Furnace Road Cemetery

aka East Conneaut Cemetery
aka Lakeville Cemetery
Conneaut, Ohio

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Name Birth Date Death Date Other
O'BRIEN, Helen H. 13, July 1915 20, June 1974 "Gone to Soon"  VFW Ladies Aux. flag holder.


O'CONNELL, Marie E. 1920 None Given Double stone with Richard A. O'Connell  
O'CONNELL, Richard A. 1904 1077 Double stone with Marie E. O'Connell  
O'DAY, John Francis 21, Oct. 1893 21, Nov. 1946 PA PFC 148 Inf. 37 Div. WW I.  
OJAJARAVI, Charles August 30, Apr. 1915 3, Mar. 1945 OH Sgt. Army Air Forces Vet flag holder.  
OLD AREA     This row starts an old section of the cemetery in the southwest corner  
OLDS, Alfred O. 1859 1936    
OLDS, Ben H. 1889 1950 Stone with Sada Olds  
OLDS, Catharine A. 1861 1923    
OLDS, Dora E. 1856 1916 On lot with the Olds Family Monument  
OLDS Family Monument      
OLDS, Harriet E. 1829 1918  
OLDS, Henry E. None Given 20, Dec. 1862 Aged 1 mo. 17 days.  Son of John and Harriet Olds
OLDS, Howard L. 28, Apr. 1898 12, Mar. 1977 Pvt. U.S. Army WW II Vet flag holder
OLDS, Jessie None Given 18, Mar. 1871 Dau. of J. & H. Olds.
OLDS, John 1824 1893
OLDS, Maurice A. 1885 1904 On lot with the Olds Family monument.
OLDS, Sada 1887 1981 Stone with Ben H. Olds.
OLDS, Wilson 1854 1930 On lot with the Olds Family monument.
OLMSTEAD, Wm. H. 1876 1935
OLSON, Alfred 1895 1962 Double stone with S. Elizabeth Olson.
OLSON, S. Elizabeth 1898 1957 Double stone with Alfred Olson.
ONION, Arthur W. 1896 1943
ONION, Florence Gilbert 1899 1956 Gilbert is her married name.
ORFORD, Annie L. 1865 1939 Two Orford graves opposite these.
ORFORD, Elizabeth None Given 25, Apr. 1887 Aged 56 yrs. 9 os.  We aren't sure about the 56, stone badly weathered.
ORFORD, George 1873 1900
ORFORD, John R. 1859 1935 Two Orford graves opposite these two
ORFORD, Robert None Given 5, Jan. 1880 Aged 56 yrs. 4 mos.
ORFORD, Villa N. 1870 1950 Stone with William H. Orford.
ORFORD, William H. 1864 1938 Stone with Villa N. Orford
ORRENMAA, Alexander 1892 1839 Grave next to Tyyne Orrenmaa Kesatie.
ORRENMAA, Elmer Armas 4, Jan. 1926 2, June 1977 USN 1944 - 1946.  American Legion flag holder.
ORRENMAA, Jeffrey Michael 1981 1983 "Jeffy" Son of Bim & Chris Orrenmaa.
ORRENMAA, Mary Ellen 13 Dec. 1923
Conneaut, OH
14 Sep. 2008
Sarasota, FL
ae. 84 yrs.
d/o Stephen J. & Nora C. (Rhein) Ryan
See Obituary in Star Beacon Sep. 18, 2008
PAAVOLA, Sandra 1879 1951 "Mother"
PACE, Lula Cole. 1885 1915 Stone with Jessie L. Cole.  FOE flag holder.  Cole may be her first married name or maiden name.
PAGE, Cecile 1914 1921
PAGE, Edith M. 1883 1951
PAGE, Jennie R. 1877 1954 "Mother".  Stone with William C. Page.
PAGE, Lena Stuckey 1890 1980 Stuckey may be her maiden name.  Page is her married name.
PAGE, Leon E. 1882 1980 IOOF flag holder.
PAGE, Paul 1903 1906 "Son"
PAGE, William C. 1870 1945 "Father".  Stone with Jennie R. Page.
PAINTER, Kathryn E. 1872 1959 Stone with Perry A. Painter.
PAINTER, Perry A. 1871 1937 Stone with Kathryn E. Painter.
