Conneaut, Ohio


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Again each Condo has a complete kitchen area with plenty of cabinet space, refrigerator, cooking range with microwave and dishwasher.

This is a really nice Condo...

As you walk in the door, you can see the pleasantness of the cozy living area beyond the kitchen area.  Perfect for kicking off your shoes and dropping off the groceries in the kitchen area before you go into the living area and put your feet up to rest them after a hard day of shopping.

Or.. you can just fix yourself something cool to drink and sit up to the counter.
What you don't see here is the other cabinets and dishwasher that are neatly tucked inside the kitchen Island.  There is more here than meets the eye.

A closer look at the Island which has built in sink.

The bathroom......
This one overlooks the Mason's Lodge and you can see the post office in the distance.
Curtains or blinds will keep the privacy.
If you think the window looks cut-off.  It is all there.  It is tucked behind an original wall of what was an original wall of the hotel.

The bedroom .....

Again... a spacious closet.


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