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Name Birth Death Other Sharon Wick's Comments  
UNKNOWN     Broken stone & no inscription. While making the final check, the marker is missing totally.    
UNKNOWN     Stone planter with a funeral home metal marker and no inscription.    
UNKNOWN     Marker was totally illegible at 1st check. It was missing at the 2nd check.    
UNKNOWN     Marcy funeral home marker illegible.    
UNKNOWN     "Gone Home"  No name or dates.    
UNKNOWN     Stone broken & illegible.    
UNKNOWN     Two illegible stones in the Cheney lot.    
UNKNOWN     Two stones that are badly weathered & illegible.    
UNKNOWN     Stone flush in ground with E. F. W. engraved on it.  Nothing else engraved on it.    
UNKNOWN, ___??     Stone broken off and only a stub is left.  Between Beach & Bryant lots.    
UNKNOWN, ___??     Two stones that look like markers but nothing on them.    
UNKNOWN, Ann     Weather worn & illegible.  Daughter of M. P. & S. B. A.___?   FE0008
UNKNOWN, Baby     Could be a Tubbs or Willoughby.  Nothing else on the stone.   DF0046
UNKNOWN, Baby     Bur. next to Saimi Roberts   ED0069
UNKNOWN, Carrie     No last name or dates on monument.  Next to the Pierce family lot.   FC0054
UNKNOWN, CCA, MCA, JMC     Three small stones illegible.  One is slate & flaked off.  The initials are the only readable part of stone.    
UNKNOWN, Charlotte   1847 Sep. 14 AE 5 yrs.  Daughter of M. P. & S. B. A.  Weather worn & illegible.    
UNKNOWN, Della E. 1884 1940 Between Lewis Wright & Marvelle Brooks.  Can't tell for sure what her surname should be.    
UNKNOWN, Elizabeth     Stone broken up & in the Bonney plot.  Can't read the dates or name.    
UNKNOWN, Father     Buried on the Wirtamo lot.    
UNKNOWN, Hannah   1830 Sep. 6 Stone broken on the ground and rest illegible.  Probably has been moved from original burial.  Vandalism.    
UNKNOWN, Hosea W.   1882 May 7 ae 77 y 5 m 20 ds.  Surname m/b North    
UNKNOWN, Joe, Jr. 1968   Last name missing, and no other date given.    
UNKNOWN, Mariah     In Memory of Mariah, Wife of A. C. __ound.  Chunk of stone missing.  No dates visible.    
UNKNOWN, Mother     Stone flush on ground with "Mother" on it.  No dates.  Don't know whose mother.    
UNKNOWN, Mother     No other date given.   Grave next to Jennie Klumph.    
UNKNOWN, Paul 1926 1927 "Son" engraved on marker.  Don't know whose son.  Buried between Andrew & Anna Johnson & Jacob & Mary Kultti.    
UNKNOWN, Son   1835 Oct. 4 AE 1 yr. 3 mos. 12 days.  Stone weathered & illegible.  Son of  ?. ?. & Eliz.    
UNKNOWN, Wooden Cross     Wooden cross with no names or dates & made the same as the one on Harvey D. Baldwin grave.    


- V -

Name Birth Death Other Sharon Wick's Comments
VAN DYKE, John 1860 1942  
VAN DYKE, Sarah 1858 1942 Ladies Aux. VFW flag holder.  
VanGORDER, Harry W. 1904 1986  
VanGORDER, Marjorie Baker 1904 1988 Baker may be her maiden name.  
VASTI, Jenny M. 1899 1982 Same stone with M. Edward Vasti.  Modern Woodman of America flag holder. See 1930 Census  
VASTI, M. Edward 1897 1980      
VEITH, Harvey G. 1959 Double stone with Helmi E. Veith.  No other date given & no place to put it on the monument.  
VEITH, Helmi E. 1965 Double stone with Harvey Veith.  Only one date given & no place to put another.  
VENEN, Joseph 1821/24? Aged 80 years.  Weathered badly.  Believe date is 1824 & makes it the oldest in the cemetery.  
VERNAK, Michael G. 1932 Apr. 27 1983 Sep. 15 Sp. 2 US Army Korea  Vet flag holder.  
VINSON, Charles Durwin 1853 Mar. 7 AE 19 yrs.  Can't read son of ??  Possibly of Joseph & Maria.  
VINSON, Joseph Willis 1851 Apr. 26 AE 18 yrs., 7 mos.  Son of Joseph & Maria Vinson.  "Gone but not Lost"  
VOLKMAN, Frank F. 1883 1972  
VOLKMAN, Kenneth Duane 1927 May 13 1982 Apr. 15 F2 US Navy WW II Vet monument.  Vet flag holder. AC0086
VOLKMAN, Lulu B. 1888 1940     AC0086
VonOSINSKI, Ruth Sawtelle 1891 1965 Sawtelle may be her maiden name.  
VOSBURG, Larry R. 1899 1957  

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