Found at Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH - May also be found at Geneva Public Library, Geneva, OH

in North Kingsville
Ashtabula County, Ohio
Cemetery Reading taken by D.A.C.

NOTE:   There is a hard bound book with another version of the cemetery reading.   CLICK HERE for the other reading.



Name Birth Date Death Date Area No. Comments
____?, ____? ae 1 ys _ ms 21 ds top of stone broken off lying on face on ground.
Part of Epitaph reads: ____ ____ not my bosom____ ___________ of life and joy___  Here dashd down the teardrops, Still gathering in my eyes.  (the rest is buried)
____?, Mary B. broken stone laying on the ground.
____?, Sarah RE-READ
____?, Minerva 1862 Jul. 1? ae 56 yrs. wife of Joseph ____
ASHLEY, Joe 1881 Mar. 23 ae 79 yrs 7 mo's

BARTLETT, Philander 1862 ae 81 yrs Aged 81 yrs.
BROWN FAMILY MONUMENT Names on Monument include: Capt. Chas. Brown; Deborah Brown, his wife; Chas. Brown, Jr.; Charlotte Brown; Charlotte Greenlee.
BROWN, Charles, Capt. 1864 Nov. 20 (or 1854) ae 68 yrs 3 mos 27 ds. On Chas. Brown Family Monument on same side as Deborah. Brown, his wife
BROWN, Deborah 1870 Dec. 15 ae 80 yrs 7 mos 22 ds. wife of Capt. Charles Brown. On same side of Chas. Brown Family Monument as Capt. Chas. Brown
BROWN, Charles, Jr. 1875 Dec. 9 ae 56 yrs 1 mo 21 ds on Chas. Brown Family Monument
Charlotte Brown is on same side
BROWN, Charlotte H. 1919 Dec. 5 ae 86 yrs On same side of Chas. Brown Family Monument with Chas. Brown, Jr.
C. H. B. Probably Footstone for Charlotte H. Brown
Near Chas. Brown Family Monument.
CLEVELAND, Alpheus 1858 Aug. 8 ae 60 yrs. 3 mos. 15 ds
CLEVELAND, Elvira 1858 Jun. 16 ae 18 yrs. 9 mos 17 ds. wife of O. Cleveland
CLEVELAND, Julia A. 18__ Jan. 11 __/o A & E. A. Cleveland
CLEVELAND, Orison P. 1850 Feb. 28 ae 71 yrs.
CLEVELAND, Joanna 1845 Feb. 28 ae  67 yrs. w/o Orison P. Cleveland
CLEVELAND, Orison 1863 Aug. 15 ae 61 yrs. 5 mos. 20 ds.
CLEVELAND, Elizabeth 1819 Apr 12 dau/of Orison _ & ____? Cleveland__
CLEVELAND, Susan 1839 May 15 ae 35 yrs w/o Avery Cleveland
GREENLEE, Charlotte O. 1884 Nov. 11? ae _ ys 9 ms 2 ds on Chas. Brown Family Monument
HANNA, John 1830 Jun. 24 1903 Jan 2.  

HANNA, Eliza 1824 Oct. 6 1904 Apr. 15 w/o John Hanna
HENDERSON Family Monument
HENDERSON, J. P. 1836 1902 On Henderson Family Monument with Lydia M., his wife
J. P. H. footstone for J. P. Henderson near Henderson Family Monument. Footstone also next to ADJ (Anna D. Jones) footstone
HENDERSON, Lydia 1834 1910 his wife (J. P. Henderson)  On Henderson Family Monument
HOLDEN, Ambrose   1869 June 10 ae 78 yrs.
HOLDEN, Abigail 1803 Feb. 8 1890 Dec. 25 w/o A. Holden
HOLDEN, Sylvia 1835 Apr. 24 ae 39 yrs. Wife of Ambrose. (Top with name Sylvia is broken off but it is plainly Sylvia's stone with all the other information available)
HOLDEN, C. B. & Tommie 1845 1922
HOLDEN, Charity w/o C. B. Holden (cannot read any more as it is probably underground)
HOLDEN, Emma 1881 Nov. 12 87 y w/o C. B. Holden

