Furnace Road Cemetery

aka East Conneaut Cemetery
aka Lakeville Cemetery
Conneaut, Ohio

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Name Birth Date Death Date Comments Other Comments
Baby,     This is the baby area but also potters field.  
BACON, A. Laura 1864 1910 In the Bacon Family lot.  
BACON, Albert L. 1868 1940 In the Bacon Family lot.  
BACON, Andrew 1830 1911 In the Bacon Family lot.  
BACON, Augusta C. 1877 1930 In the Bacon Family lot  
BACON, Emily Wolgast 1843 1902 In the Bacon Family lot.  
BACON Family     Large Bacon monument and then individual grave markers.  
BACON, Frank F. 1878 1935 In the Bacon Family lot.  
BACON, Louise L. Coville 1861 1939 Coville is her married name. Bacon probably maiden name.  "Wife of Justin F. Coville"  
BACON, May E. Rauschkolb 1871 1940 Rauschkolb is her married name.  Eastern Star - Long Island Chapter No. 846 flag holder  
BAGNALL, Esther I. 1917 1979 Stone with Mont S. Bagnall  
BAGNALL, Hannah 1879 1940 Stone with Thomas A. Bagnall
BAGNALL, June A. 1924 1931  
BAGNALL, Kathryn L. 1893 1952 Stone with Mont H. Bagnall.
BAGNALL, Mont H. 1888 1957 Stone with Kathryn L. Bagnall.
BAGNALL, Mont S. 1912 1984 Stone with Esther Bagnall.
BAGNALL, Rose 1887 1912
BAGNALL, Susan 1853 1917 "Mother"
BAGNALL, T. M. 1850 1921 "Father"
BAGNALL, Thomas A. 1874 1912 Stone with Hannah Bagnall
BAILEY, Amanda Payne 9, Aug. 1801 6, Dec. 1879 Aged 78 yrs.  Wife of Joseph Bailey and grave next to his.  Payne may be her maiden name.
BAILEY, Delia W. 1862 1930 Individual stone on the West lot. Near the West Family Monument among other West family stones
BAILEY, Emma Jane Tyler 1845 1923 Stone with Ida E. Tyler.  Tyler is her married name.
BAILEY, Joseph 15, Aug. 1865 AGed 68 yrs. 11 mos. 15 dys.  Amanda Payne Bailey is his wife.
BAILEY, Payne 1824 1888 Stone with Sivilla Bailey.  Huge rock with plaques on it.
BAILEY, Sivilla 1827 1912 Stone with Payne Bailey.  Huge rock with plaques on it.
BAKER, Albert S. 1886 1963 Stone with Nora E. Baker.
BAKER, Ann E. 1847 1920
BAKER, Blanche 1874 1967
BAKER, Burt A. 1875 1951
BAKER, J. A. 1842 1931 Served 3 yrs. in 20nd. O. Battery. Vet flag holder.
BAKER, Jessica E. 1979 2003 See Obituary
BAKER, Nora E. 1886 1951 Stone with Albert S. Baker.
BAKER, Russel 1897 1899 Russel is spelled with just one l.
BALDERHAUSEN, Elwyn C. 1916 1919
BALDWIN, Daniel M. ___Mar. 1860 Aged 78 yrs.  Illegible.
BALDWIN, Gertrude 1919 1939
BALDWIN, Mary 1, Oct. 1855 Aged 23 yrs.  Wife of Daniel Baldwin.
BALES, Leslie C. 21, Nov. 1887 30, May 1961 Stone flush with ground.
BAMBARGER, Donald R., III 11, June 1983 No other date given
BARKER, Baby Boy 1915 No other date given.
BARKER, Charles S. 1874 1945 Stone with Cora A. Barker.
BARKER, Cora A. 1878 1966 Stone with Charles S. Barker.
BARKER, Ray S. 1891 1961 Stone with Rena E. Barker.
BARKER, Rena E. 1890 1971 Stone with Ray S. Barker.
BARKER, Robert C. 1912 1937
BARNARD, Fred G. 1883 1979 Stone with Inis E. Barnard.  IOOF Flag holder and three length chain engraved on stone.