PAKKA, Anna Liisa 1874 1918 Large Pakka monument with individual stones for Anna, Onni, Kelle, Kerman & Jennie.
PAKKA, Herman 1869 1947 Large Pakka monument with individual stones for Anna, Onni, Kelle, Herman & Jennie.
PAKKA, Jennie Marie 1893 1985 Large Pakka monument with individual stones for Anna, Onni, Kelle, Herman & Jennie
PAKKA, Kalle Antton 1909 1940 Large Pakka monument with individual stones for Anna, Onni, Kalle, Herman & Jennie.
PAKKA, Onni Matias 1905 1937 Large Pakka monument with individual stones for Anna, Onni, Kalle, Herman & Jennie.
PALMER, Ella L. 1858 1939 On the lot with a large Palmer family monument.
PALMER Family monument Large Palmer family monument on this lot.  GAR flag holder.
PALMER, Frank R. 1876 1960 Stone with Laura R. Palmer.
PALMER, James L. 1851 1911 On the lot with the large Palmer Family Monument.
PALMER, Laura R. 1892 1975 Stone with Frank R. Palmer.
PALMQUIST, Alma Ahlberg 1904 1967 Ahlberg may be her maiden name.
PALO, Elizabeth 1874 1947 Stone with Jacob Palo.
PALO, Jacob 1867 1942 Stone with Elizabeth Palo.
PALO, Jacob F. 1907 1986 Stone with Violet H. Palo
PALO, Violet H. 27 Jun 1916 5 Feb. 2005 Stone with Jacob F. Palo.
See Obituary
PALO, William H. 1909 1968
PARKE, Ethel Edna 1890 1944 Stone with George A. Parke.
PARKE, George A. 1890 1966 Stone with Ethel Edna Parke.
PARKE, Mary Emerson 1896 1985 Emerson may be her maiden name.
PARKER, Charles W. 3, Feb. 1922 31, Mar. 1967 OH PFC 808 Engineer. AVN BN WWII Vet Flag holder.
PARKER, Chas. E. 1872 1920 Stone with Lida E. Parker.
PARKER, Eleanor 1842 1926 Stone with Fredrick Parker.
PARKER, Fred 1898 1961
PARKER, Fredrick 1847 1928 Stone with Eleanor Parker.
PARKER, G. Alverta 1909 None Given Stone with Leon L. Parker.
PARKER, Gertrude 1879 1943 Stone with William Parker.
PARKER, Leon L. 1911 None Given Stone with G. Alverta Parker
PARKER, Lida E. 1877 1955 Stone with Chas. E. Parker.
PARKER, Mary L. 1907 None Given Stone with Wilbur M. Parker.
PARKER, Paul E. 1909 1914
PARKER, Robert Harry 2, Sept. 1927 28, Oct. 1950 OH 81 USNR WW II. Vet flag holder.
PARKER, Ruth M. 1912 1919
PARKER, Wilbur M. 1909 1984 Stone with Mary L. Parker.
PARKER, William 1879 1960 Stone with Gertrude Parker.
PARKOMAKI, Jacob W. 1889 1965 Stone with Johanna K. Parkomaki.
PARKOMAKI, Johanna K. 1892 1966 Stone with Jacob W. Parkomaki.
PARRISH, Ellison J. 1865 1962 See Obituary
PARRISH, Pearl I. 1869 1952 (w/o Ellison J.)
PARTANEN, Henry 1888 1968 Stone with Sanna Partanen
PARTANEN, Sanna 1891 1969 Stone with Henry Partanen.
PATCH, Rufus None Given 21, Jan. 1862 Aged 2 yrs. 8 mos.   Son of George & Abigail Patch.
PAYNE Family Monument
PAYNE, Adelbert C. 1874 1962 Stone with Florence C. Payne.
PAYNE, Amanda Bailey 9, Aug. 1801 6, Dec. 1879 Aged 78 yrs.  Wife of Joseph Bailey & grave next to his.  Bailey is her married name.
PAYNE, Cassius 1854 1915 Beside Kate Miller so probably her husband.  No surname given but in the Payne plot.
PAYNE, Cyrenus M. None Given 23, Jan. 1860 Aged 32 yrs. 2 mos. and 23 days.  Epitaph on stone but illegible.
PAYNE, Florence C. 1883 1955 Stone with Adelbert C. Payne.
