History of
Ashtabula Co., Ohio

SOURCE: History of Ashtabula County, Ohio
Large, Moina W.
Topeka :: Historical Pub. Co.,, 1924, 1132 pgs.

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* LAIRD, J. W.
* LAIRD, James G.
* LAMPSON, Chester
* LAMPSON, Elbert L.
* LAMSON, Archie
* LAMSON, Elta
* LAPHAM, Frank E.
* LAPHAM, J. Wallace
* LATIMER, Frank C.
* LAUGHLIN, Archibald P.
* LAUGHLIN, Kate I., Mrs.
* LEE, C. C.
* LEE, Joel W.
* LEET, William H., Dr.
* LENINGER, David A.
* LESLIE, F. S., Col.
* LEWIS, George W., Dr.
* LEWIS, Fay
* LEWIS, George W.
* LILLIE, William H.
* LININGER, Thomas F.
* LINSLEY, J. H., Dr.
* LOOMIS, Ernest A.
* LOOMIS, George L.
* LOUIS, H. H.
* LOWRIE, George T.
* LUCE, Frank
* LUNDI,, John
* LYMAN, H. F.






ARCHIE LAMSON, one of the capable and excellent citizens of Pierpont, is a member of one of the earliest pioneer families of hio.  He was born in Pierpont Township, Mar. 24, 1877, and is a son of Charles and Rose Lena (Norton) Lamson.
     Charles Lamson
was born in Fowler Township, Trumbull County, Dec. 10, 1849, and came to Ashtabula County in 1874. He settled on a farm near Pierpont and became one of the leading stockmen of the county.  Mr. Lamson died July 20, 1906, and his wife resides at Pierpont.  They were the parents of the following children: Cora, born Jan. 13, 1873, married George Hill; Leta, born April 13, 1875, died Oct. 13, 1890; Archie, the subject of this sketch; Merritt, born Aug. 7, 1880, lives at Erie, Pa.; Ruby, born Mar. 15, 1884, married Virgil Case, lives in Pierpont Township; and Elat, lives at Pierpont.
     Archie Lamson spent his boyhood on his father's farm and attended the public schools.  When a young man he operated a saw mill at Pierpont, of which he was the owner for 23 years.  He now operates a portable saw mill throughout Ashtabula County and he has an extensive business.
     On November 30, 1901, Mr. Lamson was married to Miss Jennie Turner, who was born at Pierpont, April 30, 1881.  She died Feb. 18, 1920, leaving the following children: Lloyd, born Sep. 4, 1903, lives with the Turner Family; Lois, born Sept. 22, 1904, married Oct. 12, 1922, to Edward Connelly, lives at Jefferson, and they have one children, Dorothy; Clara R., born Aug. 17, 1907; Evelyn, born Mar. 20, 1909; Leta and Letha, twins, born June 11, 1912; Donald, born Feb. 22, 1915; and Frank Charles, born Dec. 26, 1919.
     On May 13, 1921, Mr. Lamson was married to Miss Lulu Worley a native of Kentucky born Sept. 3, 1878 and the daughter of John Alexander and Mary (Conger) Worley.  Mr. Worley died Feb. 13, 1922, and his widow resides in Kentucky.  They were the parents of seven children, as follows: Addie, the widow of George Conyer, lives in Missouri; John, lives in Washington; Mrs. Lamson; Ida, married Rev. R. L. Melton, lives at Evansville, Ind.; Bertie, married R. L. McConnell, lives in Illinois; and Alice and Sallie, both deceased.
     In politics Mr. Lamson is identified with the Republican party.  He is a member of the Presbyterian Church and belongs to teh Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  Mr. Lamson stands high in the community and has many friends and acquaintances.
Source - History of Ashtabula County, Ohio - by Moina W. Large - Vol. I - 1924 - Page 1074


Source:  History of Ashtabula County, Ohio by Moina W. Large - Vol. I - 1924 ~ Page 894

