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Source: Ashtabula News
Dated: Mar. 7, 1877
  Samuel R. Ransom of Amboy & Miss Addie D. Allen in Conneaut, 27th ult., by Rev. O. T. Wyman.
  Alvin M. Eaton
to Miss Eva A. Mallory, both of Monroe, in Monroe 22nd ult. By Rev. O. T. Wyman
  George C. Bonney
of Kingsville to Miss Emma Fidler of Conneaut, in Kelloggsville 25th ult., by C. O. Willey, J.P.
  Cyrus C. Butt of Kingsville to Miss Annie C. Laird of Monroe, in Conneaut 21st ult. by Rev. O. T. Wyman.
(Source: Genealogy Bank - Transcribed by Sharon Wick)
Source:  Ashtabula Weekly Telegraph (Ashtabula Ohio) - Page 3
Dated: Friday, Apr. 4, 1879

Shepard - Perrigo -
On the 26th ult., at the home of the bride, by Rev. J. N. M'GiffertMr. Milton O. Shepard, of Conneaut to MissKate L. Perrigo, of Ashtabula.

Source: Ashtabula Sentinel
Dated: Mar. 8, 1884

  Miss Emma L. MARCY
of Conneaut to Mr. Jesse BEARD of Meadville, Pa., at West Springfield (Pa) by Rev. N. W. JONES on Feb. 21, 1884.
(Source: Genealogy Bank - Transcribed by Sharon Wick)
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Page 8
Dated: Saturday, June 7, 1890
Romantic Wedding of the Daughter of Orrin J. Crane.
Marriage at Conneaut of Miss Lottie M. Crane
and Mr. Homer L. Smith - A Broken Engagement in Which a Theatrical Manager of New York Figured - A Memorial Day Wedding Postponed Owing to the Wife's Ill Health.
     The marriage of a Cleveland girl took place in Conneaut at 8'o'clock on the evening of June 4.  It was surrounded by some very romantic features and will be of especial interest to people on the West side, where the lady was born and reared.
     When the Seventh regiment, O. V. I., marched out of Cleveland destined to enact so noble a part in the civil war that ravaged the country a quarter of a century ago Orrin J. Crane marched with it, in command of company A.  At the battle of Ringgold, Nov. 27, 1863, he had been promoted to be lieutenant colonel of his regiment.  In that battle he was shot down and killed by a rifle ball through the head a few minutes after his superior officer, Col. Creighton fell a martyr to the cause of his country.
     About the time of his death his daughter Lottie was born.  Mrs. Crane continued her residence on the West side where her husband had left her and reared her daughter there.  The latter grew up to womanhood greatly beloved for many estimable qualities by her companions and neighboring friends. 
     Of late years Miss Crane, with some of her friends, has been in the habit of spending part of her summers in Conneaut, where she met Mr. Homer Lake Smith, a prosperous merchant in that thriving little town and at the head of a large dry goods establishment.  Acquaintanceship ripened into affection and and engagement was formed.  It was one of those unlooked for things in life for friends of Miss Crane had previously anticipated that she would reside further away from home in the metropolis, as it was at one time an engagement was generally supposed to exist between her and a Mr. Myron Rice of New York, the manager of the theater there.  This engagement must have been terminated by the lady, however, for that Mr. Smith was destined to be the happy man was evidenced by the fact that on May 29 Mr. J. W. Stinchcombe of this city took out a marriage license for H. L. Smith and Lottie M. Crane.  The issuance of the license from the probate court here was a necessity as Ohio law provides that a license must be taken out in the county where the lady lives.  Nevertheless, Miss Crane was in Conneaut and the marriage took place there.  The bride had for some time been in ill health and indeed is in a very serious condition even now, it is said.  The marriage, which was probably at first intended for Memorial day as a fitting occasion of the wedding of the daughter of a brave officer who was killed in action, was deferred until  some time when she was able to go through the ceremony.  In the meantime no definite date was set as no one likes a deferred marriage day, no matter how little superstitious he may be.
     Mr. Smith has fitted up a beautiful new home in Conneaut for his bride and there they will live.  A trip to Europe will be take at once for the restoration of Mrs. Smith's health.  "Bon voyage" will be the speeding of a great many Cleveland friends.
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Pg. 14,15
Dated: Sunday, Apr. 1, 1900
     A very pretty home wedding was celebrated Thursday evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. B. B. Viets, No 768 Genesee avenue, when their eldest daughter, Miss Veronia Evelyn, was married to Mr. Junius Hosford Smith.  The house was tastefully decorated for the occasion in green and white, the alcove where the ceremony was performed being divided off with white pillars and ribbons from the rest of the room and massed with palms, smilax and flowers.  The service was performed at 8 o'clock, Rev. J. D. Williamson of Beckwith Memorial Church officiating.  About forty of the relatives and near friends of the bride and groom were present.  The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Vineta Viets, as maid of honor, and the two small brothers of the groom, Harold and Elbert Smith, as ribbon bearers.  The bride was attired in a dainty frock of white Persian lawn, trimmed with lace, her bridal veil caught to the coiffure with a handsome ornament.  Her bouquet was of lillies of the valley.  Miss Vineta wore a pretty gown of white mousseline de sole over pink silk and carried pink roses.  A wedding supper followed the congratulations after the ceremony.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith will be at home at The York on Hough avenue in May.  Guests from out of town present at the wedding were the parents of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. Junius Smith, and sons, Harold and Albert of New York City; Mrs. Electa Luce and Mr. and Mrs. John B. Rieg of Conneaut and Miss Mary Elliott of Wooster, O.
Source:  Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Pg. 11
Dated: Friday, Sept. 4, 1903
Conneaut People Wed in New York.
CONNEAUT, O., Sept. 3 - Desiring to have their nuptial knot tied without the knowledge of their friends, James Thompson and Miss May Corbett went to Ripley, N. Y., this morning and were married.
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Pg 7
Dated: Friday, Feb. 12, 1904
Member of Public Safety Board is the Groom.
     CONNEAUT, OH - Feb. 11 - Miss Laura Lolita Cook and P. V. Ford, prominent young people, were married yesterday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Cook.  Because of the death of the groom's father a few months ago the ceremony was attended only by the immediate families.  Rev. W. D. Starkey, pastor of the First Methodist church officiated.  Following the ceremony a wedding luncheon was served, after which the couple left for a western trip.  The groom, Mr. Ford, is a Democratic member of the board of public safety, which position he has filled since the organization of the board.  He is also prominent in secret society work.
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)
Source: Lexington Herald - Kentucky
Dated: Aug. 6, 1908
Conneaut, O., Will Be the Home of Popular Couple Married at Georgetown
(Georgetown Bureau of The Herald)
GEORGETOWN, Ky., August 5 - The culmination of a happy romance came this morning when Dr. Guy Porter Bannister, of Conneaut, Ohio, and Miss Mary Florence Griffith were united in marriage.  The ceremony was performed at the home of Mrs. William Hunleigh,  mother of the bride.
     The house was beautifully decorated with rich floral designs.  A bank of ferns, palms and trailing vines was formed over the mantle, relieved by scarlet plants of many varieties.
     The bride, attired in a gown of French chiffon and lace, with a moire hat, trimmed in flowing white plumes, entered upon the arm of her betrothed.  Standing under the floral embankment, Dr. W. G. Argabrite performed the ceremony that made them man and wife.  Mrs. Argabrite presided at the piano, softly playing "Hearts and Flowers" during the ceremony.
     The young couple went in an auto to Lexington, where they were entertained at dinner by the groom's brother, Dr. W. E. Bannister.  They will return to Georgetown Thursday, when they will be given a dinner party by Mr. and Mrs. Hunleigh, and a luncheon on Friday by Mrs. Argabrite.  They expect to leave the following day for their home in Conneaut, where the bridegroom is a prominent dentist.
     Among the out-of-town guests were Dr. and Mrs. Kirkley Bannister and son, of Cincinnati, Ohio; Dr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Bannister and children, of Lexington; Miss Hattie May Bannister, of Sherman, Ky.; Mrs. J. W. Palmer and daughter, of Stamping Ground; besides a few intimate friends of the bride from Georgetown.
Source:  Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Pg. 40
Dated: Sunday, Nov. 4, 1917

