Conneaut, Ohio
constructed in 2004


The 1st viaduct that bridged the gap between the East and the West side of Conneaut.
It was brought piece by piece from Girard, Pennsylvania.

This is an arial picture of the 2nd Viaduct built
It's magnificence and beauty will never be matched.

The strength of the viaduct can be shown in these pictures.

This is a picture from the railroad.

Although the new viaduct is very beautiful, I cannot in any way match the beauty of the 2nd viaduct.
It is appreciated, however, that the persons responsible for designing it opted to make it resemble the viaduct being torn down.
It is wonderful with its antique looking lamp posts lining it all the way across.


Next is a closer look at the old bridge were part of it has already been destroyed.

Next is one of the painters busy at work.
He stopped momentarily to pose for me to take his picture.
Some pictures of the damaged old bridge
Another picture of one of the painters
More pictures of the damaged old bridge
The new bridge and the old bridge
The 'boss' of the painters and some pictures of what will soon be blown to smithereens.

I regret that I did not take pictures of the building of the new bridge and some of the builders.
I may put some more pictures of the new bridge on here later.

Thank you,

Sharon Wick





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