 1955   B12-46
RALSTON, Clara Ann   1943 Thomas James Ralston in the same grave.  No other date given. B23-72
RALSTON, Frank A. 1911   Grave with Marion I. Ralston.  Death date not given. B23-73
RALSTON, Ira J. 1884 1964 Grave with Veronica M. Ralston. B23-74
RALSTON, Marion I. 1910   Grave with Frank A. Ralston.  Death date not given. B23-74
RALSTON, Thomas James   1944 Clara Ann Ralston in the same grave.  No other date given. B23-72
RALSTON, Veronica M. 1887 1977 Grave with Ira J. Ralston. B09-40
RAPOSE, Betty J. 18, Nov. 1931   Death date not given B05-25
RAPOSE, Bruce D. "Son" 1954 1980 Grave with Ray L. & Eileen F. Rapose C04-14
RAPOSE, Eileen F. "Mother" 8 Feb. 1925 28 Feb. 2005 Grave with Ray L. & Bruce D. Rapose. 
See Obituary
RAPOSE, Manuel F. 1888 1974 Grave with Mary T. Rapose. B05-26
RAPOSE, Mary C.  Natto 1889 1929 Natto may be her maiden name. E21-03
RAPOSE, Mary T. 1896 1988 Grave with Manuel F. Rapose B05-27
RAPOSE, Ray L.  "Father" 1921   Grave wtih Eileen F. & Bruce D. Rapose.  Death date not given. C04-12
RAPSOSE, Rita Mae  Baby 1942 1945   B26-40
RAY, Carl S. 11 Sep.1925 9 Apr. 2005 Triple stone with Samuel & Irene M. Ray.  (See Obituary) A07-55
RAY, Irene M. 1906 (deceased - Need date of death. ~ sw) Triple stone with Samuel M. & Carl S. Ray.  No death date given.  
RAY, Ralph 1880 1952   F12-34
RAY, Samuel M. 1902 1990 Age 87.  Triple stone with Irene M. & Carl S. Ray. A07-54
RAYNOR Family Monument       E05-07
RAYNOR, Florence E. 1890 1976 Grave with Louis J. Raynor. E06-09
RAYNOR, Leo Clement 17, Nov. 1887 8, Oct. 1966 OHIO Sgt. Co. #. 409 Telegraph BN  WW I. E04-09
RAYNOR, Louis J. 1886 1957 Grave with Florence E. Raynor. E06-08
RAYNOR, Mary J. 1858 1943 No surname on the stone but in the Raynor lot. E04-08
RAYNOR, William J. 1858 1935 No surname on the stone but in the Raynor lot. E04-07
RAYNOR, Willie 1883 1894   E04-06
REAGAN, Annie 1875 1913 Reagan family monument.  Wife of John Reagan. F08-08
REAGAN, Dorothy 1907 1911 Single stone with only Dorothy on it, but next to the Reagan lot. F08-09
REAGAN, Margaret 1904 1911 Single stone with only Margaret on it, but next to the Reagan lot. F08-10
REAGON, Marie 1902 1902 Single stone with only Marie on it, but next to the Reagan. F08-11
REAGAN, Timothy 1903 1919 Single stone with only Timothy on it, but in Reagan lot. F06-10
REDMOND, Byron E. 1914   No death date given.  Grave with Marcena Redmond. A05-39
REDMOND, Marcena C. 1917   Grave with Byron E. Redmond.  No death date given. A05-38
REED, George 1939   Only one date given. D22-22
REED, James W. 23, July 1914 18, Aug. 1978 PFC US Army WW II B12-43
REED, Margerite J. 27, Sept. 1915 8, Dec. 1980   B12-44
REGO, Evelyn E. 1908 1961 Grave with Manuel D. Rego.  "Rest in Peace." B19107
REGO, Manuel D. 1897 1974 Grave with Evelyn E. Rego.  "Rest in Peace." B19106
REGO, Mary J. 1870 1952   B19105
REID, Katherine McLeod 1899 1989 McLeod may be her maiden name. F14-08
REIMHOLZ, Barbara "Mother" 1879 1961 Grave with Peter Reimholz. D23-18
REIMHOLZ, Peter "Father" 1870 1941 Grave with Barbara Reimholz. D23-17
REO, Alex J. 1918   Grave with Christine "Tina" Reo.  Death date not given. B8-110
REO, Angelo P. 4, May 1920 19, Nov. 1990 Married 3, July 1948.  Grave with Gaetanina Reo. B8-106
REO, Anthony (Tony) J. 24, Jul. 1928 20, Aug. 2005 See Obituary  
REO, Christine "Tina" 1921 1983 Grave with Alex J. Reo. B8-111
REO, Dominick 1894 1967 Grave with Rose Reo. B09-98
REO, Gaetanina 9, Aug. 1921   Grave with Angelo P. Reo.  Still living in 2003 B8-107
REO, Lilyan I. 1917   Grave with Ralph A. Reo.  Death date not given. B9-109
