History of
Ashtabula Co., Ohio

SOURCE: History of Ashtabula County, Ohio
Large, Moina W.  Topeka :: Historical Pub. Co.,, 1924, 1132 pgs.

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* FANCHER, Bert H.
* FARNHAM, Charles E.
* FARR, William
* FAULKNER, Albert T.
* FAUST, B. B.
* FAYLOR, J. W. & Son
* FELCH, Irad P.
* FERGUSON, Chauncey
* FINLAW, James
* FISK, E. A.
* FITCH, Chauncey
* FITTS, H. H.
* FLACK, J. B.
* FOBES, H. W.
* FOBES, R. B.
* FOLLETT, Frank W.
* FOOTE, Howard S.
* FORD, S. B.
* FORTUNE, William
* FRAYER, Edward D.
* FREIGH, Oscar N.
* FRISBIE, Henry
* FRY, George T.

J. W. FAYLOR & Son, who own and operate the Victor Milling Company at Jefferson, are prominent and successful business men of Ashtabula County.
     J. W. Faylor is a native of St. Marys, Ohio.  In 1920 he removed to Ashtabula County and settled on a farm of 160 acres in Lennox Township which he operated for two years.   In 1922 Mary Faylor purchased the Victory Milling Company.  The mill has been in operation for 40 years and is widely known.
     To J. W. and May (Watson) Faylor the following children have been born: Gertrude, married Homer Daniels, lives in Jasper County, Ind.; Raymond, born Feb. 3, 1897, engaged in business with his father at Jefferson; Bessie, the wife of Walter Norris, Austin Township; Marion also in business with his father, mention of whom is made below; and Gladys, a student at Kent Normal School.
     Marion Faylor received his education in the public and high schools of Indiana.  He ranks among the enterprising young men of the community and has many friends.  Mr. Faylor was born June 3, 1904.
     J. W. Faylor and his family hold membership in the Methodist Church and he belongs to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Source #2 - History of Ashtabula County, Ohio by Moina W. Large - Vol. I - 1924

IRAD P. FELCH, well known retired banker and business man of Bushnell, Monroe Township, is a member of a family that has lived in Ashtabula County since the early days.  He was born at that place, Aug. 8, 1860, and is a son of Dudley S. and Angeline (Ring) Felch.
     Dudley S. Felch
was a native of Rockingham County, N. H., and came to Ashtabula County when he was 14 years old.  He settled on a farm in Monroe Township and became a prosperous stockman.  He died Nov. 10, 1912, and his wife died May 21, 1899.  Irad P. the subject of this sketch, was their only child.
     Irad P. Felch was reared on his father's farm and attended the Kingsville schools.  At the age of 24 years he was in business for himself at Bushnell, where he operated a general merchandise store for 35 years.  For several years Mr. Felch had as his business partner Joseph R. IngallsMr. Felch was one of the organizers of Bushnell bank and served as its president for many years.  He was postmaster for 19 years.
     On Aug. 8, 1888, Mr. Felch was united in marriage with Miss Laura Ingalls, a native of Cortland, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1825, and was the son of Benjamin and Esther (Gillett) Ingalls.  Mr. Henry Ingalls came to Ashtabula County in 1899 and lived retired with his daughter, Mrs. Felch.  He was a farmer in early life in New Jersey.  He died Apr. 6, 1906, and his wife, also a native of New York, lives with her daughter, Mrs. Felch, and is 90 years of age.  Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls had five children, as follows:  Kate S., the widow of L. G. Felch lives at Monroe Center, Ohio;  Wendell R., deceased; Mrs. Felch; Fitch H. lives retired in Virginia; and Frank W. died in infancy.  To Benjamin and Esther (Gillett) Ingalls, paternal grand-parents of Mrs. Felch, the following children were born:  Gillett; Laura, married  Joseph Howland; Hiram, Rosanna, married Joshua Bliss; Henry, (Mrs. Felch's father); and Matilda, married Dr. H. O. Jewett.  The above mentioned are all deceased.
     Mrs. Henry Ingalls is the daughter of Andrew B. and Anna (Hoyt) Randall, the former a native of Massachusetts and the latter of New York.  Mr. Randall was an early settler of Monroe Township and a leading citizen of Ashtabula County.  He died Feb. 28, 1879, and his wife died in 1841.  They had two children: Mrs. Henry Ingalls; and Susan, the widow of Gillett Ingalls, lives in Monroe Township.  Mrs. Ingalls takes an active interest in the affairs of her community.  She is a Republican and has voted during two presidential elections.  Since the Civil War days she has knitted wristlets for soldiers in time of war, and at present she is knitting wristlets for the Civil War Veterans in the Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors Home of Sandusky, Ohio.
     Mr. Felch is a Republican and has served as township clerk since 1886.  He belongs to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Monroe Grange No. 1555.
SOURCE: History of Ashtabula County, Ohio - Large, Moina W.  Topeka :: Historical Pub. Co.,, 1924 - Page 717

