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Name Birth Death Other Sharon Wick's Comments  
RAFAEL, Arne 1910 None Given Same lot as Aimo Ahti.    
RANDALL, Gladys 1916 1950 Triple stone with Maggie and Winfield Randall    
RANDALL, Maggie 1881 1953 Triple stone with Winfield & Gladys Randall.    
RANDALL, Winfield 1880 1958 Triple stone with Maggie and Gladys Randall.    
RANTA, Alice E. 1904 1982 Double stone with Jack W. Ranta.    
RANTA, Baby 1941 Nov. 14 None Given No other data given   BABA03
RANTA, Jack W. 1890 1972 Double stone with Alice E. Ranta.   BC0006
RANTAMAKI, Eino E. 1914 Feb. 14 1974 Jan. 14 Ohio PFC US Army WW II.  US War vet flag holder.    
RANTAMAKI, Emma 1887 1957      
RANTAMAKI, Toivo J. 1909 1959      
RANTAMAKI, Wilho A. 1916 1921      
RAPPOLD, Charles None Given 1943 Apr. 21 Ohio Cpl. US Marine Corps. Res. April 21, 1943.  VFW flag holder.  This was probably date entered service.  Vet monument.
Death Record Certif. 22877 states he died Apr. 21, 1943.  Also that he was b. July 21, 1892.
RASANEN Family Monument          
RASANEN, Lauri 1860 1925      
RASANEN, Lauri M., Jr. 1917 1926      
RAUHA, Isaac E. "Ike" 1897 1974      
RAUHA, John 1869 1953 Stone with Sofia Rauha.    
RAUHA, Sofia 1875 1959 Stone with John Rauha.    
RAUTIO, Elsa 1891 1984 Double stone with Jacob Rautio.    
RAUTIO, Jacob 1893 1973 Double stone with Elsa Rautio.    
RAYMOND, Herber E. 1889 1939 Double stone with Vera V. Raymond.  Member of the Masons.    
READ, Esther Watkins None Given ??_____ AE 37 yrs. 5 mo's. 10 days.  Wife of Titus R. Read. Daughter of Gilbert & Sarah Watkins.  Stone broken & weathered.    
REDDOUT, Clell L. 1888 1953 Double stone with Vida L. Raddout.    
REDDOUT, Vida L. 1887 1979 Double stone with Clell L. Reddout.    
REED, Howard 1896 Jan. 22 1959 Sep. 12 Massachusetts Pvt. US Army WW I. Vet flag holder.    
REED, Jane 1825 1907      
REED, Mary Capron 1790 1863 Wife of Abijah Capron.  Large Capron family monument.  See epitaph page.  Capron is her married name.    
REED, Ralph E. 1885 1948      
REYNOLDS, Ethan L. 1838 1923 Woman's Relief Corps. GAR National 1883.    
REYNOLDS, Marian W. 1843 1894      
RHINEHART, Rose Belle 1856 1920      
RICHARDS, Archibald B. 1876 1940      
RICHARDS, Arthur E. 1875 1947      
RICHARDS, Betsy 1827 1902 Stone with Chester Richards.    
RICHARDS, Chas. D. "Father" 1850 1933      
RICHARDS, Chester 1817 1911 Stone w/Betsy Richards   FG0027
RICHARDS, Clara 1892 1895 Dau. of C. D. & E. M. Richards.  "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"    
RICHARDS, Dorothy E. 1907 1910      
RICHARDS, Elsie 1854 1936      
RICHARDS, Linn 1846 1927 Large Richards family monument.    
RICHARDS, Nanette M. 1871 1920 Large Richards family monument.    
RICHARDS, Orson D. 1845 1906 Large Richards family monument.    
RICHARDS, Rose B. 1878 1958      
RICHARDSON, Emma D. 1875 1926      
RICHARDSON, George W. 1866 1927      
RICHARDSON, Hattie M. 1875 1915      
RIGGS, William A. 1882 Jan. 25 1945  Jul. 9 Indiana Pvt. 29 US Vol. Inf.    
RIIHIMAKI, A. Whilhalmina 1893 19___ Death date not completed on the stone.  Stone with John K. Riihimaki.  Gus E. at the feet of John & Wilhelmina.    
