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Furnace Road Cemetery

aka East Conneaut Cemetery
aka Lakeville Cemetery & New Hope Cemetery
Formerly named East Lakeville, Ohio
Currently named
Conneaut, Ohio



Name Birth Date Death Date  
WAGNER, Bert 1913 1984 "Brother"  Buried next to Elizabeth Merch.
WAGNER, William H. 1903 1963 "Our Beloved"
WAID, Benjamin F. 1898 1961 Double stone with Viola M. Waid.
WAKEMAN, Esther V. 1896 1977  
WAKEMAN, Roy H. 1890 1948  
WALDO, Clyde 1951 1952 Thompson Funeral Home Marker 
WALDO, Ernest J. 1884 1962 Double stone with Lizzie B. Waldo.
WALDO, Mrs. R. None Given None Given Scratched on a base.  No monument
WALDO, Robert 1852 1915  
WALFORD, Geo. None Given None Given Aged 78 yrs.  Walford family stone with Geo., Jno., Mary & W. M. Walford.
WALFORD, Henry 1850 1929 "Father"  Stone with Martha Alzina Walford.
WALFORD, Jno. None Given None Given Aged 93 yrs.  Walford family stone with Geo., Jno., Mary, & W. M. Walford.
WALFORD, Martha Alzina 1856 1932 "Mother"  Stone with Henry Walford.
WALFORD, Mary None Given None Given Aged 65 yrs.  Walford family stone with Geo., Jno. Mary, & Wm. M. Walford.  "Wife of Wm. Walford.
WALFORD, Wm. 24, May 1819 29, Apr. 1893 Walford family stone with Geo., Jno., W. M. & Mary Walford, "His wife"
WALIMAKI, Jack     See Death Certificate
Note:  The source of this information is thru the Death Certificate.
WALKER, Araminta J. 1877 1938  
WALKER, Clyde C. 1878 1960  
WALKER, Nancy L. 1857 1931 Odd Fellow flag holder & Odd Fellows emblem engraved on stone.
WALKER, Ralph B. 1850 1913 Odd Fellows emblem on monument
WALLA, Frank 1914 1983 Stone with Leona Walla. Tractor engraved on stone.
WALLA, Leona 1919 None Given Stone with Frank Walla.  Tractor engraved on stone.
WALTERS, Esther M. 1899 1983 Stone with Everett J. Walters.
WALTHER, Charles E. 1879 1956 Stone with Mae N. Walther
WALTHER, Mae N. 1881 1947 Stone with Charles E. Walther.
WARD, ?? 1911 1962 No Given name on marker.  Marcy funeral home marker.
WARD, Allie L. 1896 1988 Same lot as Elda E. Ward.
WARD, Archie L. 1900 1974 Stone with Ethel G. Ward.  Near the Olds Family Monument
WARD, Elda E. 1892 1971 Same lot as Allie L. Ward.
WARD, Elmer E. 1863 1947 Stone with Tenia I. Ward.
WARD, Ethel G. 1908 1978 Stone with Archie L. Ward.  Near the Olds Family monument.
WARD, Martha L. 1903 19___ Stone with Wallace W. Ward.  Death date not completed.
WARD, Robert Dewayne 19, Aug. 1931 23, Dec. 1931 Stone with Richard Edmund Hewit, Jr.
WARD, Stanley E. 30, Mar. 1931 19, Dec. 1988 Pvt. US Army Korea Age 57  Gov. monument.
WARD, Tenia I. 1867 1926 Stone with Elmer E. Ward.
WARD, Wallace W. 1888 1968 Stone with Martha L. Ward.
WARPULA, Verna S. 12 Apr. 1911
Musta Saari Vassa, Finland
31 Dec. 2005 See Obituary
WARDWELL, Allen W. 1895 1925 Separate from the large family Wardwell Stone.  6 BTN 154 D.B.  U.S.A. No surname but on Wardwell lot.
WARDWELL, Anna Jeannette 1865 1929 Separate from the Wardwell family stone.  No surname but on the Wardwell lot.
WARDWELL Family Small "Father & Mother" stones on this lot.  Probably for John & Fanny that are on the large stone.
WARDWELL, Fanny J. 1829 1906 John  & Fanny J. Wardwell on the family monument.  Fanny is John's wife.  VFW Ladies Aux. flag holder.  Small mother & father stones.
WARDWELL, John Bevier 1856 1945 Separate stones from the family monument.  No surname but in the Wardwell lot.
