Found at Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH - May also be found at Geneva Public Library, Geneva, OH

Monroe Township
(south of Conneaut on the Monroe Twp & Conneaut line)
Ashtabula County, Ohio
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Name Birth Date Death Date Area No. Comments
ABBOTT, Augustus   3, Dec. 1871 R-11 Aged 67 yrs.  Double stone with Obedience Abbott.  "Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord."
(See Stone)
ABBOTT, Benj. J.   22, May 1856 R-11 In the 88th year of his age.  Nothing on the footstone.
ABBOTT, Betsey   4, Sept. 1854 R-11 Wife of Benjamin Abbott.  Aged 83 yrs.  Stone broken off base.
ABBOTT, Laura A.     R-11 Daughter of A. & O. Abbott.  Aged 1 yr., 4 mo's.  No dates given.
ABBOTT, Obedience   7, March 1894 R-11 Aged 82 yrs.  Double stone with Augustus Abbott.  "Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord"
ALLEN, Jennie   29, March 1875 R-10 Aged 13 days.  Double stone with Neva Allen.  "Children of L. P. & E. A. Allen"
ALLEN, Neva   28, May 1875 R-10 Aged 2 yrs., 9 mo's.  Double stone with Jennie Allen.  "Children of L. P. & E. A. Allen"
BARRETT, Thomas   1, April 1844 R-1 Aged 83 yrs.  "Soldier of the Revolution" on the stone.
(More Information)
BENNETT, Abram   7, April 1843 R-10 Aged 74 yrs.  Stone broken off base.
BENNETT, Mary   1, April 1861 R-10 Wife of Abram Bennett.  Aged 80 yrs., 10 mo's., 18 days.  Stone broken off base.
BLISS, Abigail 21, Mar. 1804 10, May 1891   (nee Farnham, she married 1st Alanson Durkee, 2nd Rev. John Flagler and 3rd, Alvin Bliss)
BRISTOL, Asenath   2, June 1870 R-4 Aged 72 yrs.  Wife of S. H. Bristol.
BRISTOL, Solomon H.   6, April 1869 R-4 Aged 81 yrs., 9 mo's, 6 days.
COLBY, Betsy   12, May 1848 R-7 Wife of Ezekiel Colby.  Aged 67 years.  Stone broken off base. (nee Ayer)
COLBY, Dorothy   18, Dec. 1865 R-7 Daughter of Ezekiel and Betsy Colby.  Aged 67 years.  Stone broken off base.
COLBY, Ezekiel   20, June 1840 R-7 Aged 76 yrs.
COLBY, Mary B. 7, Apr. 1765 9, Jan. 1864 $-13 Wife of Geo. Colby.  Aged 52 yrs.  "Be ye also ready."  This stone may have been moved from another site.  Facing south.
(See Stone)
COLBY, Sarah   20, May 1857 R-7 Daughter of Ezekiel and Betsy Colby.  In her 60th year.  Stone cutters mark "Ashtabula"
CURTIS, Philippa   10, March 1843 R-4 Aged 39.  Wife of J. P. Curtis.
DEWEY, Eleanor B.   14, Sept. 1851 R-3 Aged 72 yrs., 4 mo's. "In memory of"  "She sleeps in Peace.  (See Stone)
DURKEE, Abigail
nee Farnum
  10, May 1891 R-9 Wife of Alanson A. Durkee aged 87 yr., 4 mo's., 20 days.  "Gone Home"
DURKEE, Alanson A.   7, Feb. 1830/39 R-0 Aged 44 yrs. 10 mo's
(See Marriage Lic. in Vol. B, pg. 13, Record 1266 dated Apr. 26, 1832)
DURKEE, Bertie   26, Nov. 1868 R-7 Son of George and E. H. Durkee.  Aged 1 yr., 3 mo's., 11 days.
DURKEE, Betsey   7, Oct. 1851 R-7 Wife of Wm. W. Durkee.  Aged 41 yrs.
DURKEE, Betsey   20, Feb. 1879 R-5 Aged 92 yrs., 4 mo's., 4 days.  "The Lord will provide"  (DAR Mary Redmond Chapter marker near the stone.)
DURKEE, Charles C. 1843 1930 R-7 (See stone)
DURKEE, David   17, April 1871 R-6 .
DURKEE, Emeline 1845 1900 R-7 (See Stone)
DURKEE, George A.   29, May, 1883 R-7 Son of G. G. & E. H. Durkee.  Aged 11 yrs., 9 mo's., 19 days.  This may be "Son of C. C. and E. H. Durkee"  Difficult to read.
