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Furnace Road Cemetery

aka East Conneaut Cemetery
aka Lakeville Cemetery & New Hope Cemetery
Formerly named East Lakeville, Ohio
Currently named
Conneaut, Ohio



Name Birth Death Location
MACK, Earlene B. 17, Dec. 1907 2, April 1878  
MACKEY, Anton Jalmer 1897 1919  
MACKEY, Arlene S. 1902 1986  
MACKEY, August 1882 1951 Stone with Matilda Mackey.  Uno Mackey buried in the same grave as August Mackey.
MACKEY, Elsie Battenberg 1904 1978 Battenberg is her married name.
MACKEY, Matilda 1889 1966 Stone with August Mackey.  Uno Mackey's grave with August Mackey.
MACKEY, Onni 21, Feb. 1907 15 Jul. 1966 OH TEC 4 US Army WW II.  US Vet flag holder.
MACKEY, Sarah W. 1905 1986  
MACKEY, Susan W. 1866 1912 Stone with Thomas Mackey.
MACKEY, Thomas 1863 1925 Stone with Susan Mackey.
MACKEY, Thomas Eli 1906 1942 Modern Woodman of America Flag holder.
MACKEY, Uno 1914 1987 Grave on the same grave as August Mackey.  August on the same stone with Matilda Mackey.  Uno is Thompson Funeral home marker.
MacMILLEN, George A. 1902 1972  
MAKI, Bernice V. 1912 1990  
MAKI, Heikki 1883 1956 Double stone with Hilda Maki
MAKI, Helvi Susanna 1891 1952  
MAKI, Hilda 1875 1961 Double stone with Heikki Maki.
MAKI (Illegible) Can't read Can't read Nothing else is readable. as of 1991 this stone is missing.
MAKI, Otto J. 1886 1956  
MALLI, A. Julia 1898 1962  
MALLI Family None Given None Given No other stones to be found.
MALLORY Family Monument      
MALLORY Family Monument     This is in another row.
MALLORY, Alice 1850 1912  
MALLORY, Alva 1799 1894 Family monument with Maria, Nettie, Hulda & Alva Mallory.  Alva "Father", Hulda "Mother"
MALLORY, Amos J. 28, Aug. 1862 20, Mar. 1873 Large stone with Anda, Amos, Jay, Gilbert & Damaris.  Amos and Damaris have foot stones as well.
MALLORY, Anda R. 24, Oct. 1867 18, May 1886 Large stone with Anda, Amos, Jay, Gilbert & Damaris.  Amos and Damaris have foot stones as well.
MALLORY, Clayton C. 1868 1959 Stone with Minnie A. Mallory.  On same lot with the Mallory family monument.
MALLORY, Clinton G. 1908 1958 Double stone with Doris I. Mallory.
MALLORY, Damaris B. 28, May 1842 9, Sep. 1884 Large stone with Andar, Amos, Jay, Gilbert & Damaris.  Amos and Damaris have foot stones as well.  "His wife" probably Gilbert's.
MALLORY, Doris I. 1919 None Given Double stone with Clinton G. Mallory
MALLORY, Father 1833 1923 GAR Flag holder.  Not sure if this is Mallory.
MALLORY, Florence 1890 1989 Stone with Frank H. Mallory.
Wife of Frank H. Mallory
MALLORY, Floy P. 1881 1933 On the lot with the Mallory family monument.  It looks like it could be a Mallory.
MALLORY, Frank H. 1893 1954 Stone with Florence Mallory.  IOOF flag holder.
See Obituary published in Conneaut News Herald on Feb. 1, 1954.
NOTE:  Obituary lists his residence as 443 Main Street.
He is husb. of Florence Mallory
MALLORY, Gilbert 5, Feb. 1835 None Given Large stone with Anda, Amos, Jay, Gilbert & Damaris.  Amos and Damaris have foot stones as well.
MALLORY, Hannah Huntley None Given 30, Sep. 1879 Aged 39 yrs. 5 mos. 16 days. Wife of Wm. Mallory.
MALLORY, Hulda 1803 1877 Family monument with Maria, Nettie, Hulda & Alva Mallory.  Alva "Father".  Hulda " Mother.