CHAUNCEY FERGUSON is a substantial and well known citizen of Ashtabula County.  He is engaged as chief clerk by the Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad at Conneaut Harbor.  Mr. Ferguson was born in Conneaut Township, Erie County, Pa., June 21, 1880, and is the son of John P., and Marie Antoinette (Spaulding) Ferguson.
     John P. Ferguson
, deceased, was a veteran of the Civil War and a prominent farmer of Erie County, Pa.  He was born at West Springfield, Pa.  Mr. Ferguson enlisted in the army during the Civil War.  He was with Company K, 145th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers and served three years and three months.  He was actively engaged in many battles and skirmishes of the war and received the rank of captain.  Mr. Ferguson died Aug. 18, 1906, and his wife lives at Albion, Pa.  They were the parents of eight children, as follows:  George S., deceased, was chief marine engineer on the Great Lakes, and lost his life at White Fish Bay in Lake Superior when his ship, the Superior City was lost on Aug. 20, 1920; John William, lives at Albion, Pa.; Priscilla, married David S. Hoyt, lives at Albion, Pa.; Chauncey, the subject of this sketch; Daisy M., deceased; Antoinette, married James Gehr, lives at Albion, Pa.; Inez, married Edward H. Leopold, lives at Albion, Pa.; and Marion, lives at Akron, Ohio, is a World War veteran, having served overseas.
     Chauncey Ferguson was reared and educated at Albion, Pa., and after completing his high school course attended normal school course attended normal school, after which he taught for eight years.  Mr. Ferguson was assistant principal of the Albion High School and principal of the Platea High School for four years.  On April 24, 1907, he entered the employ of the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad as a clerk and after a number of promotions was made chief clerk in 1920, in which capacity he is now serving.
     On July 3, 1905, Mr. Ferguson was married to Miss Lou Sara Dibble, a native of Girard, Pa., born Dec. 3, 1888, and the daughter of W. W. and Abbie (Martin) Dibble, natives of Erie County, Pa., both now deceased.  Mr. Dibble died Nov. 7, 1923, and his wife died Feb. 4th of the same year.  He was a Civil War veteran.  Mr. and Mrs. Dibble were the parents of the following children:  Martin, lives at Girard, Pa.; Flora, died in infancy; Charlotte, married Fred Tarlton, lives in Cleveland; Jennie, married Harry Siers, deceased, and she lives at Conneaut; Mary, married M. L. Miller, lives in Conneaut; Charles, lives in Erie, Pa.; Carrie, deceased; Mrs. Ferguson; and Adelaide, married Joseph Townsend, Jr., lives at Conneaut.  To Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson two children were born, Dorothy, born June 8, 1909; and Margaret, born April 1, 1915.
     Mr. Ferguson is identified with the Democratic party in politics and belongs to the Masonic Lodge.  He is a member of the Universalist Church and his wife is a Presbyterian, and they are favorably known in their community.
SOURCE: History of Ashtabula County, Ohio - Large, Moina W.  Topeka :: Historical Pub. Co., 1924