DURKEE, John 11, Nov. 1838 19, Jan. 1915 R-4 NOTE:  He is son of David Durkee and Ruth (Hayward) Durkee.
Has child, Luna Durkee)
DURKEE, Luna   15, Jan. 1869 R-4 "Our darling" aged 1 yr., 1 o., 6 days.  "John and Ellen Durkee"
DURKEE, Mary   6 Feb. 1863 R-6 Wife of Solomon Durkee, Jr.  Aged 62 yrs. (DAR Mary Redmond Chapter marker.) (nee Curtiss)
DURKEE, O. P.     R-8 Offset.  May be for Oliver P. Durkee's footstone but not where it should be.
DURKEE, Oliver P.   10, March 1847 R-9 Son of A. A. & A. Durkee.  Aged 1 yr., 1 mo., 10 days.
DURKEE, Phebe White   27, Oct. 1854 R-3 Aged 34 yrs., 2 mo's, 27 days.  "Rest in Peace"  Wife of Amos White.
DURKEE, Ruth   11, Jan. 1869 R-6 Aged 72 yrs., 5 mo's., 11 days.  Wife of David Durkee.  (DAR Mary Redmond Chapter marker.) (nee Hayward)
(See Stone)
DURKEE, Solomon   29, Dec. 1833 R-5 Aged 72.  "A Soldier of '76"
(See Stone)
DURKEE, Solomon E.   17, Feb. 1847 R-6 Son of Solomon and Mary Durkee.  Aged 5 yrs.  (See Stone)
DURKEE, Solomon J.   11, Nov. 1863 R-9 Aged 28 yrs.
DURKEE, Solymon Jr.   15, March 1864 R-6 Aged 72 yrs.  (DAR Mary Redmond Chapter Marker.
DURKEE, Sylvia   24, Nov. 1856 R-5 Daughter of Salmon and Phebe Durkee.
DURKEE, William H. H.   12, Sept. 1851 R-9 Son of A. A. & A. Durkee.  Aged 10 yrs., 7 mo's.
EATON, Abigail J. Frack   16, Feb. 1871 R-11 Wife of William Frack.  Aged 27 yrs., 8 mo's., 4 days.  Eaton is probably her maiden name.
EATON, Agnes   30, May 1875 R-3 Aged 11 yrs., 8 mo's.  Adopted daughter of S. & M. Eaton.
EATON, David   27, March 1865 R-1 Aged 68 yrs. 2 mo's, 27 days.  In the south east corner.
EATON, Effie I.   14, June 1852 R-1 Aged 1 yr. 3 mo's.  Daughter of A. and H. M. Eaton.
EATON, John   18, Jan. 1857 R-1 Aged 37 yrs.  (Footmarker, "J. .E."
EATON, John   24, March 1941 R-2 Aged 44 yrs.
EATON, Lucy A.   3, July 1868 R-10 Wife of C. F. Eaton Aged 31 yrs., 3 mo's.  Stone broken off base.
EATON, Lucy C.   17, Sept. 1851 R-2 Aged 5 yrs. 4 mo's.  Daughter of Rufus and Mary E. Eaton.
EATON, Polly   29, July 1873 R-1 Wife of David Eaton aged 72 yrs.  4 mo's.  Polly is written as Dolly in the old records.
EATON, S. M.   23, April 1870 R-3 Aged 29 yrs.  No first name given, initials only.  "Death is swallowed up in Victory."
EATON, Samuel   26, Nov. 1839 R-3 Aged 77 yrs.  (Footstone reads "S. E." )  "In memory of"
EATON, Sarah   16, July 1835 R-3 Aged 71 yrs.  Wife of Samuel Eaton.  Footstone reads "S. E." "In memory of"
ELY, Ady M.   22, Oct. 1869 R-1 Aged 10 yrs., 10 o's, 10 days.  Daughter of S. E. & L. A. Ely.
ELY, Clarinda G.   4, Feb. 1852 R-2 Aged 32 yrs.  Wife of Samuel E. Ely.
ELY, Elizabeth Hall   29, March 1840 R-1 Wife of Samuel Ely.  Hall is her maiden name.  Stone with Samuel Ely.
ELY, Lucy Ann 2, June 1832 21, June 1876 R-1 Born at Rutland, Vt.  "Our mother"  Wife of S. E. Ely.