C. E. LASHER, a well known and substantial citizen of Ashtabula County, living in Monroe Township, was born at St. Johnsville, NY, Dec. 23, 1885, and is the son of Erwin and Phoebe (Young) Lasher.
     Erwin Lasher
and his wife were natives of New York, where they spent their entire lives.  He died June 6, 1920, and his wife died Sept. 11, 1900.  They were the parents of the following children: Bertha, deceased; C. E., the subject of this sketch; Jennie, married Andrew Mayville, lives at Wyandotte, Mich.; Elizabeth, married Rockford Mussello, lives in Buffalo, N. Y.; Robert, lives at Ilion, N. Y., is a World War veteran, having served overseas with the 147th New York Infantry for 18 months; and Margaret, married R. H. Bullis, lives at Erie, Pa.
     C. E. Lasher was reared and educated at St. Johnsville, N. Y., and began life as a farmer in his native state, where he operated 120 acres of rented land.  In 1909 he came to Ashtabula and two years later removed to Conneaut, where he was employed by the Nickel Plate Railroad as a machinist.  Although still in the employ of this company, Mr. Lasher now lives on a farm in Monroe Township, Ashtabula County.
     On June 16, 1910, Mr. Lasher was married to Miss Minnie Eleanor Talbert, a native of Pennsylvania, born in 1888, and the daughter of Delbert and Jennie (Camp) Talbert.  Mr. Talvert died Sept. 11, 1920, and his widow lies at Girard, Pa.  They were the parents of the following children: Bessie, married Walter Ells, lives at Conneautville, Pa.; May married Clayton Rounds, lives at Conneaut; Elva, married Theodore Haines, lives at Girard.  Garner and Mrs. Lasher.  To Mr. and Mrs. Lasherhave been born the following children: Phoebe, born Mar. 28, 1913; Margaret, born July 6, 1914; Charles, born July 26, 1917; Edward, born May 3, 1918; Frederick, born Feb. 19, 1920; and Garner, born July 19, 1922.
     In politics Mr. Lasher is identified with the Democratic party and he and his family hold membership in the United Pentecostal Church.  They have an extensive acquaintance in Ashtabula County and are highly esteemed.
Source - History of Ashtabula County, Ohio - by Moina W. Large - Vol. I - 1924 - Page 902 


Morgan Twp. -
VICTORIAN D. LATIMER.  The subject of the following sketch was born in the township where he now resides, on the third day of September, 1843.  He is the fifth child of William and Corresta Reed Latimer, the former of whom was born in Otis, Massachusetts, and the latter in Granby, Connecticut.  The family came to Ohio in 1818.  The mother still resides there, the father having died in 1870.  Victorian D. received a fair academic education.  He was a member of the Eighty-seventh Regiment, Ohio Volunteers, and was taken prisoner by the southern Confederacy at Harper's Ferry, on Sept. 18, 1862.  Returning after the expiration of his term of service, he engaged in the mercantile business.  In the year 1875 he erected the fine brick block where he now carries on the drug and hardware trade.
     He was united in marriage on Oct. 4, 1864, to Esther, daughter of Baldwin and Harriet Fitzgerald Morris.  From this marriage have been born two children; these are Lenah, born May 8, 1866, and Frank O., whose birth occurred Apr. 16, 1868. 
 ~Source - 1798 History of Ashtabula County, Ohio with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of its Pioneers and Most Prominent Men by Publ. Philadelphia - Williams Brothers - 1878 - Page 198

ARCHIBALD P. LAUGHLIN was born in Andover, Ashtabula County, Ohio, June 12, 1863, son of Andrew C. and Mary Cadwell Laughlin. He was raised on a farm in Andover, attending high school in Jefferson and was graduated in 1883 from Bloomingfield School in Trumbull County. At the age of 17 years he began teaching school and taught seven winters, three of them in Texas; he read law three years with his uncle, the late Judge James P. Cadwell, at Jefferson and was admitted to the bar in March, 1887, soon after became a deputy in the Probate Court under Judge Edward C. Wade, served in this capacity until May, 1892 when he began the practice of law in partnership with Judge L. S. Sherman at Ashtabula, Ohio.
     May 26, 1893 he was united in marriage with Miss Kate Ives, youngest daughter of Edward E. and Marjorie Turch Ives, of Jefferson, Ohio. In April, 1894, was elected solicitor of the city of Ashtabula, serving until February, 1903, when he was elected probate judge of the county, serving six years. In 1914 he again took up the practice of law in Conneaut, Ohio; in 1915 he was elected solicitor for that city. On March 8, 1915, he sustained a fractured hip from a fall, this caused his retirement from active practice in 1917 and resulted in his death on April 16, 1921 at Ashtabula, Ohio, where he had removed in November, 1916; his burial was at Jefferson, Ohio.
     Mr. Laughlin was a member of the Masonic Lodge of Ashtabula and also of Columbian Commandery, Al Koran Shrine and Scottish Rite 32d degree Mason.
(See Note 2 below for Source)

