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Furnace Road Cemetery

aka East Conneaut Cemetery
aka Lakeville Cemetery & New Hope Cemetery
Formerly named East Lakeville, Ohio
Currently named
Conneaut, Ohio



Name Birth Date Death Date
SALOMAKI, Helga M. 1881 1954  
SAMMIS, Alfred B. 10 Jul. 1919
Huntington, Long Island, NY
4 Jul. 2006
Conneaut, OH
Stone with Marian C. Sammis.
See Obituary
SAMMIS, Marian C. 1924 1990 Stone with Alfred B. Sammis.
SANFORD, Dawn Marie 17, July 1985 None Given Stone with Ruth A. Potter.  May be a baby.
SANTANA, Natasha Kay 15, May 1990 15, May 1990 Baby grave.  Marcy Funeral Home Marker.
SARELL, A. J. "Jack"` 1902 None Given Stone with Ruth E. Sarell.
SARELL, Michael Glenn  18, Feb. 1959 11, Jan. 1981 Military Marker with Korean flag holder.  "Every man's life is a plan of God."  Grave at the foot of Lizzie Ring.
SARELL, Ruth E. 1907 1982 Stone with A. J. "Jack" Sarell.
SAUERWINE, Charles H. 1903  1961 Small marker flush with ground.  Covered with grass and difficult to find.
SAUERWINE, Walter R. 1900 1984 NPR engraved on the stone.
SAWYER, Edward J., Sr. 27, Sep. 1907 22, Oct. 1965 Stone with Neeta B. Sawyer.  OH PFC Co. B. 752 RY OPR BN WW II.  Vet flag holder.
SAWYER, Neeta B. 1904 None Given Stone with Edward J. Sawyer.
SCHAEFER, Earl E. 1890 1962 Double stone with Leora E. Schaefer. Vet flag holder.
SCHAEFER, Leora E. 1904 1981 Double stone with Earl E. Schaefer.
SCHLAICH, Nellie L. 1893 1989 Stone with Theodore A. Schlaich.
SCHLAICH, Theodore A. 1896 1936 Stone with Nellie L. Schlaich.
SCOTT, Arlene 1925 1928
SCOTT, Dennis 8, Nov. 1962 None Given
SCOTT, Devon R. 26, June 1966 None Given In back of the Dennis Scott stone.
SCOTT, Guy None Given 1953 Stone with Harriet Scott.
SCOTT, Harriet None Given 1964 Stone with Guy Scott.  No other dates given for either Guy or Harriet.  Probably death dates.
SCOTT, Harriet I. 1894 1984 Stone with Lee W. Scott.
SCOTT, Laura L. 1862 1937
SCOTT, Lee W. 1890 1967 Stone with Harriet I. Scott.
SCOVILLE, Dora E. 1879 1934
SCRAMBLIN, Anna Emmons 1849 1916 Emmons may be her maiden name.
SCRAMBLIN, Edwin George 1834 1915 GAR flag holder.
SEAMON, Lydia A. 1910 1977
SEARLS, Burr 1873 1947 Stone flush with the ground behind Emma & Royal Searls.
SEARLS, Emma S. 1850 19____ Stone with Royal B. Searls.  Death date not completed
SEARLS, Royal B. 1837 1927 Stone with Emma S. Searls.  GAR flag holder.  1861 - 1865.  Was Civil War.  Individual stone with "Father"
SEIBERT, Berdell A. 1906` None Given Double stone with David L. Seibert.
SEIBERT, Blanche F. 1902 1977
SEIBERT, Charles H. 1895 1930 Vet flag holder.
SEIBERT, David L. 9, Oct. 1906 19, Sept. 1986 Double stone with Berdell A. Seibert.  Pvt. US Army WW II  Vet flag holder.
SEIBERT, Edward 1854 1941 Stone with Elizabeth Seibert.
SEIBERT, Edward T. 1893 1972 Double stone with Leona I. Seibert
SEIBERT, Elizabeth 1870 1947 Stone with Edward Seibert.
SEIBERT, Hannah Fralic 1918 1960 Fralic is her married name.  "Wife of Lyle"
SEIBERT, Harriet E. 1924 1927
SEIBERT, Harry W. 1909 1983 Double stone with Irene R. Seibert.  A Member of E. C. F. D.  (East Conneaut Fire Dept.)
SEIBERT, Irene R. 1910 None Given Double stone with Harry W. Seibert.
SEIBERT, Isabella L. 1905 1984 Double stone with John T. Seibert.  VFW Aux. flag holder.
