The City Cemetery of Conneaut, Ohio is located on Liberty St. just before you get to Route 7.  It's on the South side of Liberty Street with two cannons West of the drive.  The drive was originally a horse and carriage drive, so it is very narrow and now it is a brick drive into the cemetery and turns to a very narrow dirt drive.

This cemetery is the oldest in the City of Conneaut and has been and still is being abused by the young people.  Some damage has been done by the weather.  Some of the old monuments are badly weathered and impossible to read even with the shaving cream method.  Some monuments are missing totally.  Some very large monuments have been tipped over on their faces and are too heavy to try to roll over.

The old records of the Conneaut Cemeteries were burned but the sexton and the Conneaut Health Board have many records and maps of the Conneaut area Cemeteries.

City Cemetery was read in 1991 by Prudy McNutt, Pat Rickard, Margaret Schmidt, Millie Scott, Elsie Berg, Marion Holmes, Jean Allds and Mary Hawkins.  The computer work and map was done by Mary Hawkins.


Our may is NOT BY SECTION AND LOT.  The Sexton and the Conneaut Health Board have those records and maps.  Our map is a location finder only.

The listings have the AREA NO. of the graves and if you look at the map, you can find the area, Row and grave number.



C= Area        10= Row        120= Grave number

Find area C on the map, then start counting the rows in that area from the West side to the East.  Then after you find the row, start counting the graves from the south end of the area going to the North.  The grave will be in that general area.

In all the area's, count the rows from the west to the east and the graves from the south to the north.


Two of the monuments have too many names on them to fit on the listings, so they are listed here:

The Keyes family monument lists:
General Henry Keyes, Mary Cole Keyes, Vesta Bates Keyes, Charles W. Keyes, Henry P. Keyes, Martin B. Keyes, Elias Keyes, Phebe Keyes and Asa Bates. 
NOTE: Asa Bates does not appear to be a Keyes, but related.
(SHARON WICK'S NOTE:   Asa Bates is probably Vesta Bates Keyes' father as there is an Asa Bates listed on her obituary as her father.  Her Mother's name was Jemima.  See Obituary.)

On the south face of the Johnson family monument is in area C or just as you enter the cemetery from Liberty St. in the old section and the monument is difficult to read.

Mother of Elizabeth, Alexander, James White, John Barrett (we think), William Campbell, Matthew Joseph, and Mary Ann.  The John Barrett may be Barnett, it is difficult to read.

In the center section of the cemetery in row one which is next to the center drive and almost to the North drive, you will find two of the following epitaphs:
Dear Mother, in earth's thorny paths, How long Thy feet have trod:  To find at last this peaceful rest, Safe in the arms of God.

On James Kanady's stone, which is now on it's back on the ground and broken you can still see a part of this epitaph:
"Reader behold, as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I:  As I am now, so you must be.  Prepare for death and follow me."

On the Maines monument west of the drive and about in the center row you will find:
I take these little lambs said he  And lay them in my breast  Protection they shall find in me  In me be ever blest  Death may the hand of life unloose  But can't disolve me love  Millions of infants souls compose the family above.

On the Sweaney/Puffer/Jerrils monument, one plaque is missing but this epitaph can be found on one plaque with Diana Catlin Puffer:
"The body will return to the dust as it was and the soul to the Gold that gave it."

On the White family monument:  A precious one is vacant in our home Which never can be filled.

The other epitaphs were short enough to put with the listings. 



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