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NOTE:  The abbreviation inst. (instance) means the current month.
The abbreviation ult. (ultimate) means the previous month.

Editions of the paper were printed on Thursdays

August 1850
In this town, on the 15th inst. of Scarlett fever Emma Henrietta, only dau. of John W. & Emeline Tyler, aged 4 years and 3 months.

"Dear Emma has left us and bid us farewell,
To mingle with the angels, in heaven to dwell;
To meet her dear Savior in heaven above
And shout her redemption with anthems of love."

September 5th, 1850
In this town on the 21st of August, Mrs. Sarah Jacobs, (consort of Elder Asa Jacobs, deceased) aged 57 years.  She was on of the original members of the Baptist Church in this place, of which she remained a very worthy and exemplary communicant until she was welcomed by her Devine Master to her heavenly rest.  In all the walks of life she possessed a happy and rare combination of modesty and firmness; there, under the influence of "pure and undefiled religion" qualified her for usefulness in all the relations.
As she was loved in live by all who knew her, so in death is she lamented.
"The memory of the just is blessed".  At her funeral a sermon was preached by her pastor from Luke ii 29, "Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to they word.

Mother! to us thy children, thou wert dear,
But however dear, - thou art gone to rest
The mem'ry we'll cherish - the Redeemer
Obey, that we, when our pilgrim days shall
End.  Thy Glory may share - Thy god adore.

September 12, 1850
In Monroe, Aug. 29th, Lucius B. youngest son of Josiah and Julia Ann Hicks, aged 2 years 8  months and 25 days.

In Monroe, August 22d, John, second son of George and Lovina Wickwire, aged 7 years and 4 months.

September 19, 1850
In Lenox, Kingsbury Hartshorn, aged 20 years.

October 3, 1850
John Bean, died Sept. 30, 1850 aged 75 years.

In this town on the 4th inst., Edna, dau. of Elijah Woodworth, aged 1 year.

In Monroe, on the 4th inst., Horace Prime, youngest son of David & Harriet Kellogg, aged 4 years.

October 31, 1850
In Kingsville, October 24, Mr. Thomas Klumph, aged 71 years.

In Wyoming, New York, October 4th, Mrs. Sarah S., wife of Dea. Henry G. Walker, formerly of Conneaut, aged 56 years.

DIED:  November 6, 1850
Sally Harmon, wife of Nathaniel B. Harmon aged 61 years

January 11, 1855
:  In this town, December 23d - Wellington Stevens of London, C. W., aged 20 years.

In this town, December 30, Miss Marilla Satia, aged 21 years.

MARRIED: On the 26th Dec. at the St. Charles Hotel, Pittsburgh, by the Rev. E. B. Chamberlain, Calvin C. Wick, Esp. of Lindenville to Mrs. Sarah A. Baird of Westmoreland Co., Pa

February 8th, 1855
DIED:  In Painesville, January 30th, Mrs. Catharine O. R. Potter, wife of J. A. Potter, Esq., aged 35 years.

February 15th, 1855
DIED:  In this town, February 1st, Caroline, wife of Hugh Cathcart.
In her death, bereaved family mourn of the best companion and mother; and the Congregational Church, one of its most devoted and reliable members (Erie paper copy)

At Lancaster, Erie Co., N.Y., February 2d, of consumption, Mrs. Diadama Potter, wife of Dr. Samuel Potter and daughter of M. D. and H. Culley of Ashtabula, aged 30 years, 8 months, 3 days.

NOTE:  There are some missing issues here.

March 1st, 1855
: At Jefferson, February 8th, by Rev. Thomas Oliver, Mr. L. D. Fox of Kingsville, to Miss Olivia M. Rathburn of Monroe.

May 3rd, 1855
:  In this town, May 8th, by Rev. P. W. Mills, Dr. E. D. Merriam to Miss Phebe M. Keyes, all of this town.

Sarah Potter of Ashtabula (There is more to this notice in the Reporter)



April 5th, 1855
  At Monson, Mass, March 4th, Mr. Isaac Jones, brother of Lemuel Jones, Esq., of this town, aged 100 years, lacking 4 days.

In this town, April 3d, Mrs. Marian Fifield, aged 88 years.

In Kingsville, March 28th, by W. B. Chapman, Esq., James W. Dego, of Mich. to Miss Paulina Benson of Kingsville.