MALLORY, Ida White 23, Aug. 1859 14, Dec. 1885 Stone with Albert White.  White is her married name.
MALLORY, Jay W. 6 Sept. 1868 14, Dec. 1885 Large stone with Andar, Amos, Jay, Gilbert & Damaris.  Amos and Damaris have foot stones as well.
MALLORY, LD 1870 1960 Stone with Minnie M. Mallory.  No given name. Just initials LD.  No periods in LD.
MALLORY, Loren D. 1904 1976 On same lot as Mallory Family Monument.
MALLORY, Loren G. 1839 1910 Vet. flag holder.  On lot with Mallory family monument.
MALLORY, Maria 1829 1850 Family monument with Maria, Nettie, Hulda & Alva Mallory.  Alva "Father".  Hulda "Mother".
MALLORY, Mary J. 1848 1929 On lot with Mallory family monument.
MALLORY, Maud 1863 1890 Can not be sure if it's Mallory or Eaton but looks like Mallory.
MALLORY, Mildred J. 1902 1905 On the lot with the Mallory family monument.
MALLORY, Minnie A. 1872 1949 Stone with Clayton C. Mallory.  On lot with Mallory family stone.
MALLORY, Minnie M. 1879 1954 Stone with LD Mallory.
MALLORY, Mother 1834 1907 Can not be sure about surname but looks like Mallory.
MALLORY, Nettie 1844 1932 Family monument with Marie, Nettie, Hulda & Alva Mallory.  Alva "Father. Hulda "Mother".
MALLORY, Wm. 1822 1909  
MANCHESTER, Emma Allds 1856 1932 Allds is her married name.  Allds family monument with individual stones with Aranda, Emma & Melvin.
MANLEY, Anna R. 1869 1950 Stone with Frank W. Manley.
MANLEY, Frank W. 1857 1921 Stone with Anna R. Manley.
MANNILA, Frans A. 1900 None Given Stone with Hilja L. Mannila.  "Rest in Peace"
MANNILA, Hilja L. 1900 1975 Stone with Frans A. Mannila. "Rest in Peace"
MANNINEN, Hjalmar 1881 1918  
MARBEL, Alice C. 1868 1946 Stone with Warren W. Marble.
MARBLE, Alva F. 1861 1918 Stone with Bertha E. Marble.
MARBLE, Bertha E. 1869 1914 Stone with Alva F. Marble.
MARBLE, Homer W. 1900 1986 Stone with Marguerite H. Marble.
MARBLE, Marguerite H. 1915 None Given Stone with Homer W. Marble.
MARBLE, Ray A. 1902 1989  
MARBLE, Warren W. 1859 1938 Stone with Alice C. Marble.
MARCY, Adolphus 1793 1832 Stone with Adolphus, Betsey B. & Lydia Marcy.
MARCY, Betsey B. 1795 1879 Stone with Adolphus, Betsey B. & Lydia Marcy.
MARCY, Lydia 1821 1838 Stone with Adolphus, Betsey B. & Lydia Marcy.
MARCY, ___ None Given 12, Jan. 18__ Sone of ___ & A. C. Marcy.  Aged __?  Badly weathered and mostly illegible.
MARING, Byron E. 1906 1973 Stone with Lillian E. Maring.  Mason emblem on the stone.
MARING, Edna C. 1886 1954 Stone with Frank W. Maring.
MARING, Elizabeth M. 1887 1969  
MARING, Frank W. 1883 1949 Stone with Edna C. Maring.
MARING, Lillian E. 1910 None Given Stone with Byron E. Maring.  Mason Emblem on stone.
MARING, William I. 1882 1932  
MARKIJOHN, Ida P. 1907 1990 Double stone with Tony P. Markijohn
MARKIJOHN, Tony P. 1908 1986 Double stone with Ida P. Markijohn.
MARN, Frances R. 8, Feb. 1926 None Given  
MARN, Frank 29, Aug. 1894 15, Oct. 1968  
MARSHALL, Bessie 1888 1955  
MARSHALL, Claire 1888 1958  
MARTEENY, DAniel W. 1886 1937 Masonic Emblem on stone.
MARTIN, Marjorie E. Byler 1908 1978 Double stone with Herman H. Byler.  Byler is her married name.
