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Eastern Ashtabula County, Ohio

(Note:  This is tedious work and I get tired of working on same thing all the time so I slip around a lot.  Be patient and it will all be finished eventually ~ sw)

     The 10 volumes of schedules for 59 counties of Ohio are reproduced on Rolls 86-95 of this microfilm publication.  Schedules for Franklin & Wood Counties, listed in the Census for 1820 (cited in the preceding introduction) and in the State recapitulation (in volume 10), are missing.  On pages 233-263 of volume 10, micro-copied on Roll 95, the recapitulation for the State shows each county and most other subdivisions, arranged roughly in alphabetical order by name of county.  The schedules for the 59 counties are distributed among the rolls as follows:
Adams 86
Ashtabula 87
Athens 86
Belmont 86
Brown 86
Butler 87
Champaign 86
Clark 88
Clermont 89
Clinton 90
Columbiana 91
Coshocton 88
Cuyahoga 90
Darke 89
Delaware 89
Fairfield 87
Fayette 92
Gallia 88
Geauga 91
Greene 91
Guernsey 91
Hamilton 87
Hardin 90
Harrison 93
Highland 92
Hocking 88
Huron 88
Jackson 89
Jefferson 91
Knox 88
Lawrence 88
Licking 94
Logan 90
Madison 94
Medina 90
Meigs 88
Mercer 89
Miami 94
Monroe 88
Montgomery 94
Morgan 92
Muskingum 92
Perry 95
Pickaway 89
Pike 89
Portage 95
Preble 95
Richland 92
Ross 92
Sandusky 94
Scioto 95
Shelby 95
Stark 94
Trumbull 89
Tuscarawas 95
Union 94
Warren 87
Washington 95
Wayne 93


     Reproduced on this roll is the second Ohio volume, which has the following backstrip title:  "Fourth / Census / 1820 / Population / 2 / Ohio / Ashtabula / Butler / Fairfield / Hamilton / Warren." The volume contains schedules for the counties named.
     The table of contents below shows the page where the schedules begin for each county and other subdivision.  Recapitulations are at the end of the schedules for Ashtabula and Warren Counties; for Fairfield County there are column totals.  A partial recapitulation for Butler County is on page 42 and one for Hamilton County is on page 197.  In addition there are column totals for most subdivisions in each county.  Entries for the subdivisions of Hocking, Amanda, Richland, Violet, and Bloom Townships of Fairfield County are not separately identified in the schedules, although separate totals appear for them at the end of the schedules for each township.  The subdivision listed on page 235A as Shakers, in Turtle Creek Township, Warren County, does not appear in the county recapitulation.
     The references in the table of contents are to numbers stamped on alternate pages of the schedules.  Where a schedule begins on a page that does not have a stamped number, a penciled "A" number (6A, for example) has been used for identification on that page and in the contents.

Ashtabula County 3  
  Salem Township 3  
  Kingsville Township 5  
  Ashtabula Township 6A  
  Geneva Township 8A  
  Harpersfield Township 9A  
  Austinburg Township 11  
  Jefferson Township 12A  
  Morgan Township 13  
  Richfield Township 13A  
  Windsor Township 14  
  Lebanon Township 15  
  Wayne Township 15A  
  Andover Township 17A  
  Lenox Township 18  
  Denmark Township 18  
  Pierpont Township 18A  
  Monroe Township 19  
  Wrightsburg Township 19A  
  Sheffield Township 20A  
Butler County    
  St. Clair Township 23  


  Hanover Township 25A  
  Morgan Township 29A  
  Oxford Township 35A  
  Oxford 37  
  Madison Township 44  
  Hamilton 46  
  Fairfield Township 47A  
  Lemon Township 51  
  Middletown 51  
  Liberty Township 56  
  Ross Township 62  
  Reily Township 65  
  Wayne Township 69  
  Milford Township 72  
Fairfield County 76  
  Hocking Township 76  
  Berne Township 80A  
  Amanda Township 82A  
  Madison Township 85A  
  Greenfield Township 86  
  Pleasant Township 89  
  Liberty Township 91A  
  Clear Creek Township 93  
  Richland Township 96  
  Violet Township 98A  
  Perry Township 100A  
  Walnut Township 102  
  Rush Creek Township 104A  
  Bloom Township 107A  
Hamilton County 113  
  Cincinnati 113  
  -- Ward 1 113  
  -- Ward 2 119  
  -- Ward 3 127A  
  -- Ward 4 131A  
  Columbia Township 137  
  Sycamore Township 143  
  Anderson Township 151  
  Green Township 156  
  Mill Creek Township 160  
  Springfield Township 166  
  Springfield 167A  
  Colerain Township 173  
  Whitewater Township 180A  
  Crosby Township 185  
  Miami Township 190  
  Delhi Township 194  
Warren County 199  
  Clear Creek Township 199  
  Springborough 204A  
  Wayne Township 205A  
  Waynesville 210A  
  Franklin Township 211A  
  Franklin 216A  
  Salem Township 218  
  Washington Township 221  
  Hamilton Township 224  
  Turtle Creek Township 227  
  Shakers [Community] 235A  
  Lebanon 236  
  Union Township 239  
  Deerfield Township 242A  

This Volume ends with page 247A

Census of Ashtabula County Taken by
Jonathan Warner, Assistant Martial of the District of Ohio
Jefferson ___
Filed 22d March 1821.



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