Original Hand Written Register of Births is in possession of
Geneva Public Library's Genealogy Department, Geneva, OH
Donated by Linda Lucas
A Copy of the Original is in possession of
Sharon Wick & Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH
Compiled by Sharon Wick, Conneaut, OH

Alphabetized by Name of Deceased
NOTE:    I have done a little research of my own and found the location of burials for some of the deceased.  You can find the location typed in RED next to their line. ~ SW

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Year Line No. Name of Deceased Race Age at Death Social Status Duration of Illness Dte of Death Cause of Death Occupation Where Born Where Died Residence at time of death Physician Undertaker Place of Interment Where Buried
1896 No line # Unknown White 25 Not goven not given Aug. 26 Killed by cars L.S. & M.S. Unknown not given Conneaut, O Not given No Physician C. H. Simonds Conneaut, O 
1899 89 Unknown Man W 40 (blank) Nov. 9 Accident (blank) (blank) Conneaut Conneaut (blank) (blank) Cleveland  
1899 49 Vanditta, Josie W 8 mo S 3 da. July. 29 Cholera Infant. (blank) Conneaut Conneaut Dotys Park O. O. Blakeslee C. H. Simonds Conneaut Cemetery
1900 47 Vanditti, Dominic White 18 m. Single not given Aug. 9 Cholera Infantism None Conneaut Conneaut Clark St. R. J. Baxter C. H. Simonds Conneaut, O
1898 13 Vego, Baby White 2 years Single two days April. 7 Membramono Laryngitis None Erie, Pa Conneaut Harbor Harbor St. Harold Wilson Chas. Marcy Conneaut, O
1898 38 Velds, Baby White 3 months Single (blank) July. 19 not given none Conneaut Conneaut, O Harbor none Chas. Marcy Conneaut, O
1897 27 Venen, V. White 67 Widow not gien May. 7 not given Housework New York Conneaut State St. Not given Chas. Marcy Conneaut, O
1900 55 Vickasi, Anna White 20 Married not given Aug. 26 not given Housekeeper Hungary Conneaut Harbor Not given C. H. Simonds Conneaut
1900 10 Vittingin, Baby White 3 months Single 1 day Feb. 13 Bowel Trouble None Conneaut, O Conneaut Day St. L. P. Sturtevant Marcy & Belding Conneaut, O
1898 39 Vitttingin?, _____ White 6 months Single (blank) July. 20 not given none Conneaut Conneaut, O Not given none Chas. Marcy Conneaut, O


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