In Springfield, Mar. 29, by Rev. Mr. Bear, Mr. Gregg G. Ash of Chicago to Miss Rachel Stanton of Ashtabula.

In Kingsville, March 28th, Mr. Frederick Neno, of Kingsville to Mrs. Amanda Scarsdale of Ashtabula

May 3rd, 1855
In this town, April 22d, Alice E., daughter of A. E. and Louisa Bliss, aged 1 year, 4 months, 7 days.

Bright and Beautiful being!  We miss you on earth;
We list for the sound of your innocent mirth.
The angels have led you in silence away -
For us there are shadows - for you there is day.

In Monroe, April 15th, of consumption, Nathaniel Simmons, age 18 years.

In Eagleville, April 20th of consumption, Martha Jane Crum, aged 16 years.

Conneaut Reporter dated May 17th, 1855
In this place, on the 10th inst., MINARD and on the 13th inst., MILO, twin children of G. W. & Elizabeth H. Cummins, aged 2 months.

In this town, April 23rd, of inflammation of the Brain, Spencer Ralph, son of H. J. & Clarissa Farnham, aged 2 years and 3 months.

In Norristown, Pa, May 2d, Samuel Slemmer to Miss Sarah Fifield of this place.

Conneaut Reporter dated August 23rd, 1855
In Kingsville, August 15th, Mrs. Sarah Brown, wife of Ira Brown, aged 40 years.

In Kingsville, April 20th, by Rev. J. S. Flagler, Mrs. John P. Curtis of Port Atkinson, Wi., to Mrs. Hannah M. Smith of Kingsville.

In this town, Aug. 12, by Rev. Rufus Clark, Mr. Milton Beardsley, formerly of Kingsville to Miss Hannah Thompson, of the town.

Andrew Stanton to Eliza C. Kezartee.  (NOTE:  There is more to this note)

Conneaut Reporter dated August 30th, 1855
In this town, August 23d, Mr. George Havens, aged -- years.
(NOTE:  There was no age given)

In this town, August 23d, Elisha Judson, son of Hiram and Azubah Judson, aged 17 years.
(Note: Hiram & Azubah Judson are buried in City Cemetery)


Conneaut Reporter dated December 4, 1856
In Richmond, Nov. 27th, by Elder Wm. Hage, Mr. S. J. Platt to Miss A. J. Shufelt, late of Wayne.
(NOTE:  Richmond Twp, is south of Pierpont, OH)



July 10, 1856
Sumner aged 15 years, in this Village, died of consumption on the 4th inst.

In Butteville, Oregon, 7 years, May 17, Mr. Jarius.

________ Bonney, formerly of this town, aged 63 years.

Conneaut Reporter dated December 4, 1856
In Monroe, Nov. 24th, Miss Sylvia Durkee, 68th year of her age.
Sharon Wick's NOTE:
See Durkee Cemetery listing

Conneaut Reporter dated December 18th, 1856
DIED:  In this township, Dec. 11th, Mr. Almon Manley, aged 67 years, 9 months.
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See Center Cemetery listing.

Conneaut Reporter dated January 1st, 1857
:  In this town, Dec. 16th, Mary Isabel, eldest daughter of William __ & Ellen A. Hale, aged 5? years and 21? days.

In this town, Dec. 18th, 1857, by Rev. John Prosser, Mr. Ephon Welton and Eryilla S. Wood, both of this town.
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See Kingsville Cemetery listing for Ephron Welton

Conneaut Reporter dated January 15th, 1857
In this village, Jan. 8th, Mrs. Elizabeth Mills, mother of Rev. P. W. Mills, aged 88 years and 4 months.
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See City Cemetery for Elizabeth Mills cemetery listing.

Conneaut Reporter dated February 5, 1857
In this town, Feb. 1st, M. Ezekiel Bonney, aged 73 years.
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See Center Cemetery listing

In this town, Jan. 31st, Mrs. Hannah Potter, mother of Joel F. Potter, aged 79 years.
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See Furnace Road Cemetery (East Conneaut Cem) for cemetery listing

In this town, Feb. 1st, Robert Lyon, infant child of George S. & Jane Cleveland, aged 20 months.
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See City Cemetery listing

In Pierpont, Jan. 26, by M. A. Leonard, Esq., Mr. E. B. Pritcher to Miss Electa Williams, all of Pierpont.