WARDWELL, John H. 1824 1906 Wardwell family stone
WARJO, John 1883 1920 Stone between rows because it is a foot marker and not a head stone.
WARNER, Marie 1877 1947 Stone with Victor Warner.  Eastern Star Emblem on stone.
WARNER, Victor 1868 1946 Stone with Marie Warner.  Mason emblem on stone.
WARPULA, Henry "Father" 1879 1951 Warpala family monument, with individual grave stones.
WARPULA, Michael 1872 1943 Warpula family monument, with individual grave stones
WARPULA Family monument Large Family monument with individual stones.
WARPULA Susanna "Mother" 1884 1932 Warpula family monument with individual grave stones.
WASHBURN, Emma J. 1854 1929 Grave next to Frank L. Washburn.  "Wife of F. L. Washburn"
WASHBURN, Ethel 1874 1955 Washburn family monument in center of plot.  Individual stones for Vane, Noel, Ethel & Leal.
WASHBURN, Frank L. 1853 1914 Grave next to Emma J. Washburn which says, "His wife"
WASHBURN, Leal M. 1872 1943 Washburn family monument in center of plot.  Individual stones for Vane, Noel, Ethel & Leal.
WASHBURN, Noel 1897 1913 Washburn family monument in center of plot.  Individual stones for Vane, Noel, Ethel & Leal.
WASHBURN, Vane 1894 1895 Washburn family monument in center of plot.  Individual stones for Vane, Noel, Ethel & Leal.
See Death Register.
WATERHOUSE, Emma L. 1863 1953 Stone with John H. Waterhouse.
WATERHOUSE, John H. 1868 1940 Stone with Emma L. Waterhouse.
WATSON, Frank A. 1880 1948 Stone with Nellie M. Watson
WATSON, Fred D. 1889 1948  
WATSON, Grace M. 1890 1989  
WATSON, Nellie M. 1889 1953 Stone with Frank A. Watson
WEAVER, Donald D. 1918 1919  
WEAVER, Fred E. 1883 1967 Stone with Mae F. Weaver.
WEAVER, Hester May 1882 1940  
WEAVER, Louise M. 1891 1955 Stone with Richard A. Weaver.
WEAVER, Mae F. 1879 1921 Stone with Fred E. Weaver.
WEAVER, Richard A. 1888 1969 Stone with Louise M. Weaver.  US Vet War Emblem engraved on stone.
WEBB, Anna B. 1885 1964  
WEBB, Arthur L. 1881 1962  
WEBB, Delbert W. 1888 1935 IOOF Flag holder.
WEBB, Maud M. 1886 1962  
WECK, Lillian Bisbee 1902 1953 Bisbee may be her maiden name.
See Obituary published in Conneaut News Herald on Dec. 7, 1953.
Wife of Marshall Weck
WIER, Lida Haven 1915 None Given Stone with Richard T. Weir.  Haven may be her maiden name. 
WEIR, Richard T. 1915 1976 Stone with Lida Haven Weir.
WELLINGTON, Blanche P. 1891 1960  
WEST Family Monument  
WEST - See Bailey  
WEST, Alfaretta E. None Given 7, May 1856 Aged 1 yr. 4 mo.  on same side of West family monument with Alphonzo F.
WEST, Alphonzo F. None Given 3, Nov. 1861 Aged 2 yrs., 1 mo. 21 days.  West Family monument.
Same side of monument with Alfaretta E.
WEST, Alonzo R. 1819 1907 Vet flag holder.  Individual stone on West family lot.
WEST, Alonzo R. 10, June 1819 23, June 1907 West Family monument
WEST, Charles A. 1872 1926  
WEST, Dorothy B. 1912 1981 Marcy Funeral Home marker.
WEST, Dorrance 1875 1952 Stone with Mertie B. West.
WEST, Estella E. 1857 1936 Individual stone.
WEST Family Monument   West Family monument with Alfaretta E., Alonzo F., Lodelia A., Alonzo R., & May B. West's names on it.
North Side - Alonzo R West & Lodelia West
West Side - Alphonzo & Alfaretta West
East Side -
May B. West
WEST, Howard K. 8, Apr. 1906 3, Feb. 1979 S. Sgt. US Army WW II. Vet flag holder.
WEST, Lodelia A. 1828 1885 Individual stone on West lot.
WEST, Lodelia A. 26, Feb. 1828 16, Oct. 1885 "His Wife"  Alonzo R. West family monument.