SEIBERT, James R. 1903 1969
SEIBERT, John T. 1897 1965 Double stone with Isabella L. Seibert.  World War I engraved stone.  Vet flag holder.
SEIBERT, Leona I. 1895 1955 Double stone with Edward T. Seibert.
SEIBERT, Noel V. 1914 1947 Cpl. 459th Air SV. GP. 9th Air Force.
SEIBERT, Raymond 1910 1913
SEIBERT, Richard E. 1920 None Given
SELINE, Mary S. 1922 1954
SENSABAUGH, Earl Maurice 1959 1988
SENSABAUGH, Glenn Earl 1936 1947 "Son" Grave next to L. Kay & Luella M. Sensabaugh & Lawrence & Patricia Sensabaugh.  Doesn't say whose son.
SENSABAUGH, L. Kay 1908 None Given Stone with Luella M. Sensabaugh.
SENSABAUGH, Lawrence N. 1933 1988 Stone with Patricia A. Sensabaugh.  Vet flag holder.
SENSABAUGH, Loren L. 1876 1950 "Father"  Stone with Prudence M. Sensabaugh.
SENSABAUGH, Luella M. 1913 None Given Stone with L. Kay Sensabaugh.
SENSABAUGH, Patricia A. 1948 None Given Stone with Lawrence N. Sensabaugh.
SENSABAUGH, Prudence M. 1881 1944 "Mother"  Stone with Loren L. Sensabaugh.
SETALA, Hilja Peltonen 1901 1980 Peltonen may be her maiden name.
SETALA, Paul 1893 1963
SHANNON, Howard W. 1908 1952 Double stone, other side blank.
SHANOWER, Leroy F. 1911 1975 Stone with Vesta - Mae Shanover.
SHANOWER, Vesta-Mae 1910 1952 Stone with Leroy F. Shanower.
SHARP, Frank L. 1859 1918
SHARP, Minnie F. 1865 1966
SHARTNER, Carl H. 1910 None Given Stone with Eva H. Shartner.
SHARTNER, Eva M. 1911 1970 Stone with Carl H. Shartner.
SHELLITO, Clifford R. 1894 1975 Double stone with Grace B. Shellito.
SHELLITO, Dora E. 1892 1960 Stone with Hubert G. Shellito
SHELLITO, Grace B. 1896 1978 Double stone with Clifford Shellito
SHELLITO, Hubert G. 28, Sep. 1891 8, Mar. 1974 Stone with Dora E. Shellito.  OH A. SW.   US Navy  WW I.  Vet flag holder.  Mason emblem on the stone.
SHELLITO, Lloyd R. 1917 1973 Mason Insignia
SHELLITO, Ruth B. Mowry 1894 1980 Mowry may be her maiden name.
SHERIDAN, Lucy T. 1830 1895 "Mother"
SHOSENBURG, Florence 1894 1956
SHREVE, Edna 1889 1979 Stone with Harley Shreve.
SHREVE, Harley 1888 1963 Stone with Edna Shreve.
SHUMAKE, A. Jay 1893 1974 Stone with Ruth I. Shumake.  Mason emblem engraved on stone.
SHUMAKE, Benjamin C. 1900 None Given Stone with Gertrude Shumake.  Mason emblem on stone.
SHUMAKE, Dorothy A. 9, Nov. 1922 None Given Wife of Richard K. Shumake.  No stone with Richard.  Dorothy is still living in 1991
SHUMAKE, Gertrude 1900 1964 Stone with Benjamin C. Shumake.  Eastern Star emblem on the stone.
SHUMAKE, Ruth I. 1893 1967 Stone with A. Jay Shumake.  Eastern Star emblem engraved on stone.
SHUMAKE, Shirley I. 1928 None Given Eastern Star emblem on stone. Shirley is still living in 1991
SHUSTER, Violet A. "Vi" 1932 1988
SIMMONS, May Wilcox 1883 1946 Stone with Elmer Wilcox.  Wilcox is her married name.
SIMMONS, Needa A. 1919 None Given Stone with Paul D. Simmons.
SIMMONS, Paul D. 1909 1971 Stone with Need A. Simmons.
SIMONS, Addie J. 1863 1948 One stone with Isaac M. & Merle M. Vanderlip & Norman B. & Addie J. Simons.
SIMONS, Norman B. 1858 1940 One stone with Isaac M. & Merle M. Vanderlip & Norman B. & Addie J. Simons.