BARNARD, Inis E. 1892 1950 Stone with Fred G. Barnard.
BARNES, Betsey 1816 1895 Stone with Hosea Barnes, her husband.
BARNES, Hosea 1802 1891 Stone with Betsey, "his wife"
BARNEY, Blanche L. 1861 1886 Stone with Mother, no other name.  Next to Latimer family stone.  Her maiden name may be Latimer.
BARNEY, Blanche Latimer 1861 1886 Latimer may be her maiden name.  Small stone with Blanche and Mother next to this stone, Latimer family stone.
BARNEY, Forrest D. 1892 1967 Stone with Mabel E. Barney.
BARNEY, Mabel E. 1896 1990 Stone with Forrest D. Barney
BARNEY, Mother 1821 1892 Stone with Blanche Latimer Barney.  No given name.  Next to the Latimer family stone.  Mother Latimer?
BARRETT, Emma 1879 1951 Stone with Henry J. Barrett.
BARRETT, Henry J. 1884 1963 Stone with Emma
BARRINGER, Sadie V. 1893 1948
BARRIS, Emma E. 1899 Stone with Floyd C. Barris.  No death date given.
BARRIS, Floyd C. 1897 1973 Stone with Emma E. Barris
BARTHOLOMEW, DAniel L. 1830 1900
BARTHOLOMEW, Marryette 1838 1923 Given name engraved this way on the stone.
BASEN, Jacob J. 1878 1938
BASEN, Lillian 1884 1947
BATCHELOR, Billie 1860 1929
BATCHELOR, Fred 1859 1898
BATCHELOR, George 1862 1916 Switchmans Union of N. America 116 Flag Holder.
BATCHELOR, Olive 7, May 1871 Aged 81 yrs. 4 mos. 20 dys.  Wife of Wm. Bachelor.
BATCHELOR, Wm. 28, Feb. 1876 Aged 85 yrs.  "Our Father"  His wife is Olive Bachelor.
BATTENBERG, Elsie Mackey 1904 1978 Mackey may be her maiden name.
BAUGHER, Gertrude M. 1865 Stone with John F. Baugher.  No other dates given.
BAUGHER, John E. 1953 Stone with Gertrude M. Baugher.  No other date given.
BAUGHNER, Elma E. 1916 Stone with Thomas Gee Baughner.  No death date given
BAUGHNER, Thomas Gee 1913 1961 Stone with Elma E. Baughner.
BEACH, Hilda G. No dates given.  "Rest in Peace"
BEALS, William D. 1900 1961
BEARDSLEY, Bessie B. 1892 1972 Stone with William L., Sarah Ann, and Bessie B. Beardsley.
BEARDSLEY, Sarah Ann 1862 1948 Stone with William L., Sarah Ann, and Bessie B. Beardsley.
BEARDSLEY, William L. 1846 1928 Stone with William L., Sarah Ann, and Bessie B. Beardsley.
BEAVER, Charles R. 1909 Stone with "His loving Wife"  L. Eloise Beaver.  No death date given.
BEAVER, L. Eloise 1910 1985 Stone with Charles R. Beaver.  "His Loving Wife"  VFW Ladies Aux. flag holder.
BECK, Lydia M. 1833 1908
BECKETT, Harriett J. 1854 1941 Like a Civil War marker and the grave is next to Thomas F. Beckett.
BECKETT, Thomas F. Civil War stone.  Co. I. 69 OH Inf.  GAR Flag holder 1861 - 1865
BEERS, Ruth B. 1914 1980 Stone with Thomas A. Beers.
BEERS, Thomas A. 1909 1975 Stone with Ruth B. Beers.
BEHALA, Hulda M. 1904 1989
BELL, Emma A. 1872 1946
BELL, G. Harry 1869 1924
BENNETT, Cora M. 1889 1918 "Wife of F. G. Bennett"  F. G. Bennett's grave wasn't found, but may be just North of this grave without a marker.
BENNETT, Gary A. 1964 1977
BENNETT, Glenn W. 1888 1954 Stone with Nora H. Bennett.