ELY, S. E. 1816 1893 R-2 No name given, just initials
ELY, Samuel   2, March 1847 R-1 64th year of his age.  Stone with Elizabeth Hall Ely.
FARNHAM, Abigail   14, March 1848 R-5 Aged 74 yrs.
FERGUSON, Sophia S.   6, May 1853 R-5 Aged 45 yrs.  Wife of Alonzo G. Ferguson. "Her home is above"
FRACK, Abigail J. Eaton   16, Feb. 1871 R-11 Wife of William Frack.  Aged 27 yrs., 8 mo's., 4 days.
HALL, Elizabeth Ely   29, March 1840 R-1 Wife of Samuel Ely.  On same stone with Samuel Ely.
HATCH, Clark   16, April 1840 R-6 In the oth year of his age.  Son of R. & F. Hatch.
HATCH, Daniel   24, Sept. 1834 R-6 Aged 13.  Son of R. & F. Hatch.  Stone broken off foundation.
HATCH, Eunice M.   5, June 1850 R-8 Wife of Alpheus Hatch. Aged 47 yrs.
HATCH, Fanny   1 March 1866 R-6 Aged 32 yrs., 6 mo's.
HATCH, Gilbert   29, May 1848 R-6 Aged 55 yrs.  Wife o fRufus Hatch.  The stone was cut by D. M. Patterson of Conneaut, OH.
HATCH, Infant son   1, Dec. 1837 R-8 Son of A. & E. M. Hatch.
HATCH, Lizzie Kellogg   27, April 1876 R-10 Wife of P. F. Kellogg.  Aged 38 yrs.
HATCH, Marcia Kellogg   28, April 1863 R-10 Wife of P. F. Kellogg.  Aged 27 years.  Post 9 GAR marker.
HATCH, Orville   25, June 1842 R-6 Aged 22 yrs.  (See Stone)
HATCH, Rufus   6, Oct. 1854 R-6 Aged 60 yrs.  (DAR Mary Redmond Chapter Marker.)
HATCH, Selah   22, Oct. 1837 R-8 Wife of Rufus Hatch.  In her 66th year of her age.
HAVILAND, Urania S.   11, March 1892 R-5 Aged 85 yrs. 7 mo's.
HICKOX, Esther A.   21 June 1843 R-9 Daughter of Dr. B. and Catharine Hickox.  Aged 16 yrs., 6 mo's  See epitaph.
HOYT, Henry   8, June 1859 R-11 Infant son of Dr. J. K. and Jane Hoyt.  No years given.
HOYT, Josiah K. Dr. 23, Dec. 1832 21, Feb. 1861 R-11 No other data
HOYT, Mary M.   16, Dec. 1860 R-12 Daughter of W. & E. Hoyt.  Aged 6 yrs.
KELLOGG, Arza S. 1838 1897 R-12  
KELLOGG, Christiana   30, March 1855 R-12 Wife of David Kellogg.  Aged 80 yrs.  Stone broken off base.
KELLOGG, Cynthia   8, Nov. 1862 R-12 Wife of Francis Kellogg.  Aged 66 yrs.
KELLOGG, Francis   5, Aug. 1852 R-12 Aged 57 yrs.
KELLOGG, Horace P. 5, Sept. 1846 14, Sept. 1850 R-12 Son of David and Harriet Kellogg.
KELLOGG, Infant Dau.     R-10 Daughter of P. F. & L. Kellogg.  No dates given.
KELLOGG, Jane Baby   14, Nov. 1896 R-10 Aged 4 mo's.
KELLOGG, Lizzie Hatch   22, April 1876 R-10 Wife of P. F. Kellogg.  Aged 38 yys
KELLOGG, Louisa M.   14, July 1895 R-12 Aged 80 yrs.
KELLOGG, Maria Hatch   28, April 1863 R-10 Wife of P. F. Kellogg.  Aged 27 yrs.  Post 9 GAR marker.
KELLOGG, Son   27, June 1867 R-10 "Our darling son"  P. F. and Lizzie Kellogg.
KENT, Charles D.   9, April 1855 R-11 Son of Charles & Elizabeth Kent.  Aged 31 yrs.
KENT, Elizabeth   16, July 1858 R-11 Wife of Charles Kent.  Aged 74 yrs.
KENT, Frances   15, June 1863 R-10 Aged 21 yrs.  Stone with L. M.; H. M., his wife,; S. J. their son,; Lelia and Frances Kent.
KENT, Frances   15, June 1853 R-10 Aged 21 yrs.  Daughter of L. M. & H. M. Kent.  Separate from fam. monument.