SIMPSON, Evelyn Nichols 7, Nov. 1920 None Given Nichols is her married name.
SIMPSON, Grace F. 1899 1967 Stone with Merritt L. Simpson.
SIMPSON, William R. 1899 1902 Home made marker.
SIMPSON, Merritt L. 1897 1973 Stone with Grace F. Simpson.
SIMPSON, Ora L. 1880 1920 Home made stone.
SIMPSON, Samuel A. 1871 1905 Home made stone
SIPPOLA, Charlie A. 1925 1951 Vet flag holder.
SISLEY, Eva 1859 1926
SISLEY, Lyman A. 1864 1925
SKELTON, Emery W. L. 22, Jan. 1897 24, Feb. 1950 OH Pvt. 158 Depot Brigade  WW I.  Vet flag holder.
SKINNER, Adelia M. 1836 1909 Skinner family monument in center of lot.
SKINNER, Charles H. 14, Oct. 1911 5, Mar. 1975 Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Mason and Eastern Star members.
SKINNER, Edgar P. 1890 1971 Large Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Mason & Eastern Star members.
SKINNER Family Monument Large Skinner family monument in center of lot.
SKINNER, Gladys E. 1892 1924 Large Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Mason & Eastern Star members.
SKINNER, Jennie F. 1881 1928 Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Mason & Eastern Star members.  S. Sgt. US Army WW II.
SKINNER, Lebbeus L. 1832 1913 Large Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Mason & Eastern Star members.
SKINNER, Lillian J. 1874 1948 Large Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Mason & Eastern Star members.
SKINNER, Marie G. 1896 1986 Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Mason & Eastern Star members.
SKINNER, Mary J. 1857 1933 Large Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Eastern Star members.  Nothing on stone.
SKINNER, Ruth Griffey 1886 1975 Large Skinner family monument in center of lot.   Eastern Star flag holder.  Griffey may be her maiden name.
SKINNER, Unknown Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Mason & Eastern Star members.  Nothing on stone.
SKINNER, Unknown Skinner family monument in center of lot.  Mason & Eastern Star members.  Nothing on stone.
SLIFER, Charles H. 1875 1942 Grave next to Laura K. Slifer.
SLIFER, Laura K. 1875 1968 Grave next to Charles H. Slifer.
SLOAN, Charlotte H. 1897 1970 Double stone with Harold C. Sloan.
SLOAN, Harold C. 1893 1958 Double stone with Charlotte H. Sloan.
SLOCUM, Alice K. 1861 1944 Slocum family monument in center of plot.  Individual stones for Fred, Alice, Charles & Elizabeth
SLOCUM, Charles E. 1869 1939 Slocum family monument in the center of plot.  Individual stones for Fred, Alice, Charles & Elizabeth.
SLOCUM, Christopher 3, Oct. 1978 16, Dec. 1978 Probably an infant.
SLOCUM, Elizabeth J. 1881 1933 Slocum family monument in center of plot.  Individual stones for Fred, Alice, Charles & Elizabeth.
SLOCUM, Eugene None Given None Given Eugene may be a Slocum.  Not sure
SLOCUM, Fred W. 1862 1933 Slocum family monument in center of plot.  Individual stones for Fred, Alice, Charles & Elizabeth.
SLOCUM, Gertrude L. 1897 1974 Stone with Lindsey F. Slocum
SLOCUM, Henry C. None Given 16, May 1959 No birth date given.  OH Pvt. 306 Brig.  Tank Corps.  VFW flag holder.
SLOCUM, Hiram J., Jr. 1913 1966
SLOCUM, Hiram W. 1836 1906 Stone with Sarah A. Slocum, "His Wife."
SLOCUM, Lindsey F. 21, Oct. 1897 14, Oct. 1971 Stone with Gertrude L. Slocum.  OH Pvt. STU Army TNG Corps WW I.
SLOCUM, Mabel 1887 1965 Stone with Hiram Slocum.
SLOCUM, Mark A. 27, June 1963 18, Feb. 1982 Pvt. US Army  Vet Flag holder.
SLOCUM, Ruth Lewis 1908 1931 Lewis is her married name.
SLOCUM, Sarah A. 1842 1910 Stone with Hiram W. Slocum, her husband.
SMITH, Alice L. 1900 1990 Stone with Ray H. Smith.
SMITH, Banks 1892 1960
SMITH, Betty Horton 1909 None Given No death date given.  Horton is her married name.  Vet flag holder.  Stone with Martha M. Smith.
