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Mrs. Clara M. Kneeland
Conneaut, Ohio

I hope I am not asking too much of you but it will be of great assistance if you will jot down anything you may know of all this.
Any clippings will be carefully returned after copying.

Your ______(illegible)
Katherine (Mrs. G. D.) Kilborn
Auburn, California
November 25th, 1930


Mrs. Clarence Kneeland, Conneaut, Ohio -

My dear Mrs. Kneeland:
My husband George D. Kilborn who died March 19th last, had in hand, the bringing of the Kilbourn famly and I am anxious to have the book published as he had arranged for it - It was completed with the exception of the tracing of a few families.
Mrs. Morrison has given me your address with the suggestin that you might be

willing to supply missing information of your branch of the family - If you ____ give the dates of your fathers birth and mama___ and death and of your mothers death and where - And anything you will __ be so kind as to give of your own life and of your children - An outline of your Father's life -
Your grand father's family seem yes to __ other ___ covered but then ____ four brothers - R__ley, Harmon & Adolphus as cyrus -
The old book gives only John Henry & Adolphus as living in Conneaut & the others in Cinton - Mrs. Morrison thinks that Harmon also lived in Conneaut.  Do you know whether he later came to Conneaut and there were three brothers living then or was there a confusion between Adolphus & Harmon and was it Harmon who had the three daughters - Angeline, Mildred and Emma?  I know that Emma married Judge Albion )ourgee and can you tell me whom the others married - And if these were the daughters of Harmon do you know anything of the children of Adolphus?  And can you give me any addresses or scrap of information of the descendents of the three other brothers -

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