     CONNEAUT, Nov. 3 - A former high school teacher here, Mrs. Bruce T. Kocher, is now living in Ossittee, N. H., where her husband is county farm agent.
     They were married in Conneaut a short time ago.  Before the wedding she was Miss Cora Louise MitchellMr. Kocher's former home is North East, Pa., just across the state line.
Source: Duluth News - Tribune - Minnesota
Dated: Feb. 27, 1910
ASHTABULA, Ohio, Feb. 26. - John Castler of Conneaut got into more trouble than he knew when he blithely entered court in the pursuit of a divorce.  His first session on the witness stand ended when Judge J. W. Roberts sent him to jail for contempt of court.  The grand jury thereupon indicted him for perjury, who which charge he was arranged today.  Now Castler's counsel has asked that a medical examination be made to ascertain whether Castler is insane.  Castler therefore faces a chance of a permanent retirement from the world, originating in the fact that he could not get along with his wife.
Source: The Montgomery Advertiser
October 18, 1917
Matrimony Notice:

Lieut. Robert O. Smith, commissioned at the first officers training camp was back at his post in Camp Sherman today after a hurried trip on leave to Conneaut where me married Miss Ruth Range.  Both lived in Conneaut.

Source:  Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Pg. 18
Dated: Monday, Nov. 3, 1919
Ohio Marriages
(Special to The Plain Dealer)
- Miss Frances W. West of Atlanta and Audlie McCauley of Cleveland were married at Atlanta.
- Miss Eleanor Murphy of this city and Adelbert Baker of Penn Line, Pa., were married.
- Miss Anna Dillinger and Bert J. Williams, both of Conneaut, were married.
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) pg. 44
Dated: Sunday, Apr. 16, 1844
Beverly Maudein Hungerford Weds David Reese Messenger
a double ring service, Miss Beverley Maudein Hungerford was married to Mr. David Reese Messenger, U. S. M. S., son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Messenger, of Conneaut, on April 10.  The wedding, preceded by a half hour of organ music, took place at 7, in the Church of the Ascension and was followed by a reception at the home of the bride's parents.
     The bride's gown was of white satin with princess neckline and full court train.  Her wedding bouquet was of white iris and roses, with one orchid in the center.  Mrs. Chester Queberq was matron of honor.  Bridesmaids were the Misses Rita Roach, Clara Wagmer and Jeannette Marcks.  Mr. David Griese, fraternity brother of the bridegroom was best man.  Ushers were Mr. Robert Post, Jack Stephens, Merlin Metzler and Pvt. Harold Allick.
     Mr. Messenger
attended Western Reserve University where he was a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity.  He is now stationed at Sheepshead Bay.
     Following a brief visit in Conneaut and a trip to New York City, the couple will live in Brooklyn while Mr. Messenger is stationed there.
Conneaut, Ohio

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