BENNETT, Julia M. 1867 1889
BENNETT, Manie 1888 1979 Stone with Walter E. Bennett.
BENNETT, Nancy M. 1878 1917 Stone with William A. Bennett.
BENNETT, Nora H. 1892 1937 Stone with Glenn W. Bennett.
BENNETT, Ruth Titus 1892 1942 Titus may be her maiden name.
BENNETT, Walter E. 1896 1953 Stone with Manie Bennett
BENNETT, William A. 1860 1930 Stone with Nancy M. Bennett.
BENSON, Charlie L. 1910 1986 Stone with Mildred E. Benson.
BENSON, Mildred E. 1915 Stone with Charlie L. Benson.  No death date given.
BENTLEY, Rose J. 1869 1947 "Wife" Probably Samuel.  His grave is next to Rose.
BENTLEY, Samuel W. 1864 1916 Wife is probably Rose Bentley.
BENTON, Adell 1863 1923 On the lot with the Benton Family monument.
BENTON, Almon H. 1852 1924 On lot with Benton family monument.
BENTON, Elsie M. 1885 1936 "Mother" Stone with Lemuel R. Benton "Father"
BENTON Family Alzada, Maruice Shirley Mae, Adell and Almon H. Benton on this lot with family monument.
BENTON, Lemuel R. 1883 1942 "Father"  Stone with Elsie M. Benton "Mother?
BENTON, Maurice D. 1927 Stone with Shirley Mae Benton.  On Lot with Benton Family Monument
BENTON, Nancy Lee 1944 1960 Stone with Patricia Benton
BENTON, Naomi R. 1925 1968 Double stone with Paul R. Benton
BENTON, Patricia Ann 1939 Stone with Nancy Lee Benton.  No other data
BENTON, Paul R. 1911 1977 Double stone with Naomi R. Benton.
BENTON, Shirley Mae 1933 1935 Stone with Maurice D. Benton and on the lot with the Benton Family Monument.
BERNARD, Jay 1917 1940
BERNHARDT, Jacob 1850 1924 Stone with Louisa Bernhardt
BERNHARDT, Louisa 1845 1922 Stone with Jacob Bernhardt
BERRY, C. N. Nothing else legible.  GAR Post No. 9 flag holder
BERTOLOTTI, Mark A. 4 Sept. 1954 22 May 2005 Age 50 yrs. See Obituary
BESSANT, Clifton W. 19902 1985
BESSANT, Hazel M. 1905 1982
BESSANT, Robert E. 1929 None Given
BEST, Lida Wilson 1892 1957 Wilson is her married name
BISBEE, Garfield B. 1881 1937 Grave next to Ida North Bisbee.  
BISBEE, Ida North 1880 1953 Grave next to Garfield B. Bisbee.  North may be maiden name. See Obituary
BISBEE, Lillian Weck 1902 1953 Weck is her married name.
BISHOP, Jeffrey Donald 26 Sept. 1979 5, Dec. 1982 Son of James D. & Peggy Rickard Bishop.  "What Time Is It?" engraved on the back SHARON WICKS NOTE:  Peggy told me that Jeffrey is her youngest son and he always asked "What time is it? For Jeffrey it was always 8:00!  Peggy's mother would always agree with Jeffrey and say, "Yes, Jeffrey, it's 8:00" (See Patricia Rickard's response)
BITTLER, Donna B. 1878 1975 Stone with Herman M. Bittler
BITTLER, Herman M. 1877 1959 Stone with Donna B. Bittler
BLACK, Arthur Elwin 1866 1922
BLACK, Doris Miriam 1903 1910 Rebekah flag holder
BLACK, Emily Bristol 1941 1916 Bristol may be her maiden name.
BLACK, Frances Gaugh 1893 1981 Gaugh is her married name.
BLACK, Lenora Randall 1874 1944 FOE LTJE No. 408   OH Flag holder.  Randall may be her maiden name.
BLACK, Mary A. 1877 1954
BLACK, Richard E. 1925 1936
BLACK, Vernon Elwin 1891 None given
BLACK, W. Harrison 1841 1929 GAR Flag holder
BLAKE, Hattie Morgan 1847 1914 Morgan may be her maiden name.
