Original Hand Written Register of Births is in possession of
Geneva Public Library's Genealogy Department, Geneva, OH
Donated by Linda Lucas
A Copy of the Original is in possession of
Sharon Wick & Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH
Compiled by Sharon Wick, Conneaut, OH

Alphabetized by Name of Deceased
NOTE:    I have done a little research of my own and found the location of burials for some of the deceased.  You can find the location typed in RED next to their line. ~ SW

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Year Line No. Name of Deceased Race Age at Death Social Status Duration of Illness Dte of Death Cause of Death Occupation Where Born Where Died Residence at time of death Physician Undertaker Place of Interment Where Buried
1899 34 Waite, Rufus White 46 Married 3 wks May. 12 Typhoid Fever Farmer Monroe, O. Conneaut (blank) M. G. Spaulding Marcy & Belding Kellogsville, O
1897 17 Ward, Betsy White 77 Widow one week Mar. 7 Paralysis Housekeeper Pennsylvania South Ridge SouthRidge (Conneaut Twp) no Chas. Marcy Conneaut, O
1900 70 Ward, W. A. White 62 Married 6 months Sept. 30 Chronic Diarrhea Physician & Surgeon (blank) Conneaut Main St. R. J. Baxter Simonds & Bennett Conneaut, O
1895 No line # Washburn, Vane? White 1y7m Single 3 days Nov. 14 Pneumonia (Infant) Ashtabula East Conneaut East Conneaut D. S. Cossitt C. H. Simonds Ashtabula, O Furnace Road Cem
1900 26 Waters, Clarence White 14 Single 5 days May. 12 Tetanus School Boy Conneaut Conneaut Harbor St. W. H. Leet? Chas. Marcy Conneaut
1900 24 Waters, Baby White 8 m. Single 1 wk. April. 13 Acute Indigestion None Conneaut Conneaut Conneaut O. O. Blakeslee Chas. Marcy Conneaut City Cem
1900 57 Weaka?, Baby White 4 days Single 4 days Aug. 30 Premature Birth None Conneaut Conneaut Harbor St. D. S. Cossitt Chas. Marcy Conneaut, O
1900 65 Weaver, Baby White 1 Single 4 w. Sept. 23 Whooping Cough None Conneaut, O Conneaut Sandusky St. B. M. Tower Chas. Marcy Glenwood, Conneaut
1898 35 Weaver, Infant White 5 months Single one week June. 27 Cholera Infantism none Conneaut, O Conneaut, O Sandusky St. O. O. Blakeslee C. H. Simonds Conneaut, O
1897 1 Webb, Willie White 10 months Single 8 days Jan. 4th Congestion Lungs Conneaut Conneaut, O Madison St. B. M. Tower Chas. Marcy Conneaut, O 
1896 No line # Weber, Edward White 6 Single 36 hours Aug. 8 Scarlet Fever School Boy Conneaut, O Conneaut Madison St., Conneaut W.W. Wetmore C. H. Simonds Conneaut Cemetery City Cem
1896 No line # Welch, Matt J. White 23 Single not given May. 20 (supposed to have been murdered) Brakeman North East, Pa N.Y.C. & St. G. R. R. Bridge Conneaut, O   W. A. Ward C. H. Simonds North East, Pa
1900 19 Welch, Mrs. White Not given   Not goven Not given April. 7 Bowel Trouble Not given not given Conneaut Not given F. W. Upson Chas. Marcy Vermillion, O
1899 72 Welkamiki, Johannes W 21 S 15 days Sept. 16 Typhoid (blank) Finland Conneaut (blank) Wilson M. & B. Conneaut
1899 25 Wellman, Monta White 17 yrs Single 4 months April. 2 Paralysis School Girl Conneaut Conneaut Not given O. O. Blakeslee Marcy & Belding Conneaut, O Center Cem
1900 1 Wells, L. C., Mrs. White 67 Married not given Aug (8) ** not given Not given not given Conneaut Broad St. G. H. Cole Marcy & Belding Conneaut, O City Cem
1897 57 White, Olive, Mrs. White 68 Widow 10 days Oct. 26 Typhoid Fever House Keeper Gould, O Conneaut Harbor Clark Ave. B. M. Tower Chas. Marcy Gould, O
1899 33 Williams, Baby White 4 mo  Single 2 wks May. 12 Tuberculosis (blank) Conneaut Conneaut Sandusky   M. G. Spaulding Marcy & Belding Conneaut, O
1899 53 Williams, Clarence W 4 m S 1 da. Aug. 10 Cholera Infant. (blank) Conneaut Conneaut Buffalo St. B. M. Tower Willard Marcy Conneaut Cemetery
1899 30 Williams, G. W. White 28 y Married (blank) Apr. 29 Tuberculosis Laborer Conneaut Conneaut Sandusky St. B. M. Tower Marcy & Belding Conneaut, O
1899 35 Williams, Laura White 3 S. 3 wks May. 28 Tuberculosis (blank) Monroe, O. Conneaut (blank) M. G. Spaulding Marcy & Belding Conneaut
1900 73 Willis, John G. White 75 Widower 4 weeks Oct. 20 Softening Brain Not given Oswego, N.Y. Conneaut Liberty St. B. M. Tower Chas. Marcy Oswego, N. Y.
1895 No line # Wilson, John White 76y9m22d Widower 5 days Nov. 22 Pleura Pneumonia Farmer England Conneaut Twp. Conneaut Twp. F. W. Upson Willard Marcy Conneaut Cemetery
1898 67 Woodard, Allie White 3 Single one day Dec. 4 Convulsions none conneaut Twp. Conneaut Twp. Conneaut Twp L. P. Sturtevant Marcy & Belding Conneaut, O
1899 41 Woodworth, Milton White 80 Widower (blank) June. 16 (blank) Retired Conneaut Conneaut (blank) (blank) M. & B. Conneaut
1900 61 Wra?Se?, Esther White 7 months Single 2 weeks Sept. 11  Cholera Infantism None Farrill, Mich? Conneaut (blank) C. E. Watson Chas. Marcy Conneaut, O
1896 No line # Wright, Phoebe Huntley White 70y8m. 21d. Widow one day March. 5 Apoplexy Housekeeper Pierpont, O Conneaut Oklahoma O. O. Blakeslee W. Marcy Pierpont, O
1899 48 Wright, Wm. F. W 3 mo. S 1 wk July. 29 Cholera Infant (blank) Monroe Center Conneaut Washington St. No. 41 C. D. Baker Willard Marcy Conneaut Cemetery City Cem
1899 70 Yarre, Jacob W 50 M 9 days Sept. 14 Pneumonia (blank) Finland Conneaut (blank) Wilson M. & B. Conneaut
1898 68 Yeomans, Alice White 24 Married one day Dec. 24 Uramic Convulsions Housekeeper Kinsman, O Conneaut State St. F. W. Upson Marcy & Belding Kinsman, O
1898 56 Zoerb?, Mrs. White 83 Widow immediate Nov. 6 Heart disease Housekeeper Germany Conneaut Harbor St. F. W. Upson Marcy & Belding Conneaut, O

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