MARTIN, Ralph E. 1900 1959  
MARTISON, Oscar W. 1893 1962  
MARVIN, Ethel A. 1895 1988 Stone with Frank M. Marvin.  VFW Ladies Aux. Flag holder.
MARVIN, Frank M. 22, June 1895 18, July 1942 Stone with Ethel A. Marvin.  On the back of the monument, OH Pvt. 1st Cl. 145 Inf. 37 Div. WW I.  VFW flag holder.
MARVIN, Sadie Howard 1860 1944 Howard may be her maiden name.  Grave is next to Charles Howard.
MASCIK, George B. 1905 1965  
MASCIK, Louise 1904 1970 Stone with Stephen Mascik.
MASCIK, Stephen 1897 1975 Stone with Louise Mascik.
MAUKONEN, Amanda 1887 1922 Stone with Baby Anna L. Maukonen.
MAUKONEN, Edwin O. 19, July 1911 23, Oct. 1974 PFC US Army WW II. Vet flag holder.
MAUKONEN, Gertrude Ferl 1912 1975 Ferl may be her maiden name.
MAUKONEN, Otto 1884 1966  
MAVROS, Mary R. 1902 1971 Marcy Funeral home marker
McBRIDE, Marla Ann 5 Aug 1997 13 Mar. 2006 See Obituary
McCALL, Ansley L. 1901 1972  
McCALL, Esther J. 1915 None Given  
McCRAY, E. E. 1857 1942 "Father" Grave next to Etta McCray.
McCRAY, Etta 1857 1936 "Mother" Grave next to E. E. McCray.
McCRAY, Florence 1892 1965 "Wife" Stone with O. R. McCray.
McCRAY, O. R. 1886 1966 "Husband" Stone with Florence McCray.
McCRONE, Charles 1916 None Given Stone with Nellie K. & John H. McCrone.
McCRONE, John H. 1928 None Given Stone with Nellie K. & Charles McCrone.
McCRONE, Nellie K. 1920 None Given Stone with John H. & Charles McCrone.
McCUMBER, Ruth Edna 1897 1938  
McDERMOTT, May 1876 1952  
McDONALD, Caroline B. 1879 1949  
McDONALD, Gordon 1910 None GIven Stone with Lillian McDonald.  Mason emblem engraved on stone.
McDONALD, Lillian 15, May 1911 7, Feb. 1990 Aged 78 yrs. Stone with Gordon McDonald.  Eastern Star emblem engraved on stone.
McELHANEY, Esther Louise 1864 1932 Stone with Chester F. McElhaney & "his wife"
McELHANEY, Eva L. 1891 1977 Double stone with Frank G. McElhaney.
McELHANEY, Frank G. 1887 1978 Double stone with Eva L. McElhaney
McELHANEY, Harry L. 1894 4, Oct. 1918 Co. I. 47th Inf. USA died Argonne, Offensive, France.  WW I.
McFARLAND, Fredrick J. 20, Dec. 1917 7, June 1961 OH Pvt. Svc. Co. 5 Armored Div. WW II.
McGUIRE, Florence M. 1912 1986 On same stone with Robert A. McGuire.
McGUIRE, Charles P. 1878 1934 On same stone with Iva B. McGuire.
McGUIRE, Ida 16, Mar. 1859 18, Jan. 1922  
McGUIRE, Iva B. 1882 1985 Same stone with Charles P. McGuire.
McGUIRE, Robert A. 1908 1990 Same stone with Florence M. McGuire.
McKENDREE, Emeline M. 1841 1921 Stone with James I. & Irvine P. McKendree.
McKENDREE, Irvin P. 1846 1933 Stone with Emeline & James I. McKendree.
McKENDREE, James I. 1868 1934 Stone with Irvine P. & Emeline M. McKendree.
McKINLEY, Eugene Ray 1880 1918 Stone with Josephine A. McKinley.
McKINLEY, Josephine A. 1885 1971 Stone with Eugene Ray McKinley.
McKINLEY, Loren I. 1909 1983  
McKNIGHT, Harry E. 1887 1912 In the McKnight family lot.
McKNIGHT, James E. 1858 1930 In the McKnight family lot.