Mrs. KATE I. LAUGHLIN was born in Jefferson, Ashtabula County, Ohio, March 5, 1865, the youngest of a family of six children of Edward E. and Marjorie Turch Ives; was educated in the High school of Jefferson; in 1886 entered the Probate Court of Ashtabula County and served during the term of Judge Edward C. Wade, Judge James P. Cadwell and Judge A. P. Laughlin; during the time she served with Judge Cadwell she was made a Deputy, being the first woman to be sworn in as deputy to serve in that capacity in Ashtabula County.
      On May 26, 1893 she married Archibald P. Laughlin, attorney at law, and lived in Ashtabula until 1903 when they removed to the county seat, Jefferson, Mr. Laughlin at this having been elected probate judge of the County; in April, 1903, she took the position as chief deputy of the Probate Court, which position she held for six years, in 1909, completing 14 years of service in this Court.
     In June, 1918 Mrs. Laughlin was elected by the Board of Directors of the Ashtabula County Chapter of the American Red Cross as executive secretary, having charge of the work for the chapter in behalf of the returned service men of the County and their families, after the close of the War, which position she still holds, in 1925. Mr. and Mrs. Laughlin returned to Ashtabula to reside in 1916. Mr. Laughlin died April 16, 1921, as a result of an injury received in March, 1915.
(See Note 2 below for Source)

MIKE LAURELLO, grocer, is an enterprising young business man of Ashtabua Harbor.  He was born in Italy, May 23, 1892, and is a son of John and Jane Laurello.
     John Laurello
came to this country from Italy in 1921.  He was a stone mason by trade and is now retired.   There were seven children in the Laurello family as follows:  Mike, the subject of this sketch; Charles, Pascolina, Louis, Anna, Cosma, and Adeline, all residents of Ashtabula.
     Mike Laurello spent his boyhood in his native land and attended the schools there.  At the age of 18 years he came to the United States and located in Ashtabula, where he followed his trade as a stone mason.  Mr. Laurello has been married to Miss Mary Steffans of Ashtabula and to this union four children have been born:  John, Nicholas, Harry and Olanda.
     Mr. Laurello
and his family hold membership in the Catholic church and he is held in high regard throughout the community.
(See Note 2 below for Source)

C. C. LEE, a member of the hardware firm of Woodworth & Lee, is an enterprising and successful business man of Ashtabula County.  He was born in Paulding County, Ohio, Aug. 22, 1889, and is the son of J. C. and Rilla (Price) Lee.
     J. C. Lee
was a native of Pennsylvania and a pioneer of Williamsfield, Ohio, where he farmed for a number of years.  His wife is a native of Ohio.  Mr. and Mrs. Lee have six children, as follows:  C. C., the subject of this sketch; A. N., lives at Williamsfield; J. G., lives at Williamsfield; Lottie J. Martin, lives at Williamsfield; Anna, lives in Cleveland; and L. O. lives in Conneaut.
     C. C. Lee received his education in the public schools of Dorset and has always been interested in the hardware business.  He purchased the business of T. N. Hatt, and is in partnership with Mr. Woodworth.  This is among the leading business enterprises of Williamsfield, and Mr. Lee is favorably known in the county.
     On Feb. 15, 1914, Mr. Lee was united in marriage with Miss Lyda Bridgeman, a native of Ashtabula County, born Mar. 13, 1892, and the daughter of F. A. E. and Amanda (Freck) Bridgeman.  Mrs. Lee has two sisters:  Mary Woodworth and Blanche Sisley, both one child; ava Lee, born May 3, 1916.
     In politics Mr. Lee is identified with a Democratic party.
Source #2 - History of Ashtabula County, Ohio - by Moina W. Large - Vol. I - 1924 - Page 1076


