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Name Birth Death Other Sharon Wick's Comments Code
PAANANEN, Emil 1890 1947 Double stone with Lydia Paananen.   AB0032
PAANANEN, John 1863 Jul. 2 1945 Mar. 25 Stone with Seliina Paananen & John, Jr. is buried next to John & Seliina's stone.  May be a son of John Paanane.    
PAANANEN, John, Jr. 1885 1937 His grave is next to John & Seliina Paananen but there is no surname on his stone.  Per James Paananen, John Jr. is son of John and Seliina Paananen.  
PAANANEN, Lydia 1890 1977 Double stone with Emil Paananen.z   AB0033
PAANANEN, Maria 1865 1952      
PAANANEN, Sara Johnson Wood 1901 1972 Double stone with Ray Wood.  Per James Hilliard, Sara's maiden name was Paananen.  Wood is her married name from a 2nd or 3rd marriage.  
PAANANEN, Selina 1858 Jun. 20 1925 May 26 Stone with John Paananen.  John, Jr. is buried next to John & Seliina.  Probably their son.    
PADEN, J. G. 1863 1921      
PADEN, Katherine 1859 1924      
PADEN, Robert C. 1886 1919      
PALMER, Nina McCrone 1893 1918 McCrone is her married name.    
PALO, August 1877 1921      
PAPP, Mary Bassa 1849 1932 "Mother" Bassa her married name.    
PARKKOOMAKI, Jacob 1866 1936 Stone with Susanna Parkkoomaki.  Spelled this way on stone.    
PARKKOOMAKI, Susanna 1860 1944 Stone with Jacob Parkkoomaki.  Spelled this way on stone.    
PAULL, Charles F. 1912 1977 Same stone with June Sawtelle Paull.    
PAULL, Grace B. 1883 1961 Stone with Ray C. Paull.    
PAULL, June Sawtelle 1916 Dec. 25 2006 Aug. 9 Sawtelle is her maiden name.  Same stone with Charles F. Paull. See Obituary  
PAULL, Ray C. 1889 1950 Stone with Grace B. Paull.    
PEET, Clara Hazeltine 1874 Nov. 5 1928 Oct. 21 Hazeltine may be her maiden name.    
PELTONEN, Hilma M. 1871 Nov. 11 1910 May 27 Dates appear on stone this way:
18 11/11 71 & 19 5/27 10.  "Jesus Kristus" engraved on the stone.
PELTONEN, Martha L. 1903 1904 Back of stone with Taimi Peltonen.  Lot next to Vault at the cross-over drive.    
PELTONEN, Taimi 1905 Feb. 11 1908 Mar. 26 Martha on back of stone.
Dates on stone are 19 2/11 05 &
19 3/26 08
PELTONEN, Uljas B. 1899 May 31 1913 Jul. 13 Dates engraved as 18 5/31 99 & 19 7/13 13   CG0050
PENTINEN, Atlanta P. 1890 1918      
PENTINEN, Mather None Given None Given Between rows.    
PENTINEN, Wilho L. 1909 1913 Between rows.    
PERALA, Frank 1875 1956     AC0014
PERALA, John T. 1894 Apr. 4 1958 Sep. 10 OH PFC 110 Infantry WW II.    
PERALA, Lempi Keto 1901 1982 Keto is her married name. See Note #1 below  
PERALA, Lempi Ritari 1883 1970 Double stone with J. Richard Ritari.  Ritari is her married name.    
PERALA, Mary 1867 1947 Stone with Victor & Victor E. Perala.    
PERALA, Raymond E. N. 1925 1946      
PERALA, Victor 1870 1926 Stone with Victor, Mary & Victor E. Perala.    
PERALA, Victor E. 1897 1941 Stone w/ Victor and Mary Perala   CA0045
PERKINS, Harry D. 1935 1939      
PERKIO, Mary 1877 1950 Double stone with Thomas Perkio.  "Tho lost to sight to memory dear"    
PERKIO, Thomas 1874 1950 Double stone with Mary Perkio.  "Tho lost to sight to memory dear"    
PERRIN, Deloss W. Corpl. None Given None Given Co. G 2 Kans. Inf.  Vet flag holder & VFW flag holder.    
PESOLA, Adeline R. 1883 Oct. 24 1876 Sep. 25      
PESOLA, Oscar 1887 Apr. 12 1950 Jan. 16 Ohio PFC 110 Infantry 28 Div. WW I.    
PETERS, Margaret A. 1882 1969      
PETERSON, John 1888 1971 Bronze marker.    
