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Catherine Taylor Matson, Born Sept. 28, 1825
Married Charles Hall, Sept. 3, 1860
Rhoda Maria Matson
Born April 28, 1828
Married Rowley Kilborn July 18, 1847

Ezekiel Lovejoy Matson
Born Feb. 23, 1832
Married Kate F. Randolph

All of the above children of Wm. Matson were all born in Oswego, NY

Charles Franklin Matson
Born August 11 1834 in Conneaut
Married Antoinette R. Williams, Ohio

Archie Emery Matson has three
Children Willie Emery Born Dec. 7 1887/8?
Homer Leon Born March 20 1891
Florence Estelle -- August 4 1893
all born in Conneaut

Rhoda Maria had one child
Clara Emeline Kilborn who
Married Clarence A. Kneeland

Ezekiel Lovejoy had 3 children
Elizabeth who Married F. Brock
William married Myrtie Wood
Emma who married Charles E. Cutter

Charles Franklin had two sons
Archie Emery Matson Born Sept. 2 1864
in Conneaut Ohio Married Eva L. Stratton June 27, 1886

Frank Leon Matson
Born March 3, 1868 in Conneaut
Married Louise M. Eberle of Erie Pa
Sept. 22 1892. have one child

Louis Leon Matson
born June 16, 1893 in Conneaut Ohio
Archie E. has 3 children
Willie Emery born Dec. 7, 1887
Homer Leon born Mch 20, 1891
Florence ___tte Aug. 14, 1893



Emeline (Hall) Matson's Children

Charles William born June 1 14th, 1843
Married Alice Osborn April 10, 1867
Osee Matson Hall born Sept. 10, 1845
Married Elizabeth Magee April 23, 1873

Norman Matson's Children

Albert Eugene Matson married T. D. Gregory
Katherine Adelaide married Byron B. Viets
Ella Matson married Albert B. Pitcher

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