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City Cemetery
Conneaut, Ohio

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Name Birth Date Death Date Area No. Comments
EAGLEY, Clare M. 1889 1970 E12-129 PFC  U.S.M.C  WWI
EAGLEY, Gladys E. 1894 1992 E12-128 Wife of Clare Eagley.
EATON Family Monument None Given None Given E13-167 No data on monument
EATON, Charles William 1860 1933 E12-167 Single stone with just Charles William and the dates.  No surname.  In the Eaton lot.  FLT emblem engraved on stone.
EATON, Emily M. Middleton 1870 1958 E12-167 Engraved Nee MIDDLETON.  Rebekah emblem engraved on stone.
EATON, James Albert 1900 1921 E12-164 Single stone with just James Albert and the dates.  No surname but in the Eaton lot.
EATON, Varena Adams 1894 1930 E12-166 ADAMS is her married name.  Rebekah emblem engraved on stone.
EDWARDS, Frank       Lost on Lake Erie.  Dec. 1909
(Will get more info and picture ASAP ~ s.wick 4/13/08)
EDY, Burton C. Johnson 1869 1958 C06-004 JOHNSON is his adopted name.  Edy is his real surname.
EIGHMY, A. E. 1850 1911 C09-013 FRINK may be her maiden name.
EIGHMY, Achsa Gary 24, April 1850 12, July 1873 E03-155 GARY is her married name.
EIGHMY, Clara 1850 1917 C09-012  
EIGHMY, Clark 1871 1891 C09-014  
ELLIOTT, Austin B. 1845 1913 F04-09 Double stone with Mary Alice Elliott.
ELLIOTT, Mary Alice 1848 1921 F04-10 Double stone with Austin B. Elliott.
ELY, Harriet N. Brewer 1827 1884 C09-103 Triple stone with Edward P., Harriet, his wife & Julia their daughter.  BREWER is her married name.
ENGLE, Ida Marcy 1874 1916 D12-111 MARCY is her married name.
ERAMBERT, Maude 1883 1902 D06-147  

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