Octagon Houses
~Sharon Wick~

July 29th, 2002.....
I re-photographed the pictures of the two octagon houses here in Conneaut, Ohio.

The first one is of the Octagon House that contained the tunnels for the Underground Railroad.

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The next Post Civil War brick Octagon Home on Mill Rd., is owned by Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Kaiser.  Mr. Kaiser is the third generation of his family to live in this home.  It was erected shortly after the Civil War by Silas Hicks in 1870 and was NOT used as an Underground Railroad.
It does NOT have tunnels beneath it however, on the property behind the house is an old Indian burial ground named FORT HILL.

The beauty of this red brick octagonal home was framed by fall foliage earlier in the year.  Beneath the elaborate cornice is a wide frieze of recessed panels in brick.  Only 13 such homes exist in the state.

The "pie shaped" wedge can be seen in the front entrance foyer that helps square off the living room.  Three generations of the present family have lived in this charming brick octagonal home, south of Conneaut.

All of the wedged corners have been utilized as closets.  The home features five bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen, dining room, living room, den, bedroom and hall downstairs.  Thee are bathrooms on each floor.

The upstairs master bedroom contains a high-backed heirloom bedroom suite, a legacy of three generations who have lived in the home.  The suite is complete with marble topped stands and dresser.  The coverlet on the bed was made by a friend of the family.

Wilfred and Kathleen Kaiser relax in the spacious living room.  The family has tried to preserve the authenticity of the home, however a new fireplace was installed in the fall of 1977 to help with heating costs.

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The next view of this house shows the rock foundation that was used in those days.

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