History of Conneaut - Farnham Cemetery Area - Found at Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH

Conneaut, Ohio
(south of Conneaut on Old Route 7)
Ashtabula County, Ohio

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     The Farnham Cemetery is located on Center Rd., North of South Ridge Baptist Church and Academy.  New Route 7 is Center Rd. further South, and the cemetery is on old Route 7.

     The index lists the Names, Number on the Map, Birthdates, Death dates and other data.  The numbers are NOT lot or grave numbers.  You'll find the map at the back of the index which is located at Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH and Geneva Public Library, Geneva, OH. hand written with a number for each person.  Some markers are totally gone, so NONE is typed in place of a number in the index.

     In reading worn and weathered markers, it is easy to read a four as a one.  This cemetery was partly recorded years ago, so we checked our recors with the old records and you'll find two dates written with a slash mark between them.  Such as 1819/49 indicating both were read but neither confirmed.  Some other dates are also written this way if we could not be sure.

From the South Ridge History by Rev. Clark:

Nathan Brooks, Soldier of 1812 -1815
Zebediah Brooks, Soldier of 1812 -1815
Seth Thompson, Sr, Soldier of 1812 -1815
Israel Messenger, Soldier of 1812 -1815
Peck Clark, Soldier of 1812 -1815
Lemuel Jones, Soldier of 1812 -1815
Barton C. Rouse, Soldier of 1812 -1815
Elisha Judson, Soldier of 1812 -1815
Judson Rathbun, Soldier of 1812 -1815

     Don Alphonzo Farnham, (Probably the D. A. Farnham we found and put in the index.  He was in the War of the Rebellion and also Corwin Richardson fought in the war of the Rebellion.

     Some others that died according to Rev. Clarks History: where he is buried.  Orvil Bennett, son of Abram Bennett and brother of Isaac and Daniel, died April 1825, and is buried near Kelloggsville but doesn't have a marker.  David Taylor died about 1832.  Orvil Hatch, son of Rufus Hatch, Jr., died in an accident.  Job Brydle, son of William and Elizabeth drowned July 2, 1855 age 4 yrs.  George Wills died Dec. 30, 1855.  Ralph Wright killed his wife with an ax and then hung himself on July 12, 1870.  There is no given name for Mrs. Wright.  The cemetery does have two marked graves with a Ralph Wright and a Polly Wright, but these are not the same people.  David Hicks, died March 28, 1819.  Thomas Mastin died Aug. 18, 1822.  Jacob Williams died Jan. 13, 1822 and Marshall Williams died May 31, 1826.  All of the above are according to the S. Ridge History.  Job Brydles death date from the history, does not appear to be the same as the stone.  The people mentioned above are buried in Farnham Cemetery unless it is stated otherwise.

     This cemetery has been re-read and re-recorded by Mildred Scott, Elsie Berg, Jean Allds, Pat Rickard and Mary Hawkins.

     The old readins and records are not accurate or up to date and the Sexton's records are not complete.  The Sexton's records for the cemeteries in Conneaut can be found in the Heath Board, and will gradually be on Micro-film in our holdings at the Geneva Public Library, Geneva, Ohio.

     Other names will be added to other cemeteries as the are read and recorded.    

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