REO, Mary 30, March 1961 Same   BY4-02
REO, Nick 1925 1926 Child Area C21-16
REO, Ralph A. 1916 1980 Grave with Lilyan I. Reo. B9-108
REO, Rose 1893 1964 Grave with Dominick Reo. B09-99
REPASKY, Emilia E. 1917 1973 Grave with John Repasky, Jr. & Jonathan Carl Repasky. B05-74
REPASKY, George 1921   Grave with Wanda & Gregory Repasky.  Death date not given. B09-48
REPASKY, Gregory 1956 1964 Grave with George & Wanda Repasky. B09-50
REPASKY, John, Jr. 1913   Grave with Emilia E. Repasky.  Death date not given. B05-73
REPASKY, Jonathan  Carl 29, Aug. 1987 6, Sept. 1987 Child  Same grave with Emilia Repasky. B05-74
REPASKY, Wanda 1922   Grave with George & Gregory Repasky.  Death date not given B09-49
RESKO, Anna "Mother" 1862 1914 Nyugodjek Bekeben D11-04
RESKO, Anna Antalocy 1866 1937   D23-08
RESKO, Irma 1888 1966 Grave with Michael Resko.  "Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them, O Lord." D24-09
RESKO, John  "Father" 1860 1929 Nyugodjek Bekeben D18-06
RESKO, Michael 1899 1972 Grave with Irma Resko D24-08
REYDAK, Edward J. 25, July 1917 30, Aug. 1963 OHIO S. Sgt.  456 Air SVC GP AAF WW II. B11-63
RHOADS, Joyce Ann Walsh 11, Dec. 1929 25, Mar. 1988 Grave with James Edward Walsh.  Theater masks on stone.  "Wheresoever she was there was Eden."  Nee Rhoads. B03-29
RICCIARDELLI, Maria 1879 1961 Grave with Pasquale Ricciardelli. F17-20
RICCIARDELLI, Pasquale 1874 1959 Grave with Maria Ricciardelli F17-21
RICE, Korinda R. 23, May 1974 29, Aug. 1974 Grave with Steve J. & Mary B. Toth.  Korinda is the granddaughter of Steve and Mary. B04-10
RICH, Angelo P.  "Peck" 1909 1984 Grave with Lena Rich.  Pvt. U. S. Army WW II.  Married 4, May 1937. B25-05
RICH, Anthony Rocco 1952 1953 On south side of the stone and Michael A. Rich on the north side. F05-29
RICH, Lena 1915   Grave with Angelo P. Rich "Peck".  Death date not given. B25-06
RICH, Michael A.   22, July 1959 Anthony is on the south side of the stone and Michael on the north side.  Only one date given. F05-29
RICHARDS, Baby Girl 1978 Same Funeral Home Marker BY6-08
RICHER BROWN NORTON     Family monument for the three families E07-35
RICHER, Elaine 1917 1926 Letha, Mary & Elaine Richer on same stone. E08-35
RICHER, Letha 1915 1926 Letha, Mary & Elaine Richer on same stone. E08-37
RICHER, Mary "Mother" 1896 1926 Letha, Mary & Elaine Richer on same stone. E08-36
RICHER, Verna M. 1911 1972 Grave with VIncent B. Richer. E06-39
RICHER, Vincent B. 1912   Grave with Verna M. Richer.  Death date not given. E06-38
RIGGS, Nell Spellacy 1888 1957 Spellacy may be her maiden name.  Same grave as Margaret Spellacy Millach.  Funeral home marker. F23-12
RIGO GETSEY Family Monument     Large stone with Getsey on one side and Rigo on the other E02-35
RIGO, Albert P. 1920 1934 There is no surname on the small stone, could be Rigo or Getsey. E03-38
RIGO, Mary "Mother" 1862 1946 There is no surname on the small stone, could be Rigo or Getsey. E03-37
RIGO, STephen "Father" 1858 1934 There is no surname on the small stone,  Could be Rigo or Getsey. E03-36
RIGO, Walter 1919   Child area C18-03
RIGO---, Ethel   1921 Funeral home marker and is deteriorating.  The rest of the surname is not present. C19-15
RILEY, John J. 1867 1943 Grave with Nora L. Riley. B22-43
RILEY, Nellie F. 1880 1916   F16-15
RILEY, Nora L. 1869 1946 Grave with John J. Riley B22-44
RIMOS, Anna K. 1913   No death date given. A07-53
RINDO Family Stone       B20-39
RINDO, Anna   "Mother" 1888 1983 Single stone with only Anna on it, but in the Rindo lot. B21-39
RINDO, Anthony J. 1910   Death date not given.
