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Furnace Road Cemetery

aka East Conneaut Cemetery
aka Lakeville Cemetery & New Hope Cemetery
Formerly named East Lakeville, Ohio
Currently named
Conneaut, Ohio



Name Birth Date Death Date
UITTO, Edna 1918 1968  
UITTO, Isaac 1890 1959 Double stone with Isaac Uitto
UITTO, Mary 1897 1964 Double stone with Isaac Uitto. 
UNDERWOOD,     Illegible
UNKNOWN     Marcy Funeral Home Marker illegible
UNKNOWN     Flag holder.Plaque destroyed.  Illegible
UNKNOWN     Two unmarked graves with a bucket of flowers.  Between Roy Joslin & Mary L. Anderson.
UNKNOWN     Skinny slab with nothing on it to read.
UNKNOWN     "Mother" is the only thing engraved on the stone.  Grave beside Marget Abbey & "Doris" which is next to Mowry.
UNKNOWN     Probably more graves, but no stones.
UNKNOWN     Illegible at the foot of Hannah Spaulding Thurber's grave.  May have been Enos Thurber's grave.
UNKNOWN     Totally illegible
UNKNOWN     Illegible or no engraving.  It's a tiny white stone.  Between W. A. Prindles grave & Frank & Dora Ross's graves.
UNKNOWN     A Marker with J. C. L. only on it.
UNKNOWN, Fence around a grave like it might be a child's.  No marker of any kind.
UNKNOWN This is a very different design that looks like a middle east type.  A veil covered urn is at the foot.
UNKNOWN Weathered so bad it is totally illegible.
UNKNOWN Raisian Funeral Home marker.  Illegible.
UNKNOWN Name illegible and could only read one date.  Weathered & old.
UNKNOWN May be a grave, but couldn't find a marker
UNKNOWN Old cement urn with cement cloth drape.
UNKNOWN Unmarked baby grave. 
UNKNOWN Aged 70 yrs.  Broken stone and illegible.
UNKNOWN 1871 19_____ Metal marker behind Fred Miller grave.
UNKNOWN Marcy Funeral Home marker with no date on the card.  Beside another empty marker.
UNKNOWN "Father"  Between Wright and Whitney lots.
UNKNOWN, Andy Stone at foot of grave.  The surname may be a Mallory, unable to tell for sure.
UNKNOWN, Baby boy ___ Oct. 1894 _____, Jan. 1895 Son of H. B. & _____ Badly weathered and mostly illegible.  Surname appears to be a short name ending in N.
UNKNOWN, Betty 1939 1969 Surname -- AN -- NE illegible.  Funeral Home Marker. Data washed off typewritten paper.
UNKNOWN, Bonnie Mae 1950 None Given No surname given and no other date given.  Stone North of this in Joan M. Hershey.
UNKNOWN, Charlie N. None Given None Given Rest illegible.  Behind the Thomas & Cora Hodgins grave.  Between rows.
UNKNOWN, Dan 1875 1893 No surname
UNKNOWN, Donald None Given 1904 No surname but next to Willie G. Reed and Harvey lot on one side and Rowe on the other.
UNKNOWN, Doris None Given None Given No surname or dates engraved on this stone.  Next to Adolph G. Mowry.
UNKNOWN, Father None Given None Given Small stone with father between the Puffer and Horton lots.  Can't tell for sure what the surname should be.
UNKNOWN, George H. None Given 30, May 1830 Illegible stone.  Badly weathered.
UNKNOWN, Hellin I. 1899 1900 No surname for Hellin I and II but different dates.  Buried next to the Leavitt lot.
UNKNOWN, Hellin II 1901 1901 No surname on Hellin I & Hellin II stones.  Graves next to the Leavitt graves.
UNKNOWN, Herman None Given None Given Herman & Lucy.  Grave next to Charles and Sybil Wright.
UNKNOWN, Joyce Etta None Given None Given No surname given and no dates given.  On stone with Madalon Fellows Hodgins.
UNKNOWN, Lucy None Given None Given Herman & Lucy on a stone flush with the ground.  No surname given.  Next to Charles and Sybil Wright.
UNKNOWN Marie None Given None Given Scratched in a base.  No stone. Marcy Funeral Home Marker.
UNKNOWN, Mother None Given None Given No names to go by. Don't know who's mother
UNKNOWN, Mother None Given None Given Small stone between Puffer and Horton lots. Can't tell what surname is.
UNKNOWN, Paul None Given None Given Grave next to Archie and Jennie M. Pier.  Unknown Ruth is on other side.  No surnames.
UNKNOWN, Paul L?. S. 1930 1935? Homemade engraving on a rock.  Death date may be incorrect, difficult to read.  Next to Stephenson lot.
UNKNOWN, Susan M. 1964 1980 Thompson Funeral Home marker.  Grave between Ray & Effie White & Alice Williams. In 1991 the marker was missing.
URN, None Urn but no name or dates.  Next to Harold Hope which is on an urn, also..
USHER, Alice L. 1898 1954 Stone with Paul S. Usher.
USHER, Howard A. 1904 1966 Stone with Viola L. Usher
USHER, Paul S. 1898 1966 Stone with Alice L. Usher.
USHER, Raymond L. 14, July 1929 9, Mar. 1984 PFC, US Army Korea.  Mason emblem on stone.  Vet flag holder.
USHER, Viola L. 1897 1970 Double stone with Howard A. Usher.