SMITH, Charles Glenn` 12, Sep. 1929 3, Nov. 1967 OH PFC Ordance.  Mason emblem on stone.  Vet flag holder.  Stone with Martha M. Smith.
SMITH, Clyde H. 1893 1983 Stone with Mabel E. Smith.
SMITH, Dillon B. 22, Nov. 1914 1, Feb. 1973
SMITH, Evelyn M. 1916 1990  

Not sure about death date.  SW

SMITH, Floyd T. 1900 1979
SMITH, Gary E. C. 1946 None Given Same row as Childs & Gecewich.
SMITH, Gary W. 29, Apr. 1943 26, Apr. 1947
SMITH, George Henry 1891 1964
SMITH, Grace R. 1891 1940
SMITH, Irus S. 1890 1991 Stone with Jessie M. Smith.
SMITH, J. Leonard 1860 1955
SMITH, Jess J. 1867 1947 Stone with Viola E. Smith. "Father"
SMITH, Jessie M. 1893 1969 Stone with Irus Smith.
SMITH, Lloyd W. 1897 1949 Stone with Esther M. Smith.
SMITH, Mabel E. 1896 19___ Stone with Clyde H. Smith.  Death date not completed.
SMITH, Mable Hayes 1934 1946 Hayes is her married name
SMITH, Marie None Given 16, Jan. 1855 Aged 39 yrs. 7 mos. "Wife of B. Smith"
SMITH, Martha M. 1929 None Given Stone with Charles Glenn Smith.
SMITH, Mildred 24 Jun. 1913
Chicago, IL
3 May 2006
Memphis, TN
See Obituary
SMITH, Ralph Lee 1920 1926
SMITH, Ray H. 1898 1961 Stone with Alice L. Smith.
SMITH, Richard E. 1928 1929 Carle Arlene Jarvi is buried on the same grave as Richard E. Smith.
SMITH, Victoria 1868 1952
SMITH, Viola E. 1974 1951 Stone with Jess J. Smith.  "Mother"
SMITH, William Banks 26, May 1918 7, Feb. 1945 OH Pvt. 1 cl. 746 Railway  BN. TC. Vet flag holder.
SNYDER, Amos F. 1872 1957 Stone with Daisy E. Snyder.
SNYDER, Daisy E. 1883 1974 Stone with Amos F. Snyder.
SNYDER, James M. 1921 1942
SNYDER, Marjorie Ann 1955 1979
SNYDER, Mavero H. 1898 1958
SOET, Austa O. 1894 1946 Stone with John C. Soet.  IOOF flag holder.
SOET, John C. 1886 1965 Stone with Austa O. Soet.  US Vet.  WW I.  Vet flag holder & also IOOF flag holder.
SOUTHWARD, Fred E. 1891 1970 Stone with Hazel P. Southward.  Vet flag holder.
SOUTHWARD, Hazel P. 1895 1953 Stone with Fred E. Southward.
SPACKMAN, Frank 1901 None Given Stone with Martha J. Spackman.
SPACKMAN, Martha J. 1903 1975 Stone with Frank Spackman.
SPAULDING, Anna E. 28, Aug. 1935 20, Jan. 1990 Stone with Richard M. Spaulding.
SPAULDING, Hannah Thurber None Given 6, Nov. 1827 Wife of Enos Thurber & daughter of Joseph & Anna Spaulding.  Aged 29 yrs.  See epitaph page.
SPAULDING, Richard M. 1934 None Given Stone with Anna E. Spaulding.
SPEER, Clara 1881 1928
SPEER, Edgar C. 1909 1966 Stone with Madeline Speer.
SPEER, Robert G. 28, Mar. 1912 20, June 1989 Stone with Rose Speer & Susan (infant) Speer.
SPEER, Susan 29, Aug. 1945 29, Aug. 1945 Stone with Robert G. & Rose Speer.  Susan is an infant, born & died the same day.
SPENCER, Lulu D. 1877 1947
SPLAN, Alfred 1879 1961 Double stone with Alma Jane Splan.  Mason emblem.
SPLAN, Alma Jane 1879 1960 Double stone with Alfred Splan.
SPLAN, Myron A. 1900 1977 Masonic emblem.  "In God's Care"
SPRAGUE, Alice Frances 1891 1955
SPRINGER, Eva Leona 1877 1949 Stone with John Calvin Springer.
