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Route 20
Conneaut, Ohio



Name Birth Death Other Sharon Wick's Comments


LAAKSO, Ilma 1878 1965 Double stone with Karl Laakso.    
LAASKO, Kaarl 1871 1940 Double stone with Ilma Laakso    
LaBOUNTY, Faith M. 1903 None Given Double stone with Francis L. LaBounty.     
LaBOUNTY, Francis L. 1906 1975 Double stone with Faith M. LaBounty.    
LAHTI, Aili B. 1905 None Given Only one date given.    
LAHTI, Amalia "Mother" 1871 1935      
LAHTI, Arnold H. 1906 1938      
LAHTI, Fannie E. 1897 1910      
LAHTI, John 1875 1946 "Father"  Stone next to Minnie Lahti "Daughter"    
LAHTI, Minnie 1902 1959 "Daughter" Next to John Lahti "Father"    
LAHTI, Vaino Elmer 1908 1932      
LAINE, Anton 1893 1952 Double stone with Selma S. Laine.  See Obituary  
LAINE, Selma S. 1898 1969 Double stone with Anton Laine.    
LAIRD, Hilma M. 1892 1954 Stone with Paul E. Laird.    
LAIRD, Paul E. 1891 1962 Stone with Hilma M. Laird.    
LAITINEN, Jean K. 1927 Mar. 22 2002 Nov.22   (See Obituary)
Her husband Eugene may be buried here also.
LAITINEN, Matilda H. 1898 1978      
LAITINEN, Matt 1882 1957      
LAITURI, Andrew 1849 1893 Last stone in this row next to Rt. 20.    
LAITURI, Evelina 1852 Aug. 24 1922 Jul. 22      
LAITURI, Fiina 1882 1966 Stone with John Laituri    
LAITURI, John 1875 1966 Stone with Fiina    
LAITURI, Mary None Given None Given Nothing else engraved on monument with the exception of a T in the left upper corner and a L in the right upper corner    
LAITURI, Matilda H. 1892 1989 Double stone with William A. Laituri.  Laituri engraved on the back of the stone.    
LAITURI, Mattias 1897 Nov. 13 1917 Sep. 29      
LAITURI, Nikalai 1886 1913      
LAITURI, Susanna L. 1853 1948      
LAITURI, Waino M. "Son" 1900 1918      
LAITURI, William A. 1894 1982 Double stone with Matilda H. Laituri.  Laituri engraved on the back of the stone    
LAITURI, William E. 1924 Aug. 9 2004 Apr. 12   See Obituary  
LALLY, Augusta 1848 1940      
LALLY, Daniel E. 1844 1899      
LALLY, Robert E. 1889 1918      
LAMONT, Blanche J. 1889 1889 Buried next to Minnie Fox Lamont, may be a child of hers.  Fox family monument with individual stones.    
LAMONT, Catherine G. 1900 1942      
LAMONT, Con G. 1859 1930 Stone with Hattie M. Lamont.    
LAMONT, Frank W. 1889 1959      
LAMONT, George 1860 1934 Stone with Kathryn Lamont.    
LAMONT, Grace F. 1891 1961      
LAMONT, Gracie V. 1917 1923      
LAMONT, Hattie M. 1863 1945 Stone with Con G. Lamont.    
LAMONT, James G. 1897 1960      
LAMONT, Kathryn 1866 1914 Stone with George Lamont.    
LAMONT, Minnie Fox 1869 1891 Fox may be her maiden name.  Fox family monument with individual stones.  Buried on the Fox lot.    
LAMPINEN, Kasper 1868 1956 Double stone with Mary Lampinen.    
LAMPINEN, Mary 1874 1962 Double stone with Kasper Lampinen.    
LANCASTER, Edward M. 1856 1922 Same stone as Josephine Lancaster.    
LANCASTER, Josephine 1859 1916 Same stone with Edward Lancaster, "His Wife"    
LANDON, B. D. 1840 1907 83rd PA Inf. "Rest in the Lord" Buried next to Elsie A. Landon.    
LANDON, Elsie A. 1840 19___ Death date incomplete.  B. D. Landon's wife.  Buried next to him.    
LANGDON, Jonney None Given 1861 Jul. 21 Son of Rev. A. S. & N. ?. Langdon.  Some illegible.  GAR marker.    
LANGRIDGE, Sarah 1865 1940      
LANGRIDGE, William J. 1872 1924      
LAPOINTE, Larry Infant 1943 Age 8 months.  Only one date given.  Baby grave. Infant cemetery area.   AA0170
LASHER, Charles E. 1886 1943      
LASHER, Minnie Ring 1889 1952 Ring is her married name and Lasher is probably her maiden name.    