WEST, Marian M. 1843 1911 Stone behind West Family monument.  "His Wife" probably Almon's wife.
WEST, Marie Mullen 1908 1984 Mullen may be her maiden name.
WEST, Mary E. 1881 1930  
WEST, May B. 1867 1901 Individual stone on West family lot.
WEST, May B. 29, Jan. 1867 4, Nov. 1901 West family monument.
WEST, Mertie B. 1877 1956 Stone with Dorrance West.
WHALEY, Elrie M. 1863 1938 Stone with Valanie E. Whaley.
WHALEY, L. Cyrus 1897 1989 Stone with Mary M. Whaley.  WW I engraved on the bottom of the stone.
WHALEY, Mary M. 1903 1980 Stone with L. Cyrus Whaley
WHALEY, Valania E. 1876 1920 Stone with Elrie M. Whaley.
WHEELER,  Bernie S. 1876 1951 Stone with Eulah V. Wheeler.
WHEELER, Betty J. 1925 1985 Beloved wife.  His side says Beloved Husband.  Back of the stone reads "Rich & Betty married Dec. 31, 1946.
WHEELER, Carlie J. 1877 1958  
WHEELER, Daniel H. 1877 1940  
WHEELER, David M. 1848 1921 Stone with Fannie E. Wheeler.  "Father"
WHEELER, Dora A. 1891 1988 Stone with Joseph A. Wheeler.
WHEELER, Edward B. 1912 1955  
WHEELER, Ella 1886 1972 Stone with Harriet M. Wheeler.
WHEELER, Eulah V. 1893 19___ Stone with Bernie S. Wheeler.  Death date is not completed.
WHEELER, Fannie E. 1843 1927 Stone with David M. Wheeler.  "Mother"
WHEELER, Frank W. 1910 1966  
WHEELER, Harriet M. 1890 1981 Stone with Erva H. Wheeler.
WHEELER, Helen L. Cook 7, Feb. 1897 12, Sep. 1979 Cook is her married name.
WHEELER, Joseph A. 1882 1961 Stone with Dora A. Wheeler.
WHEELER, Kay Lorraine 1946 1947  
WHEELER, Kenton D. 1905 1832 Member of ECFD.  (East Conneaut Fire Department)
WHEELER, Lucean 1905 1958  
WHEELER, Mark 1870 1938  
WHEELER, Merta 1883 1963 Stone with Nelson Wheeler
WHEELER, Nellie 27, Feb. 1886 12, June 1912 Stone has wrong date.  Should be 1914.  Homemade cement monument & a star in the lower right corner.
WHEELER, Paul H. 1909 1945  
WHEELER, Richard K. 18, Apr. 1927 15, Aug. 1978 Pvt. U.S. Army WW II.  Double stone with Betty J. Wheeler.  Richard has a military foot marker, too.  Married Dec. 31, 1946, back of stone.
WHITE, Albert 17, Mar. 1857 5, Aug. 1942 Stone with Ida Mallory White.
WHITE, Amos None Given 27, June 1881 Aged 69 yrs. 7 mos.
WHITE, Bertha E. 1896 1972 Double stone with Raymond E. White.  VFW Aux. Flag holder.
WHITE, Effie L. 1894 1982 Stone with Ray M. White
WHITE, George C. 1888 1955  
WHITE, Ida Mallory 28, Aug. 1859 9, Oct. 1946 Stone with Albert White.  Mallory may be her maiden name.
WHITE, John Lee 1887 1967  
WHITE, Nana O. 1889 1980  
WHITE, Phylura 1827 1899  
WHITE, Ray M. 1895 1959 Stone with Effie L. White.  American Legion flag holder.
WHITE, Raymond E. 1886 1955 Double stone with Bertha E. White.
WHITE, William 21, Sep. 1869 23, Sep. 1890  
WHITMAN, Robert E. 1, Nov. 1931 15, Feb. 1962 OH PFC US Marine Corps.  Vet flag holder.
WHITNEY, Baby No other data.  Grave next to Ida & Charles Whitney.
WHITNEY, Charles E. 1874 1938 Stone with Susan E. Whitney.
WHITNEY, Charles L. 1878 1947 Stone with Ida K. Whitney.
WHITNEY, Susan E. 1874 1959 Stone with Charles E. Whitney.
WIITANEN, Hilja 1888 1964 Stone with Kustea A. Wiitanen.