Conneaut Reporter dated February 12, 1857
In Ripon, Wis., Jan. 27th, Sarah A., wife of B. G. Webster, formerly of this town

In Manlius, Mich., Jan. 13th, of paralysis, Candace, wife of Joseph Harrington, formerly of Monroe, aged 64 years.

Conneaut Reporter dated February 19, 1857
At the Randolph House in this village, Feb. 17th, Mrs. Rebecca F. Randolph, aged 60 years.

In this township, Feb. 12th, Mr. Carr Richardson, aged 83 years.  (Vermont Papers copy)
NOTE:  See 1840 Census Conneaut, Ohio

In this township, Feb. 16th, Sarah Ardellisa, youngest daughter of O. A. & Mary Rockwell, aged 9 years.

In Kingsville, Feb. 11th, Mr. George H. Rich, aged 50 years.

In this town, Feb. 15th, Sarah, daughter of George and Catharine Loomis, aged about 3 years.

Conneaut Reporter dated March 5th, 1857
In this town, March 2, Harriet, wife of Perry Wing, aged 30 years.

In this town, Feb. 19th, Orvilla C., aged 12 years 10 months; also Feb. 24th, Joel T. aged 2 years, 5 months, children of Sanford and Harriet Castle.

In Kingsville, Elisha Brewer, revolutionary soldier aged 90 years.

In Buffalo, Feb. 25th, Mr. L. St. George Steele, of Brantford, C.W. to Miss Emma Stafford of Conneaut.


Conneaut Reporter dated March 12th, 1857
In this town, March 2d, Mary Jane, daughter of Sanford and Harriet Castle, aged 8 years and 5 months.

In this town, March 3, Elizabeth wife of Dennis Lynch, aged 22 years.

In this village, March 7th, John William son of William and Mary Wesley, aged 2 years and 7 days.

Conneaut Reporter dated March 19th, 1857
In Kingsville, Mar. 12 , of apoplexy, Colbee Lathrop, in the 69th year of his age.

Conneaut Reporter dated April 9th, 1857
In this township, Apr. 6th, Franklin Hunt, son of Horace and Sophronia Hunt, aged 21 years.

In Monroe, Apr. 2d, by W. B. Chapman, Esq., Laemgnzo Thompson of Conneaut, PA to Miss Clemena Nichols of Monroe.


Conneaut Reporter dated April 7th, 1857
In this village, Washington Cleveland, aged 33 years. (Click here to see Cemetery listing)

In Monroe, August 29th, last (1856) Mr. Luther Dean, aged 64 years. (Click here to see grave stone)

Source: Albany Evening Journal (Albany, NY) Page 2
Dated: Wednesday, Dec. 29, 1858.
From Conneaut, Reporter
FATAL ACCIDENT - Last Sunday, three son of Emeline Smith, living in the North part of Andover, went into the woods hunting coons.  A large tree was fallen, which struck so heavily upon a smaller tree, that the reaction of the small tree was so great that it broke and fell toward the stump of the fallen tree, breaking the skull of and almost instantly killing the youngest son. 
He was about nine years of age.


December 6, 1860

In Springfield, Nov. 18th by Samuel Rea, Esp.
Mr. Jesse Everts, to Miss Clara E. Watrus

About the same time and the same Mr. Frank Lillie, Miss Janette C. Foster, all of Monroe


Dec. 13, 1860

In this village, Dec. 9th, Lydia, second daughter of Orrin Wright aged 16 years
Sharon Wick's NOTE:
 Click here to see Cemetery Listing

In this town, Dec. 7th, Mrs. Sophia Holmes, wife of Elnathan Holmes, aged 68 years.
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See 1860 Census Borough of Conneaut Ashtabula County
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See 1840 Census Monroe Twp  See cemetery listing for an Elnathan & Sophia Holmes in Farnham Cemetery.

Feb. 19, 1862
In Monroe, Jan. 29th, Horace Corydon, son of Horace S. and Marcella L. Searles, aged 19 years 4 months and 3 days.
O Death!  Thou art a very tyrant stealing
Our loveliest and best beloved away,
Making hearts desolate by oft. revealing
Forms we have cherished in ruin and decay
Deap are they wounds from which there is no healing
No solace, save who unto heaven we pray.