RIIHIMAKI, Aino Margaret 1918 1927      
RIIHIMAKI, Gus E. 1914 Jan. 6 1976 Aug. 15 Buried next to the east drive at the foot of John & Wilhelmina Riihimaki.    
RIIHIMAKI, John K. 1893 1951 Stone with A. Wilhelmina Riihimaki.    
RIIHIMAKI, Katriina 1852 1935 Stone with Kustaa Riihimaki. See 1930 Census  
RIIHIMAKI, Kustaa 1855 Nov. 5 1914 Feb. 9 Stone with Katriina Riihimaki    
RIIHIMAKI, Viola Bartha 1916 1920      
RING, Minnie Lasher 1889 1952 Lasher is probably her maiden name.    
RINTAMAKI, Elizabeth 1871 1959 Stone with John Rintamaki.    
RINTAMAKI, John 1864 1924 Stone with Elizabeth Rintamaki.    
RINTAMAKI, Matt Einor 1895 Mar. 27 1959 Oct. 23 OH Pvt. 25 Co. 159 Depot Brigade WW I. Vet flag holder.    
RINTANEN, Emma M. 1899 1946 "Mother" See 1930 Census  
RINTANEN, Gus W. "Brother" 1908 Nine Given Stone with Helen S. Rintanen.  She is Gus's sister.    
RINTANEN, Helen S. "Sister" 1906 1978 Stone with Gus W. Rintanen.  He is Helen's brother.    
RINTANEN, John 1865 1931 Stone with Sanna Rintanen.  Modern Woodman of America monument. See 1930 Census  
RINTANEN, John J. 1893 Aug. 6 1967 Aug. 5 Modern Woodman of America monument. "Father" See 1930 Census  
RINTANEN, Matti L. 1900 1920      
RINTANEN, Sanna 1869 1963 Stone with John Rintanen.  Modern Woodman of America monument. See 1930 Census  
RISLEY, Fern Dea 1892 1922      
RISLEY, Orville Kane 1890 1911      
RITARI, J. Richard 1884 1930 Double stone with Lempi Perala Ritari.    
RITARI, Lempi Perala 1883 1970 Double stone with J. Richard Ritari.  Perala may be her maiden name.    
RITOLA, Charles E. 1884 1955 Same stone with Hilma, & Edna Ritola.  Modern Woodman of America marker.  Ritola family marker in the center of the lot.    
RITOLA, Edna E. 1884 1921 Ritola Family marker in center of lot.  Modern Woodman of America Marker.    
RITOLA, Hilma S. 1889 1954 Same stone with Charles E. & Edna E. Ritola.  Modern Woodman of America marker.  Ritola family marker in center of lot.    
RITOLA, Sanna S. Ritonen 1873 1965 Ritola is her married name.    
RITONEN, Sanna S. Ritola 1873 1965 Ritonan may be her maiden name.    
RITTENHOUSE, Cynthia B. 1936 1947 Triple stone with James M. & Gertrude S. Rittenhouse.    
RITTENHOUSE, Gertrude S. 1909 1967 Triple stone with James M. & Cynthia B. Rittenhouse.    
RITTENHOUSE, James M. 1906 None Given Triple stone with Gertrude S. & Cynthia B. Rittenhouse.  The death date was not on the stone.    
ROBERTS, Arthur L. 1883 1907      
ROBERTS, Saima 1895 1919 "Wife of C. F. Roberts"    
ROBERTSON, Carlton A. 1909 1981 Double stone with Emily V. Robertson.    
ROBINSON, Emily V. 1918 1957 Double stone with Carlton A. Robertson.    
ROBINSON, Anna J. "Daughter" 1896 1973 Next to Sanna B. Mackey.  May be related.    
ROBINSON, Arretus None Given None Given Aged 17 days.  Infant son of J. H. & N. A. Robison.    
ROBINSON, Sally None Given 1821 Nov. Aged 21 mos.  Dau. of Israel A. & Delia Robinson.    
ROBLE, Babies 1956 Jul. 21   No other date given.    
RODGERS, A. P. 1864 Jun. 2_? 1893 Jul. 10 Family monument with first names on individual stones at the graves.    
