Autograph Book of Myrtle E. Lill
dated June 15, 1930

I found this book in the personal effects of Myrtle Formanowicz and thought it might be interesting for anyone searching for members of their families that were her age.  It appears they are friends, relatives and classmates from West High School.  Myrtle passed away in 1992.  She was my husband's mother.
~ Sharon Wick ~

Jas. F. McDonald

Marguerite Mixer (Mickey)
Caroline Kipling
Marian G. Morris (Shrimp)
Virginia McCron__
Joe Dezman
Gilbert Robert Thompson - Age 15
Betty Stroup (Shorty)
Olive Evans
W. Cronier
Charlotte Keller?
Florence Artman
Raymond Brown
Christine Cronier
Leona Bell
Albert Headley
Geraldine Stamp
Frank Dezman
Jimmy (probably Jim Lill)
J. Simon
Fay Shoppart
Pauline Nemitz
Mildred Tombes - 6 Short St.
Lynn Thompson
Ellie M. Walkeapoa (Walk-on-pa)
Adaline B. (Curly)
Mildred Burns (Buttons)
Donald J. Nickok
Betty Dubach?
Mariha? Palagyl
Margaret Mihalich?
June Rood
Ellen Thompson
Don Thompson
Rudolph Dezman
Georgia Powers
Lillian Andrus
Miss Dorothy Lindsley - 21 Wade St., Ashtabula, O