PAYNE, Florence L. 9, July 1884 7, July 1910
PAYNE, Lydia Hackenburg 1903 None Given Stone with Deah F. Hackenburg.  Hackenburg is her married name.
PEARSON Family Monument
PEARSON, Mary A. Blood 1836 1928 Pearson is her married name and "His Wife" to Wm. S. Pearson.  Next to Wm. S. Pearson.
PEARSON, Wm. S. 1840 1914 Next to the Pearson Family monument.
PEASE, Dorothy May 1918 1979
PEASE, Howard Clinton 1906 1976
PEASE, Roger Leroy 1944 1957
PECK, Betty J. 1930 None Given Double stone with Russell A. Peck.
PECK, Frank A. 1862 1908
PECK, James M. 1957 1974
PECK, Patricia Elaine 1932 1946
PECK, Russell A. 1930 None Given Double stone with Betty J. Peck.
PEES, Emma E. 1890 1960 Stone with Francis J. Pees.
PEES, Francis J. 1885 1951 Stone with Emma E. Pees.  Mexican War Flag holder.
PEKONEN, Ellen M. 1907 1988
PEKONEN, Waino A. 1891 1957
PELTONEN, Andrew 30, Jan. 1917 26, Feb. 1945 OH Capt. Inf. WW II  Vet flag holder.
PELTONEN, Arvo N. 1900 1947
PELTONEN, Hilja Setala 1901 1980 Setala is her married name.
PELTONEN, Nikolai 1872
1954 See Obituary published in Conneaut News Herald on Feb. 1, 1954.
Note:  The Obituary lists his residence as 909 Harbor Street.
PELTONEN, Niles H. 1905 1976 Note:  He died 15 Apr. 1976 at Brown Mem. Hosp., Conneaut, OH aged 70 yrs. - Cert. #022469
PELTONEN, Unknown No other data on this marker, and stone appears to be by itself.  Large gap between this stone and other stones.
PERKINS, Elijah 1861 1951
PERKINS, Emory O. None Given None Given OH Pvt. Gen. Hosp.  50.  9, Jan. 1943 probably the date he entered the service.  US Vet flag holder.
PERKINS, Ira W. 1910 1969
PERKINS, Sarah J. 1880 1948
PERRY, Elizabeth 1868 1939 "Mother"
PERRY, Goldia 1889 1938 Goldia not Goldie
PETRO, Ethel 1910 1926
PETRO, Julia 1883 1961 Stone with Steve Petro.
PETRO, Steve 1881 1952 Stone with Julia Petro.
PETTEY, Frank E. None Given 14, July 18__3 Son of ________ & _______ Pettey.  Weathered & partially illegible
PHELPS, Carl R. 1890 1957 On the lot with the Phelps family monument
PHELPS, Edith G. 1858 1934 Lot with Phelps family monument
PHELPS Family Monument
PHELPS, Geo. E. 27, Aug. 1843 22, Nov. 1862 Phelps family monument with Mary, Arah, Geo. W., Verdie, Rola C., Geo. K. Phelps.  105th Regt. Co. G. O. V. L. Died Mnfordsville, Ky - C. W.
PHELPS, George W. 1820 1895 Phelps family monument with Mary, Sarah, Geo. W., Verdie, Rola C., Geo. K. Phelps.  Sarah is his wife.
PHELPS, Iva S. 1882 1966 On lot with Phelps family monument.
PHELPS, Mary Jones 1846 1923 Phelps family monument with Mary, Sarah, Geo. W., Verdie, Rola C., Geo. K. Phelps.  Jones is her married name.
PHELPS, Milo A. 1859 1910 On lot with the Phelps family monument.
PHELPS, Rola C. 1851 1883 Phelps family monument with Mary, Sarah, Geo. W., Verdie, Rola C., Geo. K. Phelps.   Verdie is R. C. Phelps wife.
PHELPS, Sarah 1824 1913 Phelps family monument with Mary, Sarah, Geo. W., Verdie, Rola C., Geo. K. Phelps.  "His wife, meaning Geo. W. Phelps.
PHELPS, Verdie A. 1858 1878 Pyelps family monument with Mary, Sarah, Geo. W., Verdie, Rola C., Geo. K. Phelps.  Wife of R. C. Phelps.