RODGERS, Almarion L. 1914 1924 Rodgers family monument with first names on single stones on individual graves.    
RODGERS, Burton A. 1880 1940      
RODGERS, Clyde A. 1886 1960 Rodgers family monument with first names on single stones on the graves.    
RODGERS, Georgia 1880 1959      
RODGERS, J. Ettie 1861 1935      
RODGERS, Jennie M. 1866 1951 Rodgers family monument with first names on single stones for each person.    
RODGERS, John T. 1860 1922      
ROGERS, Baby 1928 1928 Aged 3 days.   BABA01
ROGERS, Frank R. 1896 1950      
ROGERS, Helen Walker 1900 1983 Rogers may be her maiden name.  Walker is her married name.    
ROOD, Herbert, Jr. 1920 Feb. 13 1988 Sep. 1 PFC US Army  U.S. Vet flag holder.    
ROSSICK, Irene M. 1889 1968 Double stone with Robert C. Rossick.    
ROSSICK, Robert C. 1871 1954 Double stone with Irene M. Rossick.    
ROUGHT, Edwin A. "Father" 1852 1943 Triple stone with Fred A. & Flora A. Rought.    
ROUGHT, Flora A. "Mother" 1852 1942 Double stone wiht Fred A. & Edwin A. Rought.    
ROUGHT, Fred A. "Son" 1871 1954 Triple stone with Edwin A. & Flora A. Rought.    
ROUNDS, Adelaide Lucy Church 1864 1918 "His wife" Stone with Wilbur Rounds.  Church is her maiden name.  See epitaph page for more about hte Church family.    
ROUNDS, Allen D. 1882 1917      
ROUNDS, ARthur E. 1880 1909      
ROUNDS, Bert L. 1871 1939      
ROUNDS, Clayton V. 1893 1979 Stone with Dora B. Rounds.    
ROUNDS, Dora B. 1886 1962 Stone with Clayton V. Rounds.    
ROUNDS, Dorothy Rutherford 1912 None Given Rutherford is her married name.     
ROUNDS, Fannie F. 1877 1968      
ROUNDS, Father None Given None Given Last name not given.  Small marker with Father on it in the Rounds Lot.    
ROUNDS, Mother None Given None Given This might not be Rounds but it is in the Rounds lot.  Small marker only with "Mother" on it.    
ROUNDS, Myrtie M. 1895 1910      
ROUNDS, Vanessa 1902 1946      
ROUNDS, Wilbur 1854 1924 Stone with Adelaide Lucy Church Rounds.    
RUFFIN, Eliza Ann 1887 1959 Double stone with James Henry Ruffin See 1930 Census  
RUFFIN, James Henry 1884 1943 double stone with Eliza Ann Ruffin.  American Vet flag holder See 1930 Census  
RUGGLES, M. 1920 None Given Scratched on the back of Nestor Huttunen's monument.  Only date given.    
RUSEK, Doris J. 1925 None Given "Daughter"  Double stone with Margaret Nappi "Mother".  Rusek and Nappi engraved on the back of the stone.    
RUSNAK, Rebecca Kay 1953 Feb. 11 1964 Jun. 4 "Rest in Heaven until we Meet"    
RUSSELL, "Billie" 1917 1919 Same lot as Harry W. Russell.  Son of F. & M. Russell.    
RUSSELL, Anna M. 1860 1954 "Mother"  Small stone next to large family monument.    
RUSSELL, Harry W. 1887 1905 "At Rest" Vet flag holder.  Billie buried on this Lot.  Harry W. on large family monument.  HWR on small stone.    
RUSSELL, William Lewis None Given 1919 Mar. 18 OH US Navy.  Very difficult to read the stone.  FOE flag holder No. 480. OH.    
RUSSELL, William W. 1865 1954 IOOF flag holder.  "Father".  Small stone next to large family monument.  
RUTHERFORD, Dorothy Rounds 1912 None Given Rounds may be her maiden name.  
RYTIA, Martha Mae 1940 Oct. 13   Only date given on the monument.  Age not given (In baby section) BABA02
RYTIA, Martha R. 1908 1985 Double stone with Walter N. Rytia. BB0009
RYTIA, Walter N. 1904 1985 Double stone with Martha R. Rytia. BB0008

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