Sharon Wick's NOTE:  
Click here to see Cemetery Listing
Click here to see Stone

April 25, 1861
In Conneaut, the 6th inst., Frank Wells, aged two years, and 8 months
Also, on the 13th, Geo. Wells of Diptheria, aged 9 years,
Children of E. M. & Louisa E. Wells.
Sharon Wick's NOTE:  Click here to see Cemetery Listing

Aug. 1, 1861
On the 3d inst., by George J. Sherman, Esq., Mr. Alvah C. Perry of Springfield Twp.
to Miss Harriet E. Hase of Monroe, Ohio

Oct. 10, 1861
In this town, on the 2d inst., by T. S. Young, Mr. S. M. Eaton to Miss Julia E. Durkee.

Sharon Wick's NOTE: See Family #999 in 1860 Census for S. M. Eaton
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See cemetery listing for S. M. Eaton at Durkee Cemetery


Jan. 2, 1862
In Kingsville, on the 18th by C. D. Rockwell, Esq, Mr. Elnathan Holmes and Miss Anna Jerred, all of Kingsville
Sharon Wick's NOTE: See cemetery listing for an Elnathan & Sophia Holmes in Farnham Cemetery.
Also there is an Elnathan Holmes in 1840 Census Monroe Twp and  Elnathan & Sophia Holmes in the 1850 Census of Conneaut, Ohio at Dwelling #87
and 1860 Census in Conneaut Township at Dwelling #894

Conneaut Reporter dated Apr. 25, 1883
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in the Post-office at Conneaut, Apr. 21, 1883:
Miss Mary Bakemar.
J. J. Smith
John Smith
John Donnie
C. D. Merry
Persons calling for the above letters please say "Advertise."                         M. B. KEYES, P. M.

In Pierpont, April 15th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Neal.

In Amboy, April 19th, by Rev. J. W. King, Mr. George Baker of Saybrook, to Miss Della Viets of Amboy.
Conneaut Reporter dated May, 1883
List of Letters.
Remaining uncalled for in the Post office at Conneaut, May 5, 1883:
G. W. Scott
Wm. J. Wallace
O. A. Clark
Frank W. Judd
C. D. Merry
John Moner (Moher?)
     Persons calling for the above letters please say "Advertised."                               M. B. KEYES, P. M.


DIED:  Sunday Morning last (May 10, 1865), Jesse Hale, aged 66.

Conneaut Reporter dated Mar. 12, 1884
In Conneaut, Mar. 5, 1884, a son to Mrs. D. C. Turner
In Amboy, Feb. 4, 1884, a son to Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Howard

DIED:  In Dorset, Mar. 4, 1884, Mrs. Hannah Phillips, widow of Nathan Phillips, aged 91 yrs.

Again the angel of death has invaded the home of our townsman, Henry Blakeley, Esq., removing from the family circle his son-in-law, F. A. Loomis, who died in Ashtabula, Monday night, aged forty-three years.  Mr. Loomis was born in this place, and at the breaking out of the rebellion he served with the Second Ohio battery, faithfully and well.  Prior to his enlistment he was united in marriage to Sarah Blakely, leaving her and two daughters.

Aged ninety years, died at his residence two miles south of this village, at five o'clock Monday morning and was buried Tuesday afternoon.  Mr. T. in comparative good health the latter part of last week, his death was very sudden and unexpected.


Wednesday evening of last week, Western Reserve Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of Ashtabula, gave its annual banquet, which was attended by some 400 persons, principally from that city, Geneva and Conneaut - The Conneaut party consisted of the Following gentlemen and ladies: Capt. M. Capron and wife, W. A. Ward, wife and daughter, C. W. Stanley and wife, Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. RAymond, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Poole, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Caldwell, and E. A. Stone.  These, with the exception of three or four took the afternoon Nickel Plate train for Ashtabula, making the Stoll House their headquarters... Trainmaster Eastman did the handsome act of sending a special coach to Ashtabula, heated and lighted, which was attached to freight train No. 38 to bring our party back to Conneaut.


Remaining uncalled for in the Post-Office at Conneaut, Mar. 8, 1884:
Mrs. John Brown
Chas. Sneden
Chas. Hotchkiss
Chas. Nye.


W. T. Lloyd of Springfield, was struck by a falling tree last week, and sustained some rather serious injuries.

Our former townsman G. W. Herrick of Norwak, failed in his suit against the Lake Shore Railway for damages on account of his broken limb, the jury returning a verdict for the defendant.

The wife of Edward D. Gleason, whose attempted marriage to Miss Kate O'Connell, of St. Louis, Mo., is reported in late daily papers, and who is supporting herself and child in Conneaut was, on Monday of last week, granted a divorce from her migratory husband.