PETZ, Etta May 1884 1951 Double stone with John Petz.    
PETZ, John 1887 1957 Double stone with Etta May Petz.    
PHELPS, Edward L. 1888 1922 US War Vet flag holder.    
PHILLIPS, Hannah None Given 1856 Nov. 3 Aged 25 yrs.  Wife of Jeremiah Phillips.  "At Home".  Stone broken & on ground.    
PHILLIPS, Jesse B. None Given 1855 Jan. 7 AE 3 mo's. & 9 days.  Son of Jeremiah & Hannah Phillips.    
PHILLIPS, Oliver 1829 1896 Possibly a 32 degree mason.    
PIERCE, Carl None Given 1845 Dec. 26 AE 66 yrs.    
PIERCE, Earl 1815 1897 Stone with Elzina Pierce, "His Wife"    
PIERCE, Elzina 1820 1897 Stone Earl Pierce, "His wife"    
PITKAMAKI, Maria Tyyne 1888 1928 "Mother"    
PITKAMAKI, Martha None Given None Given Wooden home made marker and no dates given.  At another check of the grave, the marker was missing.    
PITKAMAKI, Matti 1890 1918 Modern Woodman of World memorial monument.    
PITTIS, Edith Chrisholm 1881 1973 Chrisholm is her married name.  Buried in the same lot as Cyril B. Alwine.    
PITTIS, Nellie Byers 1888 1980 Buried on the same lot as Sarah H. Pittis.  Byers is her married name.  Pittis may be her maiden name.    
PITTIS, Sarah H. 1862 1946 Nellie Pittis Byers buried on the same lot as Sarah H. Pittis.    
PITTIS, William A. 1860 1940 Russell C. Byers buried on the same lot.    
PLANK, Lester 1891 1960 Double stone with Mary A. Plank.  U.S. Vet. Flag holder.    
PLANK, Lester F. 1920 Sep. 21 1988 Feb. 5 S. Sgt. U.S. Army WW II US vet flag holder. Gov. foot marker.    
PLANK, Mary A. 1891 1954 Double stone with Lester E. Plank.    
PLANK, Tommy 1949 Dec. 29 1952 Jun. 17      
(a flower planter) None Given None Given A planter with flowers may not be a grave marker.   AA0033
POSEGA, Andrew 1877 1957 Double stone with Antonia Posega.   AA0022
POSEGA, Antonia 1878 1961 Double stone with Andrew Posega.   AA0021
PRESCOTT, Lauri E. 1906 1911      
PRICE, Bertha A. 1878 1955 Stone with Martin M. Price.    
PRICE, Martin M. 1875 1925 Stone Stone with Bertha A. Price.    
PROCTOR, Lydia Moulton 1776 Oct. 21 1865 Nov. 25 Wife of Rev. Avery Moulton.  Born in Kingston, N.H.  Proctor may be her maiden name.    
PROSSER, John 1845 1927      
PUHAKKA, Katie 1892 1982 Double stone with Victor Puhakka.  Modern Woodman of America monument.   AB0010
PUHAKKA, Victor 1883 1955 Double stone with Katie Puhakka.  Modern Woodman of America Monument.   AB0009
PULLI, Toivo 1914 1962      
PULLI, Verna E. 1908 1989      
PUROLA, August 1895 Oct. 3 1958 Oct. 26 OHIO Pvt. Co. F. 308 Engineers WW I.  Has Gov. foot Marker.    
PUROLA, Hanna 1874 1954 Stone with John Purola.    
PUROLA, John P. 1872 1942 Stone with Hanna Purola.    
PUROLA, Kathleen A. 1939 1939 Stone with Sarafia Sihto.  Sarafia on upper half and Kathleen on the lower half.    
PUROLA, Suoma 1899 1977 Double stone with August Purola.    
PUSKA, Armas 1887 1953 Double stone with Impi Puska.   AC0017
PUSKA, Impi 1892 1971 Double stone with Armas Puska.   AC0018

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Name Birth Death Other Sharon Wick's Comments


NOTE #1 - Per Shirley, the niece of Lempi Keto Perala, Lempi's maiden name was HautalaVictor Perala was the name of her first husband.  Einar Keto was her 2nd husband.  As to the year of death, Shirley says her mother wrote down 1982 and the day as May 5.  The obituary doesn't have the exact date.  Marcy Funeral Home handled the funeral.


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