KENT, H. M.   14, Aug. 1860 R10 His wife, aged 37 yrs.  Stone with L. M.; H. M.; S. J., their son; Lelia and Frances Kent.
KENT, L. M.   26, Nov. 1881 R-10 Aged 65 yrs.  Stone with H. M., his wife,; S. J., their son; Lelia and Frances Kent.
KENT, Lelia   11, Sept. 1875 R-10 Aged 20 yrs.  Stone with L. M.; H. M., his wife.,; S. J. their sone,; Lelia and Frances Kent.
KENT, Lelia V.   11, Sept. 1875 R-10 Dau. of L. M. & H. M. Kent.  Aged 20 yrs., 5 mo's.  Separate from the family monument.
KENT, S. J.   18, Oct. 1865 R-10 Their son.  Aged 18 yrs.  Stone with L. M.; H. M., his wife; S. J.; Lelia Kent and Frances Kent.
KENT, Simon J.   18, Oct. 1865 R-10 Son of L. M. & H. M. Kent.  Aged 18 yrs., 11 mo's., 8 days.  Separate from the family monument.
LILLIE, Coralin A.   18, Feb. 1866 R-12 Wife of Joseph Lillie.  Aged 21 yrs., 20 days. (See Stone)
ROGERS, James F.   1, May 1881 R-7 Aged 33 yrs., 3 mo's., 24 days.
SALISBURY, "Our Baby"   31, July 1882 R-4 Dau. of G. W. and M. H. Salisbury.  No first name and no birth date.
SALISBURY, George 27, July 1805 1, May 1875 R-4 Post 9 GAR marker.
(See Stone)
SALISBURY, Lucy 16, June 1801 26, Sept. 1859 R-4 Wife of George Salisbury.
SEARLS, H. Corydon   29, Jan. 1862 R-12 Son of H. S. & M. L. Searls.  Aged 19 yrs., 4 mo's., 3 days.  
(See Obituary)
(See Stone) (See 1850 Census)
SPALDING, Abigail   16, May 1867 R-5 Aged 73 yrs.  Stone broken in several pieces. 
SPALDING, Elisha   11, June 1845 R-5 Aged 71 yrs.  "Sacred to the Memory of"  Double stone with Urania, "his wife"  (See Stone)
SPALDING, Elisha, Jr.   21, Dec. 1837 R-5 Aged 38 yrs.  Stone broken.
SPALDING, Josiah, Elder   19, Oct. 1843 R-5 Aged 40 yrs.  "Gone, not lost."
SPALDING, Solomon   11, June 1846 R-5 Aged 45 yrs.  "His record is on him"
SPALDING, Urania   22, April 1846 R-5 Aged 80 yrs.  Double stone with Elisha Spalding.  Wife of Elisha.
(See Stone)
UNKNOWN     R-3 Footstone reading P. G.
UNKNOWN,     R-10 Old records say surname started with Fe or Pe followed by 4 unreadable letters.  Stone cut by M. A. Dunnington.
UNKNOWN     R-1 Age 2 yrs., 1 mo. 10 days.  Two names on this stone, but totally illegible.  Broken and part missing.
UNKNOWN     R-8 Stone from the creek bed with nothing readable.
UNKNOWN, Abigail   13 Feb. 1850 R-10 Wife of Geo.  Aged 26 yrs., 9 mo's., & 2 days.  Stone broken & some missing.  "George, weep not for me."
UNKNOWN, G. M.     R-12 No headstone found for this footstone.
WARD, Charley M.   23, Nov. 1863 R-12 Son of Dr. W. A. & M. E. Ward.  Aged 7 mo's.
WASHBURN, Sarah Ann   1, Oct. 1851 R-5 Aged 2 yrs., 11 mo's.  Daughter of Ralph and Emeline Washburn.
WHITE, Amos, Jr.   16, March 1863 R-3 Aged 2 yrs. 6 Mo's.  Son of Amos and Phoebe White. (See Stone)
WHITE, Daniel   13, Feb. 1847 R-5 Aged 2 yrs. 6 mo's.  Son of Amos and Phoebe White.
WHITE, Perry   28, Jan. 1866 R-3 Aged 1 yr., 10 mo's, 16 days.  Son of Amos and Philury White.
WHITE, Phebe Durkee   27, Oct. 1854 R-3 Aged 34 yrs., 2 mo's, 27 days.  Wife of Amos White.  Durkee is probably her maiden name.  "Rest in Peace".



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