BLAKESLEE, Adah M. 1871 1951 Stone with Ernest M. Blakeslee
BLAKESLEE, Aletha M. 1904 1972 Stone with Arthur M. Blakeslee.  Eastern Star emblem on stone.  Married 1922.
BLAKESLEE, Arthur M. 1901 None Given Stone with Aletha M. Blakeslee.  Married 1922.  Masonic Emblem on stone
BLAKESLEE, Ernest M. 1871 1948 Stone with Adah M. Blakeslee
BLAKESLEE, Kathleen 3, Aug. 1855 None Given Lamb on marker.  No other date given.  Stone between rows
BLAKESLEE. O. O., Dr. 1853 1934 This Doctor signed the original book of Birth and Death Records for 1895-1900 which can be found in this website.  
BLANK BASE Base with no stone or writing on it
BLAZIER, Ethel 1911 None on stone Stone with Jess Adrian.  American Legion flag holder.  
BLAZIER, Jess Adrian 1901 1981 Stone with Ethel Blazier.  American Legion flag holder.
BLEASDALE, Barbara M. 1923 None on stone Stone with Irvine Bleasdale.  No death date given.
BLEASDALE, Irvine H., Jr. 1921 1963 Stone with Barbara M. Bleasdale. U.S. War vet flag holder
BLEASDALE, Ruby W. 31, Mar. 1897 12, April. 1958 "Our Mom"
BLEASDALE, Thomas L. 11, Oct. 1950 12, Oct. 1950 Lamb on stone.  Between rows.
BLISS, Alvin None Given 19, Feb. 1868 Aged 75 yrs. 11 mos. 11 dys.  Stone with Phebe Bliss, his wife.
BLISS, Ellen Armington 1900 1982 Armington is her married name.  Buried in Bliss lot
BLISS, F. Sheldon 1929 1948
BLISS, Family None Given None Given Large Bliss family monument on this lot
BLISS, Frank L. 1857 1898
BLISS, Fred H. 1861 1912 On the lot with the Bliss family monument
BLISS, Harriet E. 1876 1921
BLISS, Irus L. 1872 1935
BLISS, John None Given 18, July 1860 Aged 57 yrs.  Saloma Bliss Kent on same stone.
BLISS, Louise H. 1836 1912
BLISS, Phebe None Given 1 June 1859 Aged 68 yrs. 8 mos.  Stone with Alvin Bliss, her husband.
BLISS, Sadie 1905 1932 This appears to be in the Lawrence family lot.
BLISS, Saloma Kent None Given 21, Oct. 1889 Kent is her married name.  Same stone with John Bliss.
BLISS, Stella 1865 1936 On the lot with the Bliss family monument
BLOOD, Archie L. 1884 1945 Stone with Helen I. Blood.
BLOOD, Charles C. 1871 1941
BLOOD, Dawn A. 1954 None Given Stone with Florence A. and Donald E. Blood.  Homemade Cross marker with Baby Dawn Blood 1954 died at birth, next to stone.
BLOOD, Donald E. 1923 1979 Stone with Florence & Dawn Blood.  See epitaph page.  US War vet flag holder.  Boy Scout emblem on back of monument.
BLOOD, Edgar C. 1905 1971 Triple stone with Edgar C., Jr. and Mary E. Blood.
BLOOD, Edgar C., Jr. 1926 1960 Triple stone with Edgar C. Blood & Mary E. Blood.
BLOOD, Florence A. 1926 None Given Stone with Donald Blood.  Boy Scout emblem on back of stone.   See epitaph page.
BLOOD, Gary Lynn 1954 None Given "Our Son"
BLOOD, George I. 1890 1924
BLOOD, Gorden Ordell 1916 1990 Stone with Olive Marie Blood.  Mason emblem engraved on stone.
BLOOD, Helen I. 1893 1978 Stone with Archie L. Blood
BLOOD, Jennie A. 1881 1939 National Woman's Relief Corp. and Aux. of the GAR flag holder.
BLOOD, Kate 1858 1933 Stone with Elsie B. Myers and Arthur Blood.