H. W. FOBES, retired, has for many years been a leading farmer and stockman of Ashtabula County and is a member of one of the substantial and prominent pioneer families of this section.  He was born in Mercer County, Pa., Sept. 3, 1847, and is a son of E. L. and Hannah (Still) Forbes.
     E. L. Fobes
was the son of Elias Fobes, who came to Ohio from Connecticut with his parents and other brothers at the age of 12 years.  They were the first family in Wayne Township, having settled there in 1803.  Elias Fobes was the son of Simon FobesE. L. Fobes remained in Ohio for a number of years, married, and later lives in Mercer County, Pa., where he died at the age of 72 years.  His wife was a native of Michigan, and died at Andover, Ohio, when she was 89 years old.  They were the parents of the following children:  Nelson; Frances, deceased; H. W., the subject of this sketch; Albert, deceased; Mary E. Pringle, living at Lansing, Mich.; and Emma Lutton, living near Sandy Lake, Pa.
     H. W. Fobes spent his boyhood on his father's farm and was educated in the district schools, Jamestown and New Lebanon Seminary.  He taught school for four years in the states of Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Iowa, and Michigan, his first and last terms being in his native state of Pennsylvania.  In 1899 he established a basket making business at Eagleville, Ohio, which he conducted for 22 years.  He owned a factory at Rock Creek, which was burned in 1910, and rebuilt.  This factory was acquired by Mr. Fobes' son, Harry, and operated by him from 1920 until the fire of 1924, when it was totally destroyed.  Mr. Fobes owns a well improved farm of 390 acres in Morgan Township and for many years has been known as a large taxpayer in this township.
     In 1878 Mr. Fobes was married to Miss Jennie DuBois, deceased.  One son was born to that union Harry C. Fobes, Garrettsville, Ohio.  On Nov. 19, 1906, Mr. Fobes was united in marriage with Miss Ellen Lewis, a native of Wales, and a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Reece) Lewis.  Mrs. Fobes came to this country at the age of 18 years and lived in Cleveland for some time.  To Mr. and Mrs. Fobes six children have been born as follows:  Eugene W., Marie E., Henry W., Lewis l. Geraldine and Francis Sidney, all at home.
     In politics Mr. Fobes was identified with the Democratic party in early life, but is now more of an independent.  His wife holds membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church of Rock Creek and they are representative citizens of their community.
SOURCE: History of Ashtabula County, Ohio - Large, Moina W.  Topeka :: Historical Pub. Co., 1924 - Page 1022

R. E. FOWLER, proprietor of the Elmwood Fruit Farm, ranks among the leading fruit farmers of Ashtabula County.  He was born on North Ridge Road, one mile west of North Kingsville, March 2, 11879, and is a son of Henry W. and Ella Frances (Harmon) Fowler.
     Henry W. Fowler,
who lives retired, was born in Conneaut Township, Ashtabula County, is engaged in dairy farming and for many years has met with success.  Mr. and Mrs. Fowler have four children as follows:  R. E., the subject of this sketch; Mrs. Martell, North Kingsville Village; William, deceased; and one child died in infancy.
     R. E. Fowler received his education in the Kingsville schools and also attended Spencerian Business College in Cleveland.  He engaged in dairy farming with his father until 1913, at which time he became interested in the fruit business.  Mr. Fowler now owns three fruit farms, which total 92 acres.
     In 1899 Mr. Fowler was married to Miss Pearl Jacobs, a native of Gambier, Ohio, and a daughter of Alonzo and Catherine Jacobs.  Mr. Jacobs died in 1909.  He was a veteran of the Civil War and a leading merchant of merchant of Gambier for 40 years.  His son, L. H. Jacobs, now owns and operates the shoe business there which was established by his father.  Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs had three children:  H. C. lives in Chicago; Mrs. Fowler; and L. H., who married Frances Young of Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  Mr. and Mrs. Fowler have two sons: Harold, born Nov. 18, 1900, lives at home, and the Theodore Alonzo, born May 16, 1903, was married May 29, 1922, to Virginia Sturgeon and two children have been born to them, Theodore Allen and Donna MayTheodore Alonzo is engaged in farming with his father.
     Mr. Fowler is a Republican and belongs to the Masonic Lodge.  He is recognized as one of the representative and substantial citizens of this county and the Fowler family are highly respected citizens of the county.
     Mrs. R. E. Fowler is interested in the breeding of Chinese Chows and she has won many ribbons at various dog shows.  The dogs are highly valued and during the past year Mrs. Fowler sold several puppies, the sale of which totaled $1,100.00.  Mr. Fowler is a breeder of Black Silver Foxes, having paid $3,000.00 for his first pair.
(See Note 2 below for Source)

