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The Amboy Cemetery is located at the Conneaut/North Kingsville border on the South side of Route 20 in Conneaut.  It is not a very large cemetery.

    The index shows the names, the cemetery, number on map, birth dates, death dates and other data.

    The number on the map is just a number for locating the person in the cemetery, it is NOT a lot or grave number, it is only a location number.  The map is a hand written document showing a number for each person and the map can be found at the back of the index.  In some cases, you will find NONE typed in the number on map line, which indicates we didn't find a marker for that individual.   

    In reading worn and weathered markers, it is easy to read a 4 as a 1, so you will find both numbers recorded in some cases.  This cemetery was recorded years ago, so we checked our work with the old records and where we found a date that was difficult for us to be sure about, we typed both numbers with a slash mark between them, such as 1819/49.  

    I can never remember seeing the same name on two markers for the same person in two sections of the cemetery, but Elsie Stacey is on the Lovejoy monument and again near Clarence in another portion of the cemetery.  The dates are the same on both markers.

    We found and could read the following epitaphs:

  • Risley, Laura L. Trip, Wife of Henry Risley.  "Gone from our home, but not from our hearts.

  • Hubbard, Horace A. "Come Ye Blessed"

  • Hopkins main monument:  "Dear Father and Mother, with a reverant hand this to they memory given, while one by one they household band.  God reunites in heaven."

  • Glezen monument:  "They will be done." and "Rest in Peace."

  • Gray, Sally:  "in Memory of our Mother."

  • Greenlee, Jacob and Rachel:  "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

  • Greenlee, John C.":  He fought the good fight of faith and died at his post in the army of the Lord."

  • Greenlee, Aroline - Called "Arlie":  The deceased was a temperance worker, by profession a music teacher and a constant believer in God's promises, having lived and died in the Christian Faith."

  • Green Monument - Caroline and Robert Green:  "Asleep in Jesus.  Blessed Sleep, From which none ever wake to weap."  (On one side of the marker) "Dear Mother, in earth's thorny paths rest, Safe in the arms of God". (On another side of the marker) "Take them, O Father, in thine arms, And may they henceforth be A Messenger of peace between Our human hearts and thee." (On the other side) "Sheltered and safe from sorrow."

       This cemetery has been re-read and re-recorded by Mildred Scott, Elsie Berg, Jean Allds, Pat Rickard and Mary Hawkins.

    The old readings and records are not accurate or up to date and the Sexton's records are not complete.  The Sexton's records for the cemeteries in Conneaut can be found in the Health Board, and will gradually be on micro-film in our holdings at the Henderson Library in Jefferson, OH. 

    Other names will be added to other cemeteries as they are read and recorded.

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