BLOOD, Lucille G. 1914 1971
BLOOD, Mary A. Pearson 1836 1928 "His Wife" probably Wm. S. Pearson.  Blood may be her maiden name.  Next to Pearson family monument
BLOOD, Mary E. 1905 None Given Triple stone with Edgar C., Jr. and Edgar Blood. 
BLOOD, Mildred Deriar 1903 1989 Stone with Roland G. Blood.  Eastern Star emblem on stone.
BLOOD, Olive Marie 1913 None Given Stone with Roland G. Blood.  Eastern Star emblem on stone
BLOOD, Olive Marie 1913 None Given Stone with Gorden Ordell Blood.  Eastern Star emblem on stone.
BLOOD, Ralph Tom 8, July 1938 31, Sept. 1984 All by itself in this row.
BLOOD, Reid D. 16, Sept. 1929 None Given "Baby"  May have been still born.
BLOOD, Roland G. 1902 None Given Stone with Mildred Deriar Blood.  Mason emblem engraved on stone.
BLOOMFIELD, Dewey K. 1898 1953 Stone with Thelma H. Bloomfield.
BLOOMFIELD, Thelma H. 1897 1974 Stone with Dewey K. Bloomfleld.
BLY, Bruce W. 1948 None Given
BOGGS, Linda Lee 1947 None Given Right behind Margaret Brown.  May be related.
BOHRER 1903 1979 No given name on Thompson Funeral Home marker and no other data.
BONNETT, Iva M. 1911 None Given Stone with James C. Bonnett. Eastern Star emblem on stone.
BONNETT, James C. 1911 1989 Stone with Iva M. Bonnett.  Mason emblem on stone
BORT, Frederick P. 1949 1985 Stone at the foot of Rebecca Bort's grave, and her stone is with Paul M. Bort.
BORT, Luther John 1872 1958 Vet. flag holder.
BORT, Paul M. 1906 1972 Stone with Rebecca P. Bort.  Frederick P. Bort is at the foot of Rebecca Bort's grave.
BORT, Rebecca P. 1919 None Given Stone with Paul M. Bort, Frederick P. Bort is at the foot of Rebecca Bort's grave.
BORT, Viola A. 1877 1958
BOSSARD, Alex 1864 1925
BOSSARD, Carl A. 1927 1989 "Son"
BOSSARD, Carl N. 1901 1974 Stone with Devena G. Bossard
BOSSARD, Devina G. 1907 None Given Stone with Carl N. Bossard.
BOSSARD, Sadie 1869 1933
BOUGHNER, Darleen C. 29, June 1945 24 May 2005 Age 60 yrs See Obituary
BOWERS, Arthur 17 Jan. 1911 17 May 2004 See Obituary
BOWERS, Charles, Sr. 1890 1965 Double stone with Mazie Bowers.  "Grandfather-Grandmother" on back of the stone, but "Father" behind the name on the front.
BOWERS, Elsie L. 1914 None Given Double stone with Harold Bowers.  "Gradma" Chevrolet pick-up truck engraved on stone.  Marcy Funeral home marker.
BOWERS, Harold 15, June 1915 19, Mar. 1986 Double stone with Elsie Bowers.  "Grandpa" Cheverolet Pick-u0 truck engraved on stone.  Marcy Funeral home marker.
BOWERS, Mazie 1892 1972 Double stone with Charles Bowers, Sr. "Grandfather-Grandmother" on back but "Mother" on front with name.
BOYD, Bernie 1, Apr. 1907 22, May. 1987 S. Sgt. US Army Air Corp. WW II. Vet flag holder.
BOYD, Kate 1858 1925
BOYD, Murtilla 1898 1968
BOYER, Carrie B. 1869 1956 Stone with Robert L. Boyer
BOYER, Robert L. 1862 1939 Stone with Carrie B. Boyer.
BRADEN, Darlene Rose 1931 None Given Stone with Donald L. Braden
BRADEN, Donald Lloyd 5, July 1932 9, Oct. 1981 Cpl. US Army Korea.  Stone with Darlene Rose Braden.