PHIBBS, Gladys V. 1897 1950
PHILLIPS, Herbert L. 3, Jan. 1929 6, Mar. 1967 Pennsylvania Pvt. Co. B. 22 Regt. RTC WW II.  Vet flag holder.
PHILLIPS, Rosalie V. 1921 1987 "You will be with me in Heaven"
PHILLIPS, Ula Mae 1893 1979
PHILLIPS, Wallace Hoyt 1886 1960
PICARD, Deborah L. 19, Oct. 1950 12, June 1990
PICKENS, Daisy 1873 1965
PIER, Alice I. 6, May 1921 21, Nov. 1977 Double stone with Milford H. Pier.
PIER, Archie H. 1872 1962 Stone with Jennie M. Pier.
PIER, Clifford C. 15, Aug. 1896 11, June 1971 Stone with Ruth Thayer Pier.
PEIR, Jennie M. 1876 1958 Stone with Archie H. Pier.
PIER, Lillian F. Pierson 1, Oct. 1893 31, May 1962 Pierson is her married name.
PIER, Milford H. 8, Jan. 1905 None Given Double stone with Alice I. Pier.
PIER, Ruth Thayer 25, Mar. 1904 11, Dec. 1986 Stone with Clifford C. Pier.  Thayer may be her maiden name.
PIERCE, Arlene 1930 None Given Grave on same lot as Mary & George H. Hayes.  Only one date given.  Between rows.
PIERCE, Opal A. 1889 1942
PIERSON, Lillian F. Pier 1, Oct. 1893 31, May 1962 Pier may be her maiden name.
PIERSON, Richard Ray 1924 1990 Bracken Funeral Home Marker
PIERSON, Rosco C. 22, Nov. 1892 9, Sept. 1966
PINNEY, Almie E. 1915 1988 Stone with Walter C. Pinney.
PINNEY, B. Frank 1868 1940 Stone with Elizabeth A. Pinney.  IOOF emblem No. 773 lodge.
PINNEY, Dennis Duane 1955 1956
PINNEY, Elizabeth A. 1873 1957 Stone with B. Frank Pinney.  IOOF Emblem Lodge No. 773.
PINNEY, Vincent M. 1906 1931
PINNEY, Walter C. 1912 None Given Stone with Almie E. Pinney.
PIRRING, Ina 1876 1949
PITTS Family Pitts family plot with Charles, Lonie, Alvah W., Alice E. Pitts & 2 empty plots.
PITTS, Alice E. 1883 1959 Pitts family plot with Charles, Lonie, Alvah W., Alice E. Pitts & 2 empty plots.  Dau. of U. Vet of Civil War.
PITTS, Alvah W. 1880 1952 Pitts family plot with Charles, Lonie, Alvah W., Alice E. Pitts & 2 empty plots.  Dau. of U. Vet of Civil War.
PITTS, Charles 1837 1922 Pitts family plot with Charles, Lonie, Alvah W., Alice E. Pitts & 2 empty plots.  VFW flag holder.
PLATT, Nellia May 1886 1942
PLATZ, Charles 1897 1973
PLATZ, Herbert L. 1885 1969
PLOSILA, Amalia 1885 1947 Stone with Walter H. Plosila.
PLOSILA, Paul W. 1909 Oct. 10
Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., OH
1961 Apr. 15
Downers Grove,  DeWitt Co., IL
See Obituary
PLOSILA, Walter H. 1878 1938 Stone with Amalia Plosila
PORTER, Carrie Haven 1889 1963 Stone with Clyde Carlton Haven.  Haven is her married name.
PORTER, Edgar J. 1858 1932 Porter family lot with Myrtie, G. Raymond, Inf., Lida E., & Edgar Porter.
PORTER, G. Raymond 1893 1968 Porter family plot with G. Raymond, Inf., Lida E., & Edgar J. Porter.
PORTER, Infant None Given 7, Apr. 1885 Son of Charles & Louie. 


PORTER, Jennie E. 1884 1910
PORTER, Lida E. 1870 1945 Porter family lot with Myrtie, G. Raymond, Inf., Lida E., & Edgar J. Porter
PORTER, Myrtie M. 1895 1961 Porter family plot with G. Raymond, Inf., Lida E., & Edgar J. Porter.  Rebekah flag holder.