Corwin Mallory formerly of this place, but now a resident of Erie, had the misfortune on Saturday of last week to almost entirely chop off two fingers of his left hand, while cutting kindling.  Mr. Mallory had just completed a term of school at Fairview.

Frank Hale, manager of the Lake Shore telegraph office at Nottingham, Ohio, spent the Sabbath with his parents in this place.

We regret to learn that Miss Anna,  youngest daughter of E. Tinney, is so dangerously ill that there is but little hope of her recovery.

Mrs. Clarence E. Richardson of Ashtabula, died Saturday afternoon at Charity hospital, Cleveland, of acute peritonitis.  She has been an inmate of that institution for the past twelve weeks, receiving medical treatment, and was supposed to be recovering.  The announcement of her death was unexpected.


Conneaut Reporter dated Dec. 8, 1886 (Wednesday)
Thomas McKee and Mrs. Fidelia Barker
were married in Cleveland, Saturday.  Congratulations are in order.

Edgar Anderson of Wamego, Kansas, formerly of West Springfield, was married Tuesday evening to Miss Josie Bradley   of the same city.

Last week the Sisson sisters of West Springfield, were married - Sarah E.  to Francis E. Leeka of Danville, Ill. and Anna to Rolla Gunnison of Erie.

Mrs. B. P. Willett, accompanied by her father, started on Monday for New York city to join her husband, who has a lucrative position in one of the many printing establishments of that city.

Mr. E. W. Loveridge, for twenty-five years station agent on the Lake Shore road at Springfield, has taken six months leave of absence and gone to Forth Worth, Texas, for a visit to his son.

Mssers. W. D. Howells, S. D. Howells and Mrs. Frechette, are in Jefferson, being called here by the dangerous illness of their oldest sister, Mrs. Mulholland, whose condition at that time -- Wednesday morning - is such as to give her friends but slight reason to hope for her recovery.  - Ashtabula Sentinel

We are in receipt of the Burton, Kansas, Real Estate Guide, a Journal devoted to the farming interests of that section of the state.  In it we find a view of the farm and farm residence of our old friend, J. E. Howard of Monroe, which are very picturesque and handsome, considering the fact that only eleven years have elapsed since Mr. Howard turned the first sod over on his 300 acre farm.

The Geneva Times devotes a column of space in detailing the arrest of the persons who killed the horse in the Congregational church sheds and attempted to burn the edifice some two years ago.  The parties arrested are Clark Alliman, the owner of the horse, and John Evarts.  Their punishment should be swift and that the full extent of the law. (See that paper for article containing genealogical information)


Land Sale:  Guardianship of Grant B. and Elda KEE; bond filed; sale confirmed; first account filed.

Will of Augusta Woodruff, deceased; admitted to probate; Francis J. Woodruff qualified exectrix.

Assigment of Warren H. Phillips: personal property reported sold.

Appraisement in estate of Romanzo Spring, filed.

Final account in guardianship of Geo. H. Topper.

Assignment of A. C. Kneeland, final account filed.

Assignment of Albert STaub, final account filed.

Account in estate of Benjamin Roberts. Sr. filed.

Account in estate of Henry Cook, filed.


Frank GEE
Seymour M. HUNT
Anson HUNT
W. H. Van PELT
Joseph M. STRONG
Dollon GREEN
Thomas BROWN
Martin WAY
Martha A. HOYT
James E. HOYLE
Howard A .JUDD
HOMES, Eval L. (sic)