DR. WILLIAM H. LEET.  Since the beginning of his professional life in 1898.  Dr. William H. Leet has evinced eminent fitness for his calling, and in no small degree has won for himself the confidence and support of the people of Conneaut and vicinity.  Dr. Leet was born at Greenville, Pa., in 1870, and is the son of Dr. Frederick H. and Sarah (Waldron) Leet.
     Dr. Frederick H. Leet
was born in Beaver County, Pa.  He was graduated from Medical Department of Western Reserve University in 1857 and was among the prominent physicians and surgeons of his time.  He served throughout the Civil War with the 57th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry as a surgeon and after being disabled was honorably discharged.  Dr. Leet practiced his profession for many years at Greenville, Pa., and died in 1907.  His wife died in 1900.  They were the parents of four children: Irene, married Rev. Albert J. Reichert, lives at Lancaster, Pa.; Dr. William H., the subject of this sketch; Susan A., and Clara B., high school teachers, living in Minneapolis.
     Dr. William H. Leet
was educated in the public schools of Greenville, Pa., and was graduated from the medical department of Western Reserve University at Cleveland in 1895.  During the World War he was commissioned a captain in the medical corps and was later promoted to lieutenant colonel.  He served for 26 months, a year of which was spent in France.
     In May, 1899, Dr. Leet was united in marriage with Miss Mary Garrett Shoemaker, a native of Chester, Pa., and a daughter of William T. and Mary (Sines) Shoemaker, natives of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Shoemaker, who was engaged in the real estate business during his life, died in 1921.  He was also a veteran of the Civil War.  He has served as mayor of Conneaut of one term and has served as member of the school board.  He is a member of the Congregational Church and belongs to the Masonic and Elks lodges.
Source - History of Ashtabula County, Ohio - by Moina W. Large - Vol. I - 1924 - Page 577

N. J. LEHTINEN is an enterprising and progressive young business man of Ashtabula.  He was born there Oct. 6, 1897, and is the son of Rev. Franz K. and Sophia (Tuomala) Lehtinen.
     Rev. Franz K. Lehtinen
, who operates a printing shop at 223 Bridge Street, Ashtabula Harbor, is a native of Finland, as was also his wife.  They were the parents of the following children:  Francis, who owns an electrical store at Ashtabula Harbor, married Alma Olson, and they have three children: Virginia, Donald and Mildred; Elmer, married Martha Peura, live in Ashtabula; Robert, a high school student; Heimo, Esther, Ruth, Ellen, Walma, and N. J., the subject of this sketch.   Mrs. Lehtinen died March 21, 1915.
     N. G. Lehtinen was reared and educated in the public and high schools of Ashtabula Harbor.  In 1918 with Chas. A. Brown he purchased the feed business, which is located at 225 Bridge Street.  Mr. Lehtinen handles a complete line of high grade feeds and does a large volume of business in Ashtabula and at the harbor.
     On Aug. 28 1922, Mr. Lehtinen was united in marriage with Miss Nelma Hakala, a native of Ashtabula.
     Mr. Lehtinn and his wife are members of the Finnish Congregational Church and have a wide acquaintance.
(See Note 2 below for Source)