McKNIGHT, Margaret F. 1897 1901 In the McKnight family lot.
McKNIGHT, Mary A. 1859 1944 In the McKnight family lot.
McKNIGHT, May R. 1867
Beaver, PA
1954 On lot with Ruland-Crossen family monument.
See Obituary in Conneaut News Herald on 11 Nov. 1954.
Lists her name as May Ruland McKnight.
Residence: 371 Chestnut St.
Dau. of George & Fannie Joiner.
McMAHON, Ellen A. 1876 1929 Stone with Joseph T. McMahon.
McMAHON, Joseph T. 1878 1961 Stone with Ellen A. McMahon.
McMANUS, Clara M. 1889 1942
McMANUS, Clarence E. 1891 1957
McMANUS, James S. 1869 1946 Stone with Lourella McManus.
McMANUS, Lourella U. 1867 1960 Stone with James S. McManus.
McMANUS, Robert R. 1899 1919 Vet Flag holder.
McMICHEAL, Mary L. Hawley 1868 1958 Hawley may be her maiden name.
McMILLEN, Arthur H. 1888 1962
McMILLEN, Frank A. 28, Sept. 1918 None Given No other date.  Lamb on the stone. Probably a child.
McMILLEN, Mary Elizabeth 1889 1973
MEINKE, Diane 12 Dec. 1961 3 May 2006 See Obituary
MELHUISH, Charles B. 16, Sept. 1912 1, Sept. 1964 OH Sgt. 40 Bomb Gp. AAF WWI. Vet flag holder.
MERCER None Given None Given Same stone with Joyce Holdson. No dates or first names.
MERCER, Joyce Holdson 1923 1976 Double stone, the other half is blank.
MERCH, Elizabeth "Mother" 1891 1966 Bert Wagner is buried next to Elizabeth Merch.
MERIKOSKI, Paul 1866 1934 Baby area in the south east corner of the cemetery.
MERIKOSKI, Teresa 1863 1953 Baby area in the south east corner of the cemetery.
MERRICK, Eck I. 1872 1955
MERRICK, Edward I. "Bud" 1916 1985 Stone with Ruth A. Merrick.
MERRICK, Marguerete 1904 1908
MERRICK, Millicent M. 1876 1953
MERRICK, Raymond G. 1901 1925
MERRICK, Ruth A. 1917 None Given Stone with Edward I. Merrick "Bud".
MERRICK, W. Bernard 1899 1941
MERRIMAN, Irene Morse 1893 1971 Stone with Lawrence A. Merriman.  Eastern Star emblem on the stone.  Morse is her middle name. 
MERRIMAN, Lawrence A. 1890 1952 Stone with Irene Morse Merriman.  Mason emblem engraved on monument.
MERRITT, Lucy O. 1892 1961
MERRITT, Marjorie O. 1912 1928 Large gap between next row and this one.
METCALF, Kay H. 1889 1952 Stone with Versa M. Metcalf.
METCALF, Marshall 20, Aug. 1951 20, Aug. 1951 In baby area and no other dates given.
METCALF, Versa M. 1892 1952 Stone with Kay H. Metcalf.
MICHALOS, Alex 1893 1974
MILLARD, Ethel O. 1874 1934 Stone with R. Clyde Millard.
MILLARD, R. Clyde 1876 1946 Stone with Ethel O. Millard.
MILLER, Almyra Wildrick None Given None Given Miller monument with Rachel M., Jacob A. & Almyra Miller Wildrick. Wife of S. Wildrick, her married name.
MILLER, Alvin 1841 1917
MILLER, Cynthia S. 1947 1961 "Daughter"
MILLER, Dennis Marvin 4, Aug. 1953 4, Aug. 1953 In baby area.
MILLER, Dorothy A. 1926 1971 Stone with Mary S. & Roy W. Miller.
MILLER, Elizabeth Homan- 1879 1954 Her name is written Homan-Miller. Homan may be her maiden name.
MILLER, Elva 1884 None Given
MILLER, Everil G. 1909 1980 "Mother" "Babe" Picture of microphone on document.
MILLER, Fred 1874 1964 Metal marker behind this stone.  No name, dates 1871 - 19__
MILLER, Homer F. 1886 1960 Stone with Linnie A. Miller.
