History of Conneaut - Clarks Corners Cemetery Area - Found at Conneaut Public Library, Conneaut, OH

Monroe Township
(south of Conneaut)
Ashtabula County, Ohio

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     This cemetery is not taken care of by any one and it is overgrown with saplings, briars and some poison ivy.

     Because we knew we probably couldn't find all the monuments, I have included some that were in the census taken by Salinda Lohman, Alma Daggett and Mary E. Hall, Sept. 2, 1954.  I also checked our records with their records and re-read the stones to be certain our records are as correct as they can be.  We also found about 18 monuments that they don't have in their records.  They have the Richardson's recorded as Robinson's but the dates indicate the names should be Richardson's.

    The first page of these records show a map as to the location of the cemetery in Conneaut.  There are two listings, one alphabetical and the second is numerical.  At the end of the listings is a map indicating where the graves are located or at least in that general area.  You will find NONE in the numerical listings under AREA-NO.  These are the graves from the old records that we didn't find.

     The map is not a sexton's office map, it is for locating graves only.  When you look at the map you will see that it is divided in three Areas.  N is for the North side, C is for the Center Area and S is for the south side of the cemetery.  The old drives, which are now paths, are the dividing lines.  The rows are numbered by starting from Furnace Road going East.  The graves were counted from the North to the South in each section.  The small dashes on the map indicate the approximate location of the graves.

To Locate a grave:

Adams, Joel No birth date 7, Oct. 1865 C-12-01
C = Center Area           12 = Twelfth row from Furnace Road            01 = First grave from North Side.

     If you enter the cemetery from the South Path and cut through the center area to the North Path, you will find the grave about half way back in the cemetery and on the south side of the North path which now looks like a small gully.

     The area the grave is in will help some in locating the graves faster and without having to trudge through all the underbrush.

     Mary Hawkins, Jean Allds and Millie Scott worked on this cemetery.  The computer work was done by Mary Hawkins.                               - 1991

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