POST, Robert 1865 1942 Flat metal marker flush with ground.
POTTER, Abigal None Given 24, Feb. 1862 Aged 50 yrs.  Wife of Joel F. Potter. Stone with Hannah and Joel F. Potter.
POTTER, George 10 Sep. 1927
2 Apr. 2004 Black Stone with White letters.
Has picture of Harley Davidson on it.
Next to his mother Hengartner and brother Ralph
See Obituary
POTTER, H. None Given None Given Small stone probaby for Hannah Potter.  Small stone for Abigal may be there but lost.
POTTER, Hannah None Given 31, Jan. 1857 Aged 79 yrs.  Family stone with Abigail, Hannah & Joel Potter. See Conneaut Reporter for Death Notice
POTTER, J. F. None Given None Given Small stone on the same lot with Potter family marker.
POTTER, Joel F. None Given 9, Apr. 1863 Aged 57 yrs.  Family stone with Abigal, Hannah & Joel F. Potter.
POTTER, Ralph Amos 1929 1946
POTTER, Ruth A. 1908 1965 Stone with Dawn Marie Sanford.
POTTI, Aina 1876 1944 Stone with Kalle Potti.  Open book with Kaukonen engraved on the stone.  Aina Kaukonen may be her maiden name.
POTTI, Kalle 1871 1935 Stone with Aina Potti.  Bottle with quill pen and "Anna Kaisa" engraved on stone.
POTTI, Lec A. 1909 1978 Potti's & Kaukonen are in the same area.
POWERS, Betha A. 1889 1968
POWERS, Hazel V. 1899 1989 Double stone with Joseph J. Powers.
POWERS, Joseph J. 1901 1964 Double stone with Hazel V. Powers.
PRATT, Patricia C. 1938 None Given Stone with Richard D. Pratt. 
PRATT, Richard D. 29, Dec. 1915 5, Jan. 1983 Stone with Patricia C. Pratt.  1st Lt. US Army WW II Vet flag holder.
PRENTIS, Eliza Jane None Given 15, Dec. 1856 Aged 9 yrs. 9 mos. 22 days.  Dau. of J. M. & C. Prentis.  The surname may be Prentis.  Weathered & can't tell.  GAR flag holder.
PRINDLE, Harriet 1838 1922
PRINDLE, Irene M. 1859 1917
PRINDLE, W. A. 1864 1908
PRINDLE, William 1937 1926
PUFFER, Agnes H. 1904 1973
PUFFER, Anna M. 1882 1959 Stone with George Puffer (Have Picture of stone - S.W.)
PUFFER, Archie W. 1875 1940
PUFFER, Arthur L. 1906 1968
PUFFER, Elizabeth 1870 1950
PUFFER, George 1871 1957 Stone with Anna M. Puffer. (Have Picture of stone - S.W.)
PUFFER, Harold L. 1894 1980 Married 1921.  Stone with Mary E. Puffer.
PUFFER, Hattie E. 1881 1911 (Have Picture of stone - S.W.)
PUFFER, Harvey R. 1898 1959
PUFFER, Henry G. 1901 1927
PUFFER, Irene 1873 1952 Stone with Lewis Puffer.
PUFFER, John H. 1897 1952
PUFFER, Lewis 1872 1929 Stone with Irene Puffer.
PUFFER, Mary E. 1895 1971 Married 1921.  Stone with Harold L. Puffer.
PUFFER, Olive W. 1897 1968
PUFFER, Rola G. 1909 1931 Stone with Willis B. Puffer. (Have Picture of stone - S. W.)
PUFFER, Thelma M. 1901 1990 Double stone with Clyde H. Puffer.  Eastern Star engraved on monument.
PUFFER, Willis B. 1868 1950 Stone with Rola G. Puffer (Have Picture of stone - S.W.)
PUNKAR "Mother" 1866 1943 On the lot with the Punkar Family monument.
PUNKAR, Conrad 1897 1987 On the lot with the Punkar Family monument
PUNKAR, Emil R. 6, Aug. 1895 17, May 1917 On the lot with the Punkar Family monument.
PUNKAR, John Y. 1903 None Given Stone with Martha on the Punkar lot.
PUNKAR, Martha 1904 1965 Stone with John Y. Punkar on the Punkar family lot.