Wife of Kustaa Wiitanen
WIITANEN, Kustaa A. 5 Oct. 1877
Ikkaiinen, Luhalahti, Finland
1953 Stone with Hilja Wiitanen.  Vet flag holder.
Obituary published in Conneaut News Herald on May 4, 1954.
Obituary lists residence as 344 Smith Street.
Husb. of Hilja.
WIKE, Maxine F. 1916 1917  
WILCOX, Alvinza 1897 1932  
WILCOX, Charles S. 1905 1986 Stone with Laura M. Wilcox.
WILCOX, Elmer L. 1877 1929 Stone with May Simmons
WILCOX, Laura M. 1908 None Given Stone with Charles S. Wilcox. 
WILCOX, May Simmons 1883 1946 Stone with Elmer Wilcox.  Simmons may be maiden name.
WILCOX, Ruth C. 1910 1929  
WILDER, Tessie Giles 1905 1986 Giles may be her maiden name.  VFW Aux. ladies flag holder.
WILDRICK, Almyra Miller None Given None Given Miller monument with Rachel M., Jacob A. and Almyra Miller  Wildrick.  No dates given.  Miller may be her maiden name
WILEY, Amanda Litchfield 3, June 1920 None Given Stone with Robert Wiley.  See epitaph page.  Litchfield may be her maiden name. 
WILEY, David H. 31, Oct. 1892 14, Feb. 1987 Double stone with Emma C. Wiley.  Married Nov. 18, 1914
WILEY, Della May 1883 1950 Stone with Robert E. Wiley.
WILEY, Elmer C. 1882 1942 Stone with Lola E. Wiley.  Medallion with "Member of ECFD", (East Conneaut Fire Dept.)  Vet flag holder.
WILEY, Emma C. 14, May 1896 7, June 1985 Double stone with David H. Wiley,  Married Nov. 18, 1914.  Bowling ball and pins engraved on the stone.
WILEY, Lola E. 1890 1970 Stone with Elmer C. Wiley.  Medallion with "Member of ECFD" (East Conneaut Fire Dept.)  Vet flag holder.
WILEY, Robert E. 1883 1937 Stone with Della May Wiley.
WILEY, Robert Eugene 16, Oct. 1920 13, Feb. 1986 Stone with Amanda Litchfield Wiley.  WW II Tec. 4 U.S. Army.  See epitaph page for more.  E. Conneaut Station 3 fireman.
WILLHIDE, Anna M. 1864 1942 "Mother" Stone with Elmer E. Willhide.
WILLHIDE, Lloyde O. 1896 1978 D.D.S. (Dentist)
WILLHIDE, Ora O. 1889 1980  
WILLIAMS, Alice M. 1916 1968 "Mother"
WILLIAMS, Dora W. 1885 1949  
WILLIAMS, Emely None Given 10, Sep. 1850 Dau. of R. M. & P. Williams. 
WILLIAMS Family Monument   On lot with Dora & Thomas E. Williams
WILLIAMS, Polly None Given 25, Dec. 1862 Aged 54 yrs.  Wife of R. M. Williams.  Didn't find R. M. Williams' grave.  May not be here. 
WILLIAMS, Robert Clyde 14, Jan. 1936 30, Sep. 1936  
WILLIAMS, Ross L. 1892 1962 Stone with Emma P. Williams.
WILLIAMS, Thomas E. 1884 1929  
WILSON, Albert 1896 1969 Double stone with Flora M. Wilson
WILSON, Carl H. 1890 1919 On the lot with the Wilson family monument.  U.S. American Legion Flag holder.
WILSON, Carrie 1860 1932 On lot with Wilson Family monument.  American Legion Aux. flag holder.
WILSON, Dora 1862 1939 Stone with William Wilson.  Rebekah flag holder.
WILSON, Estelle A. 1924 1961  
WILSON Family Monument Wilson family monument on the Wilson lot.
WILSON, Flora M. 1896 1970 Double stone with Albert Wilson.
WILSON, Gordon R. "Red" 1922 None Given Double stone with Irene E. Wilson.
WILSON, Irene E. 1922 1988 Double stone with Gordon R. "Red" Wilson.
WILSON, Job R. 1857 1914 On lot with Wilson Family monument
WILSON, Lida Best 1892 1957 Best may be her maiden name.
WILSON, William 1860 1938 Stone with Dora Wilson.  IOOF flag holder.
WILSON, William 1860 1938 Stone with Dora Wilson.  IOOF flag holder.
WIMER, Benjamin F. 1905 1985 Stone with Gladys P. Wimer.
