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City Cemetery
Conneaut, Ohio

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Name Birth Date Death Date Area No. Comments
DANIELS, Blanche B 1845 1924 F14-03 Dbl. stone with Herbert A. Daniels.
DANIELS, Clarence W. None Given 28, April 1890 C10-014 Aged 32 yrs., 1 mo., 28 days.
Sharon Wick's Note:
 (See 1800 Census)
DANIELS, Herbert A. 1845 1899 F14-03 Dbl. stone with Blanche B. Daniels. 
Sharon Wick's Note:
 See Death Register
DARLING, Adaline 1832 1896 D09-156 Darling family monument with P. M., Adaline, his wife, Leon, G. W. his wife & Elisha Brewer.  Adaline on West side of stone. 
Sharon Wick's Note:
 See Death Register.
DARLING, Amos 1790 1854 D09-159 Darling family monument with P. M., Adaline, his wife, Leon, S. W., Amos, Fanny his wife & Elisha Brewer.  Adaline on West side of stone.
DARLING, Birdie 1869 1902 E02-050 Wife of A. B. Darling
DARLING, Elizabeth 1840 1915 E02-052 Dbl. stone with Oliver C. Darling, his wife.
DARLING, Fanny A. 1787 1881 D09-160 Darling family monument with P. M.; Adaline, his wife; Leon; G. W.; Amos; Fanny, his wife & Elisha Brewer.  Fanny on North Side of stone.
Sharon Wick's Note:
 See obituary
DARLING, Grace M. 1897 1961 E02-054  
DARLING, James M. 9, May 1851 22, April 1891 C08-025 Triple stone with Olive, James & Little Ralph Darling.  Stone is offset between rows 8 & 9 and on ground.  One side can't be read.
DARLING, Lottie A. 1875 1941 D05-136  
DARLING, Olive 11, Dec. 1854 4, Nov. 1936 C08-025 Triple stone with Olive, James & Little Ralph Darling.  Stone is offset between rows 8 & 9 and on ground.  One side can't be read.
DARLING, Leon 1858 None Given D09-157 Darling family monument with P. M.; Adaline, his wife; Leon, G. W., Amos, Fanny, his wife & Elisha Brewer.  Only one date given.  Leon on South side.
DAVIS, Addie S. 1879 1967 E10-136 Dbl. stone with Frank C. Davis.  Eastern Star Emblem.
DAVIS, Donald E. None Given None Given D05-162 No dates given.  Son of E. W. & E. R. Davis.  On Davis monument with Eva R. McDonald Davis.  Also W. P. & Margaret McDonald.
DAVIS, Eva R. McDonald None Given 5, April 1891 D05-163 Aged 30 yrs., 9 mo's., 21 days.  On Davis Family Monument.  Daughter of W. P. and M. McDonald and wife of E. W. Davis.
DAVIS, Frank C. 1878 1951 E10-137 Dbl. stone with Addie Davis.  Masonic Emblem.
DAVIS, Frank M. 1907 1982 E10-134  
DAVIS, James P. None Given 18, Dec. 1927 D05-158 Only on date given and no age given.  OH 1st Lieut. Med. Corps.
DEBOE, Infant None Given ?, Jan. 1867 D10-092 Stone with Thomas Deboe.  Children of John and Elizabeth Deboe.  Most of the stone is illegible.
DEBOE, John None Given None Given D10-093 Nothing else readable on the stone.
DEBOE, Thomas None Given 20, Jan. 1870 D10-092 Stone with an infant.  Children of John and Elizabeth Deboe.  Most of the data is illegible.
DeHART, C. Parker 1847 1917 B11-021  
DeHART, Charlotte 1889 1929 B11-023  
DeHART, Daphne M. 1892 1968 B11-026  
DeHART, Emma A. 1853 1935 B11-022  
DeHART, Sarah W. 1877 1960 B11-025  
DIBLER, Achsah E. 1868 1913 D05-141  
DEIBLER, Charles W. 1863 1951 D05-142  
DEIBLER, Ethel G. None Given None Given F03-01 No other data given.
DEIBLER, Herbert None Given None Given F03-02 Single stone with only Herbert on it, but looks like it goes with the Deibler lot.  No dates given.
DEIBLER, Hubert L. 1894 1895 D05-139  
DEIBLER, May None Given None Given F03-03 Single stone with only May on it, but looks like it goes with the Deibler lot.  No dates given.
DEIBLER, Russell F. 1898 1903 D05-140  
DENNEE, Anna M. 1883 1961 G01-49 Double stone with Claude J. Dennee.
DENNEE, Claud J. 1887 1963 G01-50 Double stone with Anna M. Dennee.
DENNEE, Robert 1918 1988 G01-49 Thompson Funeral Home marker in front of Claude and Anna Dennee.
DEVEREAUX, C. W. 1836 1864 B05-007  
DEVEREAUX, Charles W., Capt. None Given 13, May 1864 B06-007 Aged 27 yrs. Co. K., 145 Reg. PA V.I., from wounds received in the battle of Spottsylvania?  Weathered partially illegible.
DEVEREAUX, Cynthia 1810 1887 B05-010  
DEVEREAUX, Seymour 1808 1901 B05-011  
DEWEY, John H. 1871 1934 D04-114 Double stone with Mertie E. Dewey.
DEWEY, Mertie E. 1873 1963 D04-113 Double stone with John H. Dewey.
DeWOLF, Eliza M. Clark 1831 1894 B07-027 Clark is her married name.
DEYOE, Cora Venen 1856 1936 D-A-165 Double stone with Newman B. Deyoe.  Venen may be her maiden name.
DEYOE, Corinne Hudson M. 1889 1985 D-A-167 Deyoe may be her maiden name, Hudson her first married name and McGee her last married name.