MILLER, Jacob A. 1925 1902 Miller monument with Rachel M., Jacob A. & Almyra Miller Wildrick.
MILLER, James K. 1910 1960 Double stone with Margaret I. Miller.
MILLER, John F. 6, Aug. 1911 24, Dec. 1973 OH Tec 5 US Army WWII. Vet flag holder.
MILLER, John U. 1846 1922
MILLER, Johnie 1880 1893 Only one N on the stone.
MILLER, Kate 1855 None Given "Wife of" probably to Cassius.  In Payne family lot so probably belong to Payne family.
MILLER, Linnie A. 1882 1968 Stone with Homer F. Miller.
MILLER, Lois H. 1900 1965 Stone with Mortimer L. & Mary M. Miller.
MILLER, Lula M. "Mother" 1879 1930  
MILLER, Margaret I. 1914 1989 Double stone with James K. Miller.
MILLER, Mary M. 1880 1946 Stone with Mortimer L. & Louis H. Miller.
MILLER, Mary S. 1906 None Given Stone with Roy W. & Dorothy A. Miller.
MILLER, Mortimer L. 1866 1948 Stone with Mary M. & Lois H. Miller.
MILLER, Nellie H. 1881 1947
MILLER, Nettie I. 1868 1938
MILLER, Rachel M. 1826 1899 Miller monument with Rachel M., Jacob A. & Almyra Miller Wildrick.
MILLER, Roy W. 1901 1966 Stone with Mary S. & Dorothy A. Miller
MILLER, Sharlot 1833 1908
MILLISON, Harold M. 1905 1976 "Bud"
MILLISON, Jessie M. 1880 1936 Stone with John D. Millison
MILLISON, John D. 1878 1926 Stone with Jessie M. Millison.
MITCHELL, Pearl N. 1896 1982
MIX, Orville B. 1908 1943
MOE, George V. 1828 1907 Stone with Salena M. Moe "Father & Mother"
MOE, Salena M. 1833 1907 Stone with George V. Moe. "Father & Mother"
MOLNER, Edna Mae 10, June 1916 9, Aug. 2002 See Obituary
MONONEN, Esa E. 1885 1975 Double stone with Fanny M. Mononen.
MONONEN, Fanny M. 1886 1971 Double stone with Esa E. Mononen.
MONTGOMERY, Carl F. 1889 1964 Double stone with Flora L. Montgomery.
MONTGOMERY, Elmer P. 27, Apr. 1914 23, Oct. 1957 Boy Scouts of America, Star Troop 38. Conneaut, OH. Flag holder.
MONTGOMERY, Flora L. 1887 1957 Double stone with Carl F. Montgomery.
MONTGOMERY, Richard L. 1939 1953 Double stone with Roland L. Montgomery.
MONTGOMERY, Roland L. 1939 1957 Double stone with Richard L. Montgmery.
MOOK, Carl V. Jan. 1919 May 1919
MOOK, Dora 1881 1958 Stone with Harvey R. Mook. VFW Ladies Aux. flag holder.
MOOK, Harvey R. 1876 1947 Stone with Dora Mook. Pvt. 2nd Inf. OH US Vet. American Vet flag holder.
MOOK, Lewis L. 1903 1969 Stone with Margaret A. Mook.
MOOK, Margaret A. 1910 1990 'Stone with Lewis L. Mook.
MOORE, Jessie Hayford None Given 5, July 1951 Hayford is her married name.
MORGAN, Hattie Blake 1847 1914 Blake is her married name.
MORGAN, Norman W. 1914 Stone with Reta J. Morgan.
MORGAN, Reta J. 1935 1988 Stone with Norman W. Morgan.
MORRIS, Beverly Jean None Given 1977 Infant
MORSE, Edgar L. 1893 1983 Stone with Flo A. Morse.
MORSE, Flo A. 1892 1948 Stone with Edgar L. Morse.
MORTON, Mariette 23, Aug. 1844 4, June 1892
MOSINSKI, Helen V. 1919 None Given Stone with John M. Mosinski.
MOSINSKI, John M. 1917 1971 Stone with Helen V. Mosinski. Vet Flag holder.