BRADY, Bernard A. 1928 1966 Stone with David M. Brady.  Stone for four names, two places blank. 486 36 60 PRS USN RR
BRADY, David M. 3, June 1944 29, May 1966 Stone with Bernard A. Brady.  OH Pvt.  US Army.  Triple stone with third person not on stone.
BRADY, Harry L. 1889 1957 Stone with Mae I. Brady Sharon's NOTE: If you need to verify the middle initial on this stone, please contact me at
BRADY, Mae I. 1891 1969 Stone with Harry J. Grady Sharon's NOTE: If you need to verify the middle initial on this stone, please contact me at
BRASK, Eliz. J. 1877 1951 Stone with John G. Brask
BRASK, John G. 1871 1922 Stone with Eliz. J. Brask.
BRENK, Elizabeth S. 1857 1934 Stone with Baby Taylor.
BRENK, George J. 1851 1935
BREWSTER, Charles 1909 1989
BREWSTER, Ella Fee 1870 1918 "Mother" Fee may be her maiden name
BREWSTER, Frederick J. 1839 1910 "Father"  Stone with Sylvinia A. Brewster and she is his wife.
BREWSTER, Gena M. 1881 1962
BREWSTER, Harley C. 1897 1950 Stone with Nellie M. Brewster.  Vet flag holder.
BREWSTER, Irvine C. 1868 1939 Stone with Mary W. Brewster
BREWSTER, Mary W. 1872 1966 Stone with Irvine C. Brewster
BREWSTER, Nellie M. 1896 1962 Stone with Harley C. Brewter.  VFW Ladies Aux. flag holder.
BREWSTER, Otis L. 1877 1948
BREWSTER, Seena M. 1901 1963 Double stone with Stewart O. Brewster
BREWSTER, Stewart O. 1899 1975 Double stone with Seena M. Brewster.  Vet flag holder
BREWSTER, Sylvinia A. 1846 1909 "Mother"  Stone with Frederick J. Brewster
BRIDGE, Lawanza None Given None Given Age 75
BRISLEY, David H. 1945 1963
BRISLEY, Dennis J. 7 Aug. 1954 1 Nov. 2003 See Obituary
BRISLEY, John J. 1914 None Given Double stone with Rebecca R. Brisley. 
BRISLEY, Rebecca R. 1917 1984 Double stone with John John J. Brisley.
BRISTOL, Emily  Black 1841 1916 Black is her married name.
BRISTOL, Gray Keith 30, Mar. 1936 23, Feb. 1974 OH SP. 3, US Army  US Vet flag holder
BRISTOL, Starr O. 1888 1974 Stone with Gunda B. Bristol.
BRITTON 1872 1949 "Mother"  only, on the monument but name is Oretta Potter Britton.   See Epitaph page.
BRITTON, Sue Ellen 1947 None Given "Baby"  No other date given
BRITTON, Thankful 1899 1919 American Legion Auxilliary flag holder.  See Epitaph page
BROOKS, Asa 1842 1925 Medallion with Member of E. C. F. D. (East Conneaut Fire Dept.)
BROOKS, Augustus None Given 30, Dec. 1822 Aged 20 mos.  Sleep on my abe & take thy rest.  God called thee home, he thought it best.
BROOKS, Barbara A. 1924 1935
BROOKS, Edgar None Given 8, Dec. 1857 Aged 32 yrs. __ mos. 5 days.  Weathered, some illegible.
BROOKS, Elizabeth 1846 1917
BROOKS, Elizabeth None Given 27, Mar. 1813 Aged 49 yrs.  "Transfer'd to brighter realms from care & pain.  Our loss, We trust is her eternal gain.
BROOKS, Henry M. 27, Feb. 1921 18, Mar. 1980 Sgt. US Army WWII.  Vet flag holder.  Stone with Mary L. Brooks.
BROOKS, Loren None Given 17, Apr. 1828 Aged 1 yr. 10 mos.  Son of J. & P. Brooks
BROOKS, Mary None Given 8, Dec. 1855 Aged 62 yrs. 8 mos. 16 days.  Wife of James Brooks
BROOKS, Mary L. 1925 1983 Stone with Henry M. Brooks.