DEYOE, Ida Jones 1871 1956 E11-106 Jones may be a maiden name.
DEYOE, Newman B. 1856 1939 D-A-166 Double stone with Cora Venen Deyoe.
DIBBLE, Angeline Cool 1819 1899 E03-107 COOL is her married name.  Double stone with Nelson Augustus COOL.
DIBBLE, Deborah None Given 7, Aug. 1818 D11-151 Age 67 yrs.  Wife of Ezra Diblle, Esq.
DIBBLE, Edwin D. None Given None Given D11-152 Son of Ezra & Debby.  Dates weathered away.
DIBBLE, Emeline Tyler 1823 1902 B07-028 Dibble and TYLER may have been earlier marriages.  CARLIN seems to be her last.
DIBBLE, Ezra None Given ??, Feb. 1856 D11-150 Age 78 yrs.  Masonic emblem.
DIBBLE, Mary Ann Carlin None given 21, June 1889 E01-112 CARLIN md. name.  Aged 73 yrs.  T. J. CARLIN Family Monument with Mary his wife; James M.; Erminda E. J. Carlin and William & Mary HENDRIXON.
DICKSON, Bernice K. 1892 1971 G03-63 Double stone with Roy H. Dickson.
DICKSON, Roy H. 4, Jan. 1888 19, Feb. 1956 G03-62 Double stone with Bernice K. Dickson.  OH Cpl. Co. F  332 Infantry WWI.
DISBROW, Fanny A. 1851 1912 C03-021 "Wife of William"
DODGE, Earl H. 1889 1943 E11-116  
DODGE, James B. None Given 24, April 1863 C07-044 Aged 18 yrs. 6 mo's.  Died in Nashville, Tenn.  125 Reg. OVI
DODGE, Lillie L. 1856 1937 C07-046 "A faithful teacher in the Conneaut Schools for more than 50 years."
DODGE, Rosalee 1863 1951 E11-114 Dbl. stone with Wilbur L. Dodge.
Dodge, Wilbur L. 1861 1930 E11-113 Dbl. stone with Rosalee Dodge.
DONIHI, Lucinda 1863 1937 C06-063  
DONOVAN, Emma G. 1848 1937 E02-104  
DONOVAN, Frances M. 1886 1908 E02-103  
DONOVAN, James F. 1844 1902 E02-105 US War Vet.  Flag holder.
DORMAN Family Monument None Given None Given C01-074 No data on this monument.
DORMAN, Thomas B. 1848 1895 D01-076  
DOTY, Mary Algenia None Given 3, April 1851 D07-146 Age 3 yrs.  2 mo's, 27 days. Dau. of P. B. & A. M. Doty.
DOUGHTERTY Family Monument None Given None Given C08-042 No data on this monument.
DOUGHTERTY, Helen J. 1858 1940 C08-043  
DOUGHERTY, Hugh 1830 1897 C08-045 Sharon Wick's Note:
 See Death Register
DOUGHERTY, Ida "Little" None Given None Given C08-046 Daugherty of ?? & Hugh Dougherty.  Rest illegible.
DOUGHERTY, Ruth 1833 1915 C08-044  
DOUGHERTY, Wallace J. 1861 1884 C08-041  
DOWLER, Mable Cleveland 1881 1953 D13-084 Dbl. stone with Clarence S. Cleveland.  Cleveland is her married name.
DRAKE, Benjamin S. 1837 1925 C07-089  
DRAKE, Hannah 1835 1925 C07-090 Wife of B. S. Drake.
DRAKE, Susan C. 1834 1910 C07-088 Wife of B. S. Drake
DREHER, Ann B. None Given 15, Jan. 1859 F10-18 Aged 21 yrs.  Wife of Charles D. Dreher.
DREWITT, Amelia F. 1878 1946 D10-137  
DREWITT, Ernest H. 1876 1941 D10-136  
DREWITT, Harrie C. 1898 1923 D10-138  
DREWITT, Olive H. Tomkiewicz 1901 1969 D09-142 Same stone with Nicholas R. TOMKIEWICZ.  Tomkiewicz is her married name.
DUDLEY, Alfred 1875 1955 E10-148 Double stone with Coralinn Dudley.
DUDLEY, Coralinn 1884 1973 E10-147 Double stone with Alfred Dudley.
DUDLEY, Kenneth A. 1909 1977 E10-146 Double stone with Marjorie E. Dudley.
DUDLEY, Marjorie E. 1912 1982 E10-145 Double stone with Kenneth A. Dudley.
DURKEE Family Monument None Given None Given B07-024 Large Durkee family monument.  No data on it.
DURKEE, Albert 5, Nov. 1837 28, March 1895 B07-025  
DURKEE, Bertie None Given None Given D10-077 Nothing else but Bertie on the small stone.  May be Durkee but can't be sure.  Flush with ground.
DURKEE, Emma E. 1866 1952 B07-023  
DURKEE, Frank 1860 1931 B07-022  
DURKEE, Harvey, Dea. 1770 1860 D10-082  
DURKEE, Huldah C. 1805 1867 D10-080  
DURKEE, James H. 1808 1872 D10-081  
DURKEE, Juliett C. 1834 1881 D10-078  
DURKEE, Sarah C. 29, July 1837 5, March 1915 B07-026  
DWYER, Catharine 1845 None Given D08-102 Double stone with Michael H.  No death date given.
DWYER, Mary Margaret 1893 1893 C08-012 Daughter of J. L. & H. O.? Dwyer.
DWYER, Michael Henry 1845 None Given D08-101 Double stone with Catharine, "his wife".  No death date given.  Co. F., 5th R. I. Inf.




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