HOLDEN, Martha 1852 Mar. 25 d/o A. & S. Holden
JONES, Anna D. 1879 Aug. 17 20 y 5 m 11 d On Henderson Family Monument
ADJ Footstone for Anna D. Jones near Henderson Family Monument next to JPH(enderson)
KLUMPH, Thomas 1850 Oct. 24 ae 71 yrs. Masonic Emblem
KLUMPH, Sarah 1870 Aug. 8 ae 83 yrs Wife of Thomas Klumph
KLUMPH, Sally Ann Stone illegible
KLUMPH, Cornelius 1860 Nov. 24 ae 28 yrs.
KLUMPH, Charity C. 1848 Dec. Dau. of T & S.  Aged 25 yrs.
KLUMPH, Sally 1852 Mar 5 Wife of Dr. A..  Aged 27 yrs.
LATHROP, Colbee 1822? Mar. 1_
NOTTINGHAM Family Monument Includes Seth & Esther, his wife
NOTTINGHAM, Esther 1826 1908 Wife of Seth on Nottingham Monument
NOTTINGHAM, Seth 1819 July 28 1896 Nov. 10 On Nottingham Monument with wife, Esther
_____ Father Footstone near Nottingham Monument
PARKER, Maria? 1945? May 24 weathered stone leaning on tree stump. __ of D. & S. Parker

POMEROY, Henry 1867 1886
POMEROY, ? 1826 1897
POMEROY, Sarah 1825 1893 Wife of  ?.
POOR, Albert 1881 Feb. 29 Aged 17 yrs.
POOR, Albert & Jennie On stone layning on ground imbedded in dirt behind the POOR Monument
POOR Family Monument Poor Family Monument includes: Pomery, Sarah & Henry
POOR, Henry 1867 1886 On POOR Monument with Sarah & Pomeroy
POOR, Henry "Henry" on footstone near POOR Monument
POOR, Pomery 1826 Oct. 12 1897 May 10 On POOR Monument with Sarah & Henry
POOR, Sarah 1825 Dec. 26 1892 Jan. 17 his wife (Pomeroy) On POOR Monument with Pomeroy & Henry
POOR, William 1876 Dec. Aged 89 yrs., husband of Rittyann Poor on Poor monument.

POOR Family Monument Includes: Rittyann & William Poor and footstones for Rittyann, William & CP
POOR, William "William" Footstone near Poor Monument
POOR, Rittyann 1876 Feb. 24 Aged 79 yrs.  wife of William.  On Poor monument with William Poor.
POOR, Rittyann "Rittyann" Footstone near Poor Monument
C P "C P" Footstone almost touching POOR Monument
SKINNER, Rebecca 1879 Wife. Aged 84 yrs. 9 mos.(wife of Joel)
NOTE: Rebecca is found at Ashtabula County, Courthouse Death Record Book Vol. 1 page 58 No. 3367 as follows: *Skinner, Rebecca, Sex F, Date of death: Mch. 30, 1879; Widow; ae 84 yrs 6 mos 4 ds.; Died at Kingsville; Born in Vermont; Race: White; Cause of Death: Old Age & Dropsy; Place of Residence: Kingsville.
VAN SLYKE, Albert W. 1870 Jan.. 29 ae 27? ys 2 mos.9 ds.
VAN SLYKE, Moses 1822 1907 Newer looking stone
VAN SLYKE, Lovina L. 1857 Apr. 14 ae 33 y 8 m 5 d w/o Moses Van Slyke
VAN SLYKE, Martin 1859
VAN SLYKE, Dolly 1877 Feb. 20 Wife of Martin.  Aged 81 yrs.
VAN SLYKE, Elizabeth 1870 Aged 21 yrs.
VAN SLYKE, George J. 1812?
C. B. Footstone
UNK Mary B. ____ illegible small stone broken and laying on base
UNK Footstone among others
UNK, Ellen L. 1851 Apr. 26 ae 6 y 2 m 17?d daughter of A__ & E___ _____?
(will re-read upon request)
UNK, Ellen 1851 Mar. 21 6 y 2 m __ds stone illegible will re-read upon request
(not sure if this is the same as the record above here)
UNK Footstone among others
UNK Footstone among others
UNK base only showing.  stone is apparently missing.
UNK small stone totally illegible
UNK Broken stone next to Julia Cleveland
UNK Footstone "C O _"?
UNK Top missing from this stone
UNK Stone broken off base

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