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1830 Census
Monroe Twp., Ashtabula County, Ohio

Roll 126 Book 1
Pages 96a & 100b

As read directly from the original handwritten census records by Sharon Wick

Please Note:  Some of the records were very difficult to read so if you want to make sure they are or are not the records you need, make note of the pages and go look at the original records.  Thanks, SW

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Poole, Elijah Page 96a Ensign, Wm. Page 97a Gilbert, Obed. Page 98a Scribner, John Page 99a Eaton, Samuel 100a
Niles, David Page 96a Blodget, Caleb Page 97a McCowber, D.  Page 98a Birge, Peter Page 99a Crain, H. 100a
Benton, Ira Page 96a Welch, N. Page 97a Burget, Hozea Page 98a Scribner, T. Page 99a Eaton, John 100a
Spooner, Joshua Page 96a Colegrove, A. Page 97a Hill, Ludu Page 98a Scribner, D. Page 99a Spaulding, E. 100a
Niles, Leonard Page 96a Thurber, Amos Page 97a Petty, Abner Page 98a Babbit, J. Page 99a Eaton, David 100a
Sperry, Harvey Page 96a Bovee, C. Page 97a Franklin, A. Page 98a Cheney, R. Page 99a Sanford, Eber 100a
Rathbone, J. Page 96a Marshall, W. Page 97a Harrington, C. Page 98a Morse, J. W. Page 99a Kent, Asa 100a
Rathbone, E. Page 96a Hill, Almon Page 97a Sage, W. Page 98a Knox, Hugh Page 99a Colby, Ez 100a
Winch?, Joseph Page 96a Seward, H. Page 97a Headly, Jas. Page 98a Alexander, P. Page 99a Bennet, N. B. 100a
Hardy, H. F. Page 96a Blackmore, H. Page 97a Webster, N. Page 98a Colver, A. Page 99a Marks, John 100a
Dean, Phebe Page 96a Johnson, Peter Page 97a Reed, Wm. Page 98a Colver, I. Page 99a Kelsey, E. 100a
Hardy, John Page 96a Davis, Reuben Page 97a Gifford, Elijah Page 98a Hayward, Caleb Page 99a Davis, John 100a
Belden, Henry Page 96a Sinclear, P. Page 97a Stevens, Paul Page 98a Colver, Jos_ Page 99a Davis, John, Jr. 100a
Stevens, S.? Page 96a Welch, Jacobus Page 97a Bushnell, S. Page 98a Parker, E. Page 99a Ordway, John 100a
Kellogg, Martin Page 96a Collins, Geo. Page 97a Smith, F. S. Page 98a Shaw, N. Page 99a Bennet, D. 100a
Hall, R. W. Page 96a Beebe, Curtis Page 97a Sargent, W. T. Page 98a Whitmore, Danl Page 99a Bennet, A. 100a
Helvering, I?. Page 96a Harrington, J. Page 97a Walker, Jonas Page 98a Parmenter, J. Page 99a Hatch, Daniel 100a
Rupell, Hiram Page 96a Swetlands, D. Page 97a Bushnell, S. B. Page 98a Hutchins, J. Page 99a Durkee, S. 100a
Kellogg, P. Page 96a Sage, David Page 97a Powers, David Page 98a Hutchins, Jacob Page 99a Hatch, Rufus 100a
Hill, J. C. Page 96a Durham, Silas Page 97a Hills, John Page 98a Thompson, Jon'a Page 99a Durkee, David 100a
Brown, Jas. Page 96a Durham, E. Page 97a Brown, Luther Page 98a Haviland, John Page 99a Hatch, Harvey 100a
Moffat, Lem. Page 96a Harrington, P. Page 97a Moon, S. Page 98a Leavit, Jas. Page 99a Ely, Sam'l 100a
Patterson, R. Page 96a Petty, P. Page 97a Huntley, E. Page 98a Hayward, D. Page 99a Hicks, Jas. 100a
Woodbury, E. B. Page 96a Harington, A. Page 97a Kellogg, F. Page 98a Richardson, C. Page 99a Hoskins, John 100a
Pinney, W. Page 96a Foster, Clark Page 97a Barrett, Daniel Page 98a Abbot, Benj. Page 99a Stolliker, N. 100a
Holcomb, S. G. Page 96a Combes, J. U's. Page 97a Palmer, C. Page 98a Hatch, W. Page 99a Hadlae?,Peter 100a
Wetmore, Benj. Page 96a     Scribner, S. Page 98a Hatch, R. Page 99a    



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