JEROME N. FREDERICKS, blacksmith, Conneaut, Ohio, was born in Jefferson county, New York, June 29, 1823. He is a son of John and Eunice (Nutting) Fredericks. The father, a native of Holland, came to America in 1806, and settled in Groton, Massachusetts, and in that State married Miss Nutting, a native of Massachusetts and a descendant of Scotch ancestry. He was a mason by trade, and while in the East was employed in stucco work. He moved to Conneaut in 1837, and passed the rest of his life in this county. He died at Kingsville, December 30, 1855, aged ninety years. Few men were better known in this part of the State than he, as he did plastering and mason work all over north­eastern Ohio. His wife died about 1859, aged sixty-six years. Both were members of the Congregational Church for many years. They had a family of nine children, namely: Emory, who resides in Canada; Betsey, wife of Luther Spencer, both deceased; Harriet, wife of Seth McNutt, is deceased; William, of New York State; Jerome N.; Mrs. Elial Risdon, Conneaut; Barsheba, widow of Captain Lent, resides with her sister, Mrs. Risdon; Levi, of Conneaut; and Elbridge, of Humboldt county, California.
     Mr. Fredericks started out in life as a clerk in a store in Buffalo, and remained there two years. He came to Conneaut in June, 1839, and at once began to learn the blacksmith trade. He was the first boy in this town to serve a regular apprenticeship at any trade. After completing his term of service he traveled through this country and Canada, spending two years in Hamilton, Canada West, and eighteen months in St. Catherines, and after. an absence of live years returned to Conneaut. He has been a resident here since 1847. Some time in the '50s Mr. Fredericks opened his shop on Sandusky street.  His house, the first one built on the street, is still standing. At that time all this part of the town was in timber. About two years before the war he received an injury which rendered him unfit for service, and upon examination for entrance into the army was rejected. He served as Councilman of Conneaut one term, at the end of which term he refused to serve longer.
     Mr. Fredericks married Miss Milura, daughter of Sylvester and Sophronia (Mason) Cowles, of Medina county, Ohio. Both her parents are deceased, her father dying about 1878, aged seventy-three years, and her mother in 1875, aged seventy-live They were life-long members of the Congregational Church. Mrs. Fredericks is the oldest of their six children, the others being as follows: Shepard, who was drowned at the age of two years; Newel M., engaged in farming in Medina county, Ohio; Shepard B., a Michigan farmer; Emily J., wife of Lewis Rensburg of Illinois; and Ellen H., who died at the age of five years. Mr. and Mrs. Fredericks have had two children, namely: Edmund J., a partner in business with his father, and a young man of fine physique and good habits; and Minnie, who died in 1882, aged nineteen. Mrs. Fredericks is a member of the Christian Church.
     Mr. Fredericks' life has been characterized by industry and the strictest integrity. His honest toil has been rewarded with success. Today he is in comfortable circumstances and owns valuable property in Conneaut. He has long been a Democrat, taking, however, little interest in politics now. He is a member of the blue lodge, chapter, council and commandery of Conneaut, of the Alcoran Temple and of the Scottish Kite, having taken the thirty-second degree, at Cleveland. In all these organizations he has held official positions. He is one of the members of Cache Commandery.
(For Source, see Note 1 below)

L. B. Fulmer, the well known city food and dairy inspector of Conneaut, was born in New York City, Aug. 9, 1892, and is the son of R. A. and Ida (May) Fulmer.
     R. A. Fulmer
has been prominent for many years in New York City as an artist and at the present time is in Paris.  His wife is living with her son in Conneaut.  A daughter, Agatha, is married to Charles Britton and they live in Conneaut.
     L. B. Fulmer received his education in Conneaut, his family having  removed to Ashtabula County in 1894.  Mr. Fulmer worked as an automobile mechanic until 1916, at which time he entered the employ of the United States Secret Service as an inspector of food and dairy products.  He has been located at Conneaut in this capacity for the past four years.
     Mr. Fulmer is a Republican and a member of the Methodist Church.  He is held in high regard throughout the community and is an excellent citizen of Ashtabula County.



Note 1:  Source - Biographical History of Northeastern, Ohio Embracing the Counties of Ashtabula, Geauga and Lake.
Containing Portraits of all the Presidents of the United States with a Biography of each, together with Portraits and Biographies of Joshua R. Giddings, Benjamin F. Wade and a large number of Early Settlers and Representative Families of today.
Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company - 1893.
NOTE:  There will be an asterisk (*) next to the biographies that have a portrait.

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