SPRINGER, Harry L. 1895 None Given Stone with Mamie M. Springer.  "Together Again"
SPRINGER, John Calvin 1875 1963 Stone with Eva Leona Springer.  Member of ECFD marker.  (East Conneaut Fire Department.)
SPRINGER, Mamie M. 1897 None Given Stone with Harry L. Springer.  "Together again"
STAHLE, Elmer A. 1913 1944 Member of ECFD (East Conneaut Fire Department)  Vet flag holder.
STAHLE, Fred 1881 1957
STAHLE, Mabel L. 1888 1940
STANTON, Kane 25, Jan. 1896 22, Apr. 1982 Pvt. US Army WW I.
STARK, Hattie E. 1890 1972 Stone with Joseph C. Stark.
STARK, Joseph C. 1887 1945 Stone with Hattie E. Stark.
STARKEY, Belle B. 1886 1891 Surname may be Walther but looks more like Starkey.
STARKEY, Kinnie S. 1877 1901 Surname could be Walther, but looks more like Starkey.
STARKEY, Lottie L. 1849 1911
STAUDACHER, Kera Louise (Jones) 6 May 1983 20 Feb. 2005 See Obituary
STEADMAN, Clifford L. 1901 1977 Stone with Cora B. Steadman.
STEADMAN, Cora B. 1899 1956 Stone with Clifford L. Steadman.
STEADMAN, Viva J. 1880 1957 Double stone with Walter W. Steadman.
STEADMAN, Walter W. 1880 1963 Double stone with Viva J. Steadman.
STEPHENSON, Joseph A. 1855 1918 Grave next to Mary E. Stephenson Cornsew.
STEPHENSON, Mary E. Cornsew 1864 1928 Cornsew is her last married name.  Grave next to Joseph A. Stephenson
STEWARD, Charles 1901 1966 Pvt. 465 Base HQ WW II.
STEWARD, Fred A. 1890 1978 Stone with Julia M. Steward.
STEWARD, John 1894 1918 IOOF Emblem on stone.
STEWARD, Joseph A., Sr. 1858 1943
STEWARD, Julia M. 1895 1953 Stone with Fred A. Steward.
STEWARD, Ralph C. 1894 1979 Son of Edgar & Emma.  Doesn't say Steward.
STEWARD, Sarah A. 1870 1921
STEWART, Beth Ann 1946 1947
STEWART, John T. 25, Jan. 1950 6, Mar. 1967
STEWART, Robert Earl 21, Feb. 1898 18, Jan. 1945 OH Storekeeper 2 Cl. USN RR. WW vet flag holder.  Odd Fellows flag holder.
STINE, Clarence E. 1902 1916 On lot with Stine family monument
STINE, Cleon A. 1888 1957 On lot with Stine family monument.
STINE, Emma A. 1893 1950 "Mother"
STINE Family Monument Large family monument
STINE, Marietta H. 1890 1923 On lot with Stine family monument
STINE, Martha J. 1857 1915 "Mother"  The Rebekah flag holder should probably be on this grave instead of Wilson Stine.
STINE, Wilson 1858 1936 Rebekah Flag holder.  On lot with Stine Family monument.
STUART, Frances None Given 11, July 1927 Aged 57 years.  Birth date not given.
STUCKEY, Fred William 1888 1938 IOOF Flag holder.
STUCKEY, Lena Page 1890 1980 Page is her married name
STUNTZ, Jaci Rene 29, Aug. 1962 None Given Same grave as Mary Lucille Anderson, another child.  No other date given for Jaci.  Could be infant. 
SUECH, Gloria Ann 1937 1941 In baby area.
SUMMERS< Eva P. 1909 None Given Double stone with Roy C. Summers
SUMMERS, Roy C. 1903 1963 Double stone with Eva P. Summers.  Eva P. Summers.
SUTTLES, Amanda E. 1866 1936
SUTTLES, Blanche A. 1896 1981 Stone with Walter H. Suttles.
SUTTLES, Charles 11 Jan. 1916 28 Nov. 2003 See Obituary
SUTTLES, Ernest M. 1862 1923
SUTTLES, Walter H. 1895 1983 Stone with Blanche A. Suttles.
SWAP, Eva M. 1886 1974 Stone with Frank L. Swap.
SWAP, Frank L. 1884 1966 Stone with Eva M. Swap.
SWEET, Glenn E. 1905 1981 Stone with Leola I. Sweet.
SWEET, Leola I. 1913 1965 Stone with Glenn E. Sweet.
SZIKLAI, Ilona 1 June 1909 16, July 1998 Age 89
See Obituary


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