Original Hand Written Register of Births is in possession of
Geneva Public Library's Genealogy Department, Geneva, OH
A Copy of the Original is in possession of
Sharon Wick & Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH
Compiled by Sharon Wick, Conneaut, OH

Alphabetized by Father's Name

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Year No. Infant's name Race Sex Birthdate Residence Father Mother Fath. Born Moth. Born Father's Occupation Attendant
1897 24 Not Given White Male April. 25 Monroe St. Kaiser, Francis ____ Kaiser Amer. Amer. Machinist D. S. Cossitt
1900 8 Not Given White Female May. 1 Conneaut Kelso, Fred (none listed) American American Brakeman W. H. Lent
1896 30 Not Given White Male May. 1  Marshall St. King, C. ____ King Irish Irish Weigh Master B. M. Tower
1897 12 Not Given White Male Feb. 26  66 Mill St. King, H. R. Lena King Amer. Switzerland Fireman O. O. Blakeslee
1898/99 46 Not Given White Female Mch. 19 Mill King, H. R. Lena King Am. Switzerland R. R. Fireman O. O. Blakeslee
1900 93 Not Given White Male Aug. 12 Day St. King, Jos. (none listed) Portugese Portugese Ore Shoveler B. M. Tower
1900 61 Not Given White Female Mar. 23 Mill   King. H. R. (none listed) Amer. Switzerland R. R. Fireman O. O. Blakeslee
1896 1 Dorothy Pelton White Female Jan. 5 Main St. Klumph, Doctor A. Barbara B. Klumph Amer. Amer. Telegraph Operator D. S. Cossitt
1897 78 Not Given White Male Nov. 5 Main St. Klumph, Guy ____ Klumph Amer. Amer. Painter B. M. Tower
1900 59 Not Given White Male Feb. 4 Main   Kruger, Henry (none listed) Amer. Amer. Florist O. O. Blakeslee
1900 13 Not Given White Female Aug. 19 Conneaut Kurtz, H. B. (none listed) American American Merchant W. H. Lent
1898/99 26 Not Given White Male Dec. 24 Whitney Rd. Langdon, Jno. (none listed) Am. Am. Engineer B. M. Tower
1900 99 Not Given White Male Sept. 14 Main St.  Leahi?, E. J. (none listed) Amer. Amer. Fireman B. M. Tower
1897 59 Not Given White Male Sept. 13 Main St. Leahy, E. J. Maud Leahy Amer. Amer. Fireman R. R. B. M. Tower
1896 14 Not Given White Female Mar. 6 Harbor St. Levada, Joseph Rose Levada Portugese Portugese Dock Hand C. D. Baker
1896 76 Not Given White Female Nov. 21 Buffalo St. Exten Lewis, Ray V. Edith Lewis Amer. Amer. Bicycle Machinist L. P. Sturtevant
1895 21 Not Given White Female June. 4 Buffalo St. Lilly, Ira ____Lilly Amer. Amer. Brakeman R. R. B. M. Tower
1897 46 Not Given White Male July. 16 Mill St. Long, J. W. ____ Long Amer. Amer. Mechanic D. S. Cossitt
1897 39 Not Given White Male Jun. 26 Harbor St. Lundberg, A. F. ____ Lundberg Sweed Irish Dock Boss C. D. Baker
1900 23 Not Given White Male Oct. 8   Lundburg, A. (none listed)     Laborer W. H. Lent
1900 53 Not Given White Male Nov. 15 Conneaut Lusch, John (none listed) Amer. Amer. Laborer R. J. Baxter
1900 37 Not Given White Female May. 23 Buffalo St. Ext Lysitt, J. B. (none listed) American American Hoister D. S. Cossitt

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