Furnace Road Cemetery

aka East Conneaut Cemetery
aka Lakeville Cemetery
Conneaut, Ohio

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other
CAIRNS, Viola C. 1908 1979 Marcy funeral home.  
CALDWELL, Dortha H. 28, Dec. 1919 23, Mar. 1978 "In Memory of Mother"  
CALDWELL, Judd T. 1878 1940 Stone with Mahalia A. Caldwell  
CALDWELL, Mahalia A. 1873 1948 Stone with Judd T. Caldwell
CALDWELL, William I. 25, May 1916 11, May 1958 OH F1 USNR WWII Vet flag holder.  
CALKINS, Carlton 1878 1962 Calkins stone with Hilda, Cora, Carton.  Also Calkins in the row just east of this row.  
CALKINS, Cora 1881 1934 Calkins stone with Hilda, Cora, Carlton.  Also Calkins in the row just east of this row.  
CALKINS, Hilda 1877 1963 Calkins stone with Hilda, Cora, Carlton.  Also Calkins in the row just east of this row.  
CALKINS, Kathryn M. 1908 1981 Stone with Walter C. Calkins.  
CALKINS, Walter C. 1906 1979 "Walt"  Stone with Kathryn M. Calkins.  
CALL, Mabel L.  1899 None Given Stone with Samuel Ward Call.  
CALL, Samuel Ward 1, Apr. 1894 30, Aug. 1959 Stone with Mabel L. Call.  NY Pvt. 153 Depot Brigage WW I.  Gov. marker at the foot of the grave.  
CAMP, Sadie J. 1883 1982  
CARLSON, Norma 1892 1961 "Wife"
CARMODY, John 1873 1944  
CARMODY, Lola 1881 1950 American Legion Aux. flag holder.
CARPENTER, Barbara K. 1956 1983 Stone with Bernard G. Carpenter.
CARPENTER, Bernard G. 1954 None Given Stone with Barbara K. Carpenter.
CARTER, Almira None Given 2, Apr. 1848 Aged 62 yrs.  Wife of Seth Carter.  Stone with Seth, and on Horton family monument.
CARTER, Florence B. 1905 None Given Double stone with Max M. Carter.
CARTER, Max M. 1894 1964 Double stone with Florence B. Carter.  Vet flag holder.
CARTER, Seth None Given 13, Aug. 1859 Aged 77 yrs.  Stone with Almira Carter, "His wife", & on Horton family moinument Died in Connecticut aged 25 of Consumption.
CASTLE, Estella B. 1895 1971 Marcy Funeral home marker.
CASTLE, H. J. 1884 1943 WW flag holder, dated 1941-1945
CASTLE, Willie 1893 1907
CASTLE, Carl E. 1912 1941
CEEDER, Maria M. 1875 1954 Stone with Victor J. Ceeder.
CEEDER, Senia M. 25, Jan. 1907 5, Nov. 1988 Marcy Funeral home marker and monument.
CEEDER, Victor J. 1874 1918 Stone with Maria M. Ceeder.
CHAFFEE, Bayard T. 1858 1904 Stone with Mary L. Chaffee.  "Father"
CHAFFEE, Mary L. 1864 1943 Stone with Bayard T. Chaffee. "Mother"
CHAMPLIN, Oren E. 1893 1968 Double stone with Anna C. Chaplin.
CHAPIN, Helen 1902 1905
CHAPIN, Nina B. 1878 1945 Stone with Quincy S. Chapin.
CHAPIN, Quincy S. 1873 1959 Stone with Nina B. Chapin.
CHAPMAN, Bill None Given None Given His sister says he is buried south of Lanora C. Chapman.
CHAPMAN, Lenora C. 1869 1955 Stone with Lynn J. Chapman.  Bill Chapman is buried south of Lenora C. Chapman, according to his sister.
CHAPMAN, Lynn 1869 1937 Stone with Lenora C. Chapman.
CHASE, Harold G. 28, Dec. 1930 13, Mar. 1965 PA PFC US Army-Korea SS-PH
CHASE, Mary E. 1874 1957 Stone with Blanche E. Holbrook.  Rebekah Flag holder.
CHENEY, A. B. 1857 1939 Stone with Julia Cheney.
CHENEY, Charles C. 1882 1953 Cunningham funeral home marker.  Marker on Mary R. Cheney's grave. See Obituary - Conneaut News Herald dated 29 Jun 1953

Mentions East Lakeville Cem. another name for Furnace Road Cem./East Conneaut Cem.

CHENEY, Julia 1859 1959 Stone with A. B. Cheney.
