I have created this page for Peggy who wrote to me with the following information:
I went to Furnace Cemetery and photographed her relatives and this page is available for other members of the family to connect.

The grave located near the arrow is that of Willis & Rolla Puffer
The encircled area includes graves from left to right of:
Hattie Puffer (George Puffer's 1st Wife); George & Anna M. Puffer (George's 2nd); Alice M. Jones (nee Puffer); & Harry E. Jones (Alice's husband).

FOR REERENCE:  The graves located in front of Puffer graves are that of PHELPS.

William R. Puffer"
He was one of 8 children and born in Conneaut.
His siblings were "Erasmus", "Benjamin", "Jabez", "William", "Jabez", "James", and "George"
They lived at Porter, Michigan
and afterward at Breckinridge in that state
William R. Puffer married first Elizabeth Ryan on August 29, 1861
Elizabeth Ryan was born at Franklin, Pa  on Oct. 27, 1838 and died Feb. 28, 1864
They had one child:
                        A Daughter named "Freda" who married on Oct. 9, 1883, to a man with the last name "Ferguson".
He married a second who was Mary Phelps on November 2, 1864
They had 3 children:
                        A Son named "Willis"    NOTE:  Willis' wife Rolla G. is on stone. She died before him in 1931.
                        A Daughter named "Alice" who married Harry E. Jones
                        A Son named "George" who married on November 1, 1890 to ?????
                            then to Hattie then to Anna. 
                           (Sharon, he had to have been married before Hattie because Hattie was born in 1881 she would have only been 9 years old in 1890.  I know they married early back then but not that early!!!)  So my Great Grandfather got around he may have more children then I know. HA-HA


William B. Puffer married Mary Phelps (Puffer)
    Mary Phelps (Puffer) parents were George W. and Sarah Batchelor (Phelps)
    Sarah Batchelor (Phelps) parents were William and Olive Batchelor
    William B. and Mary Puffer had 4 children
    1. George K. Puffer married "Hattie E. Puffer" first then "Anna M. Puffer"
    2. Willis B. Puffer married but a widower
    3. Alice M. Puffer married "Harry E. Jones"
    4. Freda Puffer married a "Ferguson"
    George K. and Hattie E. Puffer (had these children before she died at age 30)
    (1871-1957)       (1881-1911)............ then he married Anna M. Puffer - (See Excerpt from 1910 Census Records, below)
                                                                                 (1882 - 1959)
    1. Richard W. Puffer
        (1908 - 1980)
        married Emma V. Puffer (Berman)
                    (1907 - 1975)
            1. Edward W. Puffer married Janet F. Puffer (Wilderotter)
                (1929?- living)                    (1930-1998) 
                    1. Irene E. Jackson (Puffer) married John Jackson
                        (living)                                        (living)
                        1. Tina M. Brown
                        2. Edward W. Jackson
                    2. Peggy D. Smith (Puffer) married Jeffrey G. Smith
                        (1967-living)                               (1967-living)
                        1. Chelsea D. Smith
                        2. Keagan G. Smith
    2. Iva Puffer
        (1906 - 1999)
        married Eddie Mullaly
        (? - ?)
            1. Wally Mullaly
            2. Alice Fowler (Mullaly) married Richard Fowler
    Willis B. Puffer (widower)
        1. Clyde Puffer
       2. Mary Puffer
        3. Roland Puffer
        4. Ruth Puffer
    Alice M. (Puffer) and Harry E. Jones
    (1865-1936)              (1862-1937)
    Freda (Puffer) and ???? Ferguson
    (?-?)                     (?-?)


1910 United States Census - Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Ohio - 1st Wd
354 - 34 - 38
Puffer Geo. K. Head M W 38 M2 7 4 2 Ohio Ohio US English Glazzer Planning Mill?
" Hattie E. Wife F W 29 M1 7 4 2 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania English Home  
" Iva A. Daughter F W 3 S       New York Ohio Pennsylvania English    
" Richard W? Son M W ?/12 S       Ohio Ohio Pennsylvania      




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