Husband of Lou Ellen Fobes Rindo.
RINDO, John  "Father" 1885 1942 Single stone with only John on it, but in the Rindo lot. B21-38
RINDO, John C., Jr. 9, Jan. 1913 10, March 1944 Co. F. 145th Inf. 37th Div.  Killed in action at Bougainville. B21-41
RINDO, Lou Ellen Fobes 1, Mar. 1913 18 Nov. 2004 Fobes is her maiden name.    DAR flag holder.
Wife of Anthony J. Rindo
(See Obituary)
RINDO, Rebecca M. 1949   Death date not given. B19-39
ROACH     Double stone, this side blank.  Patrick J. Roach on the other half. B20-27
ROACH, Carrie M. 1887 1965 Grave with Patrick J. Roach. B18-28
ROACH, Frank M. 1887 1965 Grave with Helen F. Roach. B12-25
ROACH, Helen F. 1886 1964 Grave with Frank M. Roach B12-26
ROACH, Patrick J. 1942 1989 Other side of this double stone is blank. B20-28
ROACH, Patrick J. 1875 1949 Grave with Carrie M. Roach B18-27
ROBERTO Family Monument       F07-29
ROBERTO, Anthony  "Brother" 1900 1930   F08-30
ROBERTO, FIorindo 1916 1925   F08-31
ROBERTO, Guy  "Father" 1874 1952 Single stone with only Guy & Father engraved on it but in the Roberto lot. F08-28
ROBERTO, Uliana "Mother" 1881 1936 Single stone with only Uliana and Mother engraved on it but in the Roberto lot. F08-29
ROBINSON, Alma C. 1910 1987 Grave with Daniel H. Robinson A07-01
ROBINSON, Daniel H. 1910   Grave with Alma C. Robinson.  No death date given. A07-02
ROBISON, James W. 21, Oct. 1926 26, Nov. 2002 See Obituary
ROCK Large No names or data on the rock but a US World War Flag holder next to it. D19-09
ROCKWELL, Carolyn L. 2 Mar. 1940
6 Apr. 2008 See Obituary
ROCKWELL, Harry 24 Feb. 1953 30 Apr. 2003 See Obituary
ROLAND, Edward H. 1904 1971 Grave with Mary A. Roland. B10-01
ROLAND, Mary A. 1901 1966 Grave with Edward H. B10-02
ROOD, Louise L. 9, May 1906 11, March 1989 Grave with William W. Rood B04-99
ROOD, William W. 28, Aug. 1901 19, Dec. 1979 Grave with Louise L. Rood B04-98
ROSA, Agostino 17, Feb. 1870 5, Jan. 1956 Single stone with only Agostino on it, but in the Santarosa/Rosa lot. E23-37
ROSA, Don S. 23, April 1902 20, April 1989   E22-37
ROSA, Filomena Vietri 18 Aug. 1882 1953 See Obituary in Conneaut News Herald on Monday, 9 Nov. 1953.  First name spelled Philomena. E23-36
ROSA, Francis S. 9, Nov. 1907 25, Dec. 1965 E23-35
ROSA, Maria S.  "Mother" 1868 1920 E23-38
ROSE No other data on the double stone. B05-39
ROSE No other data on the double stone. B05-40
ROSE, Baby 9, April 1903 17, May 1903 Child area. C28-11
ROSE, Frances G. 26, Nov. 1926 26, July 1990 Grave with James J. Rose.  Age 63 C12-05
ROSE, James J. 14, Dec. 1922 Grave with Frances G. Rose.  Death date not given. C12-04
ROSE, Jim 1894 1973 Grave with Mary B. Rose A06-30
ROSE, Lee Single stone with only Lee on it, but in the Rose lot. B17-79
ROSE, Leo 1885 1948 Grave with Mary Rose.  Picture on the stone B15-80
ROSE, Mary 1900 1935 Grave with Frank C. Rose D21-07
ROSE, Mary 1896 1970 Grave with Leo Rose.  Picture on the stone. B15-79
ROSE, Mary Single stone with only Mary on it, but in the Rose lot. B17-80
ROSE, Mary B. 1905 1983 Grave with Jim Rose. A06-31
ROSS Family Monument E20-36
ROSS Family Monument E05-26
ROSS, Agnes V. 1915 1971 Grave with Joseph A. Ross B08-71
ROSS, Alfred W. 12, April 1904 29, Dec. 1967 Ohio Pvt. 564 Tech School Squad AAF WWII D24-20