MOTT, None Given None Given Mott family monument between rows.  Individual stones for William Sarah, Flora, Kitt & Merrill.
MOTT, Flora M. Ely 1883 1963 Individual stone on the Mott family plot. May be related to the Mott family, her name is Ely, not Mott on the stone.
MOTT, Kitt 1874 1956 On the lot with the Mott family monument.
MOTT, Merrill 1876 1918 On the lot with the Mott family monument.
MOTT, Sarah L. 1856 1944 On the lot with the Mott family monument.
MOTT, William M. 1853 1933 On the lot with the Mott family monument.
MOWRY, Adolph G. 1883 1954
MOWRY, Ruth B. Shellito 1894 1980 Shellito is her married name.
MOYER, Marcella T. 9 May, 1930 28 Nov. 2004 See Obituary
MULLEN, Carl Patrick 26, July 1973 19, Aug. 1973 Grave at the foot of Carl Myers grave.  Separate stones. "Our First Begotten Son" engraved on stone.
MULLEN, Charles G. 1902 1926
MULLEN, Marie West 1908 1984 West is her married name.
MULLEN, Ruth 1902 1903 Daughter of F. B. & E. Mullen. "Mullian" on parents stone. Mullen engraved for Ruth, Mullian engraved on parents stone.
MULLIAN, Emma P. 1868 1929 Stone with Frank B. Mullian.
MULLIAN, Frank B. 1864 1936 Stone with Emma P. Mullen.
MURPHY, Daniel 1895 1942
MURPHY, Dora M. 1925 1986 Double stone with Harold H. Murphy
MURPHY, Emily "Mother" 1832 1901 Murphy family stone with H. E., Emily "his wife", sons William & Milo Murphy
MURPHY, Emogene C. 13 Aug. 1910 3 Sept. 2003 Triple stone with Paul J. Murphy & a blank spot. See Obituary
MURPHY, Flora May 1889 1926
MURPHY, George 1872 1954 Stone with Ida Murphy.  "Asleep in Jesus"
MURPHY, H. E. "Father" 1824 1894 Murphy family stone with H. E., Emily "his wife", sons William & Milo Murphy.
MURPHY, Harold H. 1926 1977 Double stone with Dora M. Murphy.
MURPHY, Ida 1873 1956 Stone with George Murphy. "Asleep in Jesus"
MURPHY, Milo "Son" 1853 1914 Murphy family stone with H. E., Emily "his wife", sons William & Milo Murphy
MURPHY, Paul J. 1905 1977 Triple stone with Emogene C. Murphy & a blank spot. Torch & dove engraved on stone.
MURPHY, William "Son" 1869 1904 Murphy family stone with H. E., Emily "his wife", son's William & Milo Murphy.
MYERS, Carl R. 1884 1961 Same grave as Carl Patrick Mullen. Two monuments.
MYERS, Elsie B. 1888 198207?? Stone with Arthur & Kate Blood.
MYERS, Emma 1864 1927
MYERS, Francis E. 1907 1982 Double stone with Marjorie A. Myers.
MYERS, Geraldine E. 1907 1975
MYERS, Lorna I. 1907 1969 Stone with Theodore J. Myers.
MYERS, Lottie A. 1877 1970 Stone with William E. Myers.
MYERS, Marjorie A. 1918 1972 Double stone with Francis E. Myers.
MYERS, May M. 1893 1976 Double stone with Russell E. Myers.
MYERS, Patty 23 Apr. 1934 25 Apr. 1953 See Obituary
MYERS, Russell E. 1890 1960 Double stone with May M. Myers.
MYERS, Theodore J. 1902 1983 Stone with Lorna I. Myers. Called "Jake"
MYERS, William E. 1878 1966 Stone with Lottie A. Myers.  IOOF Flag Holder.

NOTE:  This is confirmed by her granddaughter K. Cutshall on 11/24/2003 and she also confirmed that Irene's maiden name was Bunnell.  Her  parents were Emma.  Morse (Morse was Emma's maiden name) and Judson O. Bunnell.  Also See Edith M. Cutshall's listing.  Lester Cutshall is the son of Edith (Smith) and W. Stanley Cutshall.  (Edith is the daughter of Viola & Jess J. Smith,  also buried close by)


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