WIMER, Gladys P. 1905 1976 Stone with Benjamin F. Wimer.
WINGFIELD, Charlotte E. 1897 1969 Double stone with John H. Wingfield.
WINGFIELD, Isabella 1874 1961 Double stone with Charlotte E. Wingfield.
WINGFIELD, William A. 1871 1962 Double stone with Isabella Wingfield.
WITHROW, Hannah None Given 11, Mar. 1847 Died in the 90th yr of her age.  Modern Woodman of America flag holder.
WOFFORD, Forney 1887 1988 Ducro Marker
WOFFORD, Morris 1846 1941  
WOLCOTT, Baby 1908 1908 Stone with Lillian O. & Bert C. Wolcott.
WOLCOTT, Bert C. 1884 1962 Stone with Baby & Lillian O. Wolcott.
WOLCOTT, Charlie E. 1853 1904 Individual stone and also Wolcott family monument.
WOLCOTT, Elial W. 1888 1933 Individual stone and Wolcott family monument.
WOLCOTT, Lillian O. 1888 1942 Stone with Baby & Bert C. Wolcott.
WOLCOTT, Meda L. Childs 1860 1938 "His Wife" Charlie Wolcott. Childs may be her maiden name. Individual stone & Wolcott family monument.
WOLCOTT, Willie A. 1882 1904 Individual stone with Wolcott family monument.
WOLGAST, Emily Bacon 1843 1902 Wolgast may be her maiden name.  In the Bacon Family lot.
WOOD, Edna M. 1919 1940  
WOOD, James C. 1893 1964 Stone with Mae E. Wood.  FOE flag holder.
WOOD, Mae E. 1892 1981 Stone with James C. Wood.
WOODARD, Alexander B. 1987 None Given Son of Clark & Kristina Woodard.  Buried on top of Frank E. & Elizabeth G. Woodard. 
WOODARD, Bruce 1911 1913  
WOODARD, Elizabeth G. 1873 1942 Stone with Frank E. Woodard.  Alexander Woodard, son of Clark & Kristina Woodard buried on this lot.
WOODARD, Flora 1850 1914  
WOODARD, Frank E. 1867 1946 Stone with Elizabeth G. Woodard.  Alexander B. Woodard, son of Clark & Kristina Woodard buried on this grave.
WOODARD, Lee C. 1871 1953 Stone with Lyle A. Woodard.  VFW Ladies Aux. flag holder.
WOODARD, Lyle A. 1875 1942 Stone with Lee C. Woodard.
WOODARD, Walter L. 1892 1918  
WOODS, David L. 1883 1977  
WOODWORTH, Ben E. 1894 1946 Stone with Nina B. Woodworth.  Between 2 Mallory lots.
WOODWORTH, Claude L. 1880 1935 Stone with Maude C. Woodworth.  Member of ECFD (East Conneaut Fire Department)
WOODWORTH, Delbert F. 1912 1938 Member ECFD flag holder.  (East Conneaut Fire Department )
WOODWORTH, Douglass W. 1929 1952 Vet flag holder.
WOODWORTH, Fred U. 1885 1947  
WOODWORTH, Lee C. 1908 1970 Stone with Ruth M. Woodworth.  Member of ECFD (East Conneaut Fire Dept. )
WOODWORTH, Lucile I. 1911 1969  
WOODWORTH, Maude C. 1878 1951 Stone with Claude L. Woodworth.
WOODWORTH, Nina B. 1897 1966 Stone with Ben E. Woodworth.  Between 2 Mallory lots.
WOODWORTH, Ray Lee 1935 1937  
WOODWORTH, Ruth Abbott 18, Mar. 1930 9, Nov. 1977 Abbott is her married name.
WOODWORTH, Ruth M. 1908 None Given Stone with Lee C. Woodworth.
WRIGHT, Charles F. 1820 1904 Stone wiht Sybil E. "His Wife"
WRIGHT, Emily B. 1846 1884 Wife of Charles W. Wright.  Didn't find Charles' stone.
WRIGHT, Erma G. 1902 1976 Double stone with Orin M. Wright.  Married 1924.
WRIGHT, James W. 1870 1944  
WRIGHT, Orin M. 16, Oct. 1897 16, Mar. 1975 Double stone with Erma G. Wright.  Pvt. US Army WW I. Vet flag holder.  Married 1924
WRIGHT, Sybil E. 1824 1908 "His Wife" stone with Charles F. Wright.

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