ROSS, Angelina 19, Dec. 1899 24, March 1901 D05-03
ROSS, Anthony 1867 1938 Grave with Victoria Ross D23-19
ROSS, Charles C. 1895 1957 E21-37
ROSS, Dominic "Father" 1860 1931 Single stone with only Dominic on it, but in the Ross lot E19-36
ROSS, Flora 1904 1905 Child area C28-14
ROSS, Florence  Hall 1910 1984 Hall is her married name E21-35
ROSS, Gloria M. 5, May 1922 2, Dec. 1990 S. Sgt.  US Army  WW II. E21-36
ROSS, Joseph A. 1902 1968 Grave with Agnes V. Ross B08-70
ROSS, Margaret "Daughter"   No dates given.  Single stone with only Margaret on it but in the Ross lot. E06-27
ROSS, Mary "Mother" 1878 1966 Single stone without a surname, but in Ross lot. E04-26
ROSS, Mary Louise 1902 1967 E19-34
ROSS, Nickolas E. 12, Aug. 1895 22, Sept. 1944 OHIO Mess Sgt. 331 Inf. 83 Div. E19-35
ROSS, Pauline "Mother" 1870 1918 Single stone with only Pauline on it, but in the Ross lot. E19-37
ROSS, Perry 11, Nov. 1918 Age 5 months.  Birth date not given.  Single stone for Perry in the Ross lot. E06-26
ROSS, Perry  "Father" 1872 1933 Single stone without a surname, but in the Ross lot. E04-25
ROSS, Theressa Annette 8, June 1903 26, Aug. 1977 E22-34
ROSS, Thomas  "Son" 1921 1986 Single stone with only Thomas on it, but in the Ross Lot E06-25
ROSS, VIctoria 1867 1948 Grave with Anthony Ross. D23-20
ROSSI, Dorothy 1873 1937 F01-15
ROTH, Elizabeth 1888 1971 C51-25
RUBLEWSKI, Egnac 1879 1948 Grave with Mary Rublewski B19-21
RUBLEWSKI, Mary 1888 1958 Grave with Egnac Reblewski. B19-22
RUCCOLO, Anthony V. 10, June 1914 18, Oct. 1982 Tec 5 US Army WW II E22-22
RUCCOLO, Antoinette Dec. 1918 Child Area C17-05
RUCCOLO, Carolyn D. 1925 Grave with Paul R. Ruccolo.  Death date not given. B7-115
RUCCOLO, Jennie 1879 1965 Grae with John Ruccolo E22-20
RUCCOLO, John 1880 1973 Grave with Jennie Ruccolo E22-19
RUCCOLO, Louis 1904 1935 E23-21
RUCCOLO, Marie 1911 1939 Funeral home marker E22-18
RUCCOLO, Paul R. 10, Dec. 1911 10, April 1969 Grave with Carolyn D. Ruccolo.  OH CPL Co. L. 104 Infantry WW II B7-114
RUCCOLO, Rocco Picture on this monument but no other data given. E22-21
RUFFES, Frank H. "Father" 18, Sept. 1903 28, Jan. 1950 Born in McAllen, Texas and died in Niagara Falls, N.Y. engraved on stone. D24-50
RUFFES, Madeline M. 19, May 1911 No other date given.  "Beloved Mother" D24-56
RUPP, Bertha Mae 1870 1958 B13-74
RUSSO, Antoinette 16, March 1939 Only date given.  Probably an infant. C15-14
RUSSO, Maria Celesta 23, Feb. 1909 17, May 1975 Grave with Rocco Russo. B09-04
RUSSU, Anna Kuhn 1897 1937 Kuhn may be her maiden name. D22-26
RUTKOWSKI, Frank Stephen 1959 Same BY2-08
RYAN Family Monument Modern Woodman Of The World monument F20-23
RYAN, Alice Anne 1894 1981 F20-20
RYAN, Elizabeth A. 1890 1980 Grave with William M. Ryan B26-08
RYAN, Joseph 1898 1935   F20-25
RYAN, Mother 1858 1991 Single stone with only Mother on it, but in the Ryan lot E21-25
RYAN, Nora C. 1891 1933 F21-26
RYAN, Paul L. 1891 1952 F20-22
RYAN, Rose M. 1901 1979 F21-22
RYAN, Stephen J. 1889 1949   F20-26
RYAN, Thomas 1881 1916 This could be Fellows F21-20
RYAN, Thomas Farrell 1927 1948 B25-08
RYAN, William M. 1889 1971 Grave with Elizabeth A. Ryan B26-07

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