H. H. LOUIS, president of the H. H. Louis Company, dealers in heavy hardware and mill supplies, is among the successful and enterprising business men of Ashtabula County.  He is a native of Russia, born at Yeznow, New. 25, 1868, and the son of Abraham and Della Louis.
     Abraham Louis
, deceased, was a leading merchant of Yeznow, Russia, where he spent his entire life.  He died in 1904 and his wife died in 1891.  They were the parents of 13 children, as follows:  Herman H., the subject of this sketch; Bessie, married Frank Good, lives in Cleveland; Israel, lives in Boston, Mass.; Mary, deceased; Charles, lives in Cleveland; Victor, deceased; Diana married Herman Bohn, lives in Cleveland; Ethel, married Harry Macknin, lives in Cleveland; Arthur, married Bessie Brownstein, lives at Fort Worth, Texas; Samuel, Ft. Worth, Texas; and three children died in infancy.
     H. H. Louis left his native land when he was 13 years of age and came to the United States alone.  He went direct to Pittsburgh, Pa., where he lived a year with an uncle, J. Goodinsky.  He worked at various positions and after coming to Cleveland was employed in the junk yard of J. GoldmanMr. Louis engaged in that business in Cleveland for two years, after which he removed to Marietta, Ohio, where he became a business partner of Dubinsky Brothers.  From there he went to Parkersburg, W. Va., where he spent eight years, after which he returned to Cleveland for a short time before locating at Wilmington, Ohio.  There Cleveland for a short time before locating at Wilmington, Ohio.  There he became associated with the Wilmington Fruit & Produce Company, and after a year removed to Ashtabula, where he engaged in the junk business.  Mr. Louis organized the Ashtabula Junk Company in 1914, which was incorporated in 1921 as the H. H. Louis Company.  This company deals in heavy hardware, mill supplies and waste materials, and has been located in its present location on Fisk Street since 1912.  Mr. Louis began business with a small 60 foot lot and his place of business now covers 214 feet front.  About 20 people are employed and the company operates five automobile trucks.  It is among the leading business enterprises of Ashtabula.  The officers of the H. H. Louis Company are:  H. H. Louis, president; Arthur Louis, secretary and treasurer; and Della Louis, assistant secretary and secretary to H. H. Louis.
     In 1894 Mr. Louis was married to Miss Celia H. Orkin, a native of Russia and the daughter of Isaac H. and Dora Orkin, natives of Regie, Russia, who came to the United States in 1891 and located in Cleveland.  Mr. Orkin died in 1902 and his wife died in 1899.  They were the parents of the following children:  Louis, married Minnie Kohn, lives at Geneva, Ohio; Fannie, married A. Shapero, lives in Cleveland; Shirley, married M. Duboy; Helen, married J. A. Brower; Adolph, married Rose Gimp, deceased; D. L., married Rose Lamden, deceased; Mary, married Max Shapiro; Dora, married A. Cohen; Mrs. Louis; and Benjamin, married Mary Lamden.  To H. H. and Celia (Orkin) Louis three children have been born, as follows:  Arthur, born April 4, 1898, a member of his father's firm, lives in Ashtabula;  Della, born Aug. 25, 1903, lives at home; and Harold, born Feb. 1, 1905, at home.
     Mr. Louis is a member of the Elks Lodge and belongs to the Knights of Phythias.  He and his family are widely known and highly respected citizens of Ashtabula County.
(See Note 2 below for Source)

GEORGE T. LOWRIE, an extensive farmer and stockman of Jefferson Township and the owner of 110 acres of good farm land, was born at Russellville, Ohio, Dec. 8, 1881, and is the son of H. C. and Ellen Malloy) Lowerie.
     H. C. Lowrie
was born at Russellville, Ohio, and his wife is a native of Ireland.  HE has been a leading farmer of his community for many years and at one time served as food inspector of Ohio.  Mr. and Mrs. Lowrie, who now live at Lakewood, Ohio, have one child, George T., the subject of this sketch.  Mr. Lowrieis a Republican, a member of the Methodist Church and belongs to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
     After attending the public schools of Russellville, Ohio, George T. Lowrie engaged in farming and on March 1, 1923, came to Ashtabula County and settled on his present farm in Jefferson Township.  He is a dairy farmer and has Guernsey cattle exclusively.  The Lowrie farm is located on the main road between Jefferson and Ashtabula.
     On July 1, 1903, Mr. Lowrie was united in marriage with Miss Anna Bettelsey, a native of Colorado, born July 15, 1884, and the daughter of Edwin C. and Amelia (Werner) Betteley, residents of Willoughby, Ohio.  Mr. and Mrs. Betteley are the parents of the following children: Mrs. Lowrie; Florence, married James Hosmer, lives a Nottingham, Ohio; and Wilton, lives at Willoughby, Ohio.  To Mr. and Mrs. Lowrie three children have been born, as follows:  George W., born in 1905; Marguerite, born in 1911; and Clayton, born in 1915.
     Mr. Lowrie is a Republican and a member of the Baptist Church.
     Mr. Lowrie
is a Republican and a member of the Baptist Church.  He is an industrious, energetic man, who is held in high esteem by all who known him.
(See Note 2 below for Source)


Note 1:  
Source 1 - Biographical History of Northeastern, Ohio Embracing the Counties of Ashtabula, Geauga and Lake.
Containing Portraits of all the Presidents of the United States with a Biography of each, together with Portraits and Biographies of Joshua R. Giddings, Benjamin F. Wade and a large number of Early Settlers and Representative Families of today.
Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company - 1893.
Note 2:
Source 2 - History of Ashtabula County, Ohio by Mrs. Moina W. Large - 1924
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