Miss Lena BRICK
Charles DENVER

Conneaut Reporter dated March 23, 1887, Wednesday
     Mrs. H. G. BROWN,
aged 53 yrs. died at her home in Toledo, Thurs.  She was the dau. of late Edmund Hewit, was born in this town, & res. here 'til 25 yrs. ago.  A hus., mother & bro. survive
     J. J. NEAL
died Thurs. after long illness.  He came to Conneaut some 15 yrs. ago, worked many years at the paper mill.  A wife, 3 daus. & 4 sons remain.  Funeral was Sun. from his late res. on Liberty st.
     HON. HUMPHREY A. HILLS, died suddenly at his home in E. Sprinfield last Sun. eve., Mar. 13th, ae 75 yrs.  He was b. in Vernon Center, N. Y. Aug. 10, 1811, and came to Albion, Erie Co. in 1822 where he remained 'til 1863, removed to E. Springield and spent rest life.  In 1847 he was elected county commissioner & in 1852 & '53 as a Whit member of the Assembly.  He was one of the acknowledged local leaders as a Whig & then a Republican, & a member of the Pres. church at E. Springfield.
     E. A. HIGGINS died at residence of his sister, in Exeter, Maine, Mond. March 18, ae abt. 58 yrs.  He came to Conneaut in the prime of manhood abt. 1857 or '58.  1st employed as clerk in store of J. B. Lyon.  Number years was engaged with Hiram Judson, in lumber business as well as in oil speculations in palmy days of Pithole, Miller Farms, etc.  When oil excitement abated he returned to Conneaut & engaged in mercantile business.  At various times he was a member of council and school board, and for years its treas.  He also filled one term the office of twp. clerk.  In 1864 he married Miss Sarah Kinney, the adopted dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Hiram Judson, she died 3 yrs. ago.  2 sons & a dau. remain.

Article mentions the following names:
Frank Ruland, Eddie Pitts, Hiram Hall, Henry Ward, John Wardwell, M. A. Middleton, A. E. Bliss, A. Horton, Mr. Campbell, Rev. L. B. Dear, Will Cook, L. B. Johnson.

     March 31 - funeral services of Mrs. Kellogg were held at late residence on the Center road, Wed. the 16th inst.  Burial Chestnut Hill, Ashtabula.
     Mrs. Almira Foster, Mrs. C. Scribner, Mr. & Mrs. James Powers, Mrs. M. A. Slater, Mr. A. Perry, Ida Anderson, Mrs. Mary Cummins, Mr. Bacon, Mrs. M. H. Hammond, Mr. John Cheney.
We understand that Frank Kellog and wife, & Mrs. Cyrenus Leonard and her son, Frank leave for Washington Territory in a few days, near L. E. Kellog's, old time compositor of the "Reporter", intending to make that their future home.
     Miss Menily of Edinboro, Pa., has been spending a couple of weeks at Mr. H. Laird's.
     Mr. Leon Lille
is soon to move to Linesville, Pa.

NOTE:  The following names appear with more detailed items in the newspaper.  If you need more, please contact me and I will find them for you ~ Sharon Wick


V. Holcomb
Epenetus B. Judd
Mary B. Elmore
Wm. Sanborn
Samuel Humphrey
Amanda C. Hitchcock
Chas. & Boyd Payne, minors
John D. Mills
Henry D. Rood
Chas. Hayward
Ranny L. Atwater
Semer Gher
Caleb B. Russell


S. J. McNutt
Henry L. Harvey
Wm. Main
Mary A. Smith
Judge Sherman
Henry Fasset
W. H. Bond
& Geo. H. Cleveland
& Daniel Mitchell
Joseph Cooper
Jas. T. Carter
Jas. Kennan
J. H. Hammon
Geo. K. Andrus
Alex Main
Daniel Fitzgerald
Clark Alliman

LIST OF LETTERS:  Remaining in the post-office at Conneaut, O., March 19, 1887:
Geo. R. Gilbreath
Miss Edna A. Thompson
Miss Ella L. Doe
Dick Bruce
Mrs. Sarah Gilbraith

In Monroe, O., March 16th, 1887, by H. N. Bushnell, J. P., Mr. Charles C. Avery of Sheffield, O., to Miss Hattie E. Griggs of Monroe, O.

     In Monroe at the residence of his sister, Mrs. J. Eaton, Mr. J. P. Bristol of Jamestown, N. Y., ae 71 yrs.

     Wanted - 200 cords of body wood for burning brick.  For particulars enquire of Joseph Smith, brick yard, Conneaut, Ohio.
     For Sale or Rent - The SWEAT place on Harbor St., house new, splendid well & cistern; a desirable place.  Enquire of E. B. Gary
For Sale - or will exchange for property in Conneaut, 80 acres of heavy timber land in Laclede county, Mo.  H. T. Waters
For Sale - Having let my place, I offer for sale one pair of Percheron mares & 4 head of young cattle, can be seen at my farm in West Springfield.  Julius A. Pond.
Farm For Sale - The Estate of Wolcott Blakeslee, deceased, abt. 70 A of land with good buildings, plenty of fruit; one mile east of South Ridge.  This place will be sold cheap for cash.  F. H. Blakeslee.











Conneaut, Ohio

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