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Conneaut Directory - 1895

  Nottingham, S. F.
Platt, Ann
Potter, W. A.
Roberts, J. G.
Rouns, Herbert
Tanner, F. J.
Shannon, R. R.
Smith, J. L.
Smith, B. J.
Spears, Henry
Speer, C. W.
Weaver, S. S.
White, Anson
Willoughby, C. B.


  Allen, G. W.
Amidon, Silas
Andrew, Oliver
Andrwe, Ralph
Bacon, Andrew
Bancroft, Wm.
Barsky, I.
Black, A. E.
Black, Harrison
Blanchard, M.
Bonnell, Alonzo
Bonnell, O. A.
Cheney, Guilford
Cody, Alfred
Cook, L. A.
Cook, W. W.
Cooper, P. R.
Colville, Justin
Dill, Silas
Doty, Lewis
Eaton, Benjamin
Fenton, Mrs. C. J.
Fenton, S. L.
Fifield, B. H.
Frank, Henry J
Gray, Hiram
Gifford, Henry
Hall, Wm. K.
Hickok, D.
Hickok, Gertrude
Hills, L.C.
Holcomb, George
Hopkins, C.D.
Johnson, Frank D
Johnson, George
Johnson, William
Keene, Henry
Keene, Frank
Keene, Lester
Kennedy, Frank
Lillie, C. H.
Lillie, Clyde
Lillie, Will
Loomis, M. L.
Loomis, M.
Loomis, W. E.
Matson, Angeline
Marvell, A.
Miller, J. A.
Orford, John
Phelps, Mrs. G. W.
Reets, C. F.
Rice, C. M.
Rodgers, John
Rowe, F. A.
Scrambson, F.
Shepherd, M. M.
Shepherd, F. C.
Tinker, C. C.
Tyler, J. B.
Tyler, Hal
Tyler, Richard
West, Capt. A. R.
Wodworth, Josephine
Woodworth, Fremont
Woodworth, G. A.
Woodworth, E.
Wollcott, F.

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