LASZLO, James 1894 1945      
LASZLO, Alexander 1880 1970 Double stone with Julia Laszlo. See 1930 Census  
LASZLO, Baby 1915   Only one date and no given name.    
LASZLO, Baby 1914 1914 Only one date given.    
LASZLO, Julia 1889 1976 Double stone with Alexander Laszlo. See 1930 Census  
LAUBER, Mary Frances 1885 1934      
LAUGHLIN, Clyde F. 1891 1947 Triple stone with Florence C. & David N. Laughlin.    
LAUGHLIN, David N. 1926 None Given      
LAUGHLIN, Florence C. 1885 1957 Triple stone with Clyde F. & David N. Laughlin.    
LAUGHLIN, William Blood, Jr. NONE 1949 Feb. 21 Junior.  Blood family monument on this lot.  Back of large monument Thompson marker in back of Large Blood marker   CE0072
LAUKKANEN, Eino Law 1908 1974 Has a matching stone under the bushes with no data.    
LAW, Clara A. 1856 1903 Wife of Joseph W.  Family monument with Joseph W. & Mabel S. Law.    
LAW, Joseph W. 1847 1904 Family monument with Clara A. & Mabel S. Law   CG0122
LAW, Mabel S. 1888 1970 Family monument with Joseph W. & Clara A. Law.    
LAWRENCE, Jonas None Given 1894 Sep. 12 AE 26 yrs.  "Elder of the Christian Church, who died in the midst of his usefulness."    
LEAVETT, Aurellia Blakeslee 1818 1890 Same stone as Henry C. Leavett.  "His Wife"  meaning Henry C. Leavett.  Blakeslee may be her maiden name. See 1880 United States Census - Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., OH


LEAVETT, Henry C. 1824 1892 His wife Aurellia Blakeslee Leavitt.  Large stone on its back on the ground. See 1880 United States Census - Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., OH  
LEAVETT, Lucius None Given None Given Stone broken and lying on it's back.  Illegible.  Weathered.    
LEHTO, Jalo J. 1915 Apr. 3 1972 Feb. 29 Double stone with Natalie K. Lehto.  OHIO BKR 2 US Nvy WW II.  Gov. foot marker.    
LEHTO, Natalie K. 1921 1990 Double stone with Jalo J. Lehto.    
LEITI, Matilda 1855 1902      
LEMPONEN, Isaac 1872 1942      
LePAGE, Margaret E. 1907 1933   (Sharon Wick's Note:  See 1930 Census)  
LEWIS, Emerson B. 1882 1903 "Sweetly Resting"  Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen.  Railroad emblem engraved on monument.    
LEWIS, Ray V. 1868 1908      
LEWIS, Roy 1895 Sep. 1 1955 Aug. 29 OH PVT. 7 Ordnance Guard Co. WW I.  Vet flag holder.    
LEWIS, Roy H., Jr. 1937 Oct. 18 1959 Mar. 29      
LIGGITT, Doris I. 1909 1987 Small stone with Howard M. Liggitt.    
LIGGITT, Howard M. 1898 1987 Small stone with Doris I. Liggitt.  Not a large double stone.    
LIGHT, Chas. None Given None Given Co C 12 Illinois Cav.    
LIGHT, Mary F. 1825 Jun. 7 1842 Dec. 27 Daughter of William & Ruth Light.    
LIGHT, Ruth None Given 1837 Mar. 2 Age 41 yrs.  Wife of William Light & on same stone with his.  Stone broken at base.    
LIGHT, William None Given 1870 Jan. 5 Aged 77 yrs. Stone with Ruth Light, his wife.  Stone broken at the base.    
LIIMATAINEN, Everet 1879 1938      
LIIMTAINEN, Liisa 1878 S 1914 K Tassalepaa above the name.    
LILLGVIST, Gust 1887 1916 The G in Lillgvist is engraved on the stone, but should probably be Lillquist.    
LILLIE, Carl C. 1879 1967 Stone with Gertrude L. Lillie.    
LILLIE, Charles E. 1853 1895 Stone with Emma J. Lillie.    
LILLIE, Clara 1890 1961      
LILLIE, Clyde J. 1869 1945      
LILLIE, Emma J. 1857 1919 Stone with Charles E. Lillie.    
LILLIE, Gertrude L. 1884 1956 Stone with Carl C. Lillie.    
LILLIE, Joyce Ann 1942 Jul. 20 None Given No other date on stone.  Last monument in the row.  Next to Rt. 20.    
LILLIE, Martha W. 1881 1919      
LILLIE, Nellie Graham 1869 1939 Graham may be maiden name.    