************ V *************

VALENTINE, Floyd E. 1898 1965 Double stone with Marjorie B. Valentine.
VALENTINE, Marjorie B. 1910 1987 Double stone with Floyd E. Valentine.
VanCOURT, Lanna T. 1896 1978 Double stone with Perry D. VanCourt.
VanCOURT, Perry D. 17, Sept. 1892 18, Jan. 1975 Corp. US Army.  Double stone with Lanna T. VanCourt.  Vet flag holder.
VANDERLIP, Isaac M. 1883 1934 One stone with Isaac M. & Marie Vanderlip & Norman B. & Addie J. Simons.
VANDERLIP, Merle M. 1889 1975 One stone with Isaac M. & Marie Vanderlip & Norman B. & Addie J. Simons.
VANDERVORT, Avis J. 1881 1967 Stone with Percy R. Vandervort
VANDERVORT, Percy R. 1878 1944 Stone with Avis J. Vandervort.
VanGORDER, Amon 25, Sep. 1881 18, Mar. 1897 Sone of Abe VanGorder.  Stone with Effie Van Gorder Langworthy.
VanGORDER, Effie Langworthy 5, Mar. 1872 7, Sep. 1899 Stone with Amon VanGorder.  Wife of L. M. Langworthy.  VanGorder may be her maiden name.
VanSLYKE, Alice M. 1899 1925 Stone with James O. VanSlyke.
VanSLYKE, James L. 1920 None Given No death date given.  Grave between William & Alice & James Vanslyke.
VanSLYKE, James O. 1892 1967 Stone with Alice M. VanSlyke
VanSLYKE, William A. 1923 1967 Sgt. Army Air Force WW II.
VERDIS, George R. 20, Oct. 1897 19, July 1973 Cpl. US Army WW I.  Vet flag holder.
VEDIS, George R. 20, Oct. 1897 19, July 1973 Cpl. US Army WW I. Vet flag holder.
VEDIS, Minnie W. 1913 1981 "Caring is Enough"
VIBBARD, Lillie M. 8, May 1879 30, Oct. 1947 Stone with William S. Vibbard.
VIBBARD, William B. 15, Nov. 1874 22, Mar. 1936 Stone with Lillie M. Vibbard
VOLLAND, Amelia Johnson 1860 1915 Johnson is her married name.
VOLLAND, Daisy E. 1881 1973 Stone with Henry F. Volland.
VOLLAND, Lorenzo 1889 1892
VOLLAND, William 1840 1911

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