BROWER, Jane 1824 1905 "Mother"
BROWN, Alice L., Dr. 1888 1973 Dr. (Doctor)
BROWN, Amiel E. 1910 1932 "Smiles" engraved on the base of the monument.
BROWN, Arnold F. 1900 1966 Triple stone with George F. and Emma E. Brown.
BROWN, Baby 1942 1942 In baby area.  Only date given.  When we re-checked our work in 1991, this marker was missling
BROWN, Carl A. 1898 1941 "Smiles" engraved on the base of the monument.
BROWN, Cash M. 1902 1990 Stone with Kathryn E. Brown.  Boat engraved on monument.
BROWN, Catherine A. 1861 1934 Stone with Ora L. Brown.
BROWN, Cecil L. 4, Apr. 1906 9, Oct. 1974 Stone with Margaret S. Brown. Pfc. US Army.  Vet flag holder.
BROWN, Cora Hogle 1872 1954 Hogle may be her maiden name.  Eastern Star emblem on the stone.
BROWN, Earl N. 1870 1915
BROWN, Edgar C. 10 Dec. 1934 2007 Aug. 7 See Obituary
BROWN, Edgar L. 1910 1962 Double stone with Virginia C. Brown
BROWN, Emma E. 1880 1967 Triple stone with George F. and Arnold F. Brown.
BROWN, Esther A. 1898 1970 Stone with Otto M. Brown.
BROWN, Ezra S. 1843 1925 Co. C. 16th PA CAV.  Vet flag holder.  Brown family monument with individual stones for Rhoda and Ezra.
BROWN, Floyd N. 1899 1952 Stone with Inez Brown.
BROWN, Franklin 24, Dec. 1844 7, June 1879 Stone with Robert, Franklin, Wm. B. & Roxana A. Brown.
BROWN, Fred H. 1870 1954 Masonic emblem on stone.
BROWN, George F. 1870 1963 Triple stone with Emma E. and Arnold F. Brown.
BROWN, Helen Akerley 1846 1872 Wife of A. S. Akerley.  Akerley is her married name.
BROWN, Howard E. 1898 1985 Stone with Minnie E. Brown.
BROWN, Inez 1885 1966 Stone with Floyd N. Brown.
BROWN, John W. 1886 1955 Double stone with Lela I. Brown.
BROWN, Joseph 1844 1929 Stone with Phebe Brown.
BROWN, Julia Andrews 1835 1902 Stone says Oliver's wife.  Stone with Oliver, Julia and Ralph Andrews.  Andrews is her married name.
BROWN, Kathryn E. None Given None Given Stone with Cash M. Brown.  No dates given.
BROWN, Lela I. 1887 1949 Double stone with John W. Brown.
BROWN, Mabel Kimmel 1870 1951 Kimmel is her married name.  Grave next to Earl N. Brown.
BROWN, Margaret S. 1912 1979 Stone with Cecil L. Brown.  Dau. of the Union Vets of Civil War.  Civil War flag holder.
BROWN, Minnie C. 1904 1959 Stone with Howard E. Brown.
BROWN, Ora L. 1862 1935 Stone with Catherine A. Brown.
BROWN, Otto M. 1899 1966 Stone with Esther A. Brown.
BROWN, Phebe 1847 1897 Stone with Joseph Brown.
BROWN, Ralph J. 1876 1947 Stone with Bertha H. Brown.
BROWN, Rhoda M. 1847 1918 Brown family monument with individual stones for Rhoda & Ezra.
BROWN, Richard L. 1943 1997
BROWN, Robert 1853 1900 Stone with Robert, Franklin, Wm. B. & Roxana A. Brown.
BROWN, Roxana A. None Given 22, Dec. 1873 Stone with Robert, Franklin, Wm. B. & Roxana A. Brown.
BROWN, Virginia C. 1913 None Given Double stone with Edgar L. Brown. 
BROWN, Wm. B. None Given 24, May 1878 Stone with Robert, Franklin, Wm. B. & Roxana A. Brown.
BRYDLE, Fannie Joiner 1843 1910 Large Joiner family marker with George & Fannie Brydle Joiner.  "Mother" Brydle in her maiden name.