CHENEY, Mary R. 1854 1918 "Wife of G. F. Cheney".  Didn't find G. F. Cheney's grave.
CHILDS, Clifford A. 1893 1962 American Legion emblem and a vet flag holder.
CHILDS, Ettie 1871 1953 Individual stone with Childs faily monument.
CHILDS Family None Given None Given Childs family monument.  Jay Ward, Jay W., Merl C., St. and Ettie Childs on this lot with individual stones.
CHILDS, George None Given None Given Dates are illegible.  Very weathered old stone.
CHILDS, Jay W. 1871 1926 Individual stone, with CHILD's Family monument
CHILDS, Jay Ward 1920 1944 Star with US in the center of it on the monument.  Individual stone with Child's family monument.
CHILDS, Meda L. Wolcott 1860 1938 Wolcott is her married name.  Individual stone and Wolcott family monument.
CHILDS, Merl C. Jr. 1922 1968
CHILDS, Merl C., Sr. 1895 1977 Individual stone with Childs family monument.
CHILDS, Minnie E. 1897 1927
CHRISTIANSEN, Antonia 1884 1968 Stone with Edward E. Christiansen.
CHRISTIANSEN, Arthur 1911 1932
CHRISTIANSEN, Carolyn V. 4, Sep. 1939 None Given Stone with James Christiansen, Jr.
CHRISTIANSEN, Edgar E. 4, Dec. 1906 24, Nov. 1931 "Our Son"  Grave in the Christiansen Plot.  Can't tell whose son it is.
CHRISTIANSEN, Edward E. 1877 1946 Stone with Antonia Christiansen.
CHRISTIANSEN, James, Jr. 4, Sept. 1939 4, Aug. 1990 Stone with Carolyn V. Christiansen.
CHRISTIANSEN, James A. 1914 1985 Stone with Marion E. Christiansen.  Masonic Plaque separate from stone with DOB & DOD.
CHRISTIANSEN, Marion E. 1918 None Given Stone with James A. Christiansen
CHRISTOPHER, Anthony J. 1920 1989 Stone with Ruth Christopher.  US War Vet. Flag.
CHRISTOPHER, Ruth E. 15 Aug. 1921 14 Feb. 2004 Stone with Anthony J. Christopher.  See Obituary
CHURCH, Glenn J. 1899 1956
CHURCH, Richard J. 1928 1936
CLARK, A. Z. 1898 1977 Stone with Orpha C. Clark.
CLARK, Adelaide Benedict 1843 1906 "and Grandson" but no data about the Grandson.
CLARK, Albert E. 1857 1935 "Father"  Large Clark Family monument
CLARK, Bion None Given 11, July 1858 Only date given.  No age given.  Son of E. A. & ____ Clark.  Stone weathered.  Some illegible.
CLARK, Clyde P. 1879 1880 Large Clark family monument.
CLARK, Dora D. 1860 1930 "Mother"  Large Clark Family monument.
CLARK, Edward "Zeke" 11, Dec. 1871 10, Sep. 1950
CLARK, Edwin A. None Given 1, Jan. 1863 Aged 40 yrs.  A member of second ORD Battery.  Military data may not all be correct.  Stone is weathered.
CLARK, Grace L. 1887 1968 VFW Ladies Aux. Flag holder.
CLARK, Harley 1885 1952 Double stone with Stella Clark.
CLARK, Helen L. 2, May 1918 26, Apr. 1987 "A Loving Mother"
CLARK, Helen M. None Given 4, Sep. 1853 Aged 21 yrs. 8 mos.  Wife of E. A. Clark.
CLARK, Janet L. 21, Dec. 1953 None Given "A child of Loving Parents".
CLARK, L. Jackson 1904 1963 Mason emblem on the stone.
CLARK, Marie J. 1903 1989 Eastern Star on the stone.
CLARK, Orpha C. 1899 1967 Stone with A. Z. Clark.
CLARK, Stella 1887 1967 Double stone with Harley Clark.
CLARK, William D. 11, Mar. 1912 12, Jan. 1965 OH Tec 4 3500 ORD MAM Co.  WW II. Vet flag holder.
CLINE, Edward G. 1899 1951 Lt. J. G. Maritime Service.
CLINE, H. Marion 1910 1989 Stone with Harry W. Cline.
CLINE, Harry W. 1908 1970 Stone with H. Marion Cline.
CLINE, Herbert B. 1882 1956 Stone with Pearl L. Cline.
CLINE, J. Fred 1885 1948 Stone with Mary E. and Richard L. Cline.
