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Incomplete letter

all winter.  I have been in Washington for two months coming home just before Christmas.  Both the daughter and I had some writing to do which it was impossible to accomplish amidst the social distractions of the capitol city. - We had also to look over the Judge's books and papers so we concluded to remain there as long as we were comfortable and rest well in health - but I think we will ___ our way southward in March.  Thus for we have had a very comfortable winter. Bessie Warner, who is in Washington has written me of Dr. Meriom's death at his daughter's in Erie.  I saw him in Washington last winter and he seemed very feeble.
Now how are you and Clara and Clara's daughter's babies? - I hope Clara will write me all the news of yourselves and of the Browns - if you ___ any of them.

Sincerely yours,
Emma K. Tourger?
Mrs. G. W. B

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