PUNKAR, Martha K. 3 Apr. 1915 20 Dec. 2003 Daughter of  Salomon and Mari (Riisio) Kesatie.
See Obituary
PUNKAR, Mildred L. 1918 1972 Double stone with Oscar O. Punkar.
PUNKAR, Oscar O. 8 Aug. 1909
Fairport Harbor, OH
21 Feb. 20006
Conneaut, OH
Double stone with Mildred L. Punkar. (See 1927 Senior Tattler Yearbook)
(See Obituary)
PUNKAR Family Monument
PUTNEY, Albert E. None Given 19, Jan. 1836? Aged 4 yrs. 1 mo. 9 days. the 1836 may be incorrect.  Illegible.  Son of Geo. W. & Polly Putney.
PUTNEY, Clara A. 1852 1939
PUTNEY, Dora R. 1869 1918
PUTNEY, Eleanor None Given 8, Aug. 1860 Aged 12 yrs. Dau. of H. & V. Putney.  Leaning against a tree, but the base is there.  The only one in this row.
PUTNEY, Frank J. 1847 1897
PUTNEY, George W. None Given 20, Jan. 1877 "Father" Aged 78 yrs.  Stone with Polly B. Putney.  Husband of Polly.
PUTNEY, Henry None Given 25, Feb. 1889 Aged 76 yrs. 8 mos.
PUTNEY, Henry O. 1871 1915
PUTNEY, Jenett 1848 1916 Grave next to George W. & Polly B. Putney.
PUTNEY, Nancy None Given 10, Nov. 1878 Aged 61 yrs. 11 mos.  Wife of Henry Putney
PUTNEY, Polly B. None Given 25, Mar. 1889 "Mother" Aged 81 yrs.  Wife of George W. Putney.  Stone with George W. Putney.
PYLE, Audree V. 1907 1983 Stone with William E. Pyle.
PYLE, William E. 1906 1990 Stone with Audree V. Pyle.

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Note 1:  The following obituary has been contributed by Paula Pitts.

Paul (Paavo) Plosila, 51, died unexpectedly Saturday at his home in Downers Grove, Ill.  Death was due to a heart attack.  Mr. Plosila was born in Conneaut Oct. 10, 1909.  He was a 1928 graduate of Conneaut High School.  In 1934 he moved to Chicago and had resided there since.  He was employed at the Reynmolds Aluminum Co., in Chicago.  He was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Downers Grove and past master of Federal Lodge of Chicago.  He is survived by his wife, Helen Bly Plosila, a son, Thomas, a student at Purdue University, and a daughter, Paula Ann at home.  Two sisters, Mrs. Victor (Toinie) Hautila and Mrs. Arvo (Dora) Haapanen, and two brothers, Bruno and Arthur, all of Conneaut, also survive.  Mr. Plosila's parents and two sisters preceded him in death.  Funeral services will be at Marcy Funeral Home at 2 pm Wednesday.  The Rev. E. Olaf Rankinen, pastor of Faith Lutheran Church, will officiate.  Burial will be in East Lakeville Cemetery.  Friends may call at the funeral home Tuesday afternoon and evening.  Evergreen Lodge 222 will hold services at 7 pm Tuesday at the funeral home.

Obituary Conneaut News Herald
Funeral services for Paul (Paavo) Plosila, 51, of Downers Grove, Ill, former Conneaut resident were held at 2 pm Wednesday at Marcy Funeral Home.  Mr. Plosila died Saturday at his home.  The Rev. E. Olaf Rankinen pastor of Faith Lutheran Church officiated at the services.  Evergreen Lodge 222 F and AM, held services at 7 pm Tuesday at the funeral home with Dr. Eugene Aho, worshipful master, in charge.  Pallbearers were Mauno Kininoja, Elmer Kitinoja, George Kitinoja, U. William Kitinoja, Samuel Plosila and James Bly.  Friends and relatives attended from Downers Grove, Ill; Erie, PA; Ashtabula, Wooster and Cleveland, O; and Colorado.  Burial was in East Lakeville Cemetery.


My mother is also deceased and  buried in East Lakeville Cemetery.  
Helen Mary Bly Plosila, born 8 Jan 1910 Conneaut, Ohio.  Died 9 Sep 2000, Norman, Cleveland Co., Oklahoma.

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