LILLIE, Willis A. 1890 1940      
LILLQVIST, Johan 1860 1927 Stone with Mary Lillqvist.    
LILLQVIST, Mary 1861 1943 Stone with Johan Lillqvist.    
LILLY, Alva E. 1855 1929 Stone with Mary A. Lilly.    
LILLY, Diantha 1828 1913 Lilly family stone with William & Diantha engraved on it.    
LILLY, Ethel Anna 1891 1936 Gary Ronald in the same Lot.  "Grandson" on the stone.    
LILLY, Gary Ronald None Given None Given Same lot with Ethel Anna Lilly.  "Grandson"  The surname is not on the stone.    
LILLY, Leo M. 1867 1868 Child of W. & D. S. Lilly.  Grave with M. Amelia Lilly.    
LILLY, M. Amelia None Given 1864? Child of W. & D. S. Lilly.  Grave with Leo M. Lilly.    
LILLY, Mary A. 1860 1918 Stone with Alva E. Lilly.    
LILLY, William 1827 1898 Lilly family stone with William and Diantha engraved on it.    
LINDSTROM, Baby 21, April 1906 None      
LININGER, Gertrude L. 1905 1939      
LININGER, Mary E. 1878 1943 Member of Eastern Star.    
LININGER, Thomas F. 1875 1942 Member of the Masons.    
LINTALA, Hilma 1880 1969 Double stone with Matt Lintala and next to John Emel Lintala.    
LINTALA, Jacob 1875 1961      
LINTALA, John Emel 1905 1933 Next to Matt & Hilma Lintala.    
LINTELA, Maria 1881 1935     AE0114
LINTALA, Matt 1880 1970 Double stone with Hilma Lintala, next to John Emel Lintala.    
LINTUSAARI, Kustaa 1899 1924 Modern Woodman of America marker.    
LLOYD, Annie E. 1897 1973 Large Lloyd family monument    
LLOYD, Clark J. 1882 1953 Large Lloyd family monument    
LLOYD, Margaret None Given 1852 Nov. 10 AE 20 yrs. 3 mo. 12 days.  "Beloved daughter" of Aaron & Alimita Lloyd.    
LOCKWOOD, Abel None Given 1872 Sep. 29 AE 81 yrs.  Taken from old records.  Weathered stone and some illegible.    
LOCKWOOD, Mary None Given 1870 Jan. 19 AE 68 yrs.  Wife of Abel Lockwood.    
LOCKWOOD, William     Broken & weather worn.  Illegible.    
LOGUE, Clara Griffis 1864 1906 Logue is her married name.    
LOGUE, Elizabeth Hall 1872 1939 Hall may be her maiden name.    
LOGUE, Robert Ellis 1854 1932      
LONG, Alpheus 1851 1918      
LONG, Clyde E. 1891 1954      
LONG, Gladys A. 1902 1952      
LONG, Helen Squires 1865 1934 Squires is her married name.    
LOOMIS, Lovina B. 1884 1943 Stone with Ward C. Loomis.    
LOOMIS, Ward C. 1886 1939 Stone with Lovina B. Loomis.    
LORD, James R. 1923 Nov. 8 1944 Aug. 10 2nd Lt. US Army WW II Army Air Corps.    
LORD, Sarah Sawtelle 1892 1985 Sawtelle may be her maiden name.    
LORD, William R. 1890 1966      
LORD, William R., Jr. 1917 Aug. 16 1944 Jul. 22 Sgt. Army Air Corps WW II.    
LOTT, Rodney Lee 1970 1970      
LOVE, Jennie Woodworth 1869 1953 Woodworth is her married name.    
LOVELL, Elizabeth 1872 1955 Stone with John L. Lovell.    
LOVELL, John L. 1870 1934 Stone with Elizabeth Lovell.    
LUCAS, Irene J. 1920 None Double stone with Raymond G. Lucas.    
LUCAS, John H. 1863 1921      
LUCAS, Minnie A. Brewster 1877 1958 Brewster is her married name.    
LUCAS, Raymond G. 1910 1976 Double stone with Irene J. Lucas.    
LUCE, Harry R. 1896 1964 Stone with Margaret A. Luce.  Vet flag holder.    
LUCE, Margaret A. 1898 1978 Stone with Harry R. Luce.    
LUCE, Sandra Christine 1950 1954      
LUOMA, Hilda 1895 1940 Rebekah flag holder.    
LYON, Gertrude L. 1925 1962      
LYON, Grayce 1884 1961      
LYON, John 1880 1959      
LYON, Richard Keith 1922 1931      
LYUBI, Jennie 1893 1972 Stone with John Lyubi.    
LYUBI, John 1889 1932 Stone with Jennie Lyubi.    


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