CLINE, Margaret C. 1863 1954 Double stone with Thomas G. Cline.
CLINE, Mary E. 1886 1974 Stone with Richard L. and J. Fred Cline.
CLINE, Pearl L. 1883 1978 Stone with Herbert B. Cline.
CLINE, Richard L. 1928 1929 Stone with Mary E. and J. Fred Cline.
CLINE, Thomas G. 1865 1954 Double stone with Margaret C. Cline.
CLINE, William A. 9, March 1895 25, Mar. 1951 OH Pvt. 147 Engineers WW I Vet flag holder.
COATES, Mark B. 4, Nov. 1897 24, Oct. 1957 OH Pvt. Co. L. 145 Infantry WW I Vet flag holder.
CODY "Mother" None Given None Given One stone with Roy Cody on it and next to it is a stone with "Father" & "Mother" on it.  See epitaph page.
CODY, Father None Given None Given One stone with Roy Cody engraved on it.  Another double stone with "Mother" & "Father" engraved on it.  See Epitaph page.
CODY, Roy E. 1880 1943 IOOF Flag holder.  Next to a stone with Mother and Father on it with Cody.  See epitaph page.
COLBY, Albert A., Sr. 1921 None Given Stone with Ruth E. Colby.
COLBY, Hattie 1889 1963 Double stone with Lloyd Colby
COLBY, Lloyd 1880 1963 Double stone with Hattie Colby.
COLBY, Myrtle T. 1886 1947 Stone with Norman O. Colby.
COLBY, Norman O. 1867 1950 Stone with Myrtle T. Colby.
COLBY, Ruth E. 20 Sep.1914 18 Feb. 2007 Stone with Albert A. Colby. See Obituary
COLE, Alice 1852 1933 Stone with Austin Cole.  Alice is the dau. of Elizabeth Laughlin.
COLE, Alice E. 1871 1936
COLE, Austin 1850 1932 Stone with Austin Cole.  Alice is the dau. of Elizabeth Laughlin.
COLE, Benjamin M. 1891 1977 Double stone with Catherine L. Cole.
COLE, Catherine L. 1894 1965 Double stone with Benjamin M. Cole.
COLE, Edward A. 2, Mar. 1943 2, June 1943 Stone with Phillip A. Cole.  Both died young.
COLE, Frank A., Sr. 1898 1984 Stone with Theodora M. Cole.
COLE, George H. 1886 1978 George Hawkins Cole is his middle name.  Birth date looks corrected.  The birth date is correct.
COLE, Grace E. 1887 1974 Stone with George H. Cole.
COLE, Jessie L. 1856 1916 Stone with Lula Cole Pace.  FOE flag holder.
COLE, Lelia C. 1875 1936  
COLE, Lula Pace 1885 1915 Pace is her name when she was buried.  Stone with Jessie L. Cole.
COLE, Minnie B. 1879 1965 Daughter of Austin and Alice Cole.  Elizabeth Hawkins Laughlin is Minnie's grandmother & mother of Alice.
COLE, Pamela Lynn 19, Mar. 1975 31, Mar. 1975 Marcy Funeral Home marker.
COLE, Phillip A. 21, Oct. 1945 6, Feb. 1946 Stone with Edward A. Cole.  Both died young.
COLE, Raymond 1930 1976 Thompson Funeral Home marker.  In 1991 when we re-checked our work, Raymond has a double stone with the other side blank.
COLE, Raymond A. 23, June 1911 30, Jan. 1967 Stone with Susan D. Cole.
COLE, Susan D. 10, July 1915 18, Oct. 1989 Stone with Raymond A. Cole.
COLE, Theodora M. 1903 None Given Stone with Frank A. Cole, Sr.
COLE, Thomas D. 5 Apr. 1943
11 Dec. 2 (See Obituary)
COLE, Virginia A. 1903 1945
COLE, William A. 1876 1958  
COLE, William I. "Bill" 1929 1956
COLVER, Albert R. 19, Feb. 1924 18, May 1924 Probably a child, dates are correct.
COLVER, Alvan D. 1897 1973 Stone with Pearl R. Colver.
COLVER, Ben C. 1904 None Given Double stone with Helen H. Colver.
COLVER, Benjamin D. 9, Sep. 1939 31, Oct. 1939 Stone with Lena Jane Colver.  Must be an infant.
COLVER, Charles 1816 1893 Stone with Polly A. Colver.  His wife is Polly Colver.
COLVER, Charles H. 1931 1958 Double stone with Douglas Colver Ellsworth.  Vet Flag holder.
COLVER, Chas. M. 1900 1922
COLVER, Chas. F. 1844 1924 Co. E. 29th O. V. V. I.
COLVER, Ella L. 1874 1893
COLVER, Ella L. None Given 12, Apr. 1871/4 Wife of C. F. Colver.  Aged 23 yrs. 7 mos. 8 days.
COLVER, Helen H. 1906 None Given Double stone with Ben C. Colver.
COLVER, Herbert None Given 18, July 1853 Aged 24 yrs., Son of J. & N. Colver. (John & Nancy)
COLVER, John Quinn 1895 1975 Stone with Ruth B. Colver.  PFC US Army. WW I.  Flag holder broken off.
COLVER, Laura C. None Given 24, June 1835 Dau. of C. & P. Colver.
COLVER, Lena B. 1865 1931 American Legion Aux. flag holder.
COLVER, Lena Jane 9, Jan. 1848 26, Feb. 1949 Stone with Benjamin D. Colver.  Infant.
COLVER, Nancy None Given 4, Sep. 1869 Aged 86 yrs.  Wife of John Colver.  This is Colver.
COLVER, Pearl R. 1903 1990 Stone with Alvan D. Colver.
COLVER, Polly A. 1821 1903 Stone with and wife of Charles Colver.
COLVER, Ruth B. 1905 1978 Stone with John Quinn Colver.
COMER, Clark L. "Father" 1896 1944 Grave next to Elmer "Son" and "Mother" Jennie is the other side of Elmer.  Animal figures engraved on base of stone.
COMER, Elmer L. "Son" 1926 1943 Grave between Jennie and Clark Comer.  Animal figures engraved on base.  Data on a metal plate.
COMER, Jennie K. 1901 1957 "Mother" Grave next to Elmer L. Comer. "Son". "Father" Clark L. Comer on the other side of Elmer.  Animal engraved on base.
CONKLIN, Maxine J. 1914 None Given Stone with Shirlie H. Conklin.
CONKLIN, Shirlie H. 1917 1979 "Dutch"  Stone with Maxine J. Conklin.  US Navy. Vet flag holder.
CONRATH, Thomas E. 1910 1935
CONWAY, Mary E. 1894 1948 Stone with William S. Conway.
CONWAY, William S. 1893 1970 Stone with Mary E. Conway.
COOK Family None Given None Given Large Cook Family Monument.  Small Stones around it.
COOK, Cora M. 1874 1919 "Wife of I. C. Cook".  Grave next to Irus C. Cook.
COOK, Edith S. 1875 1909 Wife of C. M. Cook.  Grave on Cook lot with Willis, Ida M., Grace A., Laura A., Horace M. Cook.  No C. M. Cook stone.  Rebekah Flag holder.
COOK, Grace A. 1885 1907 Grave on Cook lot with Horace M., Laura A., Grace A., Ida M., Willis and Edith Cook.
COOK, Helen L. Wheeler 7, Feb. 1897 12, Sep. 1979 Wheeler may be her maiden name.
COOK, Horace Lee 28, Feb. 1897 12, May 1966 OH Sgt. 303 Repair Unit MTC WW I.  USA War vet flag holder.
COOK, Horace M. 1841 1935 Grave on Cook lot with Horace M., Laura A., Grace A., Ida M. Willis, and Edith Cook.  GAR flag holder.
COOK, Ida M. 1868 1869 Grave on Cook lot with Horace M., Laura A., Grace A., Ida M., Willis and Edith Cook.
COOK, Irus C. 1872 1939 Grave next to Cora Cook, his wife.
COOK, Laura A. 1848 1911 Grave on Cook lot with Horace M., Laura A., Grace A., Ida M., Willis and Edith Cook.
COOK, Willis 1856 1923 Cook family lot with Horace M., Laura A., Grace A., Ida M., Willis, Edith S. Cook.
COOL, Merl D., Jr. None Given 1939 Only one date given that we can read.  Has a funeral home marker, also.  Kathleen Culbertson is buried on this same lot.
COON, Melvin D. 1913 1965
COONEY, Ida L. 1890 1989 Stone with Otis B. Cooney.
COONEY, Otis B. 1874 1950 Stone with Ida L. Cooney
COONEY, Pansy 17, Aug. 1883 11, Jan. 190 Shape of the stone is almost like a heart.  Grafe next to Edna Hopkins and her stone is  the same shape.
COOPER, Charles Jesse 17, Sep. 1888 22, May 1944 OH Cpl. 342 Co. Mother Trans. Corps.  Vet. flag holder.  Grave next to Rose A. Cooper.
COOPER, Rose A. 15, Oct. 1902 19, Feb. 1970 Grave next to Charles Jesse Cooper.
COPELAND, Cammie J. 25, Nov. 1970 None Given. Stone with Lisa M. Copeland.  Teddy bear engraved on the stone. 
COPELAND, Lisa M. 20, Mar. 1969 None Given Stone with Cammie J. Copeland.  Teddy bear engraved on the stone.
CORBITT, Constance E. 1937 None Given Same stone with James T. and Jayme Corbitt.
CORBITT, James T. 1933 None Given Same stone with Constance and Jayme Corbitt.
CORBITT, Jayme "Our" 1961 1973 Same stone with James & Constance Corbitt.  Her picture is on the monument.  "Lord, make me an instrument of your Peace"
CORNSEW, Mary E. Stephenson 1864 1928 Stephenson may be her maiden name or first married name.  Grave next to Joseph A. Stephenson.
CORY, Mary Elizabeth 1924 1980 Thompson Funeral Home marker.
COUCH, George 1884 1957 Double stone with Mary V. Couch.
COUCH, Mary V. 1886 1986 Double stone with George Couch.
COVILLE, Bessie E. 1894 1981 IOOF flag holder.
COVILLE, Charles A. 1915 None Given Coville family monument in center of Coville plot.
COVILLE, Clyde D. 1883 1959
COVILLE fmaily None Given None Given Coville family monument in center of Coville plot.
COVILLE, Iva B. 1881 1949 Rebekah flag holder.
COVILLE, Jack M. 1945 None Given Coville family monument in center of Coville plot.
COVILLE, Justin F. 1855 1930
COVILLE, Karl R. 1893 1941
COVILLE, Louise L. Bacon 1861 1939 "Wife of Justin F. Coville," engraved on stone.
COVILLE, Margaret H. 1915 None Given Coville family monument in center of Coville plot.
COX, Alice B. 1887 1980 Stone with Jay O. Cox.
COX, Beverly J. 28 Jul. 1924 17 Jan. 2008 See Obituary
COX, Jay O. 1884 1968 Stone with Alice B. Cox.
COYLE, Cora M. 1886 1919
CRANDALL, Joanne Marie 1933 1971
CRAWFORD, Norman H. 1939 1944
CRAYTOR, Charles W., Rev. 1917 1955
CROSS, Amanda None Given 16, Aug. 1873 Aged 30 yrs.  Stone with Lyman, Julia, Anna, & Amanda Cross.
CROSS, Anna None Given 17, May 1866 Aged 17 yrs.  Stone with Lyman, Julia, Anna, & Amanda Cross.
CROSS, Julia None Given 23, Feb. 1884 AGed 67 yrs.  Stone with Lyman, Julia, Anna & Amanda Cross.
CROSS, Lyman None Given 18, Aug. 1883 Aged 75 yrs.  Stone with Lyman, Julia, Anna & Amanda Cross.
CROSSEN, Frank 1887 1917 On lot with Ruland-Crossen family monument
CROSSEN, Pauline 1883 1963 On lot with Ruland-Crossen family monument
CROUCH, Claude H. 1889 1956 Stone with Jessie M. Crouch.
CROUCH, Jessie M. 1890 1950 Stone with Claude H. Crouch.
CULBERTSON, Kathleen 1939 1948 Buried on the same grave as Merl D. Cool, Jr.
CULVER, Alva None Given None Given No dates on stone and no age.  Probably died after Olive.  Olive and Alva Culver on same stone.
CULVER, John None Given 17, Oct. 1847 Aged 78 yrs.  Culver is correct.
CULVER, Olive None Given 29, Apr. 1872 Aged ?? yrs.  Old records say 76 yrs. old.  Stone weathered.
CURRAN, James J. 1885 1924
CURTIN, Cora R. 1888 1967 Double stone with Martin Curtin.
CURTIN, Martin 1881 1957 Double stone with Cora R. Curtin.
CURTIS, Jessie Lewis 28, Jan. 1865 28, Sep. 1891 Wife of W. A. Lewis.  Maiden name may be Curtis.
CURTIS, Lizzie M. 10, Apr. 1863 10, Feb. 1885 Dau. of J. & J. Curtis
CUTSHALL, Edith M. 1896 1966 Stone with W. Stanley Cutshall. NOTE:  Corrected by K. Cutshall on 11/24/2003.  Also see Irene Morse Merriman's listing.
CUTSHALL, Lester T. 1915 1957
CUTSHALL, W. Stanley 1892 1981 Stone with Edith M. Cutshall.

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