BRYSON, Lillian M. 1882 1951
See Note #1 below
BRYSON, Miller R. 27, Aug. 1888 26, Oct. 1948 PA Pvt. 319 Inf.  80 Div. WW I.  Vet flag holder. Miller M. Bryson & Lillian Thornton Thompson Bryson

See Note #1 below
BUCK, Gladys R. 1893 1934
BUCK, Raymond C. 1879 1945
BUNNELL, Charlotte 1896 1992 Stone with James Faye Bunnell.  NOTE:  Charlotte is the mother of James E. Bunnell.
(Information contributed by Kay Cutshall)
BUNNELL, Dorothy B. 1924 1924 Stone with F. Neal Bunnell.  Dates are correct.  Born and died the same year.
BUNNELL, Emma M. 1856 1932 Stone with Judson O. Bunnell. See stone
BUNNELL, F. Neal 1921 1922 Stone with Dorothy B. Bunnell.
BUNNELL, James E. 10 Oct. 1932 3 Dec. 2004 See Obituary
BUNNELL, James Fay 9, Mar. 1896 5, Oct. 1958 Stone with Charlotte Bunnell.  OH Pfc. 253 Co. MPC.  WW I.  US Vet flag holder.
BUNNELL, John L. 1957 1983
BUNNELL, Judson O. 1860 1933 Stone with Emma M. Bunnell. See stone
BUNNELL, Mary R. 1926 None Given Double stone with RIchard L. Bunnell. 
BUNNELL, Richard L. 1925 None Given Double stone with Mary R. Bunnell.
BUNNELL, Richard L., Jr. 1952 1973  
BURCHAM, Becky 14 Mar. 1956
Painesville, OH
3 Jun. 2007 See Obituary
BURCHAM, Diane Linn 1955 1975 Stone with Woodrow Jeffrey, Timothy David & Jeffrey Brian Burcham.
BURCHAM, Jeffrey Brian 18, Mar. 1975 28, May 1975 Stone with Woodrow Jeffrey, Timothy David & Diane Linn Burcham.
BURCHAM, Timothy David 23, Aug. 1972 28, May 1975 Stone with Woodrow Jeffrey, Jeffrey Brian, Diane Linn Burcham.
BURCHAM, Woodrow Jeffrey 1953 1975 Stone with Timothy David, Jeffrey Brian & Diane Linn Burcham.
BURDICK, Grace J. Eighmy 1895 1960 Stone with Walter R. Burdick.  Eighmy may be her maiden name.
BURDICK, Walter R. 1898 1961 Stone with Grace J. Eighmy Burdick.
BURT, Belle Lilly 1851 1926 Maiden name may be Lilly.
BUTKO, Andrew S. 1918 1970 Stone with Frances M. Butko.
BUTKO, Frances M. 1917 None Given Stone with Andrew S. Butko.
BUTLER, John F. 9, Nov. 1900 15, May 1968 OH Bugler Co. A. 113 Inf. 29 Div. WW I.  Vet. Flag holder.
BUTTS, Christopher M. 1861 1937 Stone with Hattie May Butts.
BUTTS, Hattie May 1862 1938 Stone with Christopher M. Butts.
BYLER, Herman H. 1897 1980 Double stone with Marjorie E. Martin Byler.
BYLER, Marjorie E. Martin 1908 1978 Double stone with Herman H. Byler.  Martin may be her maiden name.
BYRD, Donna Anna Mae 1933 1961

Note #1:  Photos of Miller R. Bryson and Lillian Thornton Thompson Bryson contributed by grandson.
Family Tree at

Note from Grandson, Arthur Thompson:   My Grandmother Lillian lost her first husband James Earl Thompson when he died 26 Aug 1923. Grandma had 10 young children to take care of and had no one to turn to. She somehow, she met Miller Bryson and married him.  Miller took on a new wife and ten kids. He did this through the depression and WWII. He never had any children of his own that I know of.  My mother always told us how kind of a man miller was. She always had nothing but good things to say of him. So, I believe my mother, when she said Miller Bryson was one of the best men she had ever met.


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