Original Hand Written Register of Births is in possession of
Geneva Public Library's Genealogy Department, Geneva, OH
A Copy of the Original is in possession of
Sharon Wick & Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH
Compiled by Sharon Wick, Conneaut, OH

Alphabetized by Father's Name

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Year No. Infant's name Race Sex Birthdate Residence Father Mother Fath. Born Moth. Born Father's Occupation Attendant
1895 23 Not Given White Female June. 25 Nickle Plate Range, Lincor? ____Range Amer. Amer. R. R. Yard Conductor W. W. Wetmore
1897 28 Not Given White Female May. 22 159 Broad St. Reynolds, D. M. A. Reynolds Amer. Scotland Mechanic O. O. Blakeslee
1896 16 Not Given White Female Mar. 10 Harbor St. Rice, ____ ____ Rice Germany Germany Dock Boss B. M. Tower
1896 22 Not Given White Female April. 18 Lake View Park Rihmaki, Gus Catherine Rihmaki Fin Fin Dock Hand C. D. Baker
1898/99 38 Not Given White Male Dec. 3 15th St. Risley, Jas. Delia Risley Am. Am. Telegrapher L. P. Sturtevant
1896 53 Not Given White Male June. 22 Clark St. Roath, H. C. Isabelle Roath Amer. Amer. Car Repairer C. D. Baker
1896 78 Albert Ordell McBeth White Male Nov. 25 Buffalo St. Roberts, Chas. Anna Roberts Amer. Amer. Telegraph Operator L. P. Sturtevant
1898/99 36 Not Given White Male Sept. 16 Main St. Roberts, Chas. Anna Roberts Am. Am. Telegrapher L. P. Sturtevant
1898/99 45 Not Given White Female Feb. 28 Main Rodgers, C. F. Marion Rodgers Am. Am. D. D. S. O. O. Blakeslee
1900 64 Not Given White Female May. 21 Washington Rodgers, C. F. (none listed) Amer. Amer. Dentist O. O. Blakeslee
1900 11 Not Given White Female July. 8 Conneaut Rossiter, J. (none listed) American American Engineer R. R. W. H. Lent
1895 18 Not Given White Female May. 5 Clarks St. Rounds, B. L. Not Given Amer. Amer. R. R. Shopman - Wiper C. D. Baker
1896 62 Not Given White Female Sept. 22 Broad St. Rush, F. ____